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« Positive Feelings About General Hospital? This is Completely Foreign to Me | Main | It's Official: ABC Hates Scorpios »

July 14, 2008

I Heart Schadenfreude

I wish that I could explain my blogging absence away by regaling you with stories about the interesting things I've been doing, but...I don't know, do "working" and "devouring the either awesomely bad or just plain awesome Pretty Little Liars series" and "being bored to the point of literal physical pain by soap operas" count as interesting?  No? Oh. Okay. Sorry.

I had been so uninspired by All My Children that I kept putting off actually sitting down and watching it and then I realized I had, like, seven episodes to watch and then I did that thing I do where I occupy myself with minutia rather than subject myself to the combination of boring and awful that AMC excels in, but I couldn't avoid it forever, and I wound up watching them all in a row (foolish!) and it was kind of painful, to put it mildly. I'm still bitter that they recasted Colby and I don't understand why Randi takes up so much screen time and Babe having the audacity to complain AGAIN about the fact that Kendall and Greenlee do things like treat her, their employee, as an employee made me almost apoplectic, and, of course, I hate that they killed Richie off, because he had the potential to drive years and years of story, but I'm not quite ready to talk about it yet. Maybe once the mourning period ends...

But! What better to bring me out of my blogging hiatus than the brilliant, beautiful moment where Ryan Lavery had to hear, even for a moment, that the world does not revolve around him? And that no matter how long he pours his heart out for, his whims over who he loves today don't actually matter? I literally busted out with a Nelson Muntz HA-HA.

Greenlee: I love you, Ryan Lavery. I love you. For saving me for Aidan.



I mean, yes, we were subjected to an interminable amount of Ryan/Greenlee flashbacks in an attempt to--well, I guess they were trying to remind viewers of how great their love was. It merely made my headache even worse.

And, no, no human being would actually speak the worlds "I love you. For saving me for Aidan", because nobody outside of Danielle Steele novels talks like that. In any other situation, it would be a shoe in for The Day's Dumbest Dialogue. Who wouldn't say "Thank you for saving my life, because I kind of didn't want to die"? ESPECIALLY Greenlee! And even if they did say "Thank you for saving me, because now I can spend my life with my significant other", they wouldn't say it in such a horribly stilted way.

But in response to Ryan? Who now has to consider the fact that she is choosing someone else over him? It's as close to someone saying the words "Suck it, Lavery" as we are ever going to get on this show.


Are you ladies EVER going to talk about Y&R again? I mean it's no worse than any of the other shows you..ahem..digest each week. Can't you give those of us who don't watch GH/AMC/Night Shift some haterade too? It's delicious!!!

Really, I'm just so excited that he remembers something. It's been way to long since Ryan has remembered anything! This whole memory loss debacle is lasting way too long.

I still am not used to the new Colby either...not sure I ever will be. Don't you think Cassandra has been a bit whiny lately?

Despite all the little obnoxiousness...I really enjoyed today's episode. Maybe I was just in a good mood...but right now, I'm feeling that AMC is going to put out some good story lines in the coming weeks!

Anything that can earn a Ha-Ha..is all good in my book.

They could really avoid all these budget cutbacks on ABC daytime by promoting AMC as a non-medicinal alternative to sleeping pills. I'm sure they could find plenty of people that could prove it's effectiveness.

For some unknown reason, AMC is a day behind in my area, so I have this to look forward to today. Yay!

I'm glad you've found a reason not to hate on Greenlee, if only for a moment!

I hated Ryan and Greenlee Part I, don't want a go-back or re-do, and I can't wait to hear her say this.

The Colby recast confuses me. Didn't TPTB say that is was because the previous actress was too young to be paired with Frankie? Well, I don't see her being paired with Frankie. In fact, she has most definitely been moved back in with the younger crowd, so what was the point?

I believe the number of comments you receive for you AMC posts is a good indicator of 1) no one is watching this bullshit and 2) even if they are watching they don't really care enough to comment on this bullshit.

Once upon a time, I would schedule my day around AMC. When I worked nights, I made sure I was up by 1 p.m. so I could watch my show. When my hours changed, I used to make sure I would be home by 8 p.m. to watch it on SoapNet. Now, it's gone to shit.

Seriously, what happened to this show? When did Kendall and Zach get neutered? Why are Jesse and Angie (the only interesting people on this show) so damn boring? Why do all the women work at Fusion? Honestly, is it the only place hiring?

This show just makes me sick. You bring back the "real" Greenlee to make it the Greenlee Show, but then you make her unbearable.

I need a new hobby besides soaps. Maybe I'll start reading books or something.

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