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September 25, 2008

I Am So Not Used To This Feeling

Brace yourselves, people, because what I am about to say is going to shock you. Like, the for real kind of shocking you, not the "Soap character overhears the last bit of a sentence they weren't supposed to and thinks they know what's going on and the people talking are shocked and horrified but it turns out that the soap character was grossly mistaken" kind of shocking that passes for a cliffhanger on most soaps. Because something on General Hospital was good today. I know! And you're not going to guess what it was.

Jason and Liz's scene on today's episode was, by far, the best scene to air on this show in weeks and, while that is damning with faint praise, I am being completely sincere. It was de -- wait for it -- lightful. Delightful.


I know! It shocked the hell out of me, too. I haven't enjoyed this pairing since back when Tyler Christopher was still Tyler Baker, and I do not like Jason and probably won't for the foreseeable future. But I do not have a heart of stone, people, and it was genuinely sweet to see Jason invite Liz to Italy, considering that the idea of going to Italy together has been such a huge part of their relationship, dating back to, like...what, 2000 or so? Very cute. And I'm more than a little shocked that the writers went back into GH history without the direct intention to ruin it.

Becky Herbst was, as per usual, criminally gorgeous


It's COMPLETELY unfair that one human being is so flawless.

Steve Burton was completely endearing in this scene, by the way, which proves that he IS capable of bringing it when he wants to, which makes it all the more irritating that he only wants to, like, half a dozen times a year.

The rest of the show, however, blows.



Words fail me.

No, seriously. I don't even know what to say. I just...I have resigned myself, you know, to the fact that Spinelli is going to be a major part of the show. That's just the way it is and by resisting it, I am only causing myself more grief. But days like today actually make me twitchy. Twitchy with LOATHING.

I have perhaps not been giving Jason enough credit as a human being because that man carries a gun with him at all times and has not hauled off and pistol whipped Spinelli.


I love how, with both Kate and now Olivia, the writers have had to resort to telling us how awesome Sonny was 30 years ago when he was still in high school, because god knows we haven't seen any of that in decades.

And I also love how we have to hear about Sonny's dimples every time a woman talks about him. Because, first of all, this isn't radio, we can see that he has dimples, and also, are we supposed to be like "True, he's violent and incapable of being faithful to his partners but OMGDIMPLES"?

Olivia: Well, actually, I hadn't seen him in almost 25 years either. God, it's just -- it's crazy. He used to make my knees weak, and he's only gotten better looking [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--Ed.]. He's got these dimples. He's a pretty serious type of guy, but -- but when he smiles it's like -- that was a long time ago.

On the subject of Olivia, I am torn.

On the one hand, I almost instantly disliked her and wish they would utilize some of the other characters they have rather than hiring someone new to be in Sonny's orbit.


But on the other hand her arrival will, at the very least, give Kate something to talk about besides the myriad ways in which her wedding is cursed. Right? So there's that.

(Also, GH writers? What you're doing with the superstitions and jinxes and omens for the wedding is not foreshadowing it. It's "We think the entire audience is way too stupid to understand anything like hints so we're just going to map it out for them using small words". It's the bad kind of way to go about things. Just an FYI)


In case any of you have family members in a mental health facility who you want to go visit, but aren't sure what to say to them once you're there, I want you to know that it's completely normal to go visit them and totally ignore the fact that they are, you know, committed to a mental health facility and proceed to use your entire visit to talk about yourself.


So that's helpful. At least there won't be any awkward silences, since you'll spend the entire visit yammering about your sordid love life without taking a breath.

Effing Carly. Who does that? She's a monster.

But maybe this was karma's way of getting back at Lulu for being such a snot to Nikolas earlier.

Lulu: In other words, get better for myself. I heard you the first ten million times you told me, and you should feel better because Lainey reinforces it every single time we have a therapy session.

She is just vile sometimes. Ohmigod! Your brother! Caring about you and your health and the fact that you are borderline codependent on the son of a mob boss who seems to barely tolerate you when you're onscreen together! He's so mean!


So, um, yeah, Jason and Liz were number one with a bullet. Which is even more damning with faint praise than I had previously thought....

Screencaps courtesy of LaurieLuvsLiason.


To be fair, I mean, Lulu IS in a mental health facility and going totally crazy, which as I understand it is never super easy.

On the other hand, just 'cause you have REASONS to be a snotface doesn't excuse you for BEING a snotface.

Also, she was a snotface before she went crazy. Sigh. I really want to like Lulu, too, I mean, being the kid of Luke and Laura... Too bad I just. Can't.

lulu is intolerable as usual. nothing will save her. nothing. maybe a recast. and a personality transplant.

and i can't get into any kind of jason pairing, nevertheless jason/liz...even with the somewhat sweet italy scene.

spinelli could be so much more credible as a character if they cut back on the goofiness...

I have to disagree, Im a huge Nikolas fan and i loved the Nik/Lu scenes. you just took an excerpt without the whole scene which was played off with banter and smiles. ive actually really enjoyed Lulu lately.

And BH is gorgeous

All I can say Mallory is get lots of soft cushions and pillows around you when this, IMO, half ass nostalgic trip to Italy fails to materialize. As it always does on Guza GH due to what else... massive mob violence. I don't want your Liason bubble of happiness from today's show to burst leaving you to fall hard and hurt yourself. I think it's great today's scenes delighted you. I too still watch for those six minutes a year of goodness. But that is no reason to set yourself up for the pain and disappointment that follows any moment of good on this clusterf..k of a show.

And while I triple love a nod to GH history... this couple's paticular history gives me the willies. She was still w/ Lucky or almost still w/ him when she went all moony for big bad Jason. Or was he allegedly dead and she was in mourning while he was still whining about Robin's "betrayal" MAJOR EYEROLL. Then she was with Zander and Jason at the same time. Not to mention she is his much younger baby sister's best friend. And that age difference was creepy nearly a decade ago. Less now obviously since they are both of age, but back then it made me really uncomfortable.

And also this whole Italy thing was a direct copy of his Canada/Switzerland thing w/ Robin. And worse than that, when he brought her a gift from his trip to Italy since he was thinking about her so passionately while he was there w/out her it was a piece of red glass. A hunk of glass? WOW, deeeeeep.

Sometimes his brain damage hurts MY brain. That glass hunk allegedly captured all the colors of Florence? Reminding him of her love of art and her paintings? PUHLEASE. He cannot even understand two dimensional images!!!!!

IMO that gift was akin to giving her a tshirt that read "I'm a millionaire hitman who buys my ex-whore/BFF diamonds and furs and I'm in Italy on a world tour vacation and all I got the alleged love of my life was this lousy t-shirt!"

If he loves Liz so much and wants to be with his beloved Son Jake how about he gives up the Mob and makes everyone happy for once?!?!?!?! Sonny obvioulsy wants it back, and even if he didn't who cares. Man up Jase.

The spoilers about why this trip to Italy is cancelled raises my disgust for Sonny/Jason and Guza tenfold. And that is some serious disgust.

Steve Burton is a good actor, and I can't blame him for not bringing it when, scriptwise, there is usually nothing to bring.

I want Becky Herbst's skin.

Guza will never let that Italy trip happen; why throw a bone out to Liason fans and give them anything to look forward to?

And Guza really must think we're all stupid - all those previews and SO Digest articles that basically TELL us what's going to happen to Kate.

I do, however, like Olivia. If for nothing else than her accent. But it's so obvious that Carly is going to get her nose into the whole Olivia/Sonny/Kate thing and blow Kate out of the water.

Last, dimples have never had that much of an effect on me. Good grief.

Sarah...I heart you so much in GH terms I want to shoot you in the head while you give birth!

I have been wondering if I was the only one who got the creeps when I think about the Jason/Liz history and if I was the only one who remembered the age difference!!! Or they had to do a SORAS on Liz to 18 so it would no longer be illegal for JAson to be around her all the time when they thought Lucky died. Thank goodness its not just me.

The only way that trip to "Italy" is going to happen is if Steve and Becky decide to leave the show together. Period. End of story. Just accept it and move on.

The best scene in weeks? I think not.

I also loved the Jason/Liz scene. Even if it doesn't happen, it was nice to see the writers actually use a little bit of history for once. I adored the days when Jason would tell Liz all about Italy and they talked about going there one day. :)

I love you Sarah!!!!

Personally, I didn't have a problem with the Nik/Lulu interaction. Actually, I have been enjoying that we are seeing more of Lulu with her brothers and I think the Nik/Lu stuff has been very good. Lulu can be very selfish and self-involved, but I didn't think her reaction to Nik's lecturing her was any big deal. It's a sibling reaction, typical little sister being annoying to her big brother. She was clearly appreciative of his being there and his support. It wasn't an issue for me and if anything, I am liking Lulu more in Shadybrook than I have in months. She should have gone crazy a long time ago.

Melissa I think that might be because Nik and Lucky tend to humanize Lulu and the few characters that can break throught the Lulu Wall of Me Me Me...are her brothers. Its rare but at times she does seem to go "hey wait a second....your life sucks too doesn't it?" It doesn't last long but it does seem to happen most frequently when the Spencerdine brothers are nearby.

Lulu! Good gracious, there are not enough words in the English language to describe how much I cannot stand her. When, oh when, is JMB on her honeymoon and not on my tv screen??

You know, I would get the dimple thing if her was the only man on earth to have them, but good lord people, there are other dimples out there. Not attached too crazy-ass, jazz hands waving, gummi-bear wanna-be mobsters.

OMG, so many great comments, so little time...

"I have perhaps not been giving Jason enough credit as a human being because that man carries a gun with him at all times and has not hauled off and pistol whipped Spinelli."

You know, I have to give the Idiot Hitman credit for that too. I would have shot Spin full of holes at this point he could drink a glass of water and all of it would come pouring out all over his body. And now there's some rumor about BA playing a dual role. Saints preserve us.

Oh, and thank you for clarifying who that brunette chick was. I turned over SN for five seconds and only saw her. I thought GH had finally been cancelled, or something.

"IMO that gift was akin to giving her a tshirt that read "I'm a millionaire hitman who buys my ex-whore/BFF diamonds and furs and I'm in Italy on a world tour vacation and all I got the alleged love of my life was this lousy t-shirt!""

*giving standing ovation* That's a work of art, Sarah! :)

"You know, I would get the dimple thing if her was the only man on earth to have them, but good lord people, there are other dimples out there. Not attached too crazy-ass, jazz hands waving, gummi-bear wanna-be mobsters."

PREACH IT, Callie!

And it's not so much Lulu being a snot to Nikolas that I resent. It's just that he actually CARES about her well-being and is there for her, as opposed to when he was running around with a life-threatening brain tumor and seeing visions of his dead fiancee, and sheignored him while she was out whining about her bangs or something with all the subtlety of a screech owl. She ought to be glad someone gives two hoots (hoots, owls, get it?) about her. I sure don't.

You want dimples that make you swoon? See Patrick Drake.

That's all I have to say.

^^yes, yes, yes. Patty's dimples make me moist.

I'll admit, Olivia kind of won me over when she was talking about how Kate wasn't an immigrant 100 years ago who couldn't contact her family because she was across the ocean and died from rickets... She has potential! Also, she seems totes more Sonny's type than Kate (ie. she looks like a cheap version of Brenda). God help her!

I thought Jason and Elizabeth were adorable too.

Jason acts like a schoolboy around her. He was nervous and giddy.

I love the italy thing, and that they actually mentioned their globe.

And the kissing and his moaning

Jason can choke on his unholiness.....but Elizabeth looked hot!!!

I Heart Rebecca Herbst's Flawlessness!!! :D

Plus Spinelli.......*sigh*......its like watching a train-wreck you'd rather look away from but can't because its EVERY WHERE ALL THE FRAKKING TIME!!! UGH!!!

Sorry Mallory. I'm going to have to join up with Team Sarah. Liz & Jason will never be delightful in my book. Between the spotty history as a "couple" and the pathetic, unrecognizable person Liz becomes just to be in the assassin's orbit, I can never enjoy them. Schmoopy scenes usually get to me regardless of the couple but I draw the line here.

I depise Jason and Liz as a couple and characters they are discusting the whole canvas had to pimp this couple who have no chemestry no passion no story no angst and are boring they need to get a life I hope Steve retires before they put this gawd awful couple together Lulu sucks I LOVE Sonny's dimples so I m cool Olivia is OK in my book so Jason Liz and Lulu really really really sucked they dumb down the characters for these two ugh

The only thing i have an issue with is it seems as if people think they are the second coming and there has never been another couple that was as good as them.

i dont watch them so i can say about todays scene but i can say that others couples have been exceptional too

Carly only talking about herself to Lulu was Lulu's Karma for when Carlys son was about to die via bullett int he head and all Lulu wanted to know was if Carly could stop a mob war so her love of her life of the moment wouldnt get hurt.

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