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August 25, 2008

Advise Me

Due to laziness, the Olympics, the epic level of the show's suckiness, the Olympics, and boredom, I am several episodes behind on General Hospital and therefore did not watch Laura's return today.  So, tell me, should I make a concerted effort to prioritize watching the miraculous transformation of a wig on a stick to the legendary Genie Francis?


No matter how awesome Genie Francis most undoubtable is..I can not in good faith recommend anyone tune in to watch her become nothing more than a prop to force us all to feel something for Lulu other than hate. I just can't. I can't.

The show sucks. Badly.

But Genie Francis! Hee!

You certainly don't need to watch the five seconds she was on today, they'll just repeat it tomorrow.

the Lulu/Laura scene was phenomenal today! very touching, you should definitely watch it.

What Dia said.

I just cannot handle the show any longer, but I did catch the very end (on mute, of course) when I knew they'd allow her a brief 2.5 seconds, and Genie looked fabulous (eat your cold black heart out Frons!). BUT, it was tough to navigate around Shrewlus crazyface and the rest of what I now actively try to avoid, which is 99.9% of the show.

Choice #2. Genie is AMAZING. However GH sucks. And one amazing scene with Genie(unless we get some Scrubs and LL2 goodness) is not worth this crap called GH. Just look on Youtube for the scene(s) and save yourself time. I don't watch 5 hours of this crap, and if I did it would NOT be because I enjoy GH as a whole. Youtube/the internet is a god, truly. Instead of wasting 5 hours of my life with GH(and other shows as well) waiting for the people I actually give a damn about I can just waste 3 minutes on the only thing about GH I find good.

I'm sticking to my NS2 and Scrubs clips(and of any other awesomeness I hear of; for ex, I'll look for Liz and Lucky/other couples that are amazing clips too).

I've watched Genie Francis my entire life (from GH to North & South to AMC back to GH) and I honestly can say that I wish people would move on when it comes to her portraying Laura. All of the Spencers (except for Lucky) could disappear from the face of the Earth and I would not shed a tear. As long as Lucky stays away from Liz, he is always redeemable (mind you, I've gone so far as to prefer him with Maxie over Liz). If Genie were to take on another character on another soap, I would probably tune in. Right now, I am so sick of the histrionics related to the Ballad of Luke and Laura.

I went for choice #2. I don't watch GH any more, but I did watch the last few seconds and thought, "Wow, Genie Francis is looking good these days." I am happy for her.

However, this is a very shallow attempt at Guza trying to keep his job by keeping her around long enough to bump up the ratings. Let's hope no one falls for this ploy and DO NOT tune in and bump up the ratings. It is a silly ploy and I wish Genie Francis would have stayed away from this joke of a show until they got a better writer.

This show needs to sink, despite how much I like Laura.

Plus, I don't think anything can save us from this lame Logan's death storyline. It was in self defense. I just think it makes all of the characters involved come off stick dumb - maybe like they're all a bunch of brooms with mop heads.

I'm happy to see Genie back, but knowing ahead of time that this is just going to be a short visit makes me want to not care.

I really thought the few seconds toward the end of the episode were worth watching. JMB is a good actress, depending on whom she's playing opposite of. I'm still more of a KS fan.

It would be nice for the stupid Logan/flashlight hauntings to end.

Tania- you me....likethis. Amen to everything you said. Amen.

this show is pure drivel. i voted for #2 genie is amazing and looks great but they are just using her to pimp JMB whom Ive come to hate. I stick to you tube as well these days for scrubs and maxie. sadly maxie is in the spinelli bubble and scrubs seem to be back on that merry go round with the marriage proposal.

wanted to add, i really do miss your gh week in reviews, as they were actually motivating me to watch this awful show on my dvr

MY ff button is my friend, and I will use it frequently during Genie's return, but I can not in good conscience not watch her. I admit it, my fan wanking for Genie will always overcome my bottomless loathing for this show. If she's on for 2.5 seconds as she was yesterday, or gee maybe a full minute and a half, I'll watch. I hate myself for my weakness.

Just watch the last 5 minutes. On an avg day it takes me 10 minutes tops to watch GH, so the awfulness is actually very timesaving. Thanks GH writers! (ha!)

I picked #2. Love, love, love GF but Jesus can't make me watch this show, right now.

I love Genie and I love Laura.

It is cruel for TPTB to put these two together and force me to choose which is stronger - my love for Laura or my hatred for Lulu.

The hatred wins. I will not watch even the lovely Genie if it means being forced to watch one second of Lulu. Not even Laura can make me like that despicable creature that calls herself Lulu.

It all feels like a ploy by TPTB to boost ratings and to make Lulu more likeable.

All you need to catch is about the last 2 minutes...which as stated above, they will repeat today.

It brought tears to my eyes that Genie is just that good. Damn. Also tears that this show sucks so bad I don't watch it anymore...if I could just watch the Laura parts, I'd do it. [Hint: "YouTube" for anyone able to do so. Please....thank you!!]

Honestly...I HATE this show so much I gave it up last fall.The ONLY good part about GH is Serial Drama!! (Big thanks you guys!!!)

Genie Francis aside (who I love just for the fact that she's married to Commander Riker... and is coincidentally a good actress), Merryl Streep guest staring as Laura couldn't make this show watchable. GH is pure trash. The level to which this show's writers go about debasing women makes me wonder if they realize that they are writing this show FOR women. I mean, another rape storyline? Are you kidding? I would rather have them replay they murders of Georgie and Emily then see a new atrocity penned that ruins yet another female charater's independent spirit. Soaps are supposed to be about romance, not some crappy rip off of the sopranos that has more hate sex in it than tender moments between lovers, or writers that would rather draft up gunfire than realistic HUMAN drama. Sheeh. Guiza and his ID issues should get a room (I mean, seriously, has this guy only dated guns his whole life?).

Why do I have this feeling that, in the end, Laura's interactions w/Lulu will ultimately end up being written as just Lulu's imagination?

As far as watching yesterday's GH to catch up, FF to the last 2 minutes or wait for the 1st 2 minutes of today's.

Even though I knew Genie would only be on yesterday for the very last scene, for lack of anything better to do last night (it was raining so swimming was out), I watched the entire episode on Soapnet; what a waste of an hour! I knew it was bad from reading this board, but we're supposed to believe that Spinelli was fully awake & alert despite having a RUPTURED spleen? Puhleeze!

Well, I watched today, and Spinelli's spleen got more airtime than Laura, if that gives you any indication. Typical bait-and-switch tactics, GH style. Suck us in with the "Laura Returns" promos, and then make us watch everyone and their mother discuss the Zaccharas, the Russian rejects from Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, and Lulu's mental health. And just to let GH know, crazy ain't helping Lulu's likability. Genie Francis is wonderful as always, but this show is continuing to crap all over her.

It is a privilege to watch Genie Francis portray Laura. Although this story has lots of holes in it, Genie is just as radiant as ever in this role, and I have even started to appreciate Julie's Lulu because of it. Lulu might be the only character on the current GH that even has a conscience. It is so rare these days when GH creates a story that has true emotional content. The reason that the show is dying is because they simply refuse to write stories that resonate about characters who are worthy of our investment. Genie is the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's hope they run toward it.

...like someone said earlier, I can't shake the feeling that this is gonna' end up being a big ole figment of LuLu's imagination. I'm gonna' feel like such a dope if that really happens cause not only am I watching it - I'm watching in real time. That's right. No Tivo. Genie Francis looks FABULOUS (not being on GH obviously agrees with her) despite the ratty bathrobe and their interpretation of Laura's catatonic hair.

With that said omg Carly finally out uglied herself with that shiteous blouse she had on today. It's probably the fugliest blouse that ever fugged.

Today, you need o watch!! Julie Berman and Genie were so freaking great together!! Terrific acting!

i don't get it.

i don't watch the show anymore (i quit months ago...GH is not good for my blood pressure), but it seems the same old, same old. LULU, or LooLoo, or my favorite, ShrewLu, is seriously hated. i mean, she is DESPISED on all the boards across cyberspace. there are no redeemable qualities about her, and JMB's portrayal doesn't help.

so why is she still stealing so much air time? why is she still alive and Georgie is dead? i hope at least KS is getting as much airtime, since she clearly wins the better GH young lady contest.

WHYYYYYYY!? That is the eternal question to all things this stupid show. Watch the "Daily Show" instead. After a what-feels-like-forever hiatus, it's the second coming, the light at the end of the tunnel, the "you complete me" to crap TV and the answer to "What the haaayell is wrong with this country?" I know you need to blog, but give yourselves a break and just enjoy the funny. Unless, of course, you're able to just laugh at GH, which is not so easy at this point.

Oh, sorry, must tack on "The Colbert Report" 'cause, ya know, truthiness is also essential to remedy the horrah of the GH.

I will watch when Genie is on because Genie is luminous and I've known Laura since the late 70s. Don't give a rat about Lulu...can't stomach Carly, Jason, Claudia, Johnny, et. al. and don't know some of the new players... So I put on GH and only come in to watch when I hear Genie. I stopped watching watching months ago and remain detached from the characters and storylines but will hone in on Genie. It's a doable compromise for me as I hate this miserable show. I will turn it off when Genie leaves.


Absolutely stay away. Bloggers don't let fellow bloggers watch horrible HORRIBLE tv regardless who is on.

BUT.... if anyone else out there is watching and Spinelli wakes up from his injury speaking like an American - lemme know. Still hate the character but if the trauma snapped him out of his stupid speech - then I'll take a peek at GH.

Is it wrong that I no longer watch GH but LOVE and cannot miss Serial Drama???

I couldn't bring myself to break my one-man GH boycott, but a friend who watched said the scenes with Lulu and Laura were genuinely good (as horribly written as Lulu is, I still think Julie Berman is a good actress and my friend agrees). However, the rest of the show, with the exception of seeing Jason Thompson and Brandon Brash, was the usual suckfest.

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