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September 02, 2008

I Would Say More, But I Can't Stop Cringing

Have you ever had one of those days when you're watching a show and then all of a sudden, something so horrifically, over-the-top awful happens and you stare at your television in horror and say, out loud, to an empty room, "But...why is this--they can't think this is...what is she...???...why...am I...this...I...stop"? And you WANT to stop watching as Melody Thomas Scott rolls around a beach moaning for Victor to come back to his family, but you CAN'T, because you morbidly want to see how long MTS can keep giving her all in a story that deserves about a third of the effort she's giving and then it KEEPS GOING and you start to wonder if this is perhaps a hallucination and you start frantically looking for your cell phone in case you need to get an ambulance for yourself?




Today was one of those days.


MTS really should have just quit after reading this script. Refusing to do these scenes would not have been enough. As a human being somethings are just not acceptable. Rolling around desperately on a beach dying and begging the sky for Victor freaking Newman to appear from the quasi dead is on that list right after becoming a skinhead, buying anything from a Dress Barn, and making jokes about genecide.

No way! This was fabulous! (I don't watch the show, only happen to be in the room when my Mother's watching it.)

#1 Reason: MST will finally get to stop wearing that god awful misshapen black top. Right? Right? She's been rolling in the sand, drenched by the sea and now has seaweed tucked under her armpit--there's no way they'd make her wear it again??

And ask yourself, would Laura Wright lower herself literally to the sand and do this for Sonny? I think not.

As a 30 year viewer of "The Young & the Restless", I have enjoyed Victor and Nikki's love story and all its twist and turns and trials and tribulations. And this episode was FANTASTIC. It was definitely characteristic of Nikki and Victor's response was so right on. Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden MUST submit these scenes as a part of their Emmy reel. And they MUST win because the two of them have been giving the performance of their careers. Bravo, MTS and EB and Y&R! Bravo!

This was literally the most painful episode I've watched for a long time, including any of the episodes where Sabrina and Victor lovingly spoke French to each other.

Victor is literally the crowned prince of all soap opera assholes, reigning beneath the undisputed king Sonny Corinthos. Still, Nikki was shrill, embarrassing, and underwhelming to me. This is something coming from me, as I frankly would bet good money the Melody Scott Thomas' shit doesn't stink. I adore her, but this was a very rare miss from her.

I was trying to figure out if I was hallucinating myself. Watching a middle aged woman roll around in the sand for a masochist like Victor Newman is just wrong. I do think Eric Braeden should win an award for longest bitchface. All I kept thinking about was him saying "bitch please..." with that stupid look he had all episode.

Would Carly do this for Sonny? Nope. But she would do it every day of the week and twice on Sunday for St. Jasus!!!!! And she would do it braless with more screeching. And don't get me started how Victor is now wearing the entire collection of the Jason Morgan fashion line!!!!

I have watched Y&R regularly for years and still those screenshots stopped me cold. OK, I get it: MTS deserves an Emmy. I also get that there is no chance the show would give her an EmmyBait scene that involved, say, telling Victor to stay lost. I also get that anyone foolish enough to not worship Victor 24/7/365 deserves to sleep with the seaweed.

I also have burned into my mind the 3 holy rules:
Babe is Love
Sonny is A Good Man
Victor is Greatness on a Stick

Finally, I get why I stopped watching Y&R.

The only thing I wondered was not how Victor "survived" this major storm, but how his clothes looked like they were just delivered from the dry cleaners. Even his shoes were clean.

I just can't get over how out of shape these two are. The first time MTS was rolling all over the ground crying for Victor. Then by miracle we see Victor's sensible shoes; the camera pans up and there's Victor's big gut. What a sight. This scene would have been awarding winning if Victor would have bent down and choked Nikki to death.

I thought their scenes were hilarious, and ONCE AGAIN, as with Bobby Marcino, all Vic's scene were "acted" with his hands in his pockets. YOU GOT THAT?!

I'm sorry but I wanted to walk on that beach and give MTS the Emmy my damn self.

MTS is giving her all, but I wouldn't be looking for Victor. I tell him to shut up, sit down and stop mopping around for someone you been with two weeks. I feel his real love is Nikki and he need to accept that and get back together with her and get on bended knee and apologize and whine your way back in her good graces.

I've only been watching Y&R for about 2 months now and I loved this scene. It was hysterical! I'm sure it wasn't meant to be but if you got past the fact that it was ever remotely supposed to be legit, it was awesome. MTS does deserve an Emmy because as in the immortal words of Chester Cheetah, "it ain't easy bein cheesy".

Lord,forgive me.

But all I could think of was Victor clubbing Nikki like they do with seals.

Good grief.

You and your readers may enjoy:


It's Y&R based and we have a good time.

Eh... I liked it.

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