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July 29, 2008

Just So You Know

I feel like this should be obvious to anyone with even two functioning brain cells, but just so you know should the situation arise . . . If I ever:

  • Am married to a man who says he wants to divorce me, and in fact calls into question whether I am a genuinely good person (Note: In this scenario, I am not)
  • Have unbeknownst to my hot husband slept with my murderous ex-ex-ex-ex-husband prom-style in the back of a limo but am still getting all attitudinal with said husband about his minor flirtation with another woman
  • Routinely interrupt my husband's business meetings
  • Know that my husband wants to not only divorce me in the long term but escape me in the short term, via a business trip
  • Watch my husband JUMP OUT OF A FUCKING AIRPLANE to get away from me
  • Proceed to stalk that husband, who intentionally did not inform me of his whereabouts, in a foreign country and gain entry to his hotel room without his knowledge, AND
  • Have an attitude with the aforementioned husband when he has the unmitigated gall to be upset with the fact that I am PSYCHOTIC

. . . you have my permission to maim me, insult my shoes, and tell me I look fat in my favorite jeans. 

I seriously cannot get over that yesterday, on General Hospital, Jax skydived out of a plane, in a suit, to get to a business meeting, because his crazy wife sneaked aboard his plane and somehow convinced a guy with a pilot's license and super-cushy private jet gig to circle endlessly against his boss's express wishes.  I...just...the writers are actively trying to be terrible now, right?   There are backstage bets going on?

Night Shift's second episode better be good, man.  Even Rick Springfield's performance didn't pull me out of my anti-GH funk, so it's going to have to be really good.

I hate this show.


"Prom-style" is the best term I have heard in a while. Thanks for the giggle. Little about GH is giggle worthy so it was a nice change of pace.

Jax missed a major opportunity on that plane. Instead of jumping out to save himself a few more miserable hours w/ her, he should have saved himself a lifetime of her misery by going gangster on her ass and shove her out of the plane sans parachute! She is so pro violence I think she would like to go out that way.

ELL OH ELL! Did Jax really leap put of a plane to get away from that Harpy?!? Holy crap, I've got to hunt that down just to have a good laugh. I hope it looks the way I'm imagining it.

So, yeah, the only day I plan to watch this effing show for Rick Springfield's performance and SoCal has a measly quake that preempts the ENTIRE day for "Breaking News!11". I'll be heart broken if he sneaked in "Jesse's Girl" and I missed it.

Things you never thought you'd ever say...."Damn Night Shift better be good again....it has to pull me out of my GH funk".

I'm telling you all..Guza was told he was too dark and THIS is his idea of comedy!

I am just confused...am I supposed to be on Carly's side on this (as I am supposed to be in all things)? Am I supposed to be actively hating Jax right now since he won't admit that he is so wrong about Kate? Just what? what? what?

Perhaps the writers have recently seen a pay cut, and though they can't quit because they have mouths to feed, they conspire to write the worst crap ever until the powers that be raise their salaries.

Or, they have a conscience, and knowing that they in no way deserved the Emmy for best drama, they decide to show the Academy what real crap looks like, so that Emmy thing never happens again.

Or Guza/Frons/Phelps are the worst bosses ever, and though the writers cannot say so to their faces, they take their crappy storylines and fill in with the worst dialog in history in hopes of getting them fired.

Or am I giving them too much credit?


Great post, Becca. ITA, I hate this show, too.

Carly just needs to be slapped. Really hard.

Just a few comments to my fellow bloggers:

Sara - Jax should have jumped out of the plane SANS parachute to put himself out of his misery of a marriage.

Alice - good points on all views but honestly - you are giving them too much credit.

And I may have to duck under my desk for this - but the Eli/Noah thing is just to weird for me. Two separate and completely different characters (accent and all) - but it's still weird.

NS2 better than GH? Come on Becca - raise the bar a little..... Half the amateur videos on YOUtube are better than GH on ANY given day...

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