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September 10, 2008

Calling This Show Terrible Is An Insult To Things That Are Actually Terrible

I don't know what did it. My beloved Maxie permanently residing in Jasonville? The constant parade of unflattering outfits Megan Ward is forced to wear, outfits that they must search high and low for because that woman can make 90% of the outfits in this world look good? Scott using the entirety of Maxie's time on the witness stand to berate her for her sexual history with Logan? Laura comparing Johnny to Luke and urging Lulu to "let him rescue her"? All of the above?

I don't know. But all of a sudden, I know why people become mass murderes. Because of this effing show.

It has robbed me of words. I am not the type of person who is speechless. I talk. A lot. And use a lot of words when, really, half a dozen would do. I mean...I can devote a thousand words at a time to, like, my favorite American Girl Doll (Samantha, obvs) and how awesome Pumpkin Spice Lattes are, but when I tried to sit and write about GH today, I couldn't do it.


Mal, you needed another choice: I stopped watching a couple of months back and nothing at all, not even Genie Francis, is appealing enough at the moment to make me start again...

I voted for the first option, but quite honestly I watch the show primarily for Spixie. And by "show" I of course mean "specifically edited scenes on Youtube."

I just started watching GH so I can't comment on its suckosity as I don't have "vintage" memories to compare it to, but I do have to say that it can be good...at times.
Diane and Max. Spixie. Lusam. Leyla, Nadine and Matt (in this specific combo only.)
That's a good smattering of semi-awesomeness no?

Thanks for finishing off the greatness that once was Laura you evil talentless hack, Guza, nice job. Speaking of mass murderers, he is the one I hate most. He has murdered almost all the GH characters past and present. When is he going on trial?

Sadly Scrubs are superior and highly watchable on NS2 , not GH. Liz's hair is over highlighted once again and her face is overly made up again, ick. And Sam and Lucky have sexual chemistry yes, but Sam is well... Sam and Lucky while super hot, isn't really Lucky at all. This version is like the third copy of Michael Keaton' character in Multiplicity.... cute horny and DUMB. He is the 3rd Lucky after all.

Even on FF the poison pens of Guza and his poo flinging monkeys seep into my already crap overloaded wave lengths.

I don't even bother to watch on Youtube in fear of liking a couple, because I know Guza will find a way to f(&! it up. Terrible is a compliment for GH, you're too kind.

Deplorable, vomitatiously bad, insulting to my intelligence, etcetera and so forth work.

Sarah, I so totally agree with you on Lucky & Sam... and everything else you said. Guza is an evil, talentless, misogynistic, smug hack who...runs around pointing to the 2008 Emmy GH won for Best Drama Series.

I don't even bother with GH any more...

I actually think Maxie makes Jason watchable. It's so refreshing to see his bewildered look that there's actually somebody who doesn't put him on a pedestal. Sometimes I even rewind to watch it twice.

LOVE Lucky and Sam.

Lucky and Sam are the sole reason I watch. They are sexy personified. You just have to FF through the rest to get to the good stuff with them.

ughgh..robin and patrick are boring me to no end..everytime their on, i either leave the room, or gon online..i think its robin who is pissin me off though..lol

this show is so bad. i was watching some old clips from even 3 yrs ago and it was better than compared to now. the only characters at the start of the year that i loved were maxie scrubs sam and alexis. well sam and alexis have been mia w/o story the whole year. i cant watch maxie anymore b/c she is always in scenes with that bafoon spinelli and scrubs are becoming unwatchable thanks to robin's constant whining and bi polar flip flopping.

I love Robin and Patrick on NS2 and sometimes on GH. Lucky and Sam are hot but I agree with the others who said that it's mainly sexual chemistry. I wish Guza would just get the boot so I could just say I like this show again without justifying why I watch it. It used to be great and now it's just the show that is called General Hospital but completely unrecognizable as the show I grew up rushing home to watch everyday. Fire Guza now!

This show simply sucks and it has for a long time. It's a shadow of it's former self and it's really just sad how bad the show has become. It's a total joke. I won't watch until ABC hires a new regime. Of course, ABC may never hire a new regime and GH, once the #1 soap, will simply go off the air. Sad.

I'd vote #1 if "Nikolas" was in place of the characters you listed, oh hell I'll just admit its only because of Tyler Christopher that I even bother with this mess of an effing show.

Samantha? Pfft. Kirsten is where it's at.

But, yeah, this show? It blows. Hard.

Oh you forgot the constant conversations that play up Nik/Lulu's bond and make it look like Lucky is the half brother and never involved with his sister's life. Yeah I love the "subtle" messages there Guza.

I'm with junie and Sarah...Lusam is sex chemistry only. The writers don't even seem to remember they paired them half the time.

This show entered suckville when the fired Wendy Riche, hired Jill Phelps, replaced Guza with McTavish and then brought Guza and Pratt back, with the scary words of "total creative control".

Paging Sri Roa...paging Sri.....

I chose #2. I can't think of what those bright spots are, but the only other soap I watch is Days, so in my limited soap view GH is actually pretty awesome. Seriously, Days is so chronically awful that when I think of which characters are most expendable, [i]Steve and Kayla[/i](!) are very high on that list. Now THAT is bad writing, people!

GH sucks 10 billion monkey balls. D, be glad that you don't have a history to compare the currect GH to. Sometimes I wish I was a newbie because it breaks my heart that this show has turned into this crapfest. I only YouTube Scrubs and Maxie. However, Guza is doing a good job at making even Scrubs and Maxie unwatchable. So, I'm sure I won't be YouTube'ing anything after awhile.

ITA, LuSam have sex chemistry ONLY. When they start to speak.....* roll eyes, shakes head, and, FF'd*

Choice #1: except I don't give about Lucky/Sam... its PATRICK AND ROBIN ALL THE EFFIN' WAY BABY! I freakin' love them and THEY and they alone are the reason I watch GH. I don't even ff, they don't get my ratings, I watch Scrubs clips(speaking of, how awesome is that couple name? one of the best I've ever seen) online.

Hate to say it but they're kind of ruining Maxie and Scrubs, too. Two of the most promising things on the show. Maxie and Jason just remind me of Carly and Jason. Maxie and Spinelli just remind me of Carly and Jason. Spinelli and Maxie just remind me I have other channels playing other shows at 2pm. Why must they bring Maxie down? Why must Spinelli have a speaking role?

And scrubs ... how is it that they can write an HIV pregnancy for my formerly favorite couple (complete an AWESOME proposal from a hot ass guy!) and make me not even care?


Sarah -- you've nailed it. Lucky and Sam are great as long as the only dialogue is "take off that shirt." Otherwise? Pththththhtht.

I was SO looking forward to seeing Genie Francis again. But now I can barely stand to watch her. Her lines are simply horrible. The story, is simply horrible. What has Guza done to one of my favorite legacy characters?

What was the reason for the car crash between Claudia and Sonny?

Karpov? WHY? The Slovic seductress....WHY?
Who cares about them?

Spinelli getting run down by gangsters = stupid.

Why is Alexis, playing the Carly game? Sleeping with Jerry Jax, but begging Sonny to sign over his rights to Christina so she'll be safe. But, insists on sleeping with another bad guy anyway. Remember! Women in Port Charles, are weak! Even women in power positions.

Why is Luke Spencer, often spoken of now, but never there? Would Luke Spencer really be THAT much of a scoundrel to not bother with his daughter who is in big trouble? The whole, Tracy running around in search for Luke is ridiculous.

The chemistry between Sam and Lucky... just doesn't cut it for me. I don't feel the connection. It feels forced on the viewers.

Why are we going rounds and rounds with Robin and Patrick? Why couldn't we have had a wonderful soapy wedding with these two? I'm sick to death of watching Robin play cat and mouse with Patrick.

Why is Elizabeth's character suddenly shifting into some desperate love sick woman, who MUST be near Jason? It's out of character and makes her look wierd.

Maxie, Jason, Spinelli = Carly, Sonny, Jason

Why must we continually be subjected to women who chase down bad guys so they can be with them, and the bad guys constantly telling them they are too dangerous to be around. SIGH.

The only person on this entire soap that makes any sense to me is Epiphany. That's it.

And Guza keeps knocking em' down, destroying them one by one.

I'm so tired of watching this soap. The violence, the sexism, the woman hating....

If only NS were a continually running soap.

The only reason to watch the show is to make fun of the caricatures everyone has become!!!

Good job LUZA you've suceeded in killing the show.

Not that it makes me feel any better, but I got on the "Guza, and his obsession with Carly, Jason, and Sonny, is destroying this show" bandwagon way back when Robin told AJ about his son and he wrote *her* as the selfish one. I think my exact reaction was "huhwhaaaa?"

I actually feel ashamed at this point that I've bothered to keep watching, and if Tony Geary would just finally leave for good, I know I could stop the next day. For those who are newbies, you cannot imagine how awesome TG and Tristan Rogers and everybody in their sphere were in the 80s. You would not believe this is the same show.

Actually, I'm pretty sure if Kimberly hadn't come back, I would have kicked it by now. Somebody find her a pilot, quick.

Not that it makes me feel any better, but I got on the "Guza, and his obsession with Carly, Jason, and Sonny, is destroying this show" bandwagon way back when Robin told AJ about his son and he wrote *her* as the selfish one. I think my exact reaction was "huhwhaaaa?"
Thank You. ITA. That's when it all started.

It's painful at times, but it's not ALL bad.

I definitely do love me some Liz and Jason. And Maxie, Spin, Diane, Max, Scrubs...

I'm not really feeling LuSam. Every time either of them opens their mouth to speak I cringe.

Well, I started watching again for two weeks when Laura came back, and oooooooh boy, has this show hit the skids. My "favorite" moment by far? Liz telling her hitman thug obsession that she's fine and dandy with coming in second to his "job," just as long as they can be together. Wow, the feminist movement just got notched up a couple of feet with that piece of twaddle! Gloria Steinem and Susan B. Anthony should beat Guza continually with bats.

Needless to say, I've stopped watching again. Even Genie Francis is not enough to keep me watching this crap.

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