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July 24, 2008

Night Shift Episode 1: Crash

I'm not saying it was perfect, but this season premiere of Night Shift did nothing to diminish my optimism about the second go-around for this show that previously led me to question the continuing necessity for cable television.  There are obviously things that are skewing my viewpoint, including but not limited to the nearly naked appearance of national treasure Antonio Sabato Jr., and Patrick and Robin's banter making a welcome return.  So please know that I understand that the show is not, like, an actual high-quality primetime drama.  But compared to the boring crap we're subjected to every afternoon, it is far superior.  If the rest of the episodes are like this, I am going to find it very difficult to be entertaining and by the end may just resort to photo-essays of Jagger and Patrick, interspersed with love poems to the new head writer and executive producer including pleas that they stage a coup of OG GH.  And yes, I know most of you guys would probably prefer that.

On with the show.


Robin and Patrick are stretched out in post-HavingTheSex bliss (I've developed an aversion to the word "coital") on her couch, and he says he feels like he's in high school. 


Robin: Please don't tell me you were having sex with pregnant girls in high school.
Patrick:  No....Not pregnant girls as hot as you, of course.

Hee! One line in and I laughed.  I don't know how to react to that, unusual a situation as it is with soaps these days.  Patrick and Robin banter a bit more about high school, and then about couch shopping because Robin's is apparently not comfortable for nooners. 


I almost had a heart attack thinking we were going to have to relive that horrible ongoing argument Patrick and Robin had last year over the couch in his apartment, but it turns out Patrick is totally fine with buying a couch together -- just not shopping together.  I am so with him on that.  Shopping is my private time!  If you ever read me blogging about shopping with a guy, you will know I have truly fallen.

Anyway, they flirt adorably and make out some more.  Adorable adorableness.  I have missed this version of Patrick and Robin!

Side note:  Kimberly McCullough looks fantastic.  The OG GH hair and makeup crew seems to go out of their way to make her look tired and as if she has her hair cut in a garage somewhere for five dollars, whereas the Night Shift folks are clearly committed to making her look gorgeous:


Get it, girl.

At General Hospital -- on a new set that is pretty cool -- Epiphany is complaining about her job and the dude who plays Dr. Ford is overacting.  Wow, what progress from last season!  Epiphany is bitching about not wanting to do interviews for an orderly position.  Dr. Ford says whatever, hire someone, and walks away.  Epiphany talks to herself about how great she is and how she should just take off and leave these losers to fend for themselves, when who should show up and ask for the orderly job but....


Billy Dee! Lando, my man!

A new blond female intern (whom we will later learn is Claire) runs into the locker room wearing a wench's costume, causing a new blond male intern (whom we will later learn is Kyle) to ask, "Which way to the jousting ring?" 


Claire is a little snarky and replies "What?  Oh, right.  Um, I think it's somewhere between a human chess board and my dignity, far far away" while she gets undressed.  Ha.  They continue to banter back and forth, mostly with her bitching about how there are no good men out there and including the phrase "I mean, I'm a fricking doctor!".  (BTW, her date was apparently at a Renaissance Faire, and I don't have enough space to elaborate, but suffice it to say that I think if Renn Faire attendance replaced the death penalty, you would see far fewer murders in this country.)  If you didn't see the scene, watch a Grey's Anatomy re-run to catch up, because Claire=Izzy.  Carrie Southworth, who plays Claire, even looks like Katherine Heigl, to the point that I'm pretty sure they have identical bodies (yes, they are "rockin'" bods, for the one straight guy reading this recap).   

Their conversation ends when "Dr. Leo Julian" comes into the locker room to greet his interns.  The quotes are because 1) apparently Dominic Rains wanted to do a play instead of this season of NS (Who can blame him after last year, really?  It could be an elementary school play about dental hygiene and it would be preferable to another 10 or so episodes of that.) so they recast his role with his real-life brother, and 2) as you'll see, this version of Dr. Julian is a prick who doesn't resemble the character we've seen off and on for over a year. 

"Dr. Julian" hopes everyone is dressed and ready to go, because there's "nothing [he] hates more than ugly naked people."  He lost a bet while drinking and therefore has to supervise these interns, and he's not happy about it.  His three rules for the people he's supposed to be mentoring are super-snottily conveyed as: 


1) only speak to him when he addresses you directly
2) don't be stupid, and
3) don't be stupid. 

Hey, those are my rules for dating!  The interns follow "Leo" off on rounds, but not before Kyle ties in their earlier convo by telling Claire that she might recognize Dr. Julian as the one at the Renn Faire "with a jousting pole stuck up his ass."  Nicely done, new guy.

Patrick and Robin try to sneak into work late (they were slowed by the weight of their hotness), but Dr. Ford of course calls them out.  (BTW, why are these two even working the night shift?  Last year it was punishment, but I guess this year we're just supposed to believe that a pregnant research specialist and a brain surgeon prefer evening ER shifts to cushy day ones in their chosen specialties?  Huh.)  Patrick claims Robin needed him for a consult, and Robin says "Trust me, it didn't take him that long."  Sly one.  I like these writers.  They divvy up the cases on the board (Complete with banter.  Welcome back, banter!) and head off to their first patients.  But just as they separate and Patrick turns around, a car crashes through the windows near the nurses' station and sends people and stuff flying everywhere.



With that we cut to the theme song, which they have mercifully made shorter and far less cheesy this season.

The car and debris have knocked several people out, including Robin.  Patrick has rushed to her and starts barking orders for Kyle to help him take care of her. 


Elsewhere amidst the chaos, the woman driving the runaway car stumbles out of it and looks completely wasted, as does her passenger.  "Dr. Julian" is unsuccessfully giving a patient CPR when a pretty young doctor comes over and does the same move on the dude's chest that Fonzie used to do to the jukebox at Arnold's.  The patient, of course, wakes right up.  "Dr. Julian" assholes that her move "is not too bad for an intern," and Dr. Not an Intern says she's actually Dr. Saira Batra, a visiting fellow.

Robin wakes up on a gurney, saying Patrick's name.  Patrick lists the barrage of tests they need to do on her.  Dr. Ford weirdly enters the scene and overdramatically and awkwardly asks if anyone else needs medical attention.  I did not find this odd because I find all of Dr. Ford's scenes to be weird, overdramatic, and awkward, but Kyle says "Oh my god!," so apparently there is something wrong.


....Yeah, there is.  Dr. Ford has a big-ass piece of window sticking out of his jugular.  Patrick hotly tells him they're getting him a gurney and to just look at him


...but at that moment Dr. Ford -- the experienced doctor -- feels the glass and pulls it right on out.  Blood goes everywhere, and Dr. Ford cartoonishly goes down.  It is hard for me to explain, let alone capture with screencaps, how unconvincing this performance was.  It was irritatingly so, yet also therefore hilarious.






I have not been this simultaneously annoyed and amused at the same time since last weekend when a guy at a bar called me a cougar.  (He said it was a compliment!  And he's my age!  What the hell?!) 

Anyhoo, during the commercial break, Dr. Ford died.  It's the next morning, and Patrick is thanking everyone for their hard work, congratulating them on saving everyone the night before.  Everyone except poor, dead, overacting Dr. Ford.  They all vow to get back to work, just like Dr. Ford would have bellowed overdramatically at them to.

Patrick:  Oh, and real quickly, the board chose a temporary replacement for Chief. 
"Leo":  Who?
  Well it's...it's me. 

Everyone claps while I laugh.  Patrick is barely out of adolescence (and emotionally, well, that's questionable).  Even on a soap, his being Chief of Staff is ridiculous.  But whatever, it will give me probably my only opportunity in life to detail the various things a hospital's Chief of Staff does hotly, so I'll go with it.

Patrick goes in to Robin's hospital room. 


She says he's checked her vitals like 10 times already today, and wants to know how the meeting went.  He hotly says, promo-style, that "it's official, you're sleeping with the Chief of Staff."  Robin tells him "that's amazing."  Well, one girl's "amazing" is another's "patently absurd."  To each her own.

Dr. Lee has cleared Robin to go back to work, so she gets up starts to get dressed (Without getting a second opinion?  Kelly could have just been trying to clear that room so she could have sex with one of the new interns!  Use your head, Robin.).  She talks about going back to work, but Patrick says he thinks she should take some time off work.  Like until she has the baby.  Robin, understandably, thinks he must be joking, and asks if he wants her "home, barefoot and pregnant?"  He sheepishly (hotly, really, sexism aside) says no, she can wear shoes.  Hee.  He's clearly worried about her, which Robin appreciates, even though she says he's concerned in "[his] own, quintessentially sexist way," but she and the baby will be fine, thanks.  He then drops the bomb that he's "relieving [her] of [her] duties."  Robin and I share a reaction:


Damn, Patrick.  That is so not hot.

The gaggle of interns are on rounds with "Dr. Julian."  Claire is the only one who doesn't volunteer to present a patient's case, so of course "Leo" picks her, and of course she makes a mistake.  Kyle jumps in to help her so he and "Leo" get into a dick-measuring contest that you've seen surgeons get into on a thousand other medical shows, but this one is thankfully ended by Dr. Batra jumping in to say that actually, she's got everything handled, she's going to treat the patient with acupuncture.  "Dr. Julian" thinks this is "ridiculous," so she dresses him down a bit in front of his students.  It's kind of awesome, but there is something about the delivery of the actress playing Dr. Batra that I think is going to bug me over the run of this show.  She's very pretty, though, and I am shallow, so the annoyance will probably take a while to sink in.

Patrick and Robin continue their argument on foot in the halls of the hospital, with Patrick explaining he's not firing her, he's just putting her on maternity leave a few months early.  Yeah, that's an argument.  Robin is trying to put her cute red wedges on, but her pregnant feet are swollen.  Upset about this and the whole my-boyfriend-is-being-a-paternalistic-asshole thing, she threatens to sue.  But she interrupts to stick her leg out with a cute plea for help with her shoe.  It's adorable, and Patrick hotly helps her. 


The argument resumes and is capped off with this well-delivered dig by Kimberly McCullough:

Robin:  And I do have a priority of bringing this child safe and healthy into this world.  Which is why I'm leaving now. Because if I don't, this child will be born behind bars.
Patrick:  Because you're gonna...
Robin:  Murder its father, yes.
Patrick: O...Okay, well then yeah, you should go home, just relax and I'll see you there.

Ha!  Robin says no he won't, she's changing the locks.  Patrick looks appropriately, hotly chagrined. 


We will later learn that it's actually more like he was un-hotly frustrated, because he still doesn't see the error of his position, but "hotly chagrined" has a nice ring to it.

The woman who drove her car into the hospital (Alice) is now Patrick's patient. 


Alice is polite and contrite and doesn't understand why Patrick is asking her what drugs or amount of booze she was on.  Patrick unprofessionally (though understandably) rants at her about her irresponsibility, but Epiphany butts in -- for once usefully -- with a lab report showing the patient's blood tests came back clean.

It's now morning, and Patrick sheepishly comes into Robin's tres cute apartment, carrying coffee and breakfast.  He starts hotly setting the table, talking to Robin in the bedroom.


Patrick: Robin?  Thought you might have had the door booby-trapped.  But I'm sure you're feeling better, right?  After a good night sleep, I hope.  Trust me, you're not going to want to come back to work after this baby's born.  But that's all right, because it's up to you.  It's your body, it's your career.  You are woman, hear you roar.  So why don't you get that sexy body out here and let me hear you roar.

...at which point the bedroom door opens, and I literally squealed with glee at the obvious highlight of this episode.   You know you were waiting for this moment from the first time you saw the promo; don't lie.  Here you go:


Jagger: Thanks, but uh, aren't you going to buy me dinner first?

IT'S JAGGER!  IN A TOWEL!  Being funny!  Oh, Antonio Sabato Jr., it's your fault I sit through General Hospital every day, but believe me, all is forgiven.  And then some. 

Gratuitous additional Jagger screencap alert:


Patrick wants to know who the hell this guy is and what the hell he's doing coming out of Robin's shower.  At this point Robin arrives, happy that the two of them have met. 

Patrick: Robin, why the hell is there a half-naked man coming out of your bedroom?!

Ours is not to question why, Patrick. 

Robin introduces Jagger, prompting Patrick to hilarious and hotly question "what's a Jagger?"  Jagger says it's his name and starts to put on a shirt, which an increasingly agitated Patrick points out is actually his. 


I think my near-stalkerish dedication to Jason Thompson and his hotness needs no further documentation, so you know this comes from a place of love:  Come on.  There is no way that Patrick and Jagger wear even remotely the same size!  Antonio Sabato Jr. is freaking built!  Jason Thompson is hotly super-slim!  I have no idea why this is bothering me.  I need to get re-centered in order to continue the recap.


That's better.

Robin clears up the confusion, explaining that Jagger is Stone's older brother.  Patrick realizes he's been acting crazy and so goes the other direction by being OTT manly, saying he's glad Jagger wasn't a burglar, because he would have had to "mess [him] up."  Shyeah, right, Patty.  (Though kudos to Jason Thompson for his hilarious delivery.)

Jagger is in town after 13 (!) years because he had a meeting in Albany and thought he would stop by to say hello to old friends. He's a super-hot FBI agent now. 

Gratuitous Jagger screencap alert:


Robin thinks Jagger brought the great breakfast but Patrick pissily points out it was him.  Robin says it's not getting him out of the doghouse and she and Jagger sit down to eat.  Patrick says he has work to do in the bedroom (Um...I will let that joke opportunity pass, but believe me it was difficult to do so.) and leaves with a "dude, put some pants on."  Patrick is jealous, and it's hilarious.  Robin and Jagger think so too.

Kyle and Claire have a convo in the hallway at GH. 


Claire is upset she's off to a bad start with the higher-ups, and Kyle provides a shoulder to whine on.   Yawn.

"Leo" walks into the locker room as Dr. Batra is in her bra and boyshorts.  "Leo" is flustered by her; she is unimpressed by him. He formally introduces himself and she says her fellowship is in holistic medicine.  He refers to her chosen specialty as "potions and spells."  That's not going to get you into those boyshorts, dude.  They argue about the mind-body connection and how "Leo" was kind of a dick to his patient. 


Clearly these two are going to get together.  I don't think I care.

Jagger catches Robin up about San Francisco, Karen's death, what it's like to be so smokin' hot that you burn a hole in the couch, etc.  He remains insanely sexy while doing so:


Patrick interrupts to take off for the hospital; he has to go figure out what's up with the not-drunk driver.  He hotly kisses Robin goodbye.  She humors him by saying she's just going to hang out with Jagger a bit and then head to bed early.  Patrick's not really buying it.  Which he shouldn't, because as soon as he leaves, she's up and about, telling Jagger she's going to work, Patrick be damned.

Patrick is in Alice's hospital room, trying to diagnose her.  Nothing he can think of seems to be the problem.  Meanwhile, Robin sneaks into the hospital.  (In a trenchcoat.  In upstate New York.  In July.  Okay.)  Her key card isn't working, and she thinks Patrick locked her out, but it turns out she's just flustered.  Saira helps her out.  It turns out these two were friends in med school. 


Robin:  I mean, it's 2008.  We practically had a female president.  How does he not get that a woman has just as many rights as a man in the workplace?
Saira:  You have not changed at all.
Robin:  What?
Saira:  This is just like med school.  When you'd get all up in arms about abortion, or euthanasia, or...remember setting all the animals free from the research lab?
Robin:  Well, yes.  The mice deserved better.

Cute.  I'm glad that even though Kelly and Lainey aren't on this season, Robin will have at least one girlfriend.  Also, kudos to these writers for being able to have characters talk about "controversial" subjects without getting all soapboxy and annoying.

They have a couple more nice girl-bonding moments, in which Saira hints to Robin that maybe she likes to fight a little bit too much.  She must like it, she's been doing it for 98% of the last two years.  Effing OG GH writers.

Billy Dee and Epiphany catch up in the elevator, which this season is blessedly not some creepy metaphorical device.  (Epiphany hired Billy Dee for the orderly position.)  He was out on the road with The Saints but it was rough so he's back, hoping for a career in medicine.  Nothing about that scene was dirty or creepy, so already the writing for Toussaint is ten times better than last year.

Robin is outraged that her patients have been transferred to other doctors.  Patrick, who seems unsurprised but irritated to see her, explains that he reassigned them when she went on leave.  She correctly points out she did no such thing.  She sets off to find some patients.

She finds Alice, who is schmoopily reading out loud with her fiance (Gary).  Robin is about to go over Alice's MRI results, when Patrick comes in and explains the negative results to Alice.  Alice is upset that they can't find anything wrong with her and starts saying that maybe she's crazy, at which point she starts to have a stroke.

Gary is outside Alice's room, talking to Robin.  He's clearly distraught, but Robin says at least Alice had the stroke in the hospital.  Looking back, it turns out she had symptoms and had probably had several smaller strokes over the last couple of days.  Gary wants to know what this all means.  Robin says Alice has a long road to recovery ahead of her, starting with emergency brain surgery.

"Leo" wants to scrub in on Alice's brain surgery, but Patrick says the interns already have it covered.  This sends "Leo" into a rage (Seriously, when the fuck did Leo get a personality transplant?  All he needed was to cut the ponytail off, y'all!  It was his only major flaw!) in which he insults Claire ("You're wasting your time, sweetie, he's really not into you").  Claire heads into the OR, while "Leo" and Kyle argue.  It's evident from the verbal jabs that they know each other well. They then get into a fist fight.  Professional!

During Alice's surgery, Robin assists and Patrick hotly teaches/quizzes Claire.  Cut to after the surgery, when an exhausted Patrick comes into his Chief of Staff office to deal with "Leo" and Kyle.  They continue bickering like 8-year-olds, until Patrick shuts them up.  He's disappointed in his friend "Leo," and wants to know who this other kid making the bad first impression is.  So he looks at the guy's folder, and his name is...Kyle Julian!  Leo, the short Persian guy, says the tall blond Nordic guy next to him is his brother.  Patrick is as incredulous as I am, and just kicks them out, with a final word to knock the fighting shit off.  (He says "crap," not "shit," but he's prettier than I am, so I should be courser.)

Kyle runs into Claire at the vending machines.  She gives him a soda to cool down his black eye. 


Claire brings up the awkward "he's not into you" moment with Leo and says "You're gay, right?"  And yes, he is.  So this is slightly different from Grey's Anatomy, in that there are two interns who are unlikely to ever have sex with each other.  Congrats on that.

Robin sits beside a post-operative Alice, and discovers a note from Gary.  She catches him as he is leaving the hospital.  He says he can't do this, he's too young, this wasn't supposed to happen, etc.  (Dear last season's writers, this is a much subtler way to parallel Robin's fear of abandonment and HIV concerns than anything and everything you tried.)  Robin tells him to get over himself, because when you love someone you love everything, and he can't leave Alice.  Gary apologizes, but leaves.

The next morning, Robin comes home from work to find Patrick hotly napping on the couch. 


She wakes him and thanks him for "always sticking by [her], for never bailing, even when things get rough."  I don't know that that's an accurate play-by-play of their relationship, but whatever, it was a cute conversation.  They kiss.  The cuteness continues:

Robin:  Look, I admit that there is a part of what you're saying that's valid.
Patrick:  Uh-huh..
Robin:  A part.  But this is a big decision, and you can't make it for me.
Patrick: And you can't make it without me.  Robin, when I saw you, lying unconscious on the floor...
Robin: Hey, it's okay.  I'm okay.
Patrick: I know.  But I didn't know what was going to happen to you.  I didn't know what was going to happen to our baby.  And I thought, you know what, we're a family now, and it's about time we start making decisions like one.
Robin:  Okay.

That is the most mature conversation these two have had in a year. 

They kiss, and Patrick complains about the "crappy sofa."  Robin says their first decision is...and Patrick finishes her sentence to say that they'll go shopping for a new sofa together.  They make out but are interrupted by a knock at the door.

It's Jagger!  Lamentably fully clothed, but with someone he wants Robin to meet:  His son Stone!  Stone is absolutely adorable.


(He actually looks a lot like the woman who played Karen, though I'm not sure Karen is little Stone's mother?)  Robin is blown away and says it is so nice to meet him.  Stone doesn't respond.  Then we jump to next week's previews, in which it looks like Stone has some kind of condition -- maybe autism?  It will tickle me to no end if this new-to-daytime head writer comes in and does an autism storyline ten times more interesting than Dena Higley is doing on Days right now.  Not that that would be hard.

Oops, a little spite seeped in at the end there.  Get out, residual daytime soap bitterness!  You're spoiling my Night Shift buzz.   Hang on:


Phew.  I'm fine now. 


Don't think Karen can possibly be little Stone's mama, unfortunately. She was hooking up with a pair of brothers (okay, only one at a time) on "Port Charles" when he would have been conceived. Then she was dead. SOB. But the tyke is a cutie.

Great recap of NS2. I can't believe I'm excited for the rest of the season. We finally have a show that takes place in the hospital where Robin and Patrick are the stars, not the mob. We also have JT and ASJ looking hotly in their scenes. If things turn out well can we please get Sri and company over on GH and get rid of Guza.

I'm down w/ the photo essays for future episodes. Just sayin'.

Um...yeah, so that was a damn good episode.

I laughed (sometimes inappropriately - Dr. Ford's death scene wasn't supposed to be INTENTIONALLY funny, was it??).

I yawned (honestly, if I want Izzie and George, I'll just watch GA, not Kyle and Claire).

I channeled Jason Morgan and blinked rapidly in confusion because Leo Julian seems to have undergone a personality transplant.

But whatever, the Scrubs banter was cute and the writing was better than anything GH has done in the last 10 years, and there was thankfully no CGI sunset on the roof or annoying nurses in pink scrubs and over the top hair.

I never thought I'd say this and I really hope I don't live to regret it but...thank you, Brian Frons for bringing Sri Rao to Soapnet.

Now, I must go wash my mouth out with soap.

I was so looking foward to this recap and you didnt dissapoint. Im totally with you about Jagger being the reason (and to blame) for us still watching GH. HE was my junior high crush and man is he smokin hot as ever. Took the words out of my mouth about Julian getting a personality transplant with his recast. Dominic come back. I will let Patrick being controlling over Robin slide b/c hes hotly over protective of robin and his baby. Little Stone is precious. I went back to you tube to watch old robin/karen/jagger/stone scenes b/c of NS2 so that tells you there was just the right amount of nostalgia. only problem was it reminded me again what a pig SOnny was getting a child hooked on drugs had sex with and had strip in his club, oh god no im talking about sonny i must look at the gratuitous pics you screen capped of Jagger Cates now to be "centered." that's better. great recap thanks!

I really enjoyed the show. They still need to work on a couple of things, but this one episode made up for the 13 episodes of crap they delivered last season.

Well done Sri Rao. If you keep this up you'll have a couple of marriage proposals on your hands. I know some have already declared them, but I'm waiting for the end of this season to see if you can keep this up ;)

Oh and I love reading your NS blogs!!! Good or bad.

Loved your recap and agree with you 100%. So far 100% better than last season which I couldn't continue watching after a few episodes.

Becca, thanks for the recap...of course, I watched the episode myself (ok, I've watched it four times already, whatever!) but it was still fun to read. You're dead on w/ everything, especially Leo. He's a prick. However, I think I disagree about the actress playing Saira - she seems cool to me so far - we shall see.

One more thing - you and I apparently both fell in love with Antonio at the same time and he's the reason we are both watching GH. However, I (and you!) still heart Jason Thompson oh so much - would it be possible to get double the NS eyecandy and have Jagger AND Patrick screencaps next week? Can you hook a sister up!??! ;-)

Can't wait to read your recap next week - keep up the great work!

Well, the ASJ screen caps made me like the episode much more in recap than in watching. Remember your Emmy night fun with the miracles Ron C. (OLTL head writer) could induce? Jagger's dimples could do all that, cure cancer AND bring "Peace in our time."

I still can't get behind it as much as you guys but you've at least made me want to try a bit more. I will note, however, that the entire Jagger-visit-with-son-who-has-medical issue-and-is-in-denial is a line by line rip off of Scrubs. And the guy who leaves his deathly ill girlfriend because he's too young is ALSO a line by line ripoff. These aren't casual coincidences -- they are very nearly straight up plagiarism.

Oh well ... I think I need to look at ASJ's dimples some more and I'll be fine.

I really(and i am SHOCKED) really enjoyed the show.I thought Kimberly looked amazing.just goes to show how crappy gh really is.i really loved seeing Robin and Patrick and i knew from the outset they could and should be.mature loving adults living life together and being happy.Jagger and Patrick were to die for and along with Robin quite charming and funny.I really like the new cast also.Dr Batra is really good and the new Dr.Leo while it might take some getting used to isnt bad either.overall i liked it and i cant wait for next weeks show.

I now feel inspired to carry a picture of ASJ with me at all times and when I feel frazzled, I'll just take a peek and "re-center."

Stone is gorgeous, I love his huge brown eyes and the freckles... like Robin's!

JT and ASJ sharing a shirt size is as insanely impossible as that drunk dufus calling you a cougar. So relax, life as we know it has not gone all bizzarro!!! Jason is still a saint, Sonny still mumbles, and GH still sucks 99.9% of the time.

New Leo is a huge mistake. I miss hippie Leo, if he comes back I won't even bitch about the ponytail.

Note to Guza... SUCK ON IT!!!!!!!!!

Robin and Patrick were beyond real and adorable and bantery and mature and (minus the COS absurdity) both excellent professional doctors!!! If forced to watch this Guza's brain would melt from the wonderfulness he misses out on with these two.

And I hope that funny snarky harmless yet flattering jealousy continues through out the whole season between Patrick and Jagger. JT was so hotly blustery jealous while knowing he didn't need to be in reality..; great acting. It's funny and appropriate and well done and about damn time Patrick realizes Robin is hot and desirable and all the other good stuff she is ya' know? Fingers crossed the writers keep this going. More "put on some pants" and "what's a Jagger?" lines would be delicious. Just as delicious as all the shirtlessness. Yippeeee!!!!!! Even cute Robin was topless, and hello she has a chest!

And amen to the behind the scenes crew who did a bang up job w/ hair, makeup, and wardrobe!!! And more kudos for the Tania Jones Daycare Center signage. Sri really is a long time fan and I love him.

You didn't like Siara? Really? She was one of my favs... although maybe it's because she does alternative medicine (which is also a hot topic now).
I can't lie though - I hate NuLeo. The character. I could like the actor, if he wasn't playing THAT character. He is not Leo. Ugh.
Claire=Izzie. (And she just totally hook up with Jagger, just saying...)
I liked Kyle, but only because of how much taller he was than NuLeo. And the fact that Port Chales now has a citizen who is out of the closet, but not off the canvas.
Patrick was so cute. I love how much Robin stresses him out.
Robin was too cute. Pregnant or not, I want everything she was wearing during the epi - so cute!
Jagger. Jagger. Jagger. I didn't know him first time around, so I only have Night Shift to judge. I didn't really care for him. He ws clearly out of place. Also, knowing how much ASJ DESPERATELY WANTS to be paired with VM's Brenda, it kind of makes me mad that Stone could actually pass for her kid. Is it terrible for me to of hoped he had red hair? Or blue eyes maybe?

"Dr. Lee has cleared Robin to go back to work, so she gets up starts to get dressed (Without getting a second opinion? Kelly could have just been trying to clear that room so she could have sex with one of the new interns! Use your head, Robin.)."

I just laughed and laughed at this. Thanks for the recap!

All I can add is....................

I LOVED IT!!!!!!


I mean, they were still themselves-Patrick was still paternalistic and sexist and Robin was still stubborn, but not in ways that made me want to scream and a take a hit out on the headwriter (what?! He loves the damn mob so much....)-I forgot what it's like to actually enjoy, and to be happy after, watching my favorite character and couple!! And yes, that is real life-you can have knock down/drag outs w/someone you love, and still be a united front. My God, if y'all knew the number of times I've been having it out w/my husband and stopped mid-way through to be like, "Open this jar or carry this over there, you jackass.".....wait, realism?! On something GH-related and also called NS.....wait, wait, did I go on some kind of accidental crack binge and just DREAM the epi. was that good?! I can't actually be, like, happy about something related to GH, can I?!

You all said it way better than I did so I'm just going to quote Sarah since really it can't be said enough....


Sri...right now this jury loves you....now start bringing in random mobsters and that will change REAL quick but right now...you got it more right in one episode than Guza has in ohh i'll give him three years.

Perfect recap. I will leave this page up so I can flip to ASJ's hotness whenever one of my bitchass co-workers pisses me off.
Thanks :-)

eh. I didn't love it. I was not a GH watcher back in the ASJ era so I have no blubbering sentimental attachment to the character, to Stone, to Robin, or to child actors no matter whose name has been bestowed upon them. I'll reserve judgement on the Stone 2 storyline until we see how it plays out. I'm completely basing that on the prettiness of Antonio Sabato Jr. Kuddos to the new GH NS team for making Jagger a focus of season 2. Keep those screne caps coming!

So far Robin and Patrick have been cute, funny, and character appropriate. And yes Kimberly Mc. is looking 1000x better on the night shift. The GH makeup / hair people must truly hate her. Of course not nearly as much as they hate Kelly Monaco. Maybe they are all 6 foot tall gagantuan amazon women who harbor deep resentmet of those of us genetically blessed enough to be petite brunettes (thank you, thank you).

My only comment on the semi-cheesy hospital staff / stories - please make sure to keep on using "Leo" and "Dr. Julian" in quotes since when he left the building Dominic Rains obviously took all semblence of the attractice Persian doctor / guitar player with him.

I have to chime in as well: Suck on it Guza!

It was just so nice to have a show that didn't have ANY mobsters. It was a show that focused on hospital drama and relationships. Who would have thought? The show wasn't perfect but it had some real heartfelt moments. I definitely think the show has potential. I'll be tuning in to episode #2.

Not bad. Dr. Julian sucked, but other than that, everything else was fine, including Dr. Ford's death (hilarious). Love Scrubs again, even when Patrick is being unreasonable in this show he doesn't come off like an ass like he does on the OG GH. Jagger and Patrick together? Yes please!

I will die laughing if little Stone is autistic and the writers handle it better than Days is. How could they not really? And Higley has a kid with autism! Man it's sad! Sigh.

Do a Days post though, need them to get me through!

And more kudos for the Tania Jones Daycare Center signage.
Yes, Sarah! I knew there was something in the episode that was a little shout out to long time viewers but I just couldn't think of what it was. I LOVED it!

what's OH GH stand for by the way?

"I think my near-stalkerish dedication to Jason Thompson and his hotness needs no further documentation, so you know this comes from a place of love: Come on. There is no way that Patrick and Jagger wear even remotely the same size! Antonio Sabato Jr. is freaking built! Jason Thompson is hotly super-slim! I have no idea why this is bothering me."

LMAO!!! I said the same thing! I was looking back and forth from the Jagger pipes to the Patrick chicken wings and thought to myself that these writers clearly are a lot funnier, even on accident that the writers of either GH or NS1.

I agree with nearly everything you said except that I thought some of the Robin/Patrick banter was reminiscent of previous conversations they've had. And when he started "laying down the law" about her no longer working, it was kinda dejavu. But they are much sweeter than they've been at any time in the last two years (except for his speech on the stand in court-that was megasweet) on GH, so all is forgiven.

You know what sucks though? If this show turns out to be great all the way through, a bunch of great storylines will have to be rushed, dropped, or worst of all, transfered over to GH and irrevocably written into the shitter. But I'm going to try to live in the moment...

BWT, does anyone know if they are going to address Robin's HIV+ pregnancy on this show? GH hasn't done diddly with the "big HIV pregnancy storyline", and it's clear already that the NS2 writers could do a much better job of it anyway. I hope they take advantage of the opportunity the shit writing on GH has given them and make Guza look like the completely talentless hack he is. Then maybe GH can fire him and his team and hire the NS2 writers.

Let me add my voice to the "suck on it, Guza" chorus.

I also think that although making Patrick CoS was ridiculous, I love how NS writes him more as a grown man. If being Chief allows the show to write him as a person taking on responsibility then I'm all for it.

I just wanted to say that you guys 'get it' in every way. You understand how great Scrubs are and I love reading what you have to say. Thanks for entertaining me.

I love you. I've been watching GH since I was a little girl with my mom, but the first storylines I really fell in love with were back in the Jagger/Karen/Brenda/Jason/Stone/Robin etc. days. I FLOVED this episode and man I wish these writers could be on the OG GH.

However, your recap made me love the ep even more. I loved out loud at least ten times.

So happy to see Scrubs being awesome again. And like everyone else, I loved Patrick's reactions to Jagger. I've been watching KMac since we were both little girls and what OG GH does to the character of Robin now pisses me off so much, but this nearly made up for that.

I so agree with this recap! It had flaws, it wasn't the most amazing thing to grace my screen ever, but when compared to GH or NS1 is was GOLD! I loved it so, so, so much! These were the Robin and Patrick I'm proud to be a fan of! And the guy knows his GH history, I may not have watched back in the day to know Tania Jones but it was awesome on two fronts: 1) history nod and 2) its my name, with an 'i' not a 'y' so extra awesome! Plus seeing Jason Thompson is always awesome, so how much more so when its GOOD writing, much more so let me tell you, I don't cringe constantly while also oogling JT! You guys can have your ASJ, I'll keep JT thankyouverymuch!
And to conclude I'll follow the lead and say:
SUCK IT GUZA! *whispers, "Please don't let me regret that"*

you guys, i think they are trying to recreate patrick and robin with nuLeo and that holistic doctor. not that they should be. Dominic Rains would have been great in that shirtless "dr. leo" scene too.

don't know why they brought back the character of dr leo julian if they were going to give him a personality transplant..this is not the same dr julian who attempted to ease maxie's fears by giving her guitar lessons..where is the 'quirkiness'?? this guy just comes off a as a jerk, much like Podpatrick from ns1..we should have just gotten a whole new character instead..otherwise, loved ns2..

Did u hear Dena Higley quit?


Did anyone notice when Robin and Patrick were at the elevator she hit the button to go up and the bottom light came on? haha

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