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September 27, 2008

Words Don't Do It Justice: Only Gibberish Can Describe My Excitement




I try, for the most part, to refrain from reading spoilers. Partly because I am still naively hoping to be surprised by plot twists which...you wonder how I don't fall down more. And I also try to avoid spoilers so that I don't judge stories unfarily, sight unseen. It makes way more sense to wait for the story to start and THEN judge. Patience is a virtue and all that.

But, in a beautiful instance of serendipity, I accidentally read a spoiler that was so glorious, and so insanely perfect that it completely salvaged a day that was marred by torrential downpours and accidentally searing my hand with my flatiron.

If you want to remain unspoiled, do not keep reading. But if you want a hint of the most amazing thing to happen to Pine Valley in years (Petey Cortlandt notwithstanding), join me in walking on air after the jump!

Ohmigod, you guys. It's happened. It has finally happened. After five years of bitching and moaning and being convinced that the powers-that-be at All My Children were writing this character specifically to drive the audience insane, it has happened.

Amanda Baker has gotten pink slipped and Babe is being killed off.

Babe, the loathsome, babynapping, smugger than smug, lying, bitchy and not even in the entertaining way, overexposed, hypocritical Babe is gone. Gone! Dead! As in "Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Gone". As in "No, FOR REAL, they aren't faking it this time". As in "We'll be able to watch an entire AMC episode without being assaulted by the smugness that permeates the character no matter who is playing her".

I feel like Julia Roberts presenting Denzel Washington with the Oscar, because I really do love my life.

I could rain on my own parade of happiness by pointing out that we're probably in for a good six months of mourning over Babe and express regret that Babe wasn't killed off earlier, especially when Alexa Havins was still playing her, but for right now, I'd just...like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.

I will be liveblogging the hell out of this when the wonderful day comes, by the way.


If you're this excited about one annoying character getting killed off, I can only imagine how you'd react if Bob Guza and/or Jill Phelps got the axe.

I don't watch AMC, but I imagine that you and others this is like Courtney on GH getting killed off by Luke's monkey virus. Let's hope Babe's demise is as, ah, "memorable."

Courtney's death - finest day in recent GH memory! I celebrate the death of Babe with you!

Aw, man! I was hoping Dixie was coming back. I mean, I'm not a fan of Babe or anything, but who even cares with that dishrag playing her? I just hope it means Annie and JR are getting together!

I understand your joy but I must say the only AMC character they could kill off that would bring such unmitigated joy from me would be Ryan "the Douchebag" Lavery. Talk about smug.

Or you know if the heavens opened up for me and snatched the "goodness" that is Jason Morgan from us mere mortals who cannot possibly appreciate him enough. Now that would be a truly marvelous day.

Not that I'm not happy for you or anything. I just have bigger fish to fry.

This is the best soap opera related news I've heard in forever!

I haven't been this excited about a soap death since the infuriating eyeroller known as Courtney Matthews bit the dust!

Tell us how you really feel! lol

Actually, I am wondering how you feel about Billy Miller as the new Billy Abbott on Y&R. I loved BM as Richie and can't wait to see what he bring to the table as a Y&R actor...


I am sooooo effing excited by this news! When I read the spoiler, I thought I was dreaming. I'm living in the land without fuel (Atlanta) and there are very few things that brighten my homebound days. But this? This nugget of ooey goodness? This should keep me dancing to my own tune (a la Ally McBeal) for at least a week.

Hip hip Hooray!!!!

That is awesome news. I only wish Krystal would be right behind.

I agree with everyone else who said they haven't been this excited since Courtney on GH died!

Hopefully Krystal will be next?

I am so happy that you guys are giddy about this joyous occasion, too! This is going to ruuuuuule!!! And for good measure !!!!!!!!!!

Kels, I hear ya on Ryan and Jason. I don't think it will ever happen, but who knows? The end of Babe's reign of terror may be a good sign of things to come. At the very least, I am more optimistic about Charles Pratt's writing than I had been before.

LooseLips, a post about Billy Miller as Billy Abbott is coming. Needless to say, it will involve lots of exclamation points, because I am loving it. Brill casting choice.

Hmph. 20+ years of soap-watching (ESPECIALLY Days of Our Lives) has taught me that death rarely takes.

Mark my words: within a year we'll be begrudgingly welcoming our ghostly skanktastic overlord.

If this is a real final death for Babe then I will be thrilled. Good riddance! If the brass at AMC really wants to send Babe off right and make the audience tune in to see her vile character offed they should bring back the OG Babe. Maybe it's me, but I hate OG Babe way more than her NS1 replacement.

And I beg AMC not to throw her a funeral as big as a wedding where the whole brain washed town shows up to mourn her tragic passing. I say kill her and move on!

Soaps are making me kinda evil?!?!?!

Good, heres hoping this frees up JR to be awesome again and to get started on that future supercoupling with Amanda.

Cruel cruel soaps...something as monumental and huge as this happens and yes I too start to hope for the impossible...Jason Morgan gone....Sonny and his dimples of godliness gone...Guza gone...and yet i know its not going to happen.

Are we sure this is Pratt? The Pratt we all know and loathe? I mean that's getting something....RIGHT. I so confused....excited...but confused....

Is it too much to hope that her skank-mamma Krystal will be NEXT???? I mean, can't the tornado make a detour and off her as well? And take out Ryan too while they're at it. THAT would make my year! :)

WhoooHooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy
Day! Three years too late, but I'll take it however I can get it.

YES .. there is a GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo!! This made my day! I'm not sure if my hatred for her on NS made me hate her on AMC, but good riddance! I'm not a fan.

WOOHOO. thanks Mallory. i will tune in just to see that charater DIE i hope they crush her with a house.flat as a pancake.

Great news! I do wish they could've killed off Babe sooner when the original actress was playing her. I've learned to tolerate New!Babe because she's not THAT upfront and center all the time like the super smug old Babe.

Now, if they could only find a way to get rid of Ryan. My Babe hate is nothing but a flicker compared to Ryan who I hate with the fire of a thousand suns.

WOW! Let us know when you have an opinion, huh? I am happy she's going, altho' truth be told there are many others I'd rather see leave first. Please soap gods while you're at it, rid us of the Green Butterfly & her Dynamite Kiddo who are single-handedly eating this soap alive! She can take her pole with her or fly out on it! The ratings have simultaneously tanked with her latest arrival & haven't recovered. She has nearly killed the Slaters kids & not paid for it at all & her whitewashing has nearly destroyed every character in her reach, including her hapless husband, who will probably be going with her. Please give us one more miracle!

i'm posting again because that's just how happy this makes me! i cannot stand to watch babe because she has AWFUL split ends. i know, its shallow but i swear it's all i can pay attention to when she is on screen.

who is the new kid playing little adam? He is adorable! At least he smiles...the other kid always looked so...well...depressed and out of place.
then again who woudn't with a mother like babe...what's there to smile about, really?

Where's our live blog? Did the stupidest revelation ever (Zach and Bianca made a baby) make you rethink? 'Cause it has surely harshed my buzz over Babe's death.

You guys need to get a real life. The asinine comments on why you hate certain characters are as shallow as a baby's pool. Get lives and stop living vicariously thru the soap characters you love to despise because you see too much of yourselves in them.

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