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September 17, 2008

There Are Just So Many Great Things To Choose From

I caught up on several weeks' worth of General Hospital over the last few days.  I had been unmotivated to watch lately.  Not because the show aggressively sucks, or anything.  There were a lot of reasons for my failure to keep up that are wholly unrelated to the quality -- or lack thereof, if I were feeling negative -- of this "soap."  I had to:  keep up on all the blogs about Fashion Week, find my passport in my storage room full of crap, watch the season premiere of Real World/Road Rules Challenge (then shower continuously for several consecutive days to try not to feel so dirty), watch Gossip Girl (insert hearts and flowers here!), watch 9021zzzzzzz, buy a car, organize my handbags by size and season, and even exercise a couple of times.  Plus, someone left this comment on one of my GH posts:

you Liz haters go and f*ck your self and get off your high horse and also Leave Jason alone and go fuck yourself and your intire family.

I mean, whoa.  Food for thought, you know?  I needed to get some perspective, like this reader!  I thought for a long time about her insight, and decided I should reconsider my intire GH-related world view.  I need to be more positive!  So with that in mind, I decided to do something almost unprecedented around here:  Post about all the things I've enjoyed over the last few weeks of GH.

In no particular order, the mostly complete list -- with visual aids! -- is:

1.  Maxie's yellow sundress with green accessories.


2.  Greg Vaughn getting shirtless and Sam and Lucky getting it on.


3.  Maxie's fuchsia dress.


4.  Jax getting a haircut and finding out that Carly is a faithless hussy.


5.  Maxie's black and white dress.


Plus...no, that's about it.  God, this positivity thing is awesome!  It's so, um, brief!

I know all of you are equally positive about this show.  So what was your highlight from the last few weeks?

Screencaps courtesy of LaurieLuvsLiason.


Can we add to the list, KS's shoulder bones aren't protruding anymore? Yay to the sammich!

One of the great mysteries of the world is how the same wardrobe department costumes KS.... AND the rest of the cast. Unless the wardrobe department is filled with KS's family I just don't understand the huge difference in her adorableness and stylish ensembles vs. what the rest of the cast is wearing. The odds that she we look fab and most of the rest of the cast will be sadly attired is about 82.76%.

It's a puzzlement!

Loved the fuschia, loved the cotton jersey grey and sunny striped halter, loved the red w/ white tank underneath, loved her curls today, and love that she outshines sad dopey Kate all the time!!!

Sorry you had to read that on your post and by the way they are awsome I may be done with GH but chick I will never quit reading your awsome post people take this soap opera thing toooooo far and yeah it was a Jason and Liz fan anyway the usual GH sucks love Gossip Girl and Maxie and Sam&Lucky and of course Scrubs are the only thing tolerable so far on this Gawd awful show SO FAR

I had to go with shirtless Lucky.

It's nice seeing you so positive Becca! Wow, I felt a ray of sunshine just reading your Intire post. I think I'll emote happy faces...
(^__^) (^__^) (^__^) ...okay, that's it for me.

This show sucks... oops, I don't know where that came from.

Sadly the only truly enjoyable thing about Maxie anymore is her fashion. Spinelli & her entrance into mobville are slowly sucking the life right out of her. I want my feisty Maxie back.

Since I voted none of the above I wanted to clarify that all those of us who still love Elizabeth might not necessarily be Liason fans as well.
My highlight of the week was Elizabeth standing firm and determined on something she truly wanted and not being wishy-washy. I admit the person she desired should've been stranded on Muroroa Atoll just before they pushed the shiny red button, but I was still amazed by the depth and range of emotions Rebbecca Herbst showed in her scenes.

Also, Maxie is STELLAR-COOL!!! :D

How could you leave Patrick off this list? True, he engaged Robin in the same conversation they've been having for months now, but he did so hotly.

I could seriously crawl into his dimples and die.

Can we get a whole show of shirtless Lucky walking around in, say, a jockstrap or something equally revealing?

I'd submit that for Emmy consideration.

While Maxie's hair and wardrobe always makes me jealous of KS, I really enjoyed the high quality Spixie "propping" these last few weeks. As I don't hate Jason, I enjoy seeing him genuinely interact with people. His heart to heart with Maxie about her feelings for Spinelli almost beat out last spring's Liason marriage proposal for Jason highlight of the year (I have to admit that I FF through much of the Michael storyline because it was so negatively contrived. I wanted to be happy DC was leaving the show and Emily's death wore out my ability to mourn characters I was not particularly fond of). I also enjoyed the meta moment when Jason outlined why he IS a bad person and how he essentially betrayed Liz and their son by choosing the criminal life when he had the chance to give it up.

I went with none of the above because as much as I love Greg...and as much as I crave to see him shirtless..I am so not sitting through this crap to see that. Malcotent party of one and proudly hating on.

Unfortunate that none of the choices involved the fact that it's great for curing insomnia.

Although, I did love Maxie's black and white dress. And also her dress from yesterday. But I supposed we can look forward to that for next week's GH post. Yay!

It's really terrible that people take this show so seriously. Lord it's a soap opera and a bad one at that.

I have no horse in this game but I find all couples on GH extremely dull and contrived and I'm sorry that includes Patrick and Robin. Although NS is a welcome escape. On NS at least there are decent stories to follow. GH has nothing but plots to follow one character to another.

There are very few if any characters that appeal to me on this show and since Guza has turned my 2 faves Lucky and Robin into complete idiots on GH I can't watch no matter who their paired with.

I picked the yellow dress even though the first time I'm seeing it is on this website. I've decided not to watch until Guza is GONE! I might be caught on Youtube watching Robin and Patrick get married, but beyond that GH and I are on a break from each other. AND believe me when I say, GH, it's not me, it's YOU. XOXO

Nikolas, Nikolas & Nikolas and oh yeah Maxies fabulous wardrobe are the only things worth watching on this show. I've got to admit I do check out Miss Maxie's cute little outfits.

To whoever sent Becca that horrible post. First - get spell check. Seriously - how is anyone to take you seriously with spelling like that?

Second - Becca has tried on MANY occasions to be positive about this p.o.s. show. GH is so bad though that it slowly sucks the positiveness out of Becca and reduces her to a Debbie Downer. As the old saying goes - don't hate the player - hate the game. And belive me - I hate the game. I wouldn't even know it was still on if not for SD's blog.....

Sure GH is "just" a soap opera - but it is a terrible example of a soap opera and for those of us who can spell, I mean remember the show from the 80's, GH wasn't always THIS bad. In fact - it was darn right pretty awesome....

While TIIC have botched her return...btw, how do you do that to Genie Freaking Francis?...the highlight for me is seeing Genie on my screen.

Even with just a few sentences here and there, Genie portrays more emotion with her eyes and voice inflection than most!
WTF is wrong with TIIC that they don't value Genie and her Laura?

Also, while implausible, Edward and Piph rocked the jury!

Um... this show has descended to such levels of terrible, nothing (save Quartermaines coming back from the dead and the mob all dying together in one massive explosion) can save it. As much as I love Lucky and Lusam, and as much as I love Nikolas, I cannot tolerate this show. Everything about it either depresses me or pisses me off, and it's just not worth it. I would absolutely love if Laura and Nikolas could have a conversation or interact in some meaningful way, but I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. However, I must say this: if Laura's presence is all in Lulu's head, is it too much to hope that the past... 4 years or so of this show has been just one big nightmare?

Ummm...yeah. GV/Lucky shirtless with little to no dialogue gets me off every time. I'm like in total "this show is fucking awesome" mode until he puts his shirt back on. :-)

Oh yeah, I forgot to say something...I HATE THIS EFFING SHOW.

I had to go with shirtless Lucky, especially just in pictures since I won't bother to actually take the time to watch the show any longer, not even for that gorgeousness. Any way we could just make the show into one long hour of various shirtless Greg Vaughan pictures???

Oh, and I meant to add, to the author of that lovely messge: You're so charming. You should write Hallmark cards with that kind of skill.

Maxie's yellow dress is love.

Genie Francis has been awesome, even with the limited screen time she's been given. She's even made me tolerate Lulu again. They play well off each other in scenes - you can feel the emotion. Not a common occurrence on this suckfest of a show.

I will say I was happy to get more Edward Q. time on the screen, even if I had to sit through the most unrealistic, non-fact-based example of a trial in the history of broadcast media - I mean, you know how they let people become jurors when they have direct knowledge of the defendant and how they allow the father of the victim to try the case and how they let jurors talk out loud and stuff? Those GH writers really know how to research! Power to the brain donors!

I'm sorry, I know this is supposed to be about "positivity" for GH, but I have to vent somewhere, and I know that HERE, I will be venting to those who feel my pain. Those FUCKING SCENES with Sonny "duh-facing" his way through talking Kate into forgiving him and marrying him anyway made me feel like I had roaches crawling on me. Can you say SKEEVED OUT, boys and girls? EWWWW!!!!! Between the horrid acting by MB and the look on Kate's face like she was about to vomit a small volkswagon, I actually wore the letters off the FF button on my remote - and we've only had it a week.

I still can't believe those vids of Sonny back when Stone was dying. I had completely forgotten that he used to be a good actor. Now he only knows one acting move - smarmy.

By the way, I am Intirely certain that you should have an IQ higher than your shoe size to be able to comment on soap boards. Of course, I question my own IQ because I still watch this dreck.....

All of the choices are great. The highlight of my week? Seeing my beloved Sam on almost every day unlike the last six months where I was lucky to see her once a week. Everything Maxie was perfection as well - especially the black and white dress. Jack looks awesome with the haircut, and Carly is indeed a faithless hussy.

My highlight was definitely the aching sweetness of Maxie talking with Jason about what Spinelli means to her while he heard her, then her crawling into the bed beside him.

And while I hated the stupidity of the trial and ff'ed most of it, I did catch Edward's soliloquy about how PC has changed since the mob moved in. Amen to that. Clearly someone on the writing staff realizes how far this show has sunk. Which begs the question: WHY IN THE HELL HASN'T SOMEONE DONE SOMETHING TO FIX IT?????

Oh, I have to add Kate finding out about Sonny and Carly and having to get down off her high horse. Except that she apparently decided that since she was laying on the ground bleeding already, she couldn't sink any lower and might as well take him back. Can she be the victim of the next mob shooting? Please?

You guys STILL haven't mended your scathing-speaking ways?! Tsk.

(I voted for the yellow dress.)

More great things to choose from:

Maxie's dialogue
Diane's dialogue
Finally ending our misery of the Zacharra trial. Priceless.

Actually, I have been enjoying the comfort clothes that Laura has been wearing!

Oh, Rene. We are so on the same page about MB/Sonny.

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