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September 29, 2008

Primetime Suds: Two Weeks, Four Shows, Two Bloggers With Overworked TiVos

We took a brief hiatus from Primetime Suds last week because...well, all there was to say was that Gossip Girl was relentlessly fabulous and 90210 was the polar opposite, which everybody already knew. But this week saw more relentless fabulosity


and the polar opposite of that


as well as the return of everybody's favorite Seattle based medical professionals


and a deliciously soapy marathon


Our thoughts after the jump!

You guys, we're reasonably certain that the muckity mucks could solve this whole financial crisis thingie if everyone could just sit down together and watch Gossip Girl.  It's even set in New York!  It would be way inspiring. You know if people were faced with the threat of Blair Waldorf's wrath that they'd put their noses to the grindstone with a quickness.

What happened to our favorite uber wealthy Manhattanites...and the Humphreys over the past two weeks?


We love Blair so much, that we don't even care about the fact that she appears to be incapable of wearing a headband in the proper place on her head.


Or that every item of clothing she owns includes a large bow.



But if gift wrapping herself and haphazardly wearing turbans is what makes her so succinctly bitchy, we’re all for it. As ever, Ms. Waldorf supplied the most hilarious of quips

[To Nate] Hold that non-thought


Everything you need to know about Chuck you can learn from this outfit.


How brilliant was the reveal that Chuck purchased Dan’s rebound girl for the specific purpose of enraging Serena so much that she took back her role as Queen Bee, thereby dethroning Blair, who will then be so dejected that she’ll turn to Chuck?


Their scenes during the blackout were probably the hottest scenes on television in the last six months. Quick, off the top of your head, name a daytime soap that had a scene sexier than this.



You totally can’t.



The only (and we do mean only) reason that Dan hasn’t completely been written off as dead to us is that Penn Badgely is adorable, and brings enough charm to the role that, most of the time, Dan’s likability gets the same amount of screen time as his condescending awfulness.

Not so the past two weeks, though. From his confrontation with Serena in the elevator to his absolutely vicious, judgmental dismissal of her this week at the nightclub, he’s been epically horrible.


Kind of hilarious, though, that since the show's very first episode he's been whining about what an outcast he is. He'll surely find out very soon that being an outcast is far better than being a total pariah.


If only we had more opportunities in life to say the words, "Sound the trumpets, strumpets"! That's pure poetry. Kristen Bell has the perfect voice for narration.

Gossip Girl's eponymous website also gave us last week's hilarious scene with pint-sized busybodies. We're with you, Team Serena girl!



Seriously, Taylor Momsen is either a parentless, guardianless lost soul, or she is 42.  For real.  And yes, that's not about the show, per se, but do you really want us to discuss Jenny?  Didn't think so.  (The best thing about those photos is one of the first responses on that ONTD post is the utterly simple and brilliant "OMGWUT?"  We now have entire email chains conducted with links to photos and the complete sentence:  OMGWUT?  Bolded if we seriously need to know oh my god what the hell is going on there.)


Oh, Chace Crawford. You're so pretty.

We'll leave it at that.


We're becoming dangerously close to being broken records with our constant "OMG SO AWESOME", but how else can we describe the moment when Serena steeled herself and regained her throne as Queen of Constance Billiard if we don't say "OMG SO AWESOME"?


Because it was! We're anticipating loving, adoring and worshiping Serena's bitchiness.


Remember when Vanessa was all awesome when she turned Nate down because the crazy duchess threatened to tell the FBI where Nate's dad is hiding? It seems so long ago, perhaps because it lasted a mere four minutes.

She showed surprising savvy by taking Dan's advice to go to Blair for help after discovering Marcus and Catherine totally doing it


but she proved that her awesomeness and savvy were fleeting, because she promptly ignored all of Blair's orders and effed everything up. Thanks for justifying our hatred of you, V!


Maybe she is so lame because she spends lots of time pondering why her hair looks like it does and that takes all the attention she should be focusing on other things, like being likable.



We'd say "5 Things We Like About 90210" or "5 Really Awful Things About 90210", but both of those statements imply that we have some sort of emotional investment in this show, which we do not, because it's rather difficult to be invested in the television equivalent of oatmeal.


That's the one positive thing we're willing to go on the record with. Any viewer of Arrested Development is well versed in how cosmically talented this woman is, but she always finds a way to surprise you with her genius.

We believe this clip needs no further introduction. It's the most amazing thing in the world.


Which, in retrospect, duh! We should have known better than to even think that Brandon was a candidate, as if he'd ever let his child be raised away from his strict moral code and sideburn maintenance rituals.

This revelation is going to be a major letdown if they don't convince Luke Perry to take a break from whatever community theater set-building gig he currently has to appear on this little "drama" and stir up some classic Kelly-Dylan angst.  At least give the girl a legit chance to choose herself again.  Every woman in her 30s deserves that.

We do have to admit, though, that the most compelling part of the big reveal scene was Brenda's face. Shannen Doherty is the reason both of us are seriously considering macriobiotic diets, plenty of sleep and regular deep conditioning. Because, seriously.


Don't do drugs, kids!

3. ANNIE'S ATTEMPTEDzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, sorry, what we meant to say was that Annie's attempted devirginization was predictably thwarted by the increasingly unhinged, drug-addicted whatshername.


Wouldn't the girl from Kansas not being a virgin have been a little more interesting?  Yawnville.

We even got to see some "hilarious" and "wacky" condom hijinx with Ethan and Annie.


Because that hasn't been done to death on every teen drama and sitcom ever.

Speaking of sex, Dixon and Silver have potential, but they absolutely cannot make out like that again, because we spent the entire scene on the edge of our seats, worried that one of Silver's teenie tiny arms or clavicle bones would snap and sever Dixon's jugular, forcing him to head to the great beyond without ever having Hit That.  Would there have been a worse tragedy in Beverly Hills since Mary Tyler Moore's last face lift?


How do you mess up the character of the bad girl with secret pain? How is that even possible? You can look back at every television show ever produced and rip them off if you need to. Anything is preferable to the endless dead air that happens whenever she and her family's boring drama is onscreen.

Of course, this may have something to do with the fact that she looks to be the same age as her parents.


Vanessa from Gossip Girl and Naomi should be part of a crossover episode exploring the perils of being 65 and still in high school.


Seriously! We're not the quality minded kind of people who watched The Wire, but we heard that he was genius on that show and we can believe it. It's so sad that he's languishing here, as one of the most dull characters on a dull show. 

As further evidence of his adorableness, and because this is the most interesting Dixon-related thing to happen in several weeks, please congratulate regular Serial Drama reader Danielle on this adorably adorable photo of her and Tristan Wilds last week at the Washington, DC premiere of The Secret Life of Bees.




We've had sort of a rollercoaster kind of relationship with Grey's Anatomy: we started out completely loving it, and we feel like the second season is pretty close to television perfection, but then things went off the rails and then the thing with George and Izzie doing...that...happened and everything went to hell.

However, after the season premiere, we're tentatively optimistic about the new season.  A few random, mostly optimistic observations:

  • Clearly, the writers have an in with Katherine Heigl's salon, because that cut is obvious retribution for the whole "I didn't get any Emmy-worthy material this year" incident.


We look forward to an entire season of the cast, crew, assorted behind the scenes people and random passersby taking their frustrations out on the wholly irritating Heigl. (We used to love her!  Then she started, you know, talking.  Opining.  Bitching.  Moaning.  Being.  Now we hate her.)

  • If you had been told that there would be a redheaded military guy who stapled his own leg without anethesia and yanked a large icicle out of Christina's torso without warning, the idea that said guy would out-hot both McDreamy and McSteamy wouldn't have been the next thought you had, right?  You would have been wrong.  So very wrong.  What is up with that?  Come back, Irish guy!  You get "Mc" nicknames at Seattle Grace!  You'll fit right in!


  • There are few things in the world more wonderful than watching Chandra Wilson do her thing.  She is just supporting actress perfection.  She brings something to every scene she's in, but without any of the "hey! look at me!" qualities that other people tend to bring to similar roles.  We love her.  Plus she's a daytime soaps fan.  What is not to adore?
  • People are finally calling out Meredith on her...Meredithness, and it sort of rules. The woman's best friend is literally impaled on a potentially deadly object and she is still effing yammering on about the same shit she's been yammering on about since we first saw her leopard flats.  Please, Meredith, we beg of you, SHUT UP.  And also, please see a facialist. 


    (Sure, it's mean, but it has to be said:  Ellen Pompeo's skin looks like a layer of rubber cement over 50-grit sandpaper.  It's disturbing.  And also possibly another excellent PSA against smoking, but at the very least disturbing.  And we don't even have HD!  Those of you who do have our sympathies.)
  • Callie and Erica are kind of bizarre together, and yet kind of fun, no?  Callie's always been a strange character and it seems like the writers never knew what to do with Sara Ramirez, but this has potential.


Okay, so technically Dirty Sexy Money wasn't new this week, but it did have that fabulous SOAPNet marathon, and it is premiering on Wednesday, so it counts.

We're completely excited for the new season and have high hopes that it will be as utterly wonderful as the first, all-too-short season. Below, a list of our 10 Favorite Dirty Sexy Moments, in no particular order, because each is as awesome as the next

1. Nick interrogates the Darling kids about the sex tape. Just when you think that Karen singing "Babe, I Love You" is even funnier than Jeremy revealing that he once had a Buddy Ebsen sex tape, along comes Brian's "How can you live with yourself?"

2. Tripp suggesting that Nick try Letitia's birthday as the password for Dutch's briefcase and the expression of utter pain and heartbreak that flashes over his face for a brief second. Donald Sutherland is an absolute genius.

3. Brian Jr. reveals that he is not actually a Swedish orphan. Gustav was one of our favorite running jokes from the first season, and the little boy who plays Brian Jr. has fantastic comic timing...

4. As well as the ability to tug at your heartstrings, because the scene where Brian says goodbye to him is absolutely heartbreaking.

5. Karen demanding a divorce after being married for five minutes. We didn't watch Passions when Natalie Zea was playing Gwen, so this is our first exposure to her, and she is effing brilliant.

6. You kind of figured that Brian would be the Darling child revealed to be Dutch's son (Becca's non-TV-watching mother called it 30 seconds after the reveal that there was a non-Darling in the Darling bunch), but it doesn't make the scene where Nick finds out that Brian is his brother any less compelling.

7. Ellen shooting Patrick was fabulously soapy. Because, OF COURSE that's what happened when the wife of an attorney general turned senate candidate does when she gets fed up with his ongoing dalliance with his transgendered lover. It makes perfect sense.

8. Lest you think that Karen is just a spoiled, self-centered flightmonster, the scene where we learn that she is in on the Simon plotting with Tripp puts her in a whole new light. A whole new, cunning, soapy light.

9. The ring tones Nick's assistant programs for the Darling kids still make us giggle: "Hallelujah" for Brian, "You're a Rich Girl" for Juliet, "Born to Be Wild" for Jeremy, "Pretty Woman" for Karen.  It's the little things that make this show fabulous.  Well, the big things too, but the little things are awesome too!

10. Jeremy and Juliet's dueling birthday parties were epic, so epic that we urge you to read the Television Without Pity recap to remind yourselves of the hilarity.


This week will bring the season premieres of, among other things, Dirty Sexy Money and Private Practice, not to mention more Gossip Girl awesomeness tonight.  It's a wonder we ever leave our houses.

Screencaps courtesy of Gossip Girl Online and Home of the Nutty


Amen to the Chuck/Blair sequence during the blackout. Hottest. Thing. Ever. Take notes daytime.

I must admit as a musical theater nerd I spent the entire musical episode wondering why A- the principal had no clue what musical was being shown and B- why there was no mention of protests this show was receiving...( I know Bev Hills is supposed to be liberal but sorry no...even there someone would be all "Watching kids want to have sex will lead to sex!" Hello Donna Martin's mother!!!!) or c- the effing high drama budget this high school must have to produce a musical that just won the freaking Tony TWO YEARS AGO. I love Spring Awakening and listen to it obsessively but even I was going "Oh yeah right."

Dirty Sexy Money and Gossip Girl were the best primetime dramas on network TV last year. I'm so happy to FINALLY have them back. Donald Sutherland is phenomenal in this role and the failure of the Emmys to even grant him a nomination was probably second only to Neil Patrick Harris's loss in the list of injustices of this year's awards.

P.S. I can't even articulate how happy I am to see Dan get what's coming to him.

if Dan died on tonite's episode, i would not care.

chuck rules. blair is so amazingly bitch-ily awesome, i only wish i could be as awesome as her. chuck and blair together is so hot words don't describe it.

i'm looking forward to the new Queen Bee Serena, and her being bitchy all around, EXCEPT to Blair. don't mess with the Serena/Blair friendship...angst, yes, but please, please, please...we, at least i, love their friendship.

oh, and Vanessa...

i really didn't think it was possible for me to LOATHE her more than i already did. it was possible. very very possible.

All Hail Becca and Mallory! GENIUS post today ladies.

I don't watch GG or New 90210. I guess that makes me half an idiot? I never tuned into GG because of my personal loathing for the elite uber wealthy teens of the Upper East Side. And the Old 90210 gave me hives, so why give it another chance to mar my good skin?

Speaking of skin.... kudos for going there w/ both the hideousness of overaged drug damaged Shannen D. and the smoke infested skin of size 00 Ellen Pompeo! You're brave women.

However I, as a nonviewer of these shows, am eternally grateful for the link/clip of the brilliant Jessica Walter. Even on a shiite show her undeniable talent explodes. Gob's Mommy always has and always will kick ass! She can do anything.

I was shocked to see the evil murderess teen seductress from Nip Tuck is also on the New 90210. She was insane sexy satan on screen ruining all men women and children in her evil path on FX. Now on Fox she is a whiny tiny old bore. Yikes, bad career move anyone?

As for the two obviously crazy nearly invisible tiny actresses now constantly on every entertainment show so Hollywood can pretend to debate whether or not anorexia gets you jobs I say this.... SAD, TRAGIC, RECKLESS. Yes, I saw the pics from years past vs. their current sizes on E, ET, EXTRA etc.... These two young women are definitely way beyond regular super skinny Hollywood. When your ribs show both back and front it's a real problem and likely a deadly disease. Not to mention a dangerous precedent to send to the young viewers desperate to look like the characters they idolize. There is NO debate, when a size 00 swims on you, yes, you are an anorexic in need of medical attention. 5 or 10 lbs. could save these girls lives! (I had to rant, anorexia kills)

GA. Is Dr. McSoldierific not returning to Seattle Grace? Is that definite? He was seriously sexy and bossy, yumm. And Yang needs a good man bad. And McDreamy's dumped nurse stabbed him in the hand and there is no official retribution? She must be the GA version of Leyla.

And to the gem of gems, DSM. The links/clips were gifts, thanks. This show is so amazing, in every way excellent, flawless. I cannot think of another soap ever where I loved every actor, character, scene, script, wardrobe, hair, makeup, set dressing, WRITING & STORYTELLING. If season 2 sucks I am going to go off all soaps.

If Guza wants to rip off other shows and movies so much why not try to copy DSM? Shoot for the stars you talentless hack! You deserve a year in jail for today's heinous episode alone.

Becca and Mallory, long may you reign/complain. :-)

GG is so good! Chuck Bass is hot.

Trying to watch 90210 but dang - its boring. Don't like any of the kiddo's except the very pretty rich boy, Ty. He looks like superman. Still love me some kelly and very happy D was the dad.

And I so agree.... Mc GI Joe was so HOT! Way hotter than McDreamy and even hotter than McSteamy. He needs to come back.

q: could we still have grey's anatomy if they killed of Meridith? i just cant stand her.

love chuck/blair!!!

I feel like the little fangurls from GG were a shot out to the actual fans! How cute and sassy were they? Especially the kid playing Little S, her timing was PERFECTION - from her little face perking when she noticed Serena was with Dan, to her blurted "HIS LIPS KISSED GEORGINA'S!" Cuuuute!

The Chuck seduces Blair scene was so hot I turned red and looked around to see if anyone had noticed (and I was by myself). I keep telling myself that it's cool to lust after him because Ed Westwick is my age, and therefore I'm not a pervy old woman.

Then, the next episode I was like "omgChuckHasOnAPurpleSuit." Seriously. Chuck wore a purple suit, and it was brilliant. I'm so obsessed with evil Serena I went and downloaded that Santogold song ("Shove It") from the last scene of the episode. I then put it on my iPod and have spent the last week walking around campus with a big bag on my arm listening to it - it's total bad ass montage music.

Still haven't watched 90210,regrettably missed the Dirty, Sexy, Money marathon, Chandra Wilson is still my favorite on Gery's, Ellen Pompeo totally needs to get her faced fixed (Omg aside, speaking of faces...before Vanessa Williams' new one settled it looked JUST LIKE TERI HATCHER's), and Heigl ruined all of Izzi's coolness with her opining, smug, pretentious self.

And I have a new episode of GG waiting for me on the Tivo!

I loved the new hot military doc on Grey's Anatomy, but the actor Kevin McKidd is actually Scottish. If you've seen Made of Honor with McDreamy, you would have seen Kevin McKidd in all his Scottish awesomeness. Very funny to now see him on Grey's Anatomy with Patrick Dempsey.

OMG I can't wait to see your response to this weeks GG. That show just gets better and better, no?

I would say that the elevator sex between EJ/Nicole was on par with the Blair/Chuck scene, but that could be my JS love talking.

I adore Tristan Wild and I did watch all 5 seasons of The Wire this summer. He's great. All Wire actors were great though. I wish he was not so damn boring as he is on 90210, but I'll be grateful for the exposure he's getting here and hope he moves quickly on to better things. He's very cute, and I think the movie you spoke of has him singing, I saw a second of a commercial and said, is that Michael (character on The Wire) singing?

Mc GI Joe was hot as hell and he and Christina would be smokin together. I believe he will be back, but I'm not sure of that.

Tomorrow! DSM! So excited! I miss Brian Jr and want him back, that kid was awesome. Bring on the Darlings! And Nick! But not his wife, I really don't like her. She's Vanessa and Naomi rolled in to one for me.

Guys, I love the primetime comments! They make my day, even on days when i treat myself to a Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Mmm. Anyhoo, agree with EVERYTHING you said about Grey's except Military Man....verdict is still out on him.

But i was wondering what your thoughts were on Izzie/Alex. I have been patiently waiting since season 2 and have't given up hope through Denny, Ava/Rebecca/WTFhername is and the horrid pain that was George and Izzie. *shudder* You can't deny that their relationship is twisted and angsty and just full of hot. And they've just been through SO much together. Sigh. Okay, i will stop rambling now....I don't even know what the point of this ramble is. But....your thoughts?

Addendum: Chuck Bass made me cry last night.

That's all.

Karen and Freddy's wedding and 2-minute marriage is my favorite TV wedding ever.

Thank you for recommending Dirty Sexy Money. I caught the marathon and was hooked. Can't wait for new episodes.

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