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September 17, 2008

There Are Just So Many Great Things To Choose From

I caught up on several weeks' worth of General Hospital over the last few days.  I had been unmotivated to watch lately.  Not because the show aggressively sucks, or anything.  There were a lot of reasons for my failure to keep up that are wholly unrelated to the quality -- or lack thereof, if I were feeling negative -- of this "soap."  I had to:  keep up on all the blogs about Fashion Week, find my passport in my storage room full of crap, watch the season premiere of Real World/Road Rules Challenge (then shower continuously for several consecutive days to try not to feel so dirty), watch Gossip Girl (insert hearts and flowers here!), watch 9021zzzzzzz, buy a car, organize my handbags by size and season, and even exercise a couple of times.  Plus, someone left this comment on one of my GH posts:

you Liz haters go and f*ck your self and get off your high horse and also Leave Jason alone and go fuck yourself and your intire family.

I mean, whoa.  Food for thought, you know?  I needed to get some perspective, like this reader!  I thought for a long time about her insight, and decided I should reconsider my intire GH-related world view.  I need to be more positive!  So with that in mind, I decided to do something almost unprecedented around here:  Post about all the things I've enjoyed over the last few weeks of GH.

In no particular order, the mostly complete list -- with visual aids! -- is:

1.  Maxie's yellow sundress with green accessories.


2.  Greg Vaughn getting shirtless and Sam and Lucky getting it on.


3.  Maxie's fuchsia dress.


4.  Jax getting a haircut and finding out that Carly is a faithless hussy.


5.  Maxie's black and white dress.


Plus...no, that's about it.  God, this positivity thing is awesome!  It's so, um, brief!

I know all of you are equally positive about this show.  So what was your highlight from the last few weeks?

Screencaps courtesy of LaurieLuvsLiason.


I've been watching bits and pieces on soapnet. It's all I can handle. I don't know if my comment says more about how sucky this show is or if I'm deluded and trying to find that positive comment. Here goes: I kind of like Nadine and Nicholas. I'm looking into the sky waiting for lightening to strike..... Anyway, I liked her comment about the vacuum cleaner and never knowing if he is kidding her or not. Tyler Christopher even looks like he is kind of amused. There. That's it. Except for the gorgeous Maximista. I wonder if Megan Ward is totally jealous of all the cool clothes KS gets to wear.

Any Claudia/Nik scene makes my day.

Maxie is my girl crush.

The sight of GV half naked reduces me to tears and a state of sheer bliss.

The continued and cherished hope that Nadine will one day die sustains me.

Whoever sent you that post needs Prozac and a shot of JimBeam. Fruit loop,indeed.

hmmm - it was nice to see the old lizzy back...snarky with eyes

..not sure she has cut her eyes at jason since (sshhhh courtney).

All the choices were awesome but I had to go with Carly finally getting a little of what's coming to her (even though I'm sure we all know deep down that it won't last), because a) I used to adore Jax, particularly with Brenda, and anything that gets him away from that harpy who HE NEVER WOULD HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH (ahem, sorry, bitter still) is a good thing and b) dude, it's Carly getting a little bit of what's coming to her for once, even if it's only (probably) temporary. That's TOTALLY for the win!

Lucky and Sam getting it on =)

love that INtire SL

I actually liked Liz and Jason making out until that stupid Carly busted up in and ruined it. I mean, I myself, would like to jump up and latch my legs around Steve Burton...so....LOL

And I was also enjoying that Nadine might be a casualty of the fire. Is that bad?!

Some folks give soap fans a bad name. Jeez.

Maxie's wardrobe! It's by far the best thing on GH.

I must say that Greg Vaughn and Kelly Monaco are so gorgeous and adorable together, I smile through their scenes. HOWEVER, throwing Jerry into the mix lately has made me literally sick to my stomach. I realize that Sam is trying to show her mother what a scum bag Jerry is by having him want her.....but, it's sickening. In other words, Sam is the scapegoat and not caring what her mother thinks of her as long as Jerry is exposed for the disgusting character he is. All I can say is, this better have a happy ending. I personally am sick and tired of Sam always being portrayed in this skanky way. She and Lucky are falling in love. Why do the writers have to taint it with this crappy s/l of Jerry and Sam? Why?

The writers write for Genie Francis badly? Are you kidding? She's had some great lines and advice for her daughter. It's her son, Lucky, that gets the crud writing. Sam? Well, the writers have been draggin her through the mud for years, and this gal can act. This entire soap is written so poorly, you can drive a truck through most storylines. There are soooo many WTF moments and conversations and plots and character flaws. Things just don't make sense half the time. It's like the writers are grasping at straws. Sad. They have such a great cast of actors on gh, and TIIC don't know what to do with them. So much potential for great storylines.

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