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September 26, 2008

Dirty Sexy Soapy Money

You guys know about my love of soapy marathons.  I will watch almost any of them.  Well, except the ones of a week's worth of any of the current shows every weekend on SOAPNet.  I'm not a masochist, people.  But truly, there is nothing that warms my TV-loving heart like a marathon of a show I actually like.  So imagine my delight upon receiving an email from SOAPNet that not only contained news about an actual soap opera, but a marathon of that soap opera!  Tomorrow, September 27th, from 9am to 7pm, SOAPNet is showing the first season of the deliciously soapy Dirty Sexy Money

But how could I justify watching such a thing, taking an entire day out of my first socially busy weekend in eons, without seeming like a big dumb soaps-addicted loser?  Well, fortunately, the most awesome thing happened:  I had an appendectomy late Wednesday night!  I can sit on my couch and watch the marathon unashamed, with the full endorsement of my friends and loved ones!  How cool is that?  My life rocks.

If you don't understand my glee, clearly you are not a Dirty Sexy Money viewer.  The cast is fabulous (Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, and Jill Clayburgh, let alone the rest of the ensemble -- dude), the storylines center around an improbably wealthy and OTT family called -- not kidding -- the Darlings, and the soapiness includes but is by no means limited to a transgendered woman having an affair with the attorney general of New York and and a philandering minister who tries to pass off his love child as a Swedish orphan.  I truly love this show.  It's probably the soapiest primetime show out there.  And I mean that as a compliment.  Really! 

But let's say that you actually have, you know, a life (and/or a healthy appendix) and cannot take a day out of your weekend to spend watching even a worthy nighttime soap.  Well, ABC has put together a four-minute summary of Dirty Sexy Money's first season.  Check it out:

Is that not more soapiness than you've seen from ABC's daytime division in years?  Yummy.

Dirty Sexy Money is going to be an ongoing part of our Primetime Suds coverage here at Serial Drama, and you don't want to be in the dark about what we're talking about, right?  So if you don't watch this show, check out the marathon or rent the season one DVDs ASAP (that video round-up was an appetizer, not the entree, y'all), so you can be as giddy as we are about the second season premiere next Wednesday.

In conclusion, this post was effusive with praise and not hypercritical in the least.  It almost sounds like a commercial for ABC/SOAPNet.  I blame the Vicodin.


Love it! Frankly, the only way this show could get anymore soaptasticly awesome after adding Lucy Liu to the cast, is if they hired Joan Collins.

What? A gay can dream.

Sorry you had to get your appendix out but at least it had good timing. If only I had a malfunctioning organ to get me out of my weekend. Some people have all the luck.

I'm so sorry you had unexpected surgery... I hope you recover quickly and without incident.

But, of course, having "Dirty Sexy Money" to recover with is AWESOME. Love Love Love that show. IMO, it's the best. soap. Ever.

I'm happy to hear that it's going to be part of regular coverage now. :)

I wish you a speedy and soapy recovery!!! Enjoy the yummy DSM marathon.

I know the minister left his flock for the Darling Empire Mgmt. Program at the end of last season. And that makes me sad. His vile behavior was so extra icky due to his chosen profession. Now I'm afraid he'll just regular evil. Plus I'll miss the collar!

This show is the penultimate night time soap. It is all Dynastyesque brought into the new century.

I'm thrilled your bringing DSM to the table ladies, bravo!!

Yay for Dirty Sexy Money! My favorite new show from last season, hands down. So excited it's coming back.

Love Dirty Sexy Money and I'm so happy it's back (finally) and that you guys will be covering it. My only complaint is that I wish Samaire Armstrong hadn't been knocked down to recurring. Oh well, better than nothing, I guess.

I thought she was the weak link in the cast; I actually kind of hoped they'd recast that role. Juliet's dog, though? LOVE.

Sorry you needed a real emergency to justify spending a weekend on the couch (rather that a good creative lie.)
Love this show, but would much rather SoapNet show marathons of old episodes of GH than series that will soon be available on DVD.

Man, you're gonna do DSM reviews as well? Between that and GG I'm in heaven!

So Soaptastic! Season two is premieres wednesday, so...clearing my schedule for that. But check out the behind the scenes interviews http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzurWbsvlCg
The priest is hot, no? Is it a sin to think that?

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