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September 26, 2008

Eric Braeden is Legen-Wait For It-Dary

I've been way harsh on Eric Braden recently (by "recently", I obviously mean "for the past decade and not unjustifiably harsh, because seriously!") and, wouldn't you know it, he turns around and does something guaranteed to get him back in my good graces, which I'm sure he was completely concerned about: he's guest starring on How I Met Your Mother as Robin's dad. Awesome. So, so awesome.

If you watch How I Met Your Mother, can we talk for a second about how brilliant it is? And how criminal it is that Jeremy Piven walked away with the Emmy Neil Patrick Harris so richly deserved? And how terrifying it is that this show is always on the verge of cancellation? It's like quality means nothing in this crazy world.

And if you're not watching How I Met Your Mother, you are foolish. I say that with love. Watching it will make your life better. It's wonderful! It managed to make JAMES VAN DER BEEK awesome. I know! We're talking really fantastic, here.


OMG, I finally get to experience Victor?! I heart this show so, so much. The fact that it isn't as popular as, say, Two and a Half Men, is criminal.

And how criminal it is that Jeremy Piven walked away with the Emmy Neil Patrick Harris so richly deserved?

Word. HIMYM deserves a whole passel of Emmys.

ohmygoshicannotwait. this is gonna be awesome.

SD scores again. NPH WAS ROBBED!!!

I was so pissed that NPH lost that I turned off the television. He was robbed!

I live on a campus that serves over 17,000 students. And those are just undergrads. Yet, the only person I have to talk about the awesomeness of How I Met Your Mother is my roommate. What is wrong with the people at this university?! This is supposed to be an institution of higher learning! We revolve our Monday television habits around that show. By the way, the season premiere rocked! Which really only served to show just how robbed Neil Patrick Harris was at the Emmys.

And that leads nicely into my second point: Those who fail to at least shave and bathe do not deserve Emmys!

Now, to actually get to the blog topic: Eric Braeden's guest starring on HIMYM?! AWESOME! I desperately hope there are moustache jokes involved!

On the other hand, this will only serve to reinforce my roommate's belief that I watch too many soaps. Seriously, where does she gets these ideas?!

I still want to see the episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show where Eric Braeden plays the mean critic. It was pre-Y&R, of course.

NPH was robbed!

And I so want barney and robin to BE together.

OMG, How I Met Your Mother RULES! I might even rescind my opinion of Eric Braeden being kind of an ass for his appearance on this show! The Slap Bet? Robin Sparkles? Ted's sensory deprivation in the bar to avoid hearing the Super Bowl score? Genius.

Wonder if he'll "act" the entire ep with his hands in his pockets?

My husband is a fan of the old Gunsmoke and I've seen EB on that show, as well as Jeannie Cooper as a young woman on Big Valley. Saw Melody ST as a young girl on The Waltons.

I've seen EB on Gunsmoke, too, and as a werewolf on the old Night Stalker series. Wasn't he on Rat Patrol under the name Hans Gudegast?

I wish the show would just bring Victor back home - and into Newman Enterprises. He's not the same character anymore.

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