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September 16, 2008

Oh, Young Love

I don't know what it says about The Young and the Restless these days that the young couples we are supposed to be rooting for are


...a girl who introduced a guy to the world of internet porn that, for whatever reason, he hadn't encountered prior to 2007 despite not being Amish, and he became so obsessed with the porn and the girl who introduced it to him that it wound up wrecking his marriage and also, when they were dating and he was away on tour with his rockstar father, she slept with an old fling of hers because she was insecure over the presence of groupies at a Danny Effing Romalotti tour and who are now sleeping with other people



...a guy and a girl who are currently star-crossed because both of them are dim enough to blindly assume that not being excluded in a paternity test is the same as being definitively named a baby's father.

I think it says something that includes the words "sad", "ridiculous" and "have these people ever watched a soap opera before", but I'm not sure...

Is it just me? It might be, because I haven't been legitimately swept up in a romance on this show in a long time, but usually there's something to at least make me say "Oh, that's cute!". Not so these days.

I've never gotten Amber and Daniel. I think they border on grody, something that I blame solely on Amber, who hasn't clicked at all in her years on this show (years! Remember when she came on the show and they claimed it would be for a few months?), except when she's with Katherine, but, then again, Katherine makes everything she interacts with tolerable. I don't buy them as best friends who fell in lust-slash-love and I certainly don't think they're soulmates just because the suddenly zen Jana says they are:

Jana: Oh, you just can't accept the truth, can you? Amber and Daniel are soul mates, and he's never going to forget her, all right?

I miss the goth, murderess Jana and not just because of her tendency to bludgeon annoying characters and try to set others ablaze.

And how terrible was Amber calling into Loveline (again) and recapping the entire sordid mess for the lucky audience members who have been able to forget or otherwise repress this story? Because hearing the litany of reasons why she and Daniel shouldn't be together reminded me that...um, they shouldn't be together, unless the moral of the story is that two people so wholly fucked up should date just to keep themselves from contaminating the rest of the dating pool.

Maybe that's why the writers have introduced Colleen into this story. Because if there's anything that is going to make the Amber/Daniel pairing palatable, it's the prospect of a Colleen/Daniel pairing.


How much of an asshole is Colleen, by the way? Sleeping with her best friend's ex-husband who betrayed her in a huge, public, humiliating fashion and then saying to said best friend

Colleen: I'm really seeing why you fell in love with him in the first place.
Lily: Like what?
Colleen: Well, his loyalty.

Double you tee eff, woman? I'm thinking the loyalty route isn't the best one to take with the guy's ex-wife.


The back and forth between Cane and Lily is so unbelievably dumb that any investment I had in the two of them (which I only had on account of them both being pretty) has pretty much gone out the window. I mean...HE DIDN'T NEED TO MARRY CHLOE.  He is not conclusively the baby's father! Why couldn't he hold off on marrying Chloe until he knew for sure that he was the baby's father? I know the actual reason is that we need a storyline to watch, but what good is it if all you can do is marvel at a character's stupidity?


The show was good when all the shakeups began upon Victor's return. Now it's just a snooze fest.

I could care less about Chloe and her storyline, but I'm more convinced than ever that Billy is the father of that baby especially since he's suddenly coming back, and being related to Cane would put him in the same gene pool. (And that ain't sayin' much;)

Funny, Chloe's the only one I'm rooting for in any of these stories.

Actually, Amber is bothering me less and less, which is saying something because... well, she's Amber.

I miss old Colleen and Dru and even Mamie. Seriously, you guys must comment on the podcast with Victoria Rowell on Daytime Confidential.

Oh, and Cane needs to be shirtless more often. Actually, Cane just needs to be shirtless.

I have no idea who any of these characters are, but that dude playing Daniel (?) looks like an especially mushy Michael Buble.

So I guess Hogan Sheffer hasn't made this show any better, huh Mal?

That Chloe bitch needs to die! Has anyone else noticed that they are dumbing down the fabulous Katherine Chancellor, Jill, Cane, Lily, & everyone else that comes in contact with this girl? Was it suppose to surprise me that Esther was her Mother? They are really trying to force feed us this girl & it's doing nothing but make me hate her even more. I recently fell in love with Cane & Lily as a couple & it's very sad that they are the ones getting hammered to prop this bitch. No way am I going to believe tptb's new pet is the smartest one in GC. The writers need their asses kicked. Is Guza still at GH or has he ventured over to Y&R?!


Kay just wanted to add that I LOVE Christel Khalil.....and while the prettiness is *sigh* so over-powering....I'd really like to see Lily going out and making Cane see EXACTLY what his pretty but moronic self is missing out on....

Not since JT and Colleen (then played by the GORGEOUS Lyndsy Fonseca) have I enjoyed a pairing as much as I enjoyed Cane and Lily.....now all I have to contend myself with is the happy wedded bliss of JT and Victoria.....never have two prettier bimbos ever deserved each other more.... :D

I think Daniel & Amber are the shows best younger couples. The acotrs have a ton of chem between them and he char's just work. For me anyways.

I also enjoy Adam & Heather a lot.

But the rest? No. Colleen/Daniel just fail because everything with AussieColleen fails. Lily/Cane fail because everything with CKLilly fails. Kevin & jana are a borefest.

^Get with it! You obviously don't pay attention. CK is half of the new IT couple! Hate on her all you want, but even the blind, deaf, & dumb know what's up.

Lane Forever!♥

Adumb is an abuser, Heithen is a bot with hair, Colleen is a desperate fool, Amber's still nasty, throw some porn at Daniel, he'll forget who Amber & Colleen are, Cane & Lily although I do love them, the writers are making it hard, Chloe is a waste of money & airtime. The actress is lucky she knows some people. The character royally sucks, but tiic obviously have a major hardon for it. Can't go 2 days without seeing her otherwise they think we forgot she existed. I've never seen Jill & Kay look so dumb. Ruining my favorite characters to benefit this itch.

I have always liked Amber, maybe because I watch B&B where the character originated.
I think maybe I just like the actress...
However, I don't get the whole Daniel thing.
He seems to usually stroll around sporting major bedhead and he has a squinty look (like most perverts LOL!)
And I have never understood, on soaps or in real life, desperate women who throw themselves at losers still carrying a torch for previous girlfriends.
I can't stand Colleen now, and I cannot picture the previous actress playing her this way.
Also, I realize the topic here is the young couples on the show, but the couple I am most sick of, and most likely to fast-forward through, are Gloria and Jeff. UGH!

I do agree with so much in this blog, I mean Amber/Daniel and Colleen (Crawleen) WTF? To me it is dumb and just a waste. Crawleen better just be glad that Lily got with Cane and realized the benefits of a real man. I guess the professor was not putting it down like Daniel so that's why Crawleen can't resist herself.

Now Chloe, Gollum the Troll who is missing under under the bridge, I can go on but let me just get to my point...is over, ITA with another comment that she is being force fed to us. Trying to redeem this bitch imo is a total waste of time because she isn't redeemable. I still love Cane & Lily the chemistry between them is off the charts, but I don't like how this whole thing is going down (I hope Billy can dead this ish soon). If I could go to the studios now I would smack the writers for thinking we were that stupid. Y&R needs to get back on track these new writes are creating a bunch of tomfoolery. So I say they put down the crack pipe and get to business stop dumbing us viewers down and give us some real stuff.
Cane shirtless or in a wifebeater, NOW CAN I HAVE THAT?? I will also take him bucketnaked..

I'm stuck on that screencap you used for Lane! HOTNESS!!!

Hangman Daniel isn't worth the attention, I say let Colleen have him. Isn't she a horrible best friend, nasty. She has made me like Amber though.

I Love Lily & Cane but I'd rather not comment on their s/l. People think if we mention it, we actually want to see it more. So I will not mention it's name.

Sh!tty writing!

I am sick of the most pathetic gilr ever Chloe! Get some pride, Cane doesn't want you, heck nobody but Rocco and your other booty calls and they only want you for a couple of minutes! Cane and Lily are gorgeous true but they are romance and true love but they are being dumbed down by the idiotic writing! I want Lane together no doubt but I hate what the stupid writing has done to them. DNA test results...you all already know how moronic that was!

I'm with Cici. Keep talking about IT, and they'll have her on every day and Saturdays and Sundays too, they love IT that much.

When IT moves out of Lily and Cane's storyline, I'll comment on them. For now I will just nod and agree, because they sure are pretty!

Colleen, who I think Daniel would even have smacked for the loyalty comment, actually has me rooting for Scamber. Never thought that would happen. The Professor must not have taken care of it properly because she is all twisted.

I disagree. Amber and Daniel have smoking hot chemistry but they did not give them enough happy time before they broke them up, introducing forced obstacles (Adrian & Colleen) and are now back to having to learn how to trust each other again. Who doesn't have trust issues in their relationship? I think they have the potential to be a future super-couple, helping the show's new generation to grow and become the focus of the show. With Billy (Liam) coming on soon, we will soon have yet another set of obstacles for them as a couple. I have read spoilers that have Colleen and Billy plotting to keep Amber and Daniel apart for their own selfishness. It is entirely possible, though, that Amber and Billy may be hot together also, plus she has money signs for pupils thus making her attraction to Billy that much stronger once she finds out his true identity.

As for Lily and Cane, I hate them as a couple. The bland actress who plays Lily has absolutely none of Drucilla's personality strengths or Malcolm's (her bio-dad) smooth charm. Neil, though, must have had some sort of affect on her because she is just as goody-goody, play by the rules perspective on life. Snooooozzzee! Bring back Davetta! As a couple, I am not rooting for them at all. I am actually rooting for Chloe (Kate). The genius reveal that she was Esther's daughter has given the ridiculous "who's the daddy" s/l some depth and edge. Chloe is a true soap vixen and I am looking forward to more battles with Jill and Kay over the baby.

I am not saying that Y&R is perfect right now with their younger set, especially the romances. But, overall the show has more focus, better pacing, snappier dialogue, and a return to the core of the show. That has trickled down to all of the stories generally speaking and has given new life to these specific characters and their romantic entanglements.

As for Jana and Kevin, I agree that they have both lost the edge that made them great characters in the first place (especially Kevin). His first s/l, being an internet predator, giving Lily an STD, attempting suicide and then locking Colleen in Gina's walk-in freezer only for the viewer to find out that he was Michael's half-brother, who grew up being locked in a closet by his abusive father, Tom, was the last of the truly great bell-like stories for the show. Redeeming them was necessary to keep them on canvas but humans are not black or white, there are all sorts of gray areas that we exist in our minds. First, they need their own s/l that revolves around them ( even if they are only on 2-3 times a week). Second, they need to give them their trouble-making genes back and have them plot and scheme against something or other (I do not pretend to be a writer). I do know, though, that I like them both and wish they were being used to their full potential.

I think we all owe big props to Maria Bell and Hogan Sheffer for almost instantly turning this show around from an unwatchable mess to a the best soap opera currently on air. Ever since the episode where Sabrina and David were killed, Y&R has returned to what made it such a classic daytime drama in the first place. Grounded stories, organic events and a focus on the legacy families (Newman, Chancellor and the newly rebounding Abbotts and the Baldwin/Fisher clan) and characters that we have grown to love. It has not been number one in the ratings for as long as it has for nothing. And while I encourage criticism and actually keep a running blog in my online journal about the soaps I watch and critique daily episodes that are open-minded and unbiased, let's praise the positive improvements and not dwell on what still needs to be reconfigured.

I thought I would jump in here, especially after reading the last comment. In full disclosure, I am a Cane and Lilly fan. The currently storyline is so awful though that it is hard to watch. At first Chloe was interesting and her dynamic in the story was very watchable. She saw Cane and wanted him for herself. Okay, I get it, soap couples have to have hurdles, but the fact that Lilly, Cane are made to look like fools to prop this baby story line is just too much. I really don't understand why people hate on CK so much. She is a young actress and really, she is not the worst young actress I've seen on a soap. The only thing Vail Bloom has got going on is sex appeal. She is a hair model reading lines! Who in the heck walks around a swimming pool at night at home in 4 inch stilettos? I will never forgive the wardrobe department for that little stunt. Heather and Adam hit the sheets so fast my head almost exploded. They had Heather sleeping with or trying to every mail under 50 (I played it safe with 50 because I do not know how hold Brad is. He has been around for qutie a while and that must be some serious black dye cause I know that dude should have gray hair by now!)

I think that CK has shown some strength as Lilly. I like the fact that she is a goody, goody because she does it with just enough self righteousness as to not make me want to throw up. How many bitches can you have on one show? I think Y&R has a full stack and really they don't need another one. Not all women on soaps have to be back stabbing, man stealing sluts in order to be interesting. Nice girls who follow the rules can have way more angst than someone who breaks all the rules to get what they want. Lilly is far from a push over and I think CK is doing a good job playing Lilly involved with an older man. I've enjoyed it and I hope the writers do not make me regret watching this some crap story telling. I swear that Bill Bell should be haunting these people for ruining the #1 soap with bad story telling. With all that said, I used to watch GH and Y&R has a long way to go before it turns into the trash that GH is.

I was upset when they brought back Elizabeth Hendrickson just to be the annoying, but more than likely bonkers prick in the side of the already wildly inappropriate and borderline pathetic pairing of Cane and Lily.

But I'm now pleasantly surprised, EH is rocking her scenes, and has much more accidental chemistry with Cane than (snore) Lily could if she electrucuted herself mid-scene.

I thought the new writers did a great job INITIALLY, but I'm disappointed in the follow up. Like it was great the week VN came back and put Brad and Jr. in their places as well as rehiring Neil, and when Neil kicked Jr out, but it's been boring since.

Phyllis and Nick fighting about the magazine is no different then P/N/J & S fighting about the magazine. Ho hum.

Jack going after Victor. Wow. How very.......repetitive.

I'm not even buying this storyline about Daniel the great artist. And Colleen and Daniel can't even make up their minds about each other: one second they're rebound dates with nothing in common, next they're in bed together.

Lily insists Cane must marry Chloe in order to be a good father to the baby? How can he be a good father when he's married to a woman he despises? Kids notice the smalls things, like the fact that their parents hate each others.

Stupidest thing I've seen since this writer took over? Victor Newman has guards at his gate, guards at his door and yet no one bothers to fix the big gaping hole in the solarium wall where Nikki threw a chair through the glass LAST WEEK. Jack yelling through the hole to Victor gets my vote as one of the dumbest things I've seen on a soap. And what was the point of Victor firing the help? Unless he's going to eat Ooodles of Noodles for the rest of his life and do the dusting, I fail to see what that accomplished.

I'm over all things Chloe & can't wait till she falls down some stairs & breaks her neck.

Lily is the sh!t & has chemistry with all the boys.

I love Lane & Liliam! :)

Are you guys still with soaps, I left them when Davetta Sherwood and Adrianne Leon left. They're working hard to be big in Hollywood through both Adrianne's and Davetta' music.

I've only been watching for about 2 or 3 months now, having defected from GH.
I didn't really get to see Daniel and Amber together and I know nothing of her past really but I can just feel for the girl and it desperately makes me want them back together! lol
I'm hating Colleen with a seething passion at the moment.

Cane and Lilly were cute for all of 2 seconds while they were getting engaged and then Chloe recked it. I didn't have time to see if I liked them together or not but so far Cane seems to be fairly... stupid and I have a hard time picturing him with anyone on the show based on that. Although I would like to see him shirtless. :)

Jana and (is it Kevin?)were cute before the wedding. (Well, he is anyway) But have been a snooze fest since they got back.

A little romance would be nice on this show but I'm not seeing it.

The problem is that most of these characters are not worth rooting for, except one.

I root for Amber because she is trying to change, and does not excuse her behavior.

Daniel is judgemental and a waffle, and coming from him and his history, it is just laughable.

Cane is a 32 year old BOY listening to a 20 year old girl, seriously!

Lily is aiming for sainthood, she has no spine, no purpose in life, so the only thing she EVER talk about is Cane!

Collen is so bad we don't have enough time!

I like Amber, Chloe and Billy, Jana and Kevin: BUT away from mommydearest. They are entertaining, the others are not!

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