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July 21, 2008

Night Shift's Second Season Premieres Tomorrow. Are You Ready?

We have stocked up on booze, because optimism doesn't usually pay off for us, and at least one of us has confessed to really looking forward to this new season of Night Shift.  Are we crazy to think the new powers-that-be might actually be able to turn this show around?  Are we delusional to think that the combined hotness of Jason Thompson and Antonio Sabato Jr. can overcome almost any level of badness?  Are we suckers to believe that Robin might actually be treated well and get a storyline related to her pregnancy that doesn't involve her being a harpy and/or Patrick being a slimeball? 

The answer to all of these questions is probably "yes."  But we have to think positively, because we are staring down almost three months of weekly recaps of this show and if we don't start off with a positive attitude, can you imagine what our posts will be like come September?  Just expletives and exclamation points, probably. 

They've switched around the scheduling on us, and that in combination with some other behind-the-scenes changes means we won't be able to swing the almost immediate recaps that we did last year.  This time around, the episodes will air on Tuesday nights, and our recaps will go up on Thursdays.  We cannot guarantee that our positivity or objectivity will continue past the first five minutes of the first episode, but we're going to try to give this thing a fair shake, and not be overly harsh just because it previously stank to high heaven and is associated with a show that makes us want to take hostages on an almost daily basis.  It's a whole new approach we're trying out.  You have been warned.

So in our last poll, an astonishing 84% of you claimed to be looking forward to Night Shift 2: Allegedly Soapy Spin-Off Bugaloo just like we are.  The question is, what is the source of that optimism?  By which we mean, what or who will carry the burden of all our soapy hearts and dreams, most likely while descending into the pit of crappiness into which almost everything related to modern-day General Hospital ultimately falls?  (Shoot, sorry; old habits die hard.)


No Snoreny, No Jastare, and No Snarly is good enough for me.

Good luck, ladies!

and (Please God) no mob.

While I'm thrilled about Tristan Rogers on the show, the one and only reason for my optimism is that Guza is not writing it.

I also confess to a fantasy where Night Shift 2 is great, the ratings for it far outpace GH, and they get rid of Guza and Phelps once and for all. I know that I'm putting way to much pressure on a show under the realm of Brian Frons, and I'll end up disappointed and bitter, but what else is new.

Hey Kat? I entertain the exact same fantasy...poor Sri and Lisa....even if the show is decent...if Guza/Phelps still regin in the craptastic mothership....I think we all end up disappointed...since maybe we could see just what could have been......

But no Jastare...no Sonny...no Carly...no Guza...no Phelps...does it for me.

They could have announced that actual poo flinging monkeys with typewriters (as opposed to the metaphorical ones called GH writers) were writing the second round of NS, and I'd still have been optimistic and think they'd do better than Bob Guza. The good news he's set the bar so low that it's going to be really hard to fail. It might not ever be art, but I'd say there's a damned good chance that it will be better than anything we've gotten from Bob Guza in the last - wow, I can't count that far back...

I hope it beats Gh in the ratings department. I hope that their is a God and someone will finally listen to the complaints that the fans have been saying all along that Guza and Phelps needs to go and get someone who can get Gh back to the old style soap opera that we know and love.

I have no intention of getting caught up in the madness like I did last year. I mean seriously - my sister used to get PISSED at me that I'd come over to her house on Fridays only to watch NS (she has TIVO - I do not). The only postive thing that came of last year is I now hang out at my sisters EVERY Friday and her dog loves me more than her. wink.

Guza will have his paws somewhere in this nightmare - if not directly then indirectly. Because no one as insane as he will let anything over shadow his "vision" of an amazing show (GH) (thanks Day time Emmy voters). Even if it means last minute script rewrites that make NSII once again not go "hand in hand" with what is going on with GH. dumbass....

I'd really try to watch it, but Tues nights I wash my hair.....snort...

I don't know quite what to do with this optimistic feeling I've been experiencing since I realized that it's re-starting tonight. If they can just get through one "season" without the mention of the mob, the slutty nurse, sex on a slab next to a dead body, or a gunfight, I think that's an accomplishment right there.

Cautious is the word for me for NS2.

I am holding out hope with a new HW and EP, the real Robert Scorpio coming back, Patrick and Robin dealing with their issues, they never needed a third party or whore as I know she was (knowingly going after a man involved with another = whore to me) and Scrubs and committed to being a family is what I am hoping for.

Just hope the return of ASJ is not for the constant mention of Stone. That is over as is Jason and Robin and I want to move on to Robin, Patrick and their muffin on the way.

Just hoping NS2 doesn't disappoint

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