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October 20, 2008

In Which We Prepare For The End of Night Shift

The second part of the Night Shift finale is on tomorrow night and we are totally disappointed that this season is ending. Who would have thought that, a year after that...thing happened (and wow, it's even worse than we had remembered. And we remembered it being pretty bad. But ______Barrett! And the shootout in the middle of the ER! And Robin's dead/evil twin! That was atomically bad), we'd be so addicted to the second season? It just goes to show you what good writing, good acting and no Guza will do for a show.

This season, we'll be continuing our tradition of tag teaming the finale, and this time around, we're going to cover both parts in one epic recap.

Until then, tell us what you think about Night Shift ending. Are you sad? Are you over it more than Billy Dee Williams is?


I'm so verklempt....I mean I no longer have a legitmate reason to be offering to have Sri's child now. Sure I keep the offer out there but at least with the show on it seems slightly less crazy.

Of course there is always the new tradition of just randomly yelling "SRI RULES! SUCK IT GUZA!" at radom GH intervals....which you know works out to be every segment I'm sure.

*counts down till Season 3, but only if its written by Sri and includes my Scrubs*

It was AMAZING from start to finish, or at least I think it will be(with few exceptions in between). Robin, Patrick, Robert, Anna, and the 80's reunion was the BEST part of this show for me without a doubt.

I guess most will miss the Scorpio's with a Devane and Drake on the side and the general awesome that is good writing and respect for soaps. I will too, for sure.

But you know along with all that I will miss, I won't miss some thing either.

I SO HEARTED the 80's reunion, but what really just did me in were the clips from the original 80's shows they did at the breaks. ADORABLE little Kimberly!! The fight scene with Luke at the waterfall - you know REALLY OUTDOORS and not using some Commodore 64 SHIT visual effects! Remember how great "on location" shows were back then???

If we can see Friends and Seinfeld on 197 channels anytime of the day or night, 365 - WHY can't Soapnet rerun some of these shows?? It's obvious they have them if they showed clips!! Don't tell me they wouldn't get ratings!! Even one or two weeks per year where they show a weeks' worth of episodes - the Cassadine island and the attempt to freeze the world?? Holly and Luke on the run?? Come on! Totally awesome, I'm sure! (Sorry, a little 80's Valley Girl there...)

My guess is that Guza has blackmail on anyone who could make that happen. He doesn't want anyone to see what good soapy soap-making really looks like. A coup of epic proportions would be staged on his office, complete with flaming torches and a bad scene of dropping him in acid in the end. And he knows it.

Guza sucks....


I'm going to be so sad when this season ends. It's tragic that we will be without good soapiness (courtesy of Sri Rao) until next season (unless he doesn't resign). It was so nice to have at least something to look forward to in the GH realm. It sure as hell was not coming from the dung heap of daytime General Mobspital. Sri & team wrote and produced a gem for us this season.

All I want to say to Guza is: "See, it's not that hard."

Verklempt. I didn't have to read any of the other options. Scrubs and Scorpios written well AND given airtime, I could put up with hours of the unholy trinity if we were just given a little more of JT and Kmc.

I will be departing Port Charles once NS2 is over, and not taking the quick and easy shuttle to Port Murder - not even for a birth and a wedding I waited years for. If SR wants to mention/flashback these events that will have happened offscreen for this NS-only viewer for S3, wonderful. I can't go back. I've had a taste of non-sucky, and I won't settle again.

I don't care what anyone says, I will sincerely miss AsshoLeo.

What I'll miss most is the one plot point you didn't mention.... and that would be the romance between Kyle and Eric. I loved the series as a whole, but that relationship made it really special for me.

I don't actually watch the show, but I will sorely miss the recaps.

What is it with daytime GH and NS2 using Scrubs/Scorpio family for great moments be it sparkling or emotional but no consistent airtime. Scrubs are what I watch both shows for! I want to see more of them and their extended family! Like Robin & Patrick together in webisodes on the SOAPnet.com NS2 page. As a poster on another site said, I too, would have paid money to see Patrick and a pregnant Robin trying to get behind the wheel of a car or some other outing with those two away from work! Short-sighted executives=idiots.

I am definitely going to miss Night Shift, especially Scrubs, Robert, and Anna. I really hope they don't screw up Robin and Patrick's wedding on GH but you know they will. At least we know Robert is going to be there though it will be glaring to me who won't (Brenda, Felicia, Audrey, Tiffany and Sean as I doubt Guza would bring them back). The people who will be there will probably include Spinelli (he will most likely get more screentime than Mac), Carly (you know she is going to make an apperance), Coleman (apparently as Patrick's best man!?!), and a whole bunch of newbies with only a tentative connection to Scrubs. Oh well, here's hoping they at least let Bobbie out from wherever they are keeping her and let her attend.

SOD has one of those instant polls asking if NS or GH is better, and it mystifies me how GH is ahead!


Be that as it may, I am going to miss NS something awful, something I NEVER would have thought I would say a year ago. Goes to show what fresh blood and a new vision can do!

Bring on NS3 - without Guza/JFP again, please!

Yeah, NS2 ending kinda has me sliding into a serious depression. Once I start crying tonight, I might not be able to stop. At least until I know there will be a season 3 with Robert, Anna, Robin, Patrick, and the others (at this point if their names aren't Sonny, Carly, Jason, or freakin mafia I'll take 'em)!!

From what I heard about the upcoming wedding and Scrubs baby's birth...I'm already heading for the liqour cabinet while cursing Guza nice and loud.

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