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July 28, 2008

At Least This Is More Interesting Than the Show...Though Not by Much

Well, it looks like Days of Our Lives will have yet another head writer.  According to at least one online source, Dena Higley is out.  I have assumed she is the one who's been responsible for the last several snooze-inducing months of Days, including the cringe-inducing Daniel/Chelsea relationship, the yawn-inducing Morgan/Phillip/Chloe/Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole hexagon, the head-scratch-inducing ascent of Max Brady to central character status, and the fast-forward-inducing autism storyline, in which case I say good riddance.  But apparently her spin is that she hasn't actually been writing the show in ages, so who knows. 

has gotten a lot of undesirable attention from the WGA lately -- perhaps the showrunners ought to reconsider how they handle issues with the writers?  Speaking of which, I found this part of Nelson Branco's post especially interesting:

Executive producer Ken Corday is said to be trying to seize control of his series, and is hoping to position Higley back at the helm.

Um, doesn't "executive producer" sort of imply that one should already be in control of the series?  You know, being the executive in charge of the production?  If not, they should totally change that title.  It's way misleading!  And as to the second point:  What?  Why?!  I think there have been some good high points during Higley's tenure, but the show has been more uneven than my balance after five Kettle Ones, and the ratings are in what I think people in the biz refer to as "the crapper."

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this story shapes up, and more importantly who the new head writer is and whether s/he can finally rescue Days.  In the meantime, I'll continue watching (sort of), yawning (definitely), amassing the world's largest collection of screencaps of EJ's hotness and Kate's insane hair and wardrobe, while blogging about the episodes I really care about -- from 20 years ago.  Good times.

Update:  Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Higley is still in as head writer.  Weird!


I had the same response to this that I have to all news of head writer changes on soaps.

When is Guza going to leave GH?? When Lord, when will it be our time? WHEN?

I'll be sad to see "Days" go - not just because I grew up with it (and have more memories of it than I do of even the two soaps I also remember watching with my grandmother, GH and OLTL), but because it really would be a shame to see it axed just when it's finally broken the rut the show has been in since the mid-90s. Sheffer and Higley have had their problems, but at least they've been trying to take the show in new directions, wipe up the last traces of Reilly's dark regime, and introduce more new characters since probably the early '90s.

I do hope against the odds that ABC or CBS pick up "Days" if it does come down to NBC scrapping the show just to add yet another hour to "Today" or whatever. Of course, what happened to "Search For Tomorrow" isn't exactly a good precedent.

Yes, it seems the drama behind the scenes is way more interesting than what's going on in front of the cameras. I don't care when someone took over Higley's writing, the fact is she sucked since she started and Corday better not bring her back. In fact, Corday should just step down and go away because I think he's the biggest problem. Anyway, we'll see how it all plays out.

I can no longer get into days, they change direction so often i know there is nothing to get invested in. Why get into the ava story when you know she is leaving? why didnt they give ciara autisim? who cares about abe and lexie? it will probably be a wrong dignosis by the time grandpa stefeno is back! bold and beautiful is GOOD love that donna fighting those spoiled forresters...see ya salem(for now!!)

Everyone on this show is acting in ways that don't make any sense. The writers are seemingly acting on whims, and as we all know, this only leads to disaster. The past has all been erased and all of a sudden these characters are following storylines written by writers who don't have an inkling of respect for the history of the show.
Where is the truth in the characters? I have been watching this show since 1976 and I am dumbfounded by the current idiocy. Why is Bo all of a sudden soul mates with Phillip? And what's wrong with Hope's face, by the way? Chelsea, while cute, is completely unbelievable. And Daniel? Nauseating. What a nasel-talking smarmy slug. Come on! Creepy, creepy, creepy!! Kate's lips? Marlena's new stupid attitude? Everyone on this show has turned into bitchy wimps. All of it makes no sense. Peggy Mckay? Oh my god, so embarassing! The Trent character is intriguing because he is such a good actor. But what a pathetic storyline! Morgan's accent, while I know she is from the south (as am I), is totally fake. And what's-her-name, the mob guy's daughter is the worst!! I think I might have to finally stop watching this show. I've tolerated a lot, but I am completely befuddled by the current state of things. Y&R, by the way, is stellar! Can't get enough of it these days.

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