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August 31, 2008

Why Don't I Watch The Bold and the Beautiful?

I realize I have no room in my life for a new soap (what with having to use part of my three-day weekend to catch up on a month's worth of Days and a week's worth of GH), but after reading the plot summary below, I think I might need to wedge an additional 22 minutes a day into my TV-watching calendar.

I've seen exactly two episodes of The Bold and Beautiful -- as part of SOAPNet's marathon last year of the Emmy-nominated best shows (the others being Guiding Light, OLTL, and Y&R).  I liked it, thought I wasn't motivated to add it to my TiVo.  However, then I read this.  Dear readers, late last week Norma Arnold from The Wonder Years attempted to perpetrate an intentional bear attack on her mortal enemy!  And the show is using an ACTUAL BEAR.  How ridiculously awesome is that?!

Watch out, she's off her meds again. Pam Douglas, the hilarious, bipolar baddie played by Alley Mills on The Bold and the Beautiful, is about to take her villainy one step too far. On August 28–29, she follows her archenemy, Donna (Jennifer Gareis), up to the Forresters' mountain cabin, where Donna makes the mistake of mocking Pam's famous lemon bars and telling her she's off her rocker. Deeply hurt and outraged, Pam knocks her out, ties her up, douses her with honey and leaves her to be killed by a bear.

Someone who watches this show, please tell me it was as hilarious as it sounds.  Villainy, archenemies, lemon bars, and orchestrated wild animal attacks!  Glorious!

(This is totally the type of thing, BTW, that if one of my shows did I would freak the hell out and rant endlessly about the stupidity of it.  But since it's not one of my shows, it's fantastic.)

Edited to add clips! Thanks to reader Mar for tracking these down.  The amazing campiness is yours for the viewing, after the jump.

I am totally rooting for Norma.


How does the B&B have the budget for a real bear? That's amazing! Think of what GH could do if they spent their guns and CGI money on things like bears!!

OMG! Why am I not watching this show? I went on YouTube and found the clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT03yO2zgak

Seriously, if the show is half as awesome as those clips, I've been missing out majorly. Even the opening credits... I was all, "Jack Wagner!!! Heather Tom!!! Patrick Duffy??!!!!"

I love it. After Owen runs the bear out of the cabin, all those other people (including Ridge and his hair) show up and then go back outside, not even remotely worried about a bear lurking about.

The best part about these clips is watching frozen face Donna tries (in vain) to make a facial expression.

This show has a campy feel to it...similar to Passions

The irony, of course, is that Donna's pet name for Eric is "honey bear."

I was so rooting for Pam and the bear, too...

Maybe that's a soap saving strategy - 22 minute show! No more flashbacks from the day before, Days. No more repetitious exposition. Trim the deadweight stories / charaters.
What a campy delight! The acting was actually pretty decent - Donna was a little frozen face and Ronn Moss's hair needed it's own wrangler, but over all it was not bad. I liked Brandon Beemer even though his shirt was excessively unbuttoned. Weak as Shawn on Days but good here. And how great that the guy in a long coma had facial hair!

The campy elements like them strolling outside to make out when a bear's on the lose, and Pam planning an "accident" involving 5 honey plastic squirt bottles, a chair, and rope just added to the fun. I like how the police were so nonchalant as they explained the averted bear attack. hehe

A few qualms about giving it a shot - Hunter Tylo's face scares me and what in the name of all that is good and holy is wrong with Kyle Lowder's hair!?!?

Thank goodness for maternity leave, because that's the only reason I was home to watch this magnificently craptacular (and I actually mean that in a good way!) stuff!

Well bears ARE the #1 threat to America.

The honey bear scenes were camptastic fun but honestly? B&B has been a total snorefest this summer. It's seen better days.

I love the camp, but I love it balanced out with straight-line acting from people like Susan Flannery and Lesli Kay -- two amazing actresses who are criminally underused.

It also has the worst soap actor on earth in the shape of Ronn Moss. Hell, even Drake Hogestyn has an eyebrow that helps him out and sexual chemistry with other actors.

B&B has always been one of the greatest soaps of all time, it's twenty times better then the young and the restless that's for damn sure.

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