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July 22, 2008

And It's Not Even My Birthday!

Jax and Carly broke up!  And I think it might be for good!  One of my favorite characters has been freed from one of my most hated!  Hurrah!  I mean, don't get me wrong, this show still sucks, but Carly being unhappy and Jax being single is the best pairing in Port Charles since Courtney was dead and Sonny was crying.

I have not hidden my love for a good soap fight, and Carly and Jax's latest blow-up did not disappoint.  Somehow the GH writers seem to script very realistic fights.  Since they say you write what you know, this makes me think that maybe they have lots of arguments in real life.  But then they would be bitter misanthropes who wouldn't really have the proper mental approach to write a soap opera and as a result the show would be....Oh.  Ooooooh.

ANYWAY, good fight.  Gleeful emphasis added:

Carly:  There's no us?  Is that what you say to all your wives before you leave?
Jax:  They have nothing to do with this.
Carly:  You get to mention Jason and Sonny whenever you feel like it.  I can't mention that I'm what, wife number five?
Jax:  There's no point fighting about the past when you weren't even a part of it.
Carly: When Courtney left you for Nikolas, you didn't fight for her.  You just walked away.  Kind of like you're walking away now.  The way you walked away from Skye when Brenda showed up.  Can't really count Alexis because that was a marriage of convenience.  Who the hell knows what happened with Miranda.  But you married all those women, and you promised to love them all, and when the going got tough, you left.
Jax:  I think you're simplifying things.
Carly: I haven't even mentioned Chloe and Brenda -- the two women you didn't marry?  But you promised to love them forever.  Until what, you didn't?
Jax:  Yeah, well, you know what?  My brother already gave me this same lecture, about my unwillingness to stay in a marriage when it isn't working.  So thanks, but I've heard it.
Carly:  So I'm as crazy as Jerry?  For expecting you to live up to your wedding vows?  Is that what you're saying?
Jax:  Okay, you know what?  Perhaps I did give up a little too easily in some of my relationships.  I didn't fight for Courtney until it was too late.  And I was pretty dreadful to Skye.  But I planned to spend the rest of my life with you.
Carly:  Really?
Jax:  Yes, really.
Carly:  Is that why you're walking out the door?
Jax:  No, I'm walking out the door because I don't want to fight about everything all the time.  I don't want to fight about the hotel-
Carly:  We're partners in that hotel!
Jax:  - my business associates -
Carly:  Kate is the only one I didn't like!
Carly:  I didn't lie.  I didn't lie.  But you know what, it doesn't matter, because you lied to me too.
Jax:  No I didn't.
Carly:  Yes you did.  You kissed Kate and you didn't tell me.  That's a lie by omission.
Jax:  That doesn't even compare to you going behind my back to Claudia Zacchara of all people!
Carly:  We talked about that.  I thought I was helping, Jax!
Jax: Oh really, you thought you were helping?  Well maybe in the Carly world of logic that makes sense, okay?  But I refuse to keep running from crisis to crisis.  And I will not be the second, or third, or nineteenth priority  in your life.  And you know what else I'm sick of?  I am sick of our entire relationship always being on the line, every time we have a fight!
Carly:  Well that's on you, because you're always ready to walk out the door.
Jax:  Well you haven't noticed me, until you're on the verge of losing me.
Carly:  That is not true!
Jax:  Oh really?  Let me tell you something.  You create a crisis.  You get caught.  Then you're really sorry, and we make up and everything is going great for a while, but then it just . . . I deserve better, and so do you.
Carly:  Does that make it easier to walk out that door, by blaming everything on me?
Jax:  Call it whatever you want.  ::leaves in a huff -- though hot, was definitely a huff::

Oh, and then when she cockily insisted that he kiss her if he was going to leave, and he completely bowled her over with a soapy kiss and then TURNED AND LEFT IMMEDIATELY?  My god, I almost hyperventilated with delight.  (Oh, and no, I do not care in the least that the final straw was a Carly Lie that wasn't actually a Carly Lie because it was a Kate Setup.  Not even a tiny bit.)

Sometimes I wish I was the type to get into big dramatic relationship fights, just so I could replay them in my head later on.  As it is my commitment phobia leaves me with "war stories" like "yeah, so he was like, well, I think we should think about getting married, and I was all, uh-huh, interesting, did I mention that I have two months to live and am going to live on a mountaintop in Tibet?"  But I digress.  Jax and Carly breaking up has me all scattered on account of the awesomeness, and the I-Told-You-So-ness of it all.  Plus, Jax's comparison of his brother to his soon-to-be-ex-wife has caused me to select my newest OTP:  Jerry and Carly.  Two odious characters played by actors I actually like.  I might love that couple, or at worst they would be easily fast-forwardable.  Plus then Alexis and Jax could, at the very least, have a retaliatory hook-up, which would likely be accompanied by witty banter.  I miss banter.

Carly and Jax's break-up does, however, exacerbate the problem that there are still almost no couples left on this show.  Which I think would be a problem, if this were a soap opera, or something like that.


I was waiting and waiting for this moment....Free Jax finally worked! Now if we can only free Original Recipe Kate....and Liz permanently from the mob worship......then I could WATCH again

Classic line...Carly world of logic...loved it. (wish jax had heard her logic of "go backs and do overs").

But - they were the only married couple on the show - and they just split ...isn't that kinda strange for a soap? (not counting luke/sparky as they are not a "real" couple).

Who will they hook-up with Jax now? Kate is too obvious a choice...so could i hope for liz?

If he crawls back to her I'm going to be soooo pissed.

"You just found your balls Jax, so don't let go of them!"

Carerry? Jerarly? Psychobeast 1 & 2? What are we going to nickname this new couple from hell who so deserve each other? And to make it extra soapy delicious this pairing allows Carly to sleep with another one of her mother's husband/fiances!!!!! How Carly is that? Yippeee!

Plus then Alexis and Jax could, at the very least, have a retaliatory hook-up, which would likely be accompanied by witty banter.

I am behind this 110%. I can't even believe Carly mentioned the Jax/Alexis marriage of convenience aka only my favorite marriage of convenience ever.

Also, I found myself, heaven forbid, agreeing with some of what Carly was saying. I DO NOT LIKE THAT. Stop making me see Carly's point of view, show. I agreed with more of what Jax said, but still, there was some truthiness to Carly's argument.

I sooo loved these scenes, truly awesome, but what I hate is that they are trying to make Carly the victim of the situation and make Kate look like a "bad" person. P.S. Y'all wish me luck on hurricane Dolly

"Sometimes I wish I was the type to get into big dramatic relationship fights, just so I could replay them in my head later on."
Ha! classic. so true, right? i run into a good argument here and there, and i cant say half the fun[/point?] isnt the endless replaying later on.

Hmm, I actually caught the last bit of their argument and stopped what I was doing to see Jax walk out the door -- but then went back to ignoring the show because his balls are just going to shrink back into his gonads when Shebeast rips through the next whatever episodes to make him hers again. I think I can hear her Mothra-like screeches off in the distance, now.

I don't know, I think this is it for those two. Based on the spoilers I've been reading, I think these two are done.

Plus, isn't Ingo getting time off to be with Peanut? (What a name.)

But I have to admit, I loved seeing Carly so defeated and Jax grow a set.

Per Daytime Confidential's "Scoops and Spoilers:"

Jax wants a separartion but Carly doesn't give up that easily. She'll tell him she plans to fight for their marriage and the schemer in her sneaks onto Jax's plane when he heads out for a business trip. Crazy Carly and her crazy plans MAY get a little crazier. There is a RUMOR out there that Carly handcuffs herself to Jax trying to get him to end their separation. IF this RUMOR is true, it goes on to say that Carly loses the key. Of course she loses the key....

I say have Jax come back and have him and Alexis hook up and Carly and Jerry can make each other miserable together.

I totally agree about Carly and Jerry being an even match. He's a sociopath, but she's a whiny hypocrite, so she deserves the likes of him, in my mind, while Alexis SO does NOT! Plus, I really thought SR and LW had good chemistry when they were trying to rescue Jax. There was definite sexual tension.

And I have been patiently awaiting a Jax/Alexis pairing for YEARS!!! I love how sweet and affectionate they are with each other, and I always thought he might be the one guy who didn't bring out that weird repressed/neurotic thing she does when she's attracted to someone.

The only thing is that she is sort of forever soiled for me because of having slept with Jerry. But I could overlook that if she and Jax are going to get together.

Sadly, I have a feeling they are eyeing Jax for Kate, since you know the SKate breakup is coming sooner rather than later. *sigh* Since Kate could make skydiving boring, I already ff through most of her and Jax's scenes. If they pair them romantically, I'm going to be both bored and nauseous, if that's possible. Yuck.

It was my birthday though and basically that was cake...

Vick, if I were Jax and that plane scenario you mentioned is true...I'd naw off my arm

how the f*ck did Carly become the female lead/heroine of GH, arguably the "best" soap at one point in time?

i love seeing Carly miserable. her hypocrisy is neverending. how she never seems to see the wrong in her actions appalls me.

Jax, unfortunately in my opinion, has such little prospects, and most of the time bores me. so if he gets with Kate, that'll just be a snooze fest. as much as i hate Carly and dislike this pairing, Jax got some of the most awesome dialogue ever. but now? who knows. if the writers were better, this wouldn't be so, but there is no trusting these guys.

Sonny and Carly deserve each other. i'd want them together if they wouldn't suck up all the airtime. sad, really is.

i would be highly entertained by the thought of Jax and Liz.

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