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September 22, 2008

Making the Daytime Emmys Look Like Shakespeare

So next June, when we're bitching and moaning about the quality of the Daytime Emmys, lamenting the show's cheesiness and inability to be anything even remotely approaching cool, you should feel free to remind us of this incident at last night's Emmy awards:

When something makes you yearn for the "witty" "banter" of  Sherri Shepherd and Cameron Mathison, you know it is a very bad thing indeed.  Note:  Whatever you do, do NOT stop watching before he starts rapping the Fresh Prince theme song.

You're welcome.


I dont know which was worse, that little bit....having 5 hosts.....or the stupid reality bit Jimmy Kimmell did.

At least Mad Men won. Thats one bright spot. And Jermey Piven beating out NPH? booooooo!

I don't know..I think the Muppets song might have beat out The Fresh Prince rapping.

However why do I have a feeling somewhere a Daytime Emmy producer smacked their head and went "THAT'S IT! That's what we need!!!!! Open bar...tables....table cam and THIS!!! Someone to sing the theme songs of all the nominated shows!"

That poor boy must really be hard up for work these days.

That said, it WAS kind of awesome in an embarrassing "oh my God, that's Josh Groban?!" way.

I thought it was sort of clever seeing someone (didn't matter who as long as they were versatile) do something like this.

You have to admit, with all the press that this was getting, that he pulled it off despite conventional wisdom to the contrary that he'd *really* screw it up.

I honestly cringed the entire way through that when I watched last night. I'm not going to put myself through that again.

Love how much 30 Rock won. Love Tina Fey!

Oh God. Why? A tv theme medley AND Josh Groban? Are they trying to kill me? 100% awful.

Oh Josh Groban. You have such a pretty voice, but this was just not awesome. Clever, yes. Awesome, decidedly not. Although, it wasn't nearly as horrendous as the opening monologue thing with the 5 hosts. That was just terrible. In fact, the Emmys were overall very terrible, boring, and rushed. I was disappointed.

This Emmy's might have been the worst show ever. Rickles was the best thing on it.

I don't know, my favorite part was when he imitated the Baywatch run while singing.

So that's what it's like to have Schizophrenia...huh...I'm scared. Very scared.

That was either the best or worst thing I have ever seen.

I thought about taking a hit of acid before watching. Then it, and happily realized I didn't have to.

After last year's painful PT Emmy show experience w/ Tool Extraordinaire Ryan Seacrest hosting I thought this year it would be better. I mean one bad Emmy's is no big deal, live and learn right?

But amazingly the producer's of the Emmy's are at an equal level of intelligence, common sense, and talent as say.... Bob Guza.

That show last night sucked so hard it could be mistaken for GH.

Oh... my...

And here I thought I was missing something by not being able to watch the Emmys last night.

But thank you, Becca and Mallory, because I can just die now that I have seen everything. And when it comes to the point that Josh Groban raps and re-creates the hilariously awful Baywatch jog, I just don't think life has anything else to offer.

Someone must have some major dirt on Josh Groban. Seriously, that went on for nearly four and a half minutes! Someone is out to torture the poor kid!

How much do think they had to pay Josh Groban to do that? or to get the people in the audience to sit through it?

seriously that's crap even for ABC

How dare he sing the Golden Girls theme song? Although, he does a decent Cartman. And of course I got a little excited at the X-Files theme, for whenever I hear it I pause and happily reminisce about better days.

Sorry guys...I thought it was good...very entertaining!

I liked his interpretation of the Cops theme.

Seriously, who did Josh Groban piss off?? And does that mean he's coming on as the next mobster of GH? Isn't that typically what happens to celebrities who've somehow gotten off track?

Uh...um...no. I'm going to close my eyes (and ears) and tell myself that this didn't really happen while being grateful that I didn't endure this life, and without a ffw button. I'm sure it was Bob Guza's idea. He can get away with everything else, why not this? Poor Josh Groban. Seriously, what do they offer these people? Miss Cameron Matheison? So much it hurts...and that's bad. He has one, count them ONE, more choice facial expression than Steve Burton.

live not life

Glad I didn't watch the emmy's. Doesn't look like I missed much. Who's bright idea was it to have the amazing Josh Groban sing tv theme songs?

That was better than the singing soap stars at the Daytime Emmys, where they weren't together and painfully off key. This was surreal and we got to see Animal.

I detest award shows - rarely watch even a few minutes of any of them. However, that being said, I rather enjoyed this clip of his theme song medley.

Perhaps because I didn't watch live (thus being "surprised" in the most heinous of ways), I thought it was actually interesting. I guess if you have an intro that says its WORSE than CamMat and SS, the clip has nowhere to go but up, right? In any event, I kind of enjoyed it and was surprised by JG's versatility. I like that he's not afraid to make a fool of himself and do something counter-intuitive (like his cameo on "I'm **ing Ben Affleck," which was hysterical). Of course, if I saw it live with no warning, I might have been embarrassed and appalled. ;o)

What. The hell. Was that? I don't know who Josh Groban pissed off, or if it was in this life or a previous one, but he needs to apologize. Now. I mean, seriously, the theme from MASH as a Broadway production number? Someone really hates this guy.

"I like that he's not afraid to make a fool of himself and do something counter-intuitive (like his cameo on 'I'm **ing Ben Affleck,' which was hysterical)."

Oh, Josh Groban was nothing short of brilliant in his Jimmy Kimmel cameo. And I agree I was impressed with how he handeled the Emmy number but, for me, the entire concept fell flat.

*handled. Oy.

I'm sorry, I'm horribly out of touch with network TV - who is Josh Groban?

And he did run the gamut of okay to just plain awful. What begs the question is why they did it at all.

OMG, omg!!!.... I really liked it. LOL. I thought it was cute.

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