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July 16, 2008

Maybe He's A Really Big Charles Schulz Fan?

So Ingo Rademacher and his fiancé  had their baby, and we extend our congratulations to them. We love Jax, and we love Ingo and we're very happy for him.

There's just one little thing:

GH's Ingo Rademacher and fiancé Ehiku welcomed son Peanut Kai Rademacher into the world on July 11. The baby weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long. "Dad, mom and baby are all great," notes a show spokesperson. "The cast and crew of GENERAL HOSPITAL are very excited for Ingo, Ehiku and the entire Rademacher family. We wish them all the best during this important milestone."

That...is not a name. That is a legume.

It's not even a particularly nice sounding word, you know? Peanut. I just spent a couple of minutes thinking of the various ways you can mock someone named Peanut (because I have the mentality of a twelve year old) and there's, like, a lot.  

On the bright side, though, he'll almost certainly never have a classmate with the same name, so, um...at least he'll be spared years of having to be known as "Peanut R". That's kind of a bright side, right?


How bizarre. Presumably they will call him Kai, at least once he's no longer a baby. The hell?

I'm hoping that Peanut is a family name and they end up using his middle...Kai sounds nice

what, a girl can dream..

oy! Ingo..hope that baby grows up to be as hot as you did!

I think it's awful when children are given names like this. Just subjects them to years of ridicule. Shame on them.

I wonder if Peanut's best friend in school will be Pilot Inspektor Lee. And just maybe he'll one day marry a girl named Apple.

Here's hoping they call him Kai, instead of Pea-pea.

With food allergies on the rise, I just hope this poor kids doesn't develop an allergy to peanuts.

"That's not a name...That's a legume" has to be my favorite part. I have no words for this. I have laughter....but no words.

Yes please let SOMEONE with sanity suggest using Kai for everyday use. That is way better.

The problem is, these parents forget that their cute little baby will eventually grow up to be a 40 year old man. Named Peanut.

Maybe being on GH has messed his mind up so much that he actually thought Peanut would be a good name for a baby.

i think that it really mean. i want an explanation for naming your kid peanut. i thought apple was bad.

They might as well named him "Goober". I mean Goober Kai sounds better than Peanut, especially since everyone is going to end up calling him "Peenie".

I am only hoping that they are messing with the media. But sadly, I doubt it.

good point BOTR...he does have to pretend being married to Carly is an AWESOME idea daily....so going with that idea...I can totally blame Guza for this?????? JOY!

I have been smiling about "That...is not a name. That is a legume." all day.

I don't want to imply anything about anyone, but dude, you only name your kid "Peanut" if you are really, really stoned. "Remember when we first saw him on that sonogr....thing, and he looked like a peanut? We should call him peanut. Yum, peanuts. Peanuts are salty. Do we have any peanuts? Pea-nut. Pea-nut. That's a weird word...."

Ingo, Ehiku, Oprah, Uma. David Letterman would have a field day!

Cilla, word up.
Mel, that's what I was thinking. LOL.
Beth R, yes, YES, I agree that this is Guza's fault!!!

I think that Ingo & Ehiku named their child Peanut so that Becca could say: "That...is not a name. That is a legume." LMFAO


I'm almost 20 years old and I still give my mother crap for making me go through life as some variant of no-the-*other*-other-Caitlin, but damn. At least I got a name that's an actual name.

I'd join the other commenters in advocating for the middle name, except I think Kai is oddly enough wandering back into last-initial territory. This is what happens when everyone tries to be ~*~kreatyv~*~ all at once: five years from now, my preschool-teacher best friend will have a classroom full of vegetables.

Congrats to Ingo and all, but... geez. Poor kid.

That...is not a name. That is a legume.


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