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August 28, 2008

Night Shift Episode 6: Playing With Fire

PREVIOUSLY on Night Shift: Jagger and Robin talked about their first loves; wacky sitcom hijinx ensued in the Billy Dee Williams and Epiphany storyline; Saira told Leo that, despite the fact that they got it on in the locker room, they need to behave professionally with each other at work; Patrick told Robin that he found the person he is going to spend the rest of his life with.


Jagger, Patrick and Leo walk into the hospital (well, Patrick walks. Jagger limps and Leo kind of holds Jagger up, providing an awesome visual, as Ethan Raines is a good four feet smaller than Antonio Sabato, Jr.), arguing about a basketball game that they had just played and whether or not Patrick fouled Jagger. Jagger starts to say that it's not a big deal, but upon hearing that the losing team will be buying drinks at Jakes for a week, changes his tune and agrees that Patrick fouled him. Why did we not get to see this basketball game, by the way? One of the best things about The Young and the Restless is how blatant they are about exploiting the men in the cast by having them play basketball randomly. Patrick hotly WTFs at Jagger as Robin walks over and greets her favorites (plus Leo) and wonders what's going on

Leo: Your boyfriend body checked the new guy.
Patrick: The guy works for the FBI, can't he take on a neurosurgeon?

He makes a hilarious "Am I right? Am I right?" face, and Robin apologizes for his inability to play well with others before she asks if Jagger is okay. Patrick, annoyed, jumps in that it's just a sprain and Leo offers to get Jagger checked out, possibly by a hot nurse, which could up Jagger's chances of getting a spongebath. He and Jagger exit. Robin accuses Patrick of trying to kill her friend, and Patrick refuses to be blamed for the fact that Jagger is terrible. Robin reminds him that Jagger is a prizefighter, and Patrick tells her that they bonded.

Patrick: It's a guy thing.
Robin: ...apparently a very sweaty guy thing.
Patrick: You like sweaty, don't you? What are you going to do about it?
Robin: Why don't you come see?

They then sprint onto an elevator and loudly make out. Patrick drops his basketball

Patrick: My ball-
Robin: I'll take care of that.


She pulls the alarm to stop the elevator, and Patrick gleefully says "I love pregnancy hormones" as Robin pulls out a condom and rips it open with her teeth. I think they were going for fun and sexy and "Robin in charge" but it struck me as odd that they'd do that, since doing that can compromise the condom. I learned that in Seventeen, so I know it's true.

We then go immediately to Robert's room, which is quite possibly the worst segue of all time. Robert is examining his scar in a handheld mirror with a pensive look on his face. We're treated to a closeup of the scar and--I'm sure that many of you who know the depths of my Melrose Place love knew this were coming--I need to take the opportunity to implore all of you to watch the iconic scene wherein Kimberly rips off her wig.

Elsewhere, Kyle and Claire are looking at a computer, and Kyle concludes that the person they are looking closely resembles someone who had a losing fight with a blunt object. His name on the online dating site that we learn they are reading is RicoSuave42. Kyle rolls his eyes at this, but I think that, since he didn't choose the number 69 for his handle, that ol' Rico isn't all bad. Claire thinks that being Mrs. Suave sounds good, while Kyle is horrified that Claire would take the online dating route in the first place. She eagerly points out another potential conquest whose profile picture has three young girls in it. She thinks that this is online dating code for "I'm good with kids", but Kyle counters that it's real life code for "I'm a pedophile". Is his screen name Little Kid Lover?

Claire tells Kyle that with this attitude, he's going to end up ancient and lonely with a million cats. He doesn't care, and firmly says he won't try online dating, even declining her kind offer to write his profile for him: "Hot intern seeks bad boy to play doctor".  I will give her this, there is a market for things like that. That market is porn, and I think she could make a fortune writing adult film scripts.

Robert is wandering in a supply closet, and is interrupted by Billy Dee. Robert casually explains that he's looking for something sharp. Billy Dee says, "I hear you are going under the knife again" in a stilted, monotone voice that makes me wonder if he learned English phonetically. Robert tells him about the colon cancer diagnosis, but quickly says not to pity him; no, if Billy Dee should pity anything, it's the scar on Robert's head. Billy Dee offers to shave Robert's head for him, explaining that he used to work at his uncle's barber shop years ago. Robert is skeptical, even after Billy Dee says that cutting hair is like riding a bike. I'm with Robert; if Billy Dee cuts hair like he reads scripts, this could be a massacre.

Robin greets her patient, a 23 year old named Moira Anderson, who has cystic fibrosis. Robin asks Claire for the rundown on CF--I love this handy educational aspect of the whole intern thing. Claire finishes by saying that most patients with CF "won't live to see--" and catches herself before she finishes. Moira, though, adds "Won't live to see their 30th birthday. Don't worry, I've been counting down the years. I got used to living with a disease with no cure." Just like Robin, who looks worried. Epiphany comes in and tells Robin that there's a patient in the waiting area who also has CF, and Robin and Claire rush to get Moira to ICU, as Patrick walks by and gets filled in by Epiphany. He approaches the other patient, who asks "Where are they taking her?", and, with Epiphany and Kyle, start to lead him away. Robin and Claire are still rushing Moira away from the other CF patient and Moira finally gets them to listen to her, as she explains they needn't be so careful. Robin tries to tell her that Moira can't understand the danger that being with another CF patient would bring, and Moira trumps her, telling her that she understands all too well: the guy is her boyfriend.

Moira is in a room, and Robin and Claire have masks on as they tell her about the tests they need to run. Moira asks if Robin is a virgin, and, rubbing her stomach, Robin says that she's pretty sure she isn't, but Moira clarifies that she means a CF virgin. Claire jumps in and tells Moira that Robin is one of the best doctors on staff at GH. Moira sighs that she and her boyfriend are supposed to be in Niagra Falls for a romantic getaway that Cyrus had planned: they had a wonderful road trip so far, stopping at Colonial Williamsburg and Gettysburg, which is fun for history geeks like them. I can't hear about Colonial Williamsburg without thinking of 30 Rock:

Liz Lemon: People are gonna show up expecting all this great stuff and they're gonna be disappointed and angry.
Tracy: Just like Colonial Williamsburg

Robin sharply repeats, "You've been in the car together for days?" Guiltily, Moira confirms this, but says that they kept the doors closed. Robin tells her, "I don't think you understand the severity of the situation". I hate the phrase "I don't think you understand", because the "...you moron" end of it is always implied. Moira corrects her that she understands all too well--she's been living with this since she was a toddler and she just needs antibiotics, not a lecture.

In the supply closet, Billy Dee admires his handiwork and crows that he's still got it. Epiphany walks in and wonders what the hell is going on. Robert asks if she likes his makeover, and she tells him he could have made an appointment with the GH barber. Robert is befuddled that GH has a barber. As am I; any barber worth a damn wouldn't sit back and let some of the GH staff's hair atrocities walk by without intervening. Billy Dee darkly says that Nurse Johnson is full of secrets and, picking up on his subtext, she counters that some things are the hospital are on a need to know basis and others, like the barber, are common knowledge. She finishes by, far more politely than I would have, asking Billy Dee to clean up after himself and get back to work. She even says please! I would have no such patience if I were dealing with such petulance.

Robert, who apparently loves some good gossip: Oooooh, what was that about?
Billy Dee, who is becoming douchier by the minute: Nurse Ratched is a stickler for the rules
Robert: That had nothing to do with hospital policy, my friend. Someone is stuck in the middle of a lover's spat.

Jagger is being treated by a coquettish nurse, while Leo...sits there and watches. Perve! The nurse, Cheryl, tells Jagger that if he needs anything, to push this button (not a euphemism) and ask for her. After she leaves, Jagger says that GH sure has a friendly staff. I wonder if Jagger has women throwing themselves at him so often that he can't even pick up that he's getting picked up. Leo offers to put him in for an observation so that he can stay overnight: "Nurse Cheryl is very attentive, if you know what I mean". Jagger declines, saying that he needs to get back home so he can send the very expensive babysitter home. Leo is shocked--SHOCKED!!--that Jagger has a kid, and is a little jealous because, and this is a direct quote, "Kids are a total chick magnet". The sarcastic quotes that Leo lost due to his relative awesomeness dealing with last week's homophobic parents are back.

Anyway, he tells a story about hanging out with his friend and watching his friend's son for five minutes and in those five minutes, he managed to, "score more digits" than he had in the previous month. Well, even one is more than zero, so...Jagger laughs and says "That's so wrong", probably because he disapproves of "Leo" using a small child as date bait, but I like to think it's because he thinks the whole story is a lie. As if "Leo" has friends!

Elsewhere, Robin is taking some of her pills as Saira approaches with a cute "Hey, lady". They chat, and Saira says sometimes she forgets that Robin is HIV positive. Robin wishes that she could be so lucky. Saira asks how Robin's pregnant self is holding up, and Robin lists all of her medications, which earns a "Good God, that's overwhelming" from me and Saira. She's impressed that Robin holds it together so well, but Robin thinks nothing of it, saying that if Saira were in her position, she'd do the same because she'd have no choice: sometimes, you just have to live it.

"Leo" is shocked that Jagger is single, and wonders what the point is of being a superspy if you're not going to use your job title to pick up girls. Jagger says that he hasn't dated much since Stone was born and [impossibly filthy tangent deleted to keep this blog PG-13 rated] "Leo" says that Jagger needs to get back onto the dating scene, even offering to babysit Stone for him. First of all, why is he so interested in Jagger's dating life? And second of all, who would leave "Leo" in charge of their child?! Danger, danger, Will Robinson!

Saira comes up upon them and says hi. "Leo" is surprised that she and Jagger know each other, and Jagger explains that Saira has been treating Stone's autism and is a miracle worker. She brushes it off, saying she's just doing her job, and "Leo" comes down with a massive case of bitchface. She tells Jagger that she has some new research on treating autism with acupuncture that she share with Jagger, and scampers away to get it. "Leo" tells Jagger that he doesn't have to wait around for her, and that Saira will just fax it to him. Jagger wonders if "Leo" can hook him up with Saira.

Patrick is examining Cyrus, and tells him that they'll need to run some more tests to be sure that he's not sick. Kyle asks how Cyrus and Moira met, and it turns out that they met in an online support group for people with Cystic Fibrosis eight months prior; they were even treated by the same doctor for years. Cyrus thinks this is nifty in a "Isn't it a small world" kind of way, but Patrick is concerned, wondering what the doctor thinks of their relationship. Cyrus laments that he thinks the same thing Patrick does: that he and Moira are playing Russian Roulette with their lives. But Cyrus doesn't care--she doesn't care that he has a disease and their disease bonds them. Patrick agrees that kind of comfort level would be hard to give up, but Cyrus isn't even thinking about that: he's planning to ask Moira to marry him.

Jagger asks "Leo" for advice on Saira, and "Leo" is leery. Jagger, showing surprising savvy, asks if there's something going on with "Leo" and Saira and "Leo" is very quick to deny it, saying that they just don't see eye to eye on medicine. Jagger is surprised, saying that Saira seems like a "great girl", which is so adorably earnest of him, and that Stone is nuts about her. "Leo" noncommittally says that Saira is "fine, I guess, but she's no Nurse Cheryl". Jagger gets paged and needs to book, but he asks "Leo" to tell Saira he'll be back to pick her research up, and maybe use the opportunity to let her know that Jagger like-likes her. It's so sweet that, despite being majorly hot, Jagger's dating expertise stopped and started circa third grade. I wish we got to see him give "Leo" a "Do you like me? __Yes __No" note to give to Saira. He departs, and just after the elevator door closes, Saira runs up and "Leo" smarmily says he had to go meet someone, and wonders if she's disappointed? He wonders if she does "the 100 yard dash for all of [your] patients or just the ones with washboard abs?" Valid question and, okay, "Leo" totally has a crush on Jagger. She stalks away.

Back in Moira's room, she's telling Claire that Cyrus put a deposit down on a bed and breakfast when Robin walks in and says she won't be able to discharge Moira because her white blood cells are elevated. Moira is sad that her romantic getaway is ruined. Claire offers to go tell Cyrus the bad news, and Moira tells her she'd like to do it herself. Robin says that she can't let her do that, and Moira says that she's sounding like her parents. Robin tries to explain that she's disturbed by how cavalier Moira is being, but Moira tells her:

For 21 years, I've been living by the rules, been so careful. It's liberating to let go. Neither of us were supposed to live this long in the first place. Shouldn't we enjoy the time we have left? I don't expect you to understand.

Hmm, does that sound like anybody we know?

In Robert's room, he's regaling Billy Dee with the story of how he met Anna. I am so shocked to hear real life General Hospital history being referenced by a GH character. It's so weird! Robert's point is that it's bad idea jeans to fool around with someone you work with. Billy Dee, who could not be more bored if he tried, says that he and Epiphany aren't fooling around. This leads Robert to talk about shrew taming and power having, and Billy Dee wonders how that worked out for Robert. Robert thinks it worked out splendidly, saying "That's what got Robert Scorpio where he is today". He looks around as he said that, and quickly clarifies, "This doesn't count". Billy Dee laughs, and by "laughs" I mean "literally says ha-ha-ha-ha as a way of expressing mirth". I ask you, how is it possible to be so disengaged in a scene with Tristan Freaking Rogers? HOW?

Robin finds Patrick in the hallway and tells him she needs him. He again gratefully says "I love pregnancy hormones", but that's not the kind of need she means: she needs him to keep Cyrus out of the ICU. He wonders what the harm is in letting them wave at each other through the window. He thinks he and Robin should cut them some slack: they're young and in love. Robin counters that they are being irresponsible. He points out that the two of them are having a baby, but she says it's not the same because Cyrus and Moira can infect each other just being in the same room. Patrick tells her that if anything happens to Robin, he's not leaving her side, and that Cyrus and Moira will be separated by a glass window. Robin relents.

In his room, Cyrus is playing with a teddy bear, and wonders if it's too dorky. Patrick says no, "chicks love dorky" (EYEROLL, PATRICK) and asks if Cyrus has really thought this through. Cyrus tells him that he and Moira are made for each other. It doesn't matter that they've only known each other eight months, they have a connection that they can't have with anybody else. A partner without the disease can be sympathetic and caring, but for him and Moira, there's no space between them. Patrick, thinking of himself and Robin, looks wrecked.

Claire and Kyle are talking about Cyrus and Moira, and Epiphany chimes in, clearly relating the theme to her relationship with Billy Dee. Yawn.

In the stairwell, Robin and Patrick are macking. She starts to take his pants off, and asks him to get the condom, and repeats herself more and more urgently as he fumbles for one. She asks what's wrong, and he snippily says nothing, he's just looking for a condom. Robin is offended that he's acting like this is her fault, and tells him not to bother finding one, making a dramatic exit.

Kyle and Claire make their way out of the hospital and Kyle is shocked that Claire is on her third latte in two hours. Dude, that's amateur hour! Come back to me when she has six in two hours, then we'll talk. Claire spent the whole day IMing with finderskeepers74. Kyle thinks that time would have been better spent napping, but Claire says she likes to chat before she meets people in person "Because it weeds out the losers". Kyle is only half paying attention as he studies his email-he keeps getting spam from mail@brotherlylove.

Claire: You're going to think this is really funny

He doesn't. He asks her to take the profile down, which is totally what she'll do.

"Leo" is checking up on Jagger's ankle, and says that the swelling has gone down, but that Jagger won't be playing basketball again soon. "Leo" is disappointed by this, ostensibly because Jagger was good, but I think he's just going to miss having quality time with Jagger. Jagger says he has a lot of practice running around after Stone. "Leo" asks how Stone is doing, and Jagger says he has good days and bad days, but that Saira is being great. "Leo" "casually" mentions that he has a friend who works at county who is one of the country's top autism researchers. Jagger is, of course, confused, because Saira is doing a good job with Stone, but "Leo" says that Stone deserves the best.

"Leo": This IS your kid we're talking about.
Jagger: ...right, right.

Hee. It's like "Leo" was literally reminding him that Stone is his son. "Leo" says that he'll call first thing in the morning, and Jagger looks regretful. Or tired.

In Robert's room, he has a deck of cards out and when Patrick walks in, asks if he'd like to play 5 card stud. Patrick wants to talk about his upcoming surgery, but Robert feels like they should be doing things to keep Robert's mind off of his surgery. Patrick thinks for a minute and agrees that this is a wise course of action. As they start to play, Robin walks in and does a Joey Lawrence "Whoa" about Robert's hair.

Robert: It's my summer cut. Do you like?
Robin: I...sure.

Robert tells her that he's about to take Patrick for all he's worth. Robin is surprised that the Chief of Staff is allowed to gamble while he works. Robin, gambling is the least eyebrow raising thing that the alleged Chief of Staff has done since his promotion. Treating patients all the time? Working the night shift? Pfft. Patrick and Robin proceed to snit at each other, ostensibly about the card game, but really about their issues of Patrick not thinking with this head. Poor Robert keeps getting stuck in the middle of awkward lovers quarrels! Patrick hotly mutters, "I'm getting shut out a lot today" and storms out of the room. Baby! Robin tries to bring up her father's surgery, but he asks to talk about something that doesn't suck. She gingerly mentions that Anna is in town and he very seriously says that he doesn't want her to know about his cancer. "It's my decision, Robin. I don't want her to see me like this". They change the subject again to the spat Robin had with Patrick, and Robert urges her to confide in him, saying that he's totally an expert advice giver.

Robin: We had a fight last night. It was about sex.
Robert: (Face falling) Have you tried calling your mother?


Cyrus and Moira are playing charades, she in her room and he in the hallway. Claire tries to play along by lamely repeating everything that Moira says, and Cyrus moons then. This leads them to realize that the answer is "The Honeymooners". Robin comes in and says she's sorry to interrupt, and that Cyrus and Moira are very cute together. Moira says that life's too short not to smile. Robin is overly grave as she gives Moira her tests results, and the meaning behind Robin's words starts to sink through and realization dawns on Moira's face. She asks Robin how much time she has.

Robin leaves and sits sadly in the hallway. Jagger walks by and joins her, joking that he thinks GH is just trying to get another co-pay out of him. He senses that something's up, and she says she just had to give a 23-year-old girl a death sentence. He feels bad, and gets sadder as she explains that letting Moira see Cyrus would kill both of them. Jagger asks if she knows what today is, and she doesn't: Stone's birthday--"Our Stone". She looks gutted that she forgot, and says that she usually goes to the cemetery with flowers, but she has so much on her mind right now. Jagger tells her it's all right.

Robin: Even though he's gone, we still have something in common, you know? The HIV. As horrible as that sounds, we still have that connection, you know? That bond. That probably sounds really awful.
Jagger: It doesn't. You're being honest. I miss him.
Robin: Me, too.

Patrick overhears the entire thing and looks like a sad puppy.

[I started crying in the next few scenes, by the way. This part started with sniffles]

In Moira's room, Robin and Claire tell her that they'll continue with the antibiotics and aggressive treatment, in hopes that they may prolong the time she has left.

In Cyrus's room, Patrick is very patiently explaining what will happen to Moira: she'll decline rapidly, and it may be a matter of weeks or, at most, a month. Cyrus asks about a pulmonary transplant--

and in Moira's room, Robin is answering the same question: they put her on the list, but the likelihood of a successful transplant is slim. Moira takes this all in and says "It's just a matter of time".

Cyrus feels guilty that he took her on this road trip. Patrick gently tells him that she was probably sick before they even left. Cyrus feels awful that they only had eight months together.

Moira asks when she can see Cyrus. Robin reminds her that even the slightest exposure could put Cyrus at risk.

Cyrus heatedly says that he wants to see Moira. Patrick says he can't let him do that. Cyrus refuses to let her die alone--"Whatever time we have left, we're going to spend together". Patrick looks sad as Cyrus holds the teddy bear he was going to give Moira and weeps.


Sad in a different way is this next scene: Epiphany goes over to Billy Dee as he gets on the elevator and asks to speak to him "about us". She starts to tell him how much he means to her and someone runs down the hall, yelling "Hold the elevator". Which Billy Dee does. Even though he knew Epiphany wanted to have a private conversation. Because he's a douche.  He asks, in front of the woman, if Epiphany wants to continue, and she tries her best to kind of explain her feelings while pretending to be talking about hospital business, stressing that some people are uncomfortable about personal details being spread around the hospital. Billy Dee thinks about this for a second and proceeds to ask the other woman, Nurse Anderson, to have coffee with him, "if you don't mind being seen with me socially". She doesn't. Epiphany looks dumbstruck that Billy Dee would have the nerve to ask someone out in front of her and he sneers "Guess I've been barking up the wrong tree". Ugh.

Jagger and Saira bump into each other. She asks after the ankle, and he says she should see him on the dance floor. She'd love to and, because he's swoon worthy, he twirls her around for a second and, for some reason, she doesn't combust in a burst of giddiness. Maybe she's a robot. After their dance, she says she looks forward to seeing Stone on Thursday, and he makes an "Oh. About that" face and fills her in on "Leo"'s referral. He's quick to tell her that he thinks she's wonderful, and asks if something is going on between her and "Leo". They stand awkwardly together for a little while and then say their goodbyes.

Patrick is getting something out of the vending machine and Robin runs over, hoping that he didn't take the last piece of chocolate in the entire hospital. Not loving the pregnancy hormones are you now, Patty Cake? He tells her about Cyrus's proposal, and the two have a very rich, meaningful conversation that the writers on OG GH (save Awesome Writer) could never dream of

Robin: [Moira] is young and naive.
Patrick: And in love.
Robin: Then why does she want to kill him?
Patrick: Cyrus can be responsible for his own life, and you can't blame him for wanting to be closer to her.
Robin: Even if it puts his life in jeopardy?
Patrick: Isn't that what you do when you're in love? Put your life on the line?
Robin: Why are you making me out to be the bad guy? This is a very complicated situation.
Patrick: Yeah, and I can't possibly understand becasue I don't have a life threatening disease, right?
Robin: (Sighing) No, actually, you can't. You have no idea what it's like to wake up in the morning and line up your pills, or have to run to the bathroom in the middle of the day and not know how much time you have left--a few months, a few days. You just don't know.
Patrick: Robin, I'm always going to be on the outside, aren't I? God forbid our daughter is born HIV positive--
Robin: She's not going to be positive.
Patrick: You know, sometimes I think it would be easier if I was positive myself.

Sri Rao, Kimberly McCullogh and Jason Thompson BROUGHT IT. I could go on a rant about how this mature, moving conversation took place on a spinoff that not every GH viewer sees and the OG GH spend precious time on the EFFING BLOG WARS, but I'm not going to do that. I cried over this episode enough as it is, if I seriously considered how bungled Robin's pregnancy has been by Guza and his merry band of hacks, I may never stop sobbing.

Saira asks "Leo" WTF his problem is. He plays it off as if he is concerned for Stone's well being and she calls him out on being jealous that she's spending time with someone else. She warns him never to cross her like that professionally again, and leaves. He mulls this over. I feel like that scene would have been way better if she...um, was better at the whole "acting" thing.

Cyrus knocks on Moira's window and signs that he loves her. He holds up a sign that says Charades, and Robin offers to leave to give them privacy, but Moira tells her to stay in case she needs Robin's help. They start playing, and Cyrus chooses "Common Phrase" with 4 words...she realizes that he is acting out a bride and groom, and he nods meaningfully. She walks over to the window and he kneels on the floor as Patrick walks up and observes from afar. Cyrus mouths "Will you marry me" and she hesitates, shaking her head. He tries to open the door and moans "Let me in".

This, dear readers, is where I started full on crying. Big gasping cries. It was not pretty.

Moira tells Cyrus she can't let him in, because "I love you. I love you too much to let you do this". He gets more and more desperate, yelling heartbrokenly and banging on the doorm, begging her not to shut him out because this isn't enough. Moira is crying and says it might not be enough, but it has to be. They both cry, and he pleads with her not to do this. She is weeping at this point, and she says she's sorry as they both put a hand up against the glass.


Completely shifting gears to a story I forgot even happened in this episode, Claire perkily greets Kyle as "HotDoc583" and compliments him on getting a date tomorrow. He left his laptop in the lounge, and she snooped and found out that he has a date tomorrow. He doesn't have the energy to be mad and thanks her for getting him to put himself out there, telling her that she's the most out there person he knows.

Kyle: It's kind of inspiring. In a cautionary tale kind of way.

She takes this as a compliment. He adds, "The guys on my side? Waaay cuter than the yours". That...was pointless. I don't get why the writing for these two is so random.

Patrick is sitting in the stairwell, depressed, and Robin finds him. She sits with him and holds his hand. I know I have been completely lazy and just transcribing conversations in this recap, but no summary will really do it justice.

Patrick: That could be us someday.
Robin: You don't want this. Trust me. I was with Stone the day he died, and I don't think I could go through that again.
Patrick: (Crying) I'm never going to have what you and Stone had, am I? I'm never going to have you the way he did.
Robin: That doesn't matter. You're the one that's with me now, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Listen-I need you to be healthy. If anything were to happen to me, you have to take care of our daughter.
Patrick: Nothing is going to happen to you. Our lovely little girl is going to have two healthy parents. Because our love is strong enough to make that happen. I promise you.
Robin: I love you.
Patrick: I love you, too.

And we fade out on their kiss.


THAT is how you write a soap, people.


Wow, what a great episode. I have been waiting for a moment when Robin and Patrick would discuss the fact that they would "never" have the kind of sexlife that regular committed couples have where protection isn't required every time. It was such an adult episode.

I kept thinking that we finally get to see what I have thought all along, that Patrick is far more in love with Robin than even she realizes and might even be able to admit and deal with. And to put Moira and Cyrus in the mix was so perfect. That last scene with them with Patrick watching them and Robin's shadow in the glass, was perfect. There are no words to fully appreciate this episode.
I have been suffering through the public proposal that Patrick did over the loud speaker wondering why I had to watch Leila in that scene instead of Patrick asking Robin to marry him in private; maybe even sneak her away to Jax's cabin where they made love for the first time.

Sri is a breath of fresh air. There hasn't been a mention of Anna as a double agent on GH in 20+ years. Genius. Just genius.

Wow, heather, i hadn't even thought of that with Stone and the cemetary reference. You're right. How could they let that get by? Hmmm...

My nitpik on the episode, which you all will probably want to slap me for, but they actually did the "I wish I had HIV to be closer to you" convo on the OG GH with Robin and.....yes, Jason...and it was MUCH better...sorry, it just was. I cried my eyes out during that scene.

However, I still loved Patrick and Robin discussing the HIV and I kinda wanted Patrick to go the unexpected route of actually acknowledging Robin may die and reassuring her he would be there for their daughter but I'll take denial for now. Their conversations were good and I'll just hope the other part comes in a future episode. It has to happen on NS as we know it will never happen on GH.

And yes, I teared up during the Moira/Cyrus scenes as well. I don't usually pay much attention to the day players but that one hit me.

You know I was just thinking......if certain beloved bloggers were looking for a column idea for SOD....an ode to how great Sri is wouldn't be a bad idea.......;) More notice in the press about how awesome Sri is couldn't hurt could it?

Beth R., I think you'll like my September SOD column.

Hee! Becca don't tease a sister!!!! Especially one who obsessively keeps a scrapbook filled with Guza-slams in the press.......

I was watching the NS marathon on Saturday, and my mom (who likes GH but doesn't watch NS... there's no accounting for bad taste!) came in and saw the Patrick & Robin elevator/ball/condom scene.

Mom: Is this General Hospital or HBO?

Me: The Sopranos was on HBO, so I think Guza's version of GH belongs on there more... I'd rather see Patrick and Robin have sex all over the hospital!

Mom: Who's Guza?

Me: *sigh* The man who destroyed General Hospital.

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