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July 11, 2008

Positive Feelings About General Hospital? This is Completely Foreign to Me

I can't give the unholy union of Brian Frons, Jill Farren Phelps and Bob Guza much credit for anything, but I will give them this: they really know how to surprise you.

More often than not, of course, the surprises are terrible and include murdering Quartermaines and undead serial killers, because it is General Hospital that we're talking about and these three create crap the way that Godiva creates deliciousness, which is to say effortlessly. It's practically an art form.

But sometimes, the surprise is so genuinely great and delightful that the only appropriate response is to squeal aloud and quote a model from America's Next Top Model (there's something about their combination of bitchiness and vapidity that contains a surprising amount of wisdom), which is exactly what I did when I got an email from lovely reader Beth R. informing me that Genie Francis is making a brief return to General Hospital in August, leading me to exclaim to an empty office, "Shut your mouth and say it ain't so!"

It's only a short appearance, true, and even in extending this invitation to her, the GH brass managed to be a bunch of classless morons who don't understand how much Laura matters:

"I would stay on, but `General Hospital' honestly doesn't seem to want that relationship with this character at the moment," said Francis. "They want little short doses during sweeps periods. It's not entirely up to me.

But still! A little bit is better than nothing, right?

Let's take a moment and Eeeeee! our excitement: Eeeeeee!!!

And another moment to ponder how sad it is that she had to confirm with the powers-that-be that they weren't bringing Laura back just to kill her off. On a sadness scale of 1-10, that's...like a 23.

Of course, because I am inquisitive, I got to wondering...why would Genie do this to herself?


Hee! Squee! Wee! Other happy noises!

Hopefully she'll make Lulu bearable again, though somehow I doubt it. Genie Francis is a miracle, but barring divine intervention, I will continue to refuse to acknowledge that Lulu is any relation to Luke and Laura.

Still, the prospects of Laura, Luke, and Tracy on screen together has me positively bubbling with hope.

I got mad when I read (once again) that GH refuses to have Genie back full time, but then again, at least we are spared what Guza would do to the character if she was back full time.

I'm in the minority who can't hasn't been able to stand Laura since the early 90s, so I'm not thrilled by this news. At least everyone talking about how perfect Laura is will be a break from everyone talking about how perfect Lulu is, so that's something. ;)

After swearing off GH for 3 months now, I will tune in for Genie. She and Tony can spin gold with even the worst writing Guza can pen.
She is luminiscent and oozes warmth. One of the few characters I continually adore (especially with Tony). Let's hope Guza can redeem Laura from the darkness he placed her. Just to have someone other than Carly, Kate, Jason, and Sonny will be refreshing.

I am glad to hear that Laura is coming back! Even for a short time is better than not at all! I hope that there are no scenes with Tracy. I do not like Tracy. They get rid of all the Q's and keep the one I don't like. Tracy is so jealous of Laura this will drive her bonkers and I will enjoy that.

I really hope Laura straightens out her evil daughter. That would be all kinds of awesome.

I just read about this somewhere else. The part that stuck out for me was:

"And another moment to ponder how sad it is that she had to confirm with the powers-that-be that they weren't bringing Laura back just to kill her off. On a sadness scale of 1-10, that's...like a 23."

I read that line a few times in the article. She had to confirm she wasn't returning just to be killed off. I wonder how that conversation went? "Are you positive? I mean, really? You seriously are not just bringing me back to off me? Really? Can you sign this?"

Heh, that is truly sad. I probably won't watch her return. I might watch it on YouTube later. But, I wish Laura would stay away from this mess and say she'll only return when there is a new writer.

"Slap the Smug Off Lulu's Face" would be a great carnival game.

I am simultaneously stunned and thrilled by this news. I know that, like everything else GH-related, I will ultimately be disappointed and possibly angry, but for now, I join you: Eeeeeeeee!!!

The name Genie Francis and the memory of OG Laura is BLINDING you sad people. This is the unholy trinity we're talking about here. Be reasonable, look what they have done to all the returning vets and the actors over 30! Ghost Alan anyone? Robert? Anna? Noah? Scotty? Emily and Georgie murdered for no reason at all!!!

I envision the greatness that was once was Laura Weber Baldwin Spencer returning for this quickie to prop the shitastic mess that is Lulu. Laura will coddle and praise this vile putrid character aka as her daughter, so Lulu can finish her transformation into Carly Two.

As much as I love Laura, she'd be safer away from Guzaville.

She is coming back to get that Carly devil out of Lulu. I hope it works.

Great to see Genie acting again, but I can't get excited about what seems to be done solely to prop up Lulu. Lulu must be even more unpopular than I realized.

To the poster Sarah: I share your concerns. However, I am cautiously optimistic, because the last few days have been totally, absolutely.... not as sucky. Sorry, I can't come up with anything more superlative. Anyway, I was shocked enough to write about it on the GH message board yesterday:

"Jason, Spinelli and Diane rock, and GH actually didn't suck today! Their scenes were totally hilarious! I can hardly believe I am saying this, and it may be because Steve Burton is letting his complete and utter disdain for this show come through, but he was the funniest person on the show this week. Between his WTF looks and incredulous responses to Carly's hypocrisy yesterday, and his responses about Spinelli's online PI license today and the idea of them starting Jackal and Stone, PI, I was nearly peeing my pants laughing. Kudos, Steve.

Actually, I have to say, overall, today was the best show in a long while. It might have been the complete lack of Kate, Sonny, and Carly, or it might have been the Anna/Noah/Robin/Patrick scenes that were unexpectedly somewhat unrepetive and expectedly well-acted. I just love all four of them, when the writers get out of their way a little. I even found Lulu a bit less unbearable. Maybe because she barely spoke and looks to be following in mommy dearest's glazed/comatose footsteps, and maybe because for two minutes JMB and KS were given something to act besides the same stupid bitchfight, take #453. Ah, a glimmer of hope. However dim and short-lived."

So, today I will add:
1. Genie Francis is as gracious as Stuart Damon, and WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY more gracious than me.
2. I agree with whoever posted about not wanting a big Tracy/Laura jealousy thing.
3. I also don't want another assinine pissing match between Luke and Scotty.
4. I feel sorry for Laura when she returns to consciousness and finds out what a screaming, self-involved shrew, mini-me-Carly shrew her daughter has become. But, I look forward to a "What the hell are you doing dating a mobster? I'm not your father, and I will do whatever I have to to keep you safe" speech.
5. If the Unholy Trinity bring GF back for a short time and ruin her, I will hire Jason Morgan to take them out. (I know it's not legal to threaten someone's life on the internet, thus, the FICTIONAL hitman, but you all understand my sentiments.)
6. As much as I love Laura, I wish they'd figure out how to use all the terrific actors they have ON CONTRACT more regularly before they bring her back and force a storyline to accommodate her return.
7. I haven't watched today's show yet. If it returned to its previous suckdom, I reserve the right to rescind any optimistic statements made herein.

I'll take a wild stab and predict that there will be no scenes between TG and GF. Laura will either slip back into her coma or be a figment of Lulu's imagination and quietly disappear before Luke returns to the canvas.

Because if they put TG and GF in scenes together, their chemistry would overshadow 90% of the remaining dreck on this show.

And we can't have that, can we?

Oooooo, Tooley. You've got me thinking.... I can totally buy that Lulu goes off the deep end and imagines talking with her mom.

I've loved Genie since I was a 12 year old girl. I even tried to do my long hair back then just like hers. LOL

I'm looking forward to seeing her again. I don't mind that her visits are short and sweet. I want a GOOD storyline for Genie, not some crapfest Guza would give her. Keeping her on the show too long could end up with one of the writers killing her off.

So excited for this!! JMB and GF were so amazing the first time they worked together, so much chemistry and they were truly magical, not to mention they actually look like mother and daughter. Im excited for some great acting (and side note, ive really liked and been impressed with JMB and KS's acting this past week with this Logan stuff!

Thank you so much for your blog! I'm not as gracious as Genie Francis is either, as you can tell in my blog:


Mmmm must be one of the few who doesn't like Laura - never did. The "great love" i dont get - cause you know - he raped her. I can see rehabing him and him staying on the show - cause i like him (esp with Jane) but never understand her forgiving him and loving him. That's just gross.

I can hope she will take Lulu to her crazy place. I can only hope.

I perfer to ponder the number of concessions, demands and promises they would have had to make to Genie to get her to even consider coming back to this dreck.....and I'm not gracious at all...I'm fully expecting her to be nothing more than a more celebrated version of Tumily.

But I will admit that I too screamed and yelled when I saw it.....

The return of my beloved Rick Springfield has not been enough for me to start watching the show again (though I have caught his scenes on You Tube). And as much as I love her (and I truly do), I won't return for Genie either. Because the writing/production/etc. regime hasn't changed...and that's the least it will take for me to return to this show.

I'll probably also catch some of her scenes on You Tube, simply because she is fabulous. But her return to the land of catatonia depressed me the first time, and I do NOT want to watch that again (even if she is just a figment of Lulu's imagination).

Sigh. I miss the REAL GH.

I'm more excited about Thom Racina returning to Daytime. It's not because I don't love Genie or Laura, it's just, I need for all the legacy characters to stay away from this Kah Kah. Let the Wig on a Stick play Laura until these monster show runners get FIRED. I don't want to see any more soap icons destroyed. And I won't.

The wind got knocked out of my EEEEE when I found out it looks like she's only sharing scenes with Lulu. Because if this is some way to make me like Lulu again, let me assure the Asses in Charge that ship sailed some time ago.

Beth...great names think alike..cause I am so with you on that.

The character of Lulu is irreparably damaged. No one cares about her any more. In fact, there are no sympathetic characters on the show--they've all been killed off or banished somewhere offscreen. While I adore Genie and want her back, I am anxiously guarded as to her return which I so longed for. I know I do not, absolutely do not, want her returned to prop up Lulu and I want her out of that ridiculous comatose state once and for all.

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