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September 18, 2008

Night Shift Episode 9: About a Dad

Previously on Night Shift, Robin asked Robert to move in with her while he's recuperating from his surgery and undergoing chemotherapy; Izzie Claire fell for her hottie patient Denny Ryan, but then he died while trying to donate two of his four kidneys to benefit charity (moral:  being a good person does not pay!); Epiphany and Billy Dee started one of the least interesting romances in soap history; and a distraught Claire had a couple of drinks and made out with "Leo" at Jake's.


Claire shows up at work presumably for the first time since Ryan died (everyone is walking on eggshells around her), but she has bigger fish to fry than some dead pseudo-boyfriend, no matter how hot he was.  1)  She slept with "Leo,"  2) Her hair is a wreck and she's even messing up the easiest hair trick ever, the headband, and 3) Her handbag is fugly, including a rhinestone-studded strap.  I truly do not understand how, with the myriad options available, people end up with ugly handbags.  It's one of life's great mysteries.

An awkward moment ensues when Kyle wants to know where Claire was this morning (she claims she was in her room, just sleeping really soundly), while almost simultaneously a few feet away Saira wants to know how "Leo"'s night off was.  She "jokes" that he must have gone to a strip club and ended up in bed with a hooker (note: jokes are supposed to be funny), but he says he just went to Jake's and went home early.  Which is not, I suppose, necessarily a lie. 

Robert arrives at Robin's via a wheelchair hotly pushed by Patrick.  Robert says the place is "cozy," which anyone who has ever looked for a place to rent knows is code for "freaking tiny," but if that's what Robert meant then he has clearly never been to Manhattan.  (Which depending on the day you watch OG GH, is either a quick car ride or lengthy helicopter ride away from Port Charles.)  Anyway, Robin has the place decked out with a hospital bed, grab bar in the bathroom, and nurse who will visit every night.  She's given Robert her bedroom, which he decides to check out.  Patrick hotly says he has to get back to work, after mentioning a couple of things around the apartment that he's taken care of for her.  As he hotly leaves, Robin reminds him they have a check-up in the morning.  And she says he's forgetting something, which he hotly interprets to be a kiss goodbye, which he hotly bestows, but it turns out she means the new couch.  These two and their couch discussions!  He hurriedly says it's "great, perfect" and jets off to his laughably improbable job as chief of staff at a major hospital.

Jagger and Stone arrive back at their hotel room, chatting about the fossils that Stone loves.  Suddenly, in the middle of talking about one of his favorite rocks, Stone falls over and hits his head.  Jagger rushes to his son and sees that his head is bleeding.  Jagger is shocked and scared.  Or he saw a ghost.  Or he heard a firecracker.

Robin is running Robert's nurse through emergency contact numbers and other important information, to which Robert would like to add that the couch sucks.  Hee.  Poor Robin and her luck with couches.  Anyway, Robert thinks he's going to check into a hotel and charmingly refers to room service and a mini-bar.  Robin tells the nurse that Robert "means well, he's just stubborn."  The nurse thinks they'll do just fine. Robin assures Robert that the bathroom is sanitized and the nurse will keep it that way, which is kind of an icky and unnecessary reference, but whatever.  It tees up Robert mentioning his colostomy bag, which I guess was the point.  Robin's phone rings and it's Jagger.  Jagger is distraught about Stone's fall.  Robin tells him to call 911, which he already has.  Thank god, because if the FBI agent had called his little brother's former girlfriend before the police, I would think some real-life apparent dimness might be rubbing off on the character. Jagger is incredibly upset and worried but trying to stay calm, and I must give Antonio Sabato Jr. props because truly, Jagger seems incredibly uset and worried while trying to stay calm.  Robin tells Jagger she'll meet them at the hospital.  Robert tells her "Nurse Izzie" will keep him company and Robin shouldn't put her life on hold for him.  With that, Robin's off.

The EMTs and Jagger wheel Stone into the ER on a stretcher.  Patrick the -- let me stifle my giggles for a minute here -- chief of staff, neurologist, and ER attending physician, wants to know what happened. Stone wakes up with an adorable "Daddy?" and Jagger starts explaining to Patrick about Stone's collapse.  Patrick hotly orders some tests and drugs and asks Jagger to stay in the waiting area.  He does, distraught, which is what Robin sees when she rushes in. 

"Leo" is dealing with a patient who needs his second angioplasty since last summer (um, that doesn't sound ideal) and Claire is assisting him.  Or should I say, she's distracted and not really keeping up, but she's there.  "Leo" heads into the hall and Claire follows, where she informs him that last night was a huge mistake.  He is her attending, plus Kyle would be furious, etc.  "Leo" agrees. Nobody needs to know, they'll just forget it ever happened!  Sure, that always works.

Saira is talking to Kyle about his interest in the integration of western and eastern medicine, and though I'm sure you all know I am loathe to be right, I was so right in the first recap about this actress' delivery eventually driving me batty. She has a strange sing-songy quality that sounds to me, for lack of any other explanation, kind of like a stoned non-British Mary Poppins. Anyway, Saira is starting a project that she thinks Kyle would be perfect for, and like a big dork he immediately jumps at the opportunity.  Said opportunity turns out to be a breast milk bank, to explore medicinal uses of breast milk.  Okay, I know I shouldn't be grossed out by that, but I totally am.  It's juice, squeezed from a person!  Between this episode and this story, I am non-traditional-uses-for-breast-milk'd out for the week, thank you. 

Jagger looks in on Patrick hotly attending to Stone.  He asks Robin what's wrong, and Robin says Stone most likely had a seizure.  Gee, I hope she's right, because that's kind of a severe thing to tell a parent without having examined his kid.  Jagger goes into Stone's room and Patrick hotly confirms that Stone will be fine -- it was a little cut with a lot of blood -- and that he'll explain more about what happened after Jagger has some time to sit with Stone.  Stone wakes up.  Damn, this child is unbelievably adorable.  Jagger asks Stone whether he knows that Jagger loves him.  Stone adorable says yes and turns away. 

In the hallway, Patrick hotly explains to Jagger that seizures are quite common in children with autism.  I can't believe I'm typing this, but:  I did not know that.  I just learned something from a soap opera.  Anyway, Saira has appeared and she and Patrick weirdly go back-and-forth, sentence-by-sentence, explaining more about the diagnosis.  Robin pipes in that there has to be more research they can do, but Patrick (appropriately, I think) cuts her off to ask if Jagger, as the parent, has any questions.  He does:  "Why my son?" Saira adopts Jagger's speech patterns from last week:  "Jagger, LISten, I've WORKED with Stone.  So I can tell you that he's an exCEPTional child.  You KNOW that.  It's just that we may have to look at these seizures as something that's a part of your lives now."  Jagger looks really angry -- seriously, furious -- which is I'm assuming not exactly what lovely Antonio was going for.

Kyle is examining a breast pump, which Epiphany informs him is the top of the line.  Kyle -- the doctor, who is not 12 and not me -- says he thinks he's going to be sick.  Good lord.  Anyway, this prompts the skeeviest moment of the season so far, so buckle in your anti-gag seatbelts, kids!

Billy Dee: Well now, son, breasts are a beautiful thing.  All those different shapes and sizes.

Ephiphany:  Toussaint!  Don't you have somewhere to be?

Billy Dee:  ::dirtily cackles:: I'll see you later.

I truly cannot convey how uncomfortable Billy Dee Williams' delivery of those lines made me.  Ugh.  Anyway, this little exchange causes Claire and Kyle to realize that Epiphany and Billy Dee are dating, which she admits with a giggle like a schoolgirl.  I'm sorry, I find this relationship utterly charmless and uninteresting. 

Patrick hotly informs Jagger that Stone will need more tests tomorrow, but Jagger can take Stone home for the night.  Robert's nurse, Izzie, meanwhile sprints off the elevator to see Robin.

Robin:  Why aren't you with my dad?

Izzie:  Agent Scorpio said he detected a possible bomb in the apartment.  He had me evacuate and told me to meet him here.

Patrick and Jagger:  ::exchange hilarious how-dumb-is-this-woman glances::

Robin: He can't be alone.

Izzie: Well, he didn't want me to be with THE BOMB.

Robin:  There's no b....just, it's fine...

Patrick:  Thank you very much for your help.  We'll take it from here.

Oh, isn't Nurse Izzie precious?  Robin takes off to make sure Robert isn't getting into too much trouble.  Jagger and Patrick make small talk about Robert, with Patrick hotly saying he would do anything for Robin, and Jagger telling Patrick that Robin is an amazing, beautiful woman and he doesn't know what he would have done without her. Patrick, to his credit, doesn't seem jealous for once, just acknowledges that he's a lucky guy.

Oh god, that fucking Pastore commercial again.  I swear I hate that thing more than . . . well, not more than GH itself, but at least more than some other shitty and irritating things on TV.  Like, say, Kenley on Project Runway.

Back at Robin's, Robert is trying to convince Robin that he's going to check into the "Port Chuck Hotel," which Robin informs him burned down years ago.  This reference of course causes me to remember that fucking six-week long sweeps event, in which Courtney the dog-rescuing heroine was rewarded with a bajillion dollars and how very much I must have hated that character when I could not even like her when she was rescuing an adorable dog from certain death.  If I had, at the time, been familiar with the internet acronym DIAF, I would have eagerly and unrepentantly used it for Courtney in that situation.  Because, seriously, I HATED her.  Bravo, monkey virus.  Bra.Vo.

Ahem, it appears I got off-topic.  Robin has to get back to work so directs Robert to stay put, take a nap, and not touch anything.  Yeah, those sound like good instructions to give a super-spy.  Robert agrees, wondering outloud when he became a child.

Jagger -- who was fully clothed through this entire episode, I must sadly note -- with Stone in tow approaches Patrick at the nurses' station and wonders whether it isn't a little too soon for tests for Stone.  Patrick hotly says he thinks Stone is ready and then uber-hotly gives Stone a rock-collecting kit.  Stone is over the moon for it, which brings a smile to Robin's face as she arrives.  Patrick and Stone take off to play with the kit, which leaves Jagger to tell Robin that she's lucky to have Patrick because being a single parent is tough.  Robin says that before, she thought she could do "all this" on her own, but looking at Jagger, she's not so sure.  Well, that's kind of a crappy thing to say, but Kimberly McCullough played it light on the bitchiness, so I will let that pass.  Jagger says he hasn't slept all night, and he's been talking with the insurance company all morning.  They are not going to cover Stone's autism treatment because it's "not medical."  All told, this is going to cost him $50K that he does not have.  He doesn't know what he's going to do.

"Leo" greets Saira with a hot chocolate and a goofy smile.  Saira warns him that people around GH are going to start saying he's whipped.  He looks sheepish, but just says that he likes her.  Saira says she likes him too, and they kiss.  Which Claire sees, and it makes her angry.  Maybe she could vent her frustration by brushing her hair.

Robin and Saira chat in a waiting area.  Saira says other than being weird yesterday, things are good with "Leo."  Robin says he's been so different the last couple months.  Yeah, no kidding.  Saira says she thinks it's because Kyle is there, making GH less "Leo"'s, plus "Leo" found out that his birth mother died.  Saira says that knocked him off-balance and he hasn't come to terms with it yet.  I guess I appreciate that the writers acknowledge that "Leo" is a totally different character and has been acting like a dick, but I'd have preferred we not have to sit through PodLeo all this time.  Anyway, Robin says now she feels really bad for judging "Leo."  Gosh, it must be nice to have a conscience. 

Saira excitedly tells Robin about the breast milk bank and how it can help cancer patients, same-sex couples, mothers who can't breast feed -- Robin could even use it.  Robin looks a bit stunned, and Saira apologizes, but Robin says Saira is right, she can't breast feed, so she'll have to use the bank.  Robin has been watching Jagger over the past few weeks with Stone, going from doctor's appointment to appointment, and it's made her start thinking about the possibility that her baby could be HIV-positive.  Saira says no, the statistics are by far in Robin's favor, but Robin is sick of percentages and just says there is a chance that her daughter could be positive and she doesn't know what she'll do if that happens.  I much prefer this kind of nod to Robin being HIV-positive than the incessant safe sex commercials we were subjected to on OH GH over the last couple of years.

Claire flies into "Leo"'s face and practically screams, "For your information, I am NOT the other woman!"  Yikes.  Turn down the crazy, Claire.  She can't believe "Leo" cheated on Saira, but he's like, um, I thought we were forgetting this.  But that was before Claire knew he was dating Saira!  Now it's totally different!  Yadda yadda crazy stalker overreaction.  "Leo" says Saira isn't going to know what happened.  Claire says he's disgusting.  O...kay.  I mean, "Leo" is an ass, but way to play the wronged Pollyanna when you had a one-night stand with him knowing he was your boss, lady.

Kyle helps a woman use a breast pump.  They talk about breasts and it makes me uncomfortable.  I know that might make me a prude.  Please do not send me any brochures.  Anyway, sadly, the woman had a stillbirth in her last trimester so she's donating milk so that it "doesn't go to waste." They talk about breast milk some more.  This storyline is not doing it for me, sorry.

Stone is back for tests.  He continues to be the cutest patient ever.  While he's hooked up to some medical-type thingie, Patrick hotly asks Jagger how he does it -- being a father.  Jagger says you "just get used to it, I guess."  How...deep.  Patrick hotly wonders whether he's ready, and Jagger says nobody ever is.  But Patrick hotly says Robin is.  Jagger says it's easier for women, because they're carrying the baby for nine months.  Patrick hotly asks, "Yeah, how do they DO that?"  Jagger says when Stone was a baby he was scared to even hold him but he decided he will always do whatever it takes for his son. Patrick hotly says "I hope I get there," and Jagger assures him he will.  If I did not hate the word "bromance," I would totally use it here, because I absolutely love these scenes with Jason Thompson and Antonio Sabato Jr.  They have a really good rapport.  I think the parental aspect of these scenes with Stone suit him well, too -- he tends to hit the emotional mark well.  Maybe personal experience?  Anyway, well done to both.  It's no "you smell nice," but it'll do.

Robin and Patrick are getting ready to get a whole two hours of sleep, on the pull-out couch.  They do the couple-y thing of talking about their schedules for the next day, who will pick up groceries, etc.  They get in bed and Patrick hotly says the pace [at work] is killing him.  Robin oddly detours by telling Patrick that she's going to lend Jagger money.  Patrick thinks Jagger will find a way to get the money for Stone and that Robin using her savings to help is crazy when she has a sick dad and a baby on the way. 

Patrick:  I know you care about Stone and Jagger, but they're not your family.

Robin:  Yes, they are my family, okay.  And if you needed to help out yours, I wouldn't say a word.

Patrick:  What?

Robin:  I wasn't asking you for your permission.  It's my money and I can do what I want with it.

Oh, that's never a good way to end a conversation.  They head to sleep on opposite sides of the bed.  I could dissect this argument and how I can see both sides and whatever, but I am instead just going to throw my hands up in praise that FINALLY, on this second season of Night Shift, Patrick and Robin are having different arguments than the ones they've been having since 2006.  Woohoo, good fights!

Patrick and Robin are cleaning up from Robert's birthday dinner. Robert is hilariously sitting on the couch with two slightly askew party hats and a noisemaker.  Patrick has to get back to work.  Robin snaps at her dad to stop making noise, but Robert says there's a rule that you get to do whatever you want on your birthday.  Oh man, I am intimately familiar with that rule, but in 2002 I seriously considered lobbying for its reversal.  I might still be hungover.  Anyhoo, Jagger and Stone are at the door and Patrick lets them as he hurriedly gets ready for work.  Tristan Rogers is awesome as Robert plays with Stone and teases him ("How'd you get so short?"  Hee.), then makes him a super secret agent.  Jagger watches all of this, amused.  Really, he genuinely looks amused!

Patrick goes to leave before cake's been served and Robin is clearly peeved.  Robert blows out the candles as Patrick heads out the door. That is so not hot, Patrick.

Kyle is all handsy with a couple of breast milk donors, informing Epiphany that "It's a milk and cookies party.  I bring the cookies, and they bring the milk."  Adam Grimes' delivery is super dorky, which I think is an attempt to both stay true to Kyle's geeky nature and to cover for that line being horribly cheesy.

Saira inappropriately congratulates Epiphany for "snagging a very debonair orderly."  Epiphany gets all giggly again -- "Girl, the way that man kisses!"  And seriously, this is just totally not kosher in the workplace, I'm sorry.  They talk about "new man butterflies" and how "Leo" is "warmin' up [Saira's] bed at night" and Claire, who is standing like two feet away, is about to lose her shit.  As am I. Saira comments on all the workplace romances at GH (not on the show GH, because that would be lunacy), and says Claire should watch out, because she could be next.  Lord.

Robert is advising Stone about a super secret ice cream recipe -- Rocky Road -- that Stone has to get from the ice cream store for them to use on their mission.  Adorable all around.  Robin and Stone leave for the ice cream place, so Jagger and Robert talk.  They discuss Stone's autism.

Jagger:  I don't know, I'm just sick and tired of all that doctor stuff, you know?

Robert: Yeah, me too.

Jagger:  I just want to know what the problem is, and attack it.

Robert:  Identify the threat, and take it out.

Jagger:  Exactly.

Robert:  Yeah, I know where you're coming from.  My daughter's sick too, and there's no quick fix to that either. 

Jagger:  Her HIV?

Robert: Yeah.  You know, we can love 'em, and we can take care of 'em, but in the end, the fight, it's theirs alone.  Robin's winning her battle. Stone will too.

There have been more great conversations on this show in nine episodes than there have been in at least two years on OG GH.

At the cookies and milk party, Kyle is all flirty with the donors and Saira is very impressed with all that he's done.  She wants to know what turned him around about this, and Kyle explains it was the woman yesterday who lost her baby.  He likes that this is teaching him that medicine is a lot more than just how to fix a broken body.  He really respects what Saira does (presumably he is not talking about sleeping with his douchey brother) and he wants to learn more from her.

Epiphany and Billy Dee are hanging out in the break room, talking about Billy Dee's life on the road.  Snore.  He says she should sing more.  Epiphany refuses, saying she can't sing in front of him.  So Billy Dee moves and stands behind her, and she starts belting out "Amazing Grace."  Oh for crap's sake.  I feel an episode-ending montage coming on!

But no, it's just a sad scene with Claire being sad.  Claire sadly slumps into a waiting-area chair and sadly picks up the newspaper, which -- in a headline the size usually reserved for announcing the results of a presidential election -- blares "Young Kidney Donor Dies During Act of Kindness" and accompanies that improbable lead story with a super hot photo of Ryan, just to pour a little more salt in the wound.  Claire sadly holds the paper.  Claire is sad. 

Epiphany is facing Billy Dee now, winding up "Amazing Grace."  Not the hottest song choice to serenade your new beau with, huh?

Robin wants to talk to Patrick.  Patrick says they talk all the time.  She says they talk about errands and chores, which doesn't count.  They're "not connecting," and she's "tired of the mundane-ness of [their] lives."  If there ever were code words for "do something hot or I'm liable to cheat on you," I think those are them.  Hotly recognize, Patrick!  But no, Patrick says they're busy and this is all normal and things don't need to be more complicated.  He doesn't "have time to get into this right now, sorry."  Oh dear.  Another un-hot misstep, Patrick.

"Leo" wakes Saira from her nap in either a really nice on-call room or a patient room she probably shouldn't be sleeping in.  I'm dropping the quotes, because I think RealLeo might have actually had this conversation.

Leo:  I have to tell you something. 

Saira:  Okay.

Leo:  I, uh, I want to apologize to you.  For being, I don't know, weird the other night.  I don't mean to push you away like that.

Saira: It's okay.

Leo:  It's just new for me, you know?  I mean, I'm usually out the door way before this point.

Saira:  I know, it's new for me too.

Leo:  I want you to know:  I'm in this.  For real.  I might have screwed up before, but um, I want this to work.

They make out.  I'm sure the whole Claire thing won't come to light now!

Robin pulls a pop-in on Jagger at his hotel.  Stone is sleeping adorably on the floor.  Jagger sweetly asks right away if everything is okay with Robert.  Robin says yes, and hands him an envelope.  It of course contains a check for Stone's treatment.  Jagger of course says it's too much, and he can't accept it.

Robin: It's okay, consider it a loan.  You can pay me back whenever.  Or, Stone can -- when he becomes a famous paleontologist. 

Jagger:  Robin, I can't take your money.  I can't.

Robin:  Jagger, please.  Come on, if Stone were still alive, it wouldn't even be a question.  We'd do everything we could to take care of our nephew.

Oh man, that made me sniffle.  The respect that these Night Shift writers have for the history of the show, and the understanding they have of Robin as a character, is really great to watch.  I don't know that it's realistic for someone to have that kind of confidence in teenage love, but it's incredibly touching (and soapy!) to experience as a viewer.  But y'all know I'm a sucker for Robin and Stone.

Robin is sniffly herself -- her dad, Patrick, everything is up in the air.  Her dad could die, her daughter could be HIV-positive, and she can't take care of both of them.  Jagger puts his arm around Robin and she puts her head on his shoulder as he assures her that everything will be fine, "because Stone is watching over" them.  They turn and look at each other -- rather shmoopily, it should be noted -- and he starts to stroke her hair.  They both kind of freeze and wonder what the eff is going on.  Awkward!  Robin says she has to go, and hurries out.  We close on the soapy standard of two sides of the door -- Jagger and Robin on each side, both again wondering what the eff just happened.


I really liked the parts of this episode related to Robin, Robert, Patrick, Jagger, and Stone.  (Antonio Sabato Jr. was even very good throughout most of it!  Nearly a polar opposite from last week.)  The rest I could have done without, but the Scorpios et al were more than enough to make up for the other stories' weeknesses. 

And I'm sure it's heresy in some parts, but I'm completely fine with the Robin/Jagger moment.  I would even be fine if the writers explored that relationship a bit more.  I think Robin and Patrick are great together and if they don't get a big soapy wedding and some great post-baby relationship bliss I may have to kick some shins, but I think most every soap couple needs some angst.  And as I said in the first recap of this season, I'm totally fine with Jagger providing that.  Particularly, of course, if he is shirtless.  Shirtless Antonio Sabato Jr.-fueled angst is pretty much the best kind of soapy angst that there is.




You know it's true.


It is true..it is..i'm not going to argue. And I'll sit out there on the Jagger/Robin limb with you Becca. It makes total sense to me and I would not mind it one bit. (And yes I like Robin/Patrick too y'all...don't be sending me no Guza endorsed pictures or anything wrong like that!)

Is it too soon to nominate Sri for sainthood yet? I mean I think making NS more than just watchable and turning it into good would qualify as a miracle right? As would giving Robin/Patrick somethhing new to fight about/discuss so far for the entrie run of the show? Plus you know..Jagger shirtless... a miracle in and of itself.

Love you Sri...love. Now get your butt over to OG GH like yesterday. That show may get me back then!

I am a huge Robin and Patrick fan but I really liked that scene with Robin and Jagger. I think it's honest storytelling that people who are going through stressful times feel a connection. It's not like the post every funeral sex of GH, but it's just vulnerability. Plus, they share a history and Jagger is FINE. Another good episode besides the "Claire is sad and crazy." Love yoi Mr. Rao!

Stone is seriously beyond adorable. His huge brown eyes and all those freckles.... he could so play Robin's son! Love that kid.

ASJ is best in scenes w/ good actors, Kimber, Tristan, and Jason T. And he is also believable to me w/ Stone, which I assume comes from his real life experience as a father of two. Even fully clothed, I liked him in this episode.

I flip flop on Saira, and the rest of the newbies and supporting players I wish would be stronger somehow. They have all had good moments, but not consistantly. I really watch for the Scorpio/Drake/Cates relationships. Which kick ass!!!!!!!

And to blow my mind and make me bow down to Sri and Co. Luke, Anna, Sean, and Tiffany are all coming to be on NS for the finale episodes. I may pass out when I see that.

I LOVE SRI!!!!!!!!!

Excellent recaps and commentary...and I couldn't agree more with every word--well, except for the breastmilk story, which I actually found to be interesting/original. Plus that woman who lost her baby really got to me. And I can't help it, Kyle has really grown on me...I just wanted to squeeze him when he was so cute with those ladies.

Junie, ITA with your comment about that last scene. I've been reading a lot of interesting takes on it from people freaking out about it, but for me it felt real and authentic. I actually didn't sense any romantic undertones at all. It's like you said, it was a connection as people who share a past when things weren't this complicated.

As a scrubs fan, I've been asking for Robin and Patrick to finally deal with both their pasts and move on. I feel like that is where Sri Rao is taking us. And he's doing it in a realistic and mature way, which is a refreshing change of pace from OG GH. I fully believe Robin and Patrick will come out stronger at the end of this season. I just hope we get a third season to see the other side :).

As for the other characters, I really want to like Toussaint and Epiphany but can't. My Leo love continues and I felt really bad for him this episode. Robert...he's just awesome. Enough said.

ITDA about the Robin and Jagger awkward moment. I think Jagger is a little to dependent on Robin. Robin need to take a step back from him an his son and concentrate on herself and unborn child along with father and Patrick.

She was spreading herself thin. I also think Sri has paid too much attention to Robin and Stone's history. Enough. He's keeping Robin all caught up in the past when she should be looking toward the future.

Jagger is nothing but eye candy and that's it.

I need more focus on Scrubs for the remainder of NS2.

Becca, hilarious recap. Thanks again! Totally with you on "stoned Mary Poppins" Saira and also vote for more ASJ with LESS clothing! The one thing I don't get is everyone electing Sri as the second coming of soap godhood. I mean he has done a fantastic job with the scripts (oh, right, he has a team of scriptwriters to do that for him) and the dialogue is smart and funny but all he is doing is writing for characters who were created by someone else LONG AGO and who we all miss and love to see. Nobody seems to care one lick about the new characters he supposedly created (or stole from Grey's or Will and Grace) and all we love are the Scorpios, the Drakes, and ASJ. Of course, he's no dummy and must see this is working so word is he's bringing back even MORE old timers like Tiffany and Sean and even LUKE!! So forgive my cynnicism, but writing these old timers is great for nostalgia but my own teenage daughter can't stand NS2 because she could care less about these people. Say what you will about the mobsters on GH, but I've not seen anything in NS2 that tells me Sri could move GH forward...he seems to just be able to move it backward. I mean I love it personally, but as my daughter constantly reminds me, I'm "stuck in the 80's". LOL

I agree with your comments. And the last scene just didn't make me freak out. She went to a friend, unloaded more than she probably should have, then the moment got heavy and she got away from the situation before it had a chance to be inappropriate. It wasn't. Shit like that happens. But, it's about having the self-control to step back and say, ok, there needs to be a line drawn. And that's what she did. I doubt there is going to be any romantic follow through with it nor do I think it was the intent. The scene for me highlighted how disconnected Robin and Patrick are right now. And it's realistic. And I'm sure that within the next episode or so, they will be just fine.

I liked parts of the episode but could have done without the very last scene. It didn't belong in this episode at all and was very awkward. As a Scrubs fan, we have enough angst of the internal kind since Scrubs bring so much baggage to their relationship and scenes like this don't fit into their type of angst. I feel they are mentioning Stone way too much but I do think it will be serving a purpose and that is to get Robin to move on from her past and put Stone in the past where he belongs and move on fully into her future with Patrick. I trust Sri in what he is trying to do with Scrubs to get them to the point of moving on from their past insecurities and put those to rest so they can embrace their future with one another.

Well, at lease they didn't have them lose control like they did with Claire and Leo at the bar. I mean it was basically the same scene but without the cheap payoff (which ALSO went nowhere.) Guess they saw that didn't work and tried something else?

Hmmm...I don't even think they were CLOSE to what happened with Leo and Claire. There were no sexual undertones in that scene whatsoever. I don't even think they would have ended up kissing.

Hmmmm...2 characters (ONE of them being Antonio Sabato, Jr.), each in personal pain, wanting to lose themselves in the moment staring deeply into each others' eyes while sitting on a hotel bed. You're right...nothing sexual about that! LMAO

I nver usually respond to your recaps cause they usually are just really funny and I totally agree with them. But I have to say, I totally disagree with this one, especially the last part. Robin is like eight months pregnant first of all and secondly, for the entire season Jagger and Robin have come across or been presented as brother and sister. Exploring something with them would make her a cheater and I don't see why anyone would really want to watch the first wedding for a character who has been on since child hood where she had feelings for and acted on feelings for another man. Thirdly, when you wrote about season one, you always hated the Patrick-leyla relationship, referring to Patrick losing his hotness with it even and yet that could be considered third party angst also as he didn't act on it until the 8th or 9th episode and officially get together until Robin and Patrick broke up. How would that angst, especially if Robin cheats be any different than Patrick-Leyla angst? I'm sorry, I just don't see Robin cheating anymore acceptable than Patrick 'cheating.'

I see your point about bringing the old characters back, Melanie, but I have to disagree with why Sri is making these decisions. If you consider the millions of fans that GH has lost over the last few years because of Guza carelessly dumping all over the history and hiding or killing off vets and beloved characters, Sri has a lot to gain by trying to win back past viewers through Night Shift 2. I know so many people who are loving NS2 that have given up completely on GH. If GH had half the follow through on storylines and character development, maybe it wouldn't be crashing and burning. I think it could serve them better to have a fresh writer with an appreciation of the history of this show and also the development of the better acting, younger set of current GH. Could you imagine Julie Marie Berman in the hands of a good writer? I can, but Guza can't do it.

Hi Junie- Believe me, I totally love seeing the old characters, I just think it's sad that the best days of soaps seem to be behind us and the only option we have is to go retro. Not defending Guza cause I HATE HATE HATE the mob stories, but just not convinced just because he honors the shows' past Sri can write it's future. MAYBE he can, but let's remember, the only new characters to NS2 are Claire, Kyle and Saira. The rest are from 20 years ago or from Guza's watch (I think??). I think they need a writer who is more in between all this retro stuff and what GH has become today. Also remember that GH of the 80's was also all action/adventure which is the very thing people seem to be bitching about now. Scorpio was a secret agent with a gun...how different is that from Sonny - a gangster with a gun??

I am sorry I have not desire to see Robin become like the other women on General Hospital. I cannot condone cheating either emotionally or physically just because a relationship is going through a stressful time. Especially with Patrick being shown as being supportive for the most part throughout the series. For me it would be a horrible thing for Robin to do, and completely out of character. I am not into character destruction for the sake of contrived drama.

I read your comments all the time they are freaking funny. However I will not read more after this one, I cannot stand the jagger robin stuff or the saint stone BS.... mean no disrespect to Stone/Robin fans but I never watched GH in the 90's and I really could care less about stone I'm a Scrubs fan and I think Robin is obsessed with dead stone To me she does not honor his memory by living her life devoted to his memory, Stone will never have what robin and patrick has they are building a life together with a child on the way and stone is not alive , harsh but true....If Sri the HW continues with the stone BS I'm pretty sure I will not watch again. stoped watching season one when Patrick was being an A** I will do the same if Robin continues to act the way she is. I'm only 17 years old and as I said I never watched GH in stone days I'm sure they were a great couple but over a decade later she should not be making Patrick live in his shadow......I wish there were more scrubs fans who were SCRUBS fans not robinFF , if Patrick had of had a "moment" with someone the way Roin did with Jagger there would have been outrage over it, but because it was Robin thats okay everyone is fine with it.

I don't think what happened in that scene can be called cheating. She went over as a friend and when things even showed the slightest level of weird, she left. I highly doubt this is the end of Robin and Patrick and she certainly hasn't slept with Jagger in an empty hospital room like Patrick did with Leyla five minutes after the contrived break up.

I think it's a soap and relationships are ansty sometimes. Robin and Patrick are going to be married and have a baby and I highly doubt there is anything that's going to come in between them.

No one is saying she cheated. The comments were in relation to the blog saying they would not mind if the Robin and Jagger relationship were explored further. If the relationship were explored further than them being friends it could lead to cheating, either emotionally or physically. Which, I don't not want. I certainly don't want it if the plan is for Robin and Patrick to marry soon. Relationship angst does not require a 3rd party. They have enough internal angst to drive plenty of story.


I have nothing else to say. Other than that you love of ASJ is CLEARLY clouding your judgment.

I'll take JT any day over ASJ.

I am more than done with all the Stone mentions. It is more than enough time for Robin to move on in an adult relationship with Patrick and their child.

I have had my fill of angst with 3rd parties with the whore and Patrick last year and I am done with third parties.

Patrick and Robin have grown and need to move on from the 3rd party angst which is lazy writing by soap writers especially when it was already done with Patrick on the show from HELL NS1

I'll take JT any day over ASJ.

I am more than done with all the Stone mentions. It is more than enough time for Robin to move on in an adult relationship with Patrick and their child.

I have had my fill of angst with 3rd parties with the whore and Patrick last year and I am done with third parties.

Patrick and Robin have grown and need to move on from the 3rd party angst which is lazy writing by soap writers especially when it was already done with Patrick on the show from HELL NS1

WOW! Just because Becca said she might like to see the Robin/Jagger thing explored some are ready to quit reading the blog?? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I am a huge Scrubs fan but just because Becca made that comment it will not make me stop reading the blog. It is just a soap after all. Also no where in it did she say she would like to see a ROMANTIC relationship explored. Their relationship could be explored at a whole other angle that is not romantic in any way. As far as Robin/Stone I think people need to lighten up. Stone will FOREVER be a part of Robin's life. How could he not? Robin's life is completely changed forever because of Stone. IMO she IS moving forward with Patrick but her mentioning Stone does not mean she loves Patrick any less. We would not have the Robin/Patrick HIV pregnancy storyline without Stone. Chew my head off if you want but boycotting the blog just because you did not like one sentence is just crazy IMO.

I think I would have freaked out if the Robin/Jagger interaction happened on the OG GH. The reason I'm not on NS2 is that I trust Sri Rao to respect the characters.

Amazing what it feels like when you trust a writer enough to see how a story unfolds.

Dawn, I 100% agree. This blog has honestly been the only thing keeping me going in the GH world for awhile now, and I totally appreciate the thoughts, opinions, and especially the snark the ladies have offered. This blog has never been about specific couple worship. It's about soaps and whether they are funny, or great, or awful it's just a voice of humor in the whole thing. I would never quit reading something I get so much entertainment out of purely because an opinion maybe different from my own was raised. You go Ladies! I will come back as long as your posting!

I will say that I love this blog and it brings me humor and joy, even if I have a differing opinion I won't stop reading.

Now SNOOZE to non Scrubs and Robert things... As for Scrubs, well this wasn't my favorite episode and the end(while could be nothing STILL pissed me off and annoyed me; I felt bile rising no lie) can be erased from my memory along with they rest of NightSh*t 1 and any other nastiness. On a shallow note Scrubs continue to be so HOT...

And yeah ASJ/Jagger could be THE shit to everyone else and I would still prefer JT/Patrick to him a zillion times over. Still don't see him being hot at all, that great of any actor, etc. Jason Thompson/Patrick Drake just has me so far gone with him... more than any other soap guy ever has and probably ever will, and yes this includes the almight Cates men. Speaking of the Cates, besides the fact I just don't care, I still don't see what others do. I just don't find them to be all that great to be honest. I will say that the fact that Sri is a Stone fan is so OBVIOUS its almost a little ridiculous. In fact its actually just turning me OFF and not ON. In addition to the horriblness of that last scene the quote about "our nephew" was just no. I'm not even going to get into it but saying I hated it is an understatement.

For a long time viewer like myself, who grew up with Robin on the show and remembers the Stone storyline very well, I enjoy the fact that the writers are mentioning it and also what a huge part of Robin's life he was. I feel Sri is still doing this without dishonoring Patrick. These are just issues they should have been dealing with on OG GH while they were fighting over a couch. Guza just doesn't know how to do anything else. I like that Sri is bringing more layers to them without breaking them up which I'm certain he has no plans of doing.

Loved your review. One of the few newbie things on this show I love is Kyle/Claire though, and it seems like we've been getting fewer and fewer scenes of them and I'm not looking forward to the Leo/Kyle/Claire/Saira drama (Saira being the weak link acting wise)

I agree with your take on the last scene, and think it's good angst. I don't see Jagger/Robin as anything other than platonic and I don't think they actually do either. It was a moment, born of high emotion on both sides, and both had enough self control to stop it, because at their hearts, they're good people. The problem isn't Robin's feelings for Jagger, it's the disconnect between Robin and Patrick. And hopefully they will address that in the next few episodes. I also love that unlike GH which writes every adult romance like an episode of Saved By The Bell (with mobsters) where every new romance is the love of your life and no one came before, Robin's allowed to respect and honor her history. It's another very realistic, very humanizing part of the story.

In short, Sri Rao is still the man, writing the Scorpios well, and penning engaging stories about people who aren't perfect, and who struggle daily with doing the right thing, just like real ones.

BTW thanks for mentioning the ridiculousness of Patrick being even an interim COS in every recap. That will never not be funny.

You know what, I think it's a little obnoxious to come post on someone else's blog that you will stop reading because they GASP-DARE TO HAVE A DIFFERING OPINION? I'm a scrubs fans like most, but for real, get over yourselves. This blog is not and has never been a blog for Scrubs. None of these bloggers have ever promised that they will be 'rah rah' Scrubs 100% of the time. Because, they are able to have an open mind about different directions for a storyline. They are not a bunch of fangirls who lack objectivity. This is not the Scrubs board. This is a blog. This is a place where someone gives their opinions on these two shows, opinions that do not have to be the same as yours or mine, and it would be nice if people acted like adults and either respected different opinions or don't bother reading, instead of being passive, sarcastic and immature. And if you do the latter, don't be immature about it and post on the blog that you will stop reading. That's rude, and comes off as extremely obsessive and insane. For one thing, it's a soap and this is all in good fun. None of these bloggers determine what will happen with Robin and Patrick. They are giving an opinion. As any fan of a soap is allowed to have. This is the type of stuff that gives soap fans a bad name. Scrubs fans especially.

And seriously, I'm so sick of these comparisons of who is hotter between Jagger and Patrick, or worse, ASJ and JT and it being used as an argument for who is a better character, etc. And it's to the point where it's not even in good fun anymore. Jesus christ, JT is absolutely delicious but he is not the only hot man in the world. There are people who some may consider are 10X hotter, and that has nothing to do with how well either of them acts.

WORD TO YOUR MOTHER ABOUT THAT ONE! I think JT is absolutely scrum-de-lee-icious but to me if you stand him next to, oh say, Greg Vaughn, GV would win hands down everytime. When it comes to characters however, I prefer Patrick as I think Deputy Dog is a better cop than Lucky.

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