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September 01, 2008

Spotted: B & S, On The CW Tonight at 8 PM

I am completely and utterly behind on all of my shows these days. My laziness is not fun-related, unless one counts moving out of state as fun, which I do not, as "packing", "long car rides in heavy traffic" and "unpacking" are placed prominently on the list of things that I dislike.

Luckily, today is Labor Day, which will give me ample time to finish catching up on everything, but, I don't know, I've always found Labor Day to be somewhat depressing. Sure, it means a three-day weekend, a party of some sort is usually involved and, guaranteed, there is some sort of Law & Order marathon that you find yourself compelled to watch no matter how many times you've seen each episode, but there's also such loss signified by the day. Summer? OVER. Wearing white? VERBOTEN.

Luckily, the CW, glorious channel that it is, knows how sad the day can be and has a cure for what ails us: the premiere of the new season of Gossip Girl tonight at 8 PM.

If you watched last season, you'll be joining me in a chorus of "Eeeeee!!!", I presume. If you didn't watch last season but want to watch this season, the CW has given us a cliff's notes version of what went down last season


All of that scandal, drama and Chace Crawford prettiness PLUS the simple fact that Blair Waldorf is a bitch goddess with a headband fetish


And, really, what more could you ask for in a scriped drama than the utter insanity that is Chuck Bass's fashion sense?



It's a win/win/win, people.


Not really interested in the show, but I do think that their ad campaign, where they have been taking quotes from parental watchdog groups and using them to promote the show, is hilarious.

I am far, far more excited for the premiere tonight than it is acceptable for any 34-year-old to be.

Kat, I agree, the campaign is hilarious.

ACE! Chuck & Blair are hilarious.

I am literally checking the clock every 30 seconds. CANNOT WAIT.

CHUCK/BLAIR FOREVER!!!!! Just had to get that out in the open there...I flove them to pieces and far too fangirl about them than is good for my allegedly 30 years on this earth. I am totally counting the seconds and far more upset than should be allowed that they did not pair Gossip Girl wtih 90210...I mean hello....

I'll meet up with anyone who wants in the forums to discuss tonight's fun!

I came on 'Serial Drama' and saw a post on 'Gossip Girl' and was all "Am I on the right site?!" LOL.

I love GG, they have one of the most awesome couples ever, Chuck/Blair! Plus the show in general is really entertaining. I do agree though, there ad's are really funny.

I came on 'Serial Drama' and saw a post on 'Gossip Girl' and was all "Am I on the right site?!"

GG is totally a soap!

Yeah, but so are many of the popular prime time shows. Are you guys finally going to ditch daytime, which sucks, and start taking on Mad Men and Dirty Sexy Money?

I love Chuck Bass. I can't explain it, he's like the secret love child of Alexis Carrington and J.R Ewing.

And Ed Westwick just hit it completely of the park tonight. I'm so glad he's not just a one dimensional douche, I seriously went "Stop being such an ass Chuck!" to "Awww kid it'll be ok!" in less than 30 seconds watching him tonight. The stuttered "I...I.." when Blair told him what she wanted to hear from him was one of the best moments in teen drama ever. Chace Crawford who? I'm a total Ed Westwick fangurl.

Hee, couldn't agree with you more, Ashley, though I am angry that he's got to drop the British accent. Why couldn't Chuck be from some British boarding school? Sigh..I have a thing for accents.

GG was great last night, love Chuck and Blair!

totally into GG. Blair/Chuck 4 ever. The premier was so not disappointing (that is new) god knows I love angst.

Ashley so much word to your post! I love Chuck and Ed is AMAZING. I constantly think that the world can have Chace as long as I get to keep Ed ;) C/B are by far my favorite couple(and characters, with Chuck Bass slightly in the lead) on GG.

As for Ed's accent, I hope we an hear it on the show one day. I mean if we got Marcus with the accent why can't Chuck bust one out too?!

FLOVE Blair, FLOVE Chuck, and i FLOVE Blair and Chuck together!

i love this show. and last nite' premiere did not disappoint!

Totally agree with Ashley's comment, Ed Westwick is just awesome!

I saw the season premiere last night and loved it. I'd totally die if you started blogging GG -hint hint- ;)

I'm all aboard the Chuck/Blair bandwagon and couldn't care less about Sarena/Dan. Wouldn't care if they were never seen again.

Gotta love me some Chuck even with his horrible fashion sense.

Holy cow, I don't check in for a week and I come back and there's an awesome Gossip Girl post?! In that case...


Ahem. I swear I'm not 12, but something about those two brings out the squeeing fangurl in me.

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