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October 10, 2008

Night Shift Episode 12: Truth and Consequences

PREVIOUSLY on General Hospital: Night Shift, Anna Devane!!!! Being written like Anna Devane!!!! Looking awesome!!!!

Also, the Robert/Anna/Robin family unit leaned on each other for support, Kyle and Eric bonded, Claire confessed to Saira that she slept with "Leo", white supremacists created chaos in the ER and Patrick told one of them to "get the hell out" of GH if he was unhappy with the staff treating him.


Robert is sleeping in his bed, with Anna sitting in an uncomfortable looking hospital chair across from his bed, wrapped in a blanket with a fetching pair of glasses on, intently doing something on her laptop. Robert stirs and tells her that he thought it was 1985, but that she looks too old. She sasses back that she looks better than he does. He wonders if she's looking at porn, but she's actually looking up experimental treatments that they've done in Indonesia, South Africa and the Netherlands. Robert's eyes light up as he realizes that she's hacking into the World Health Organization website. Hee! He's impressed that she's stealing secrets from the government in an ICU room, but she says she's done way crazier things and is good at getting into places others don't bother trying. He agrees. She tells him, quite seriously, "We're going to beat this".

So, here's the thing, and I think I have mentioned it before: I cry very, very easily. I couldn't watch the ending of The Little Mermaid for many years because I got so upset at the end when Ariel leaves her father to be on land, and all you have to do is say "Hey, Boo" and I am prone to just bursting into tears.  I think I have something in my eyes right now. The point of this story is that I cried through most of this episode and the tears started at the precise moment that Anna told Robert that they'd beat his sickness. That was like 46 seconds in. I had to rewatch the episode, like, five times to actually understand all of the scenes.

Robin and Saira are doing yoga together, and Saira is filling Robin in on the "Leo" sleeping with Claire drama. Robin gets more and more outraged as she hears more details, and is nearly apoplectic when she finds out that Claire confessed to Saira's face. Saira reminds her that the whole point of yoga is to relax and manage stress, not exacerbate, it, and Robin dismissively says, "Fine, namaste, tell me what happened!" Hee. Robin declares that she always knew something like this would happen, and says that she'll kill "Leo", interrupting herself to wonder why Saira is so eerily calm as she contorts herself. Saira says she's anything but, and went home last night and trashed her apartment. As if this woman has any sort of powerful emotion like that. This is the show's 12th week, and all we've seen from her is blank cheer, blank annoyance and blank blankness. I'm so sure that she was angry enough to wreck her apartment. She tells Robin that "Leo" doesn't know that she knows, and that she doesn't know what she's going to do.

Jagger asks to speak to Patrick, who is hotly doing some paperwork, and tells Patrick that he has some bad news about those skinheads. The leader? Found dead that morning. And his minions? Think Patrick is responsible. Patrick looks dumbstruck, and Billy Dee Williams and Epiphany exchange a look.

Billy Dee asks Jagger if maybe they got into a fight when they left, but Jagger says that he guy went right home and something must have been wrong, because they found him dead this morning. Patrick surmises that he had internal injuries, which Claire totally called last week. Jagger says that the story is that Patrick refused to treat him. Billy Dee interrupts and says that the skinhead refused to be treated by anyone who wasn't white and points out that Jagger saw the whole thing. Pip chimes in that his friends are right: she left her shift and let them leave without a thorough examination. Patrick says that this is all his responsibility, and he'll do whatever Jagger needs, like a statement. Jagger asks to speak to him in private and they walk approximately eight feet away, and Jagger confides in Patrick that the skinhead was a leader of a very well-organized militant group and that the FBI is concerned that the group might retaliate. He went to the GH board and requested more security, and Patrick tells him that Jagger has his full cooperation no matter what, and Jagger responds, promo style, that GH might not be safe anymore. Psh, angry violence erupting at the hospital is nothing new here. Remember last season when there was a shootout in the middle of the ER?! Patrick is practically a pro at dealing with stuff like that. 

Kyle wheels Eric back into his room, flirting all the way.

Kyle: Okay, Evel Knievel, let's get you back into bed.
Eric: I can't wait to hear you say that in a non medical setting.

Eric's parents walk in just as Kyle is putting Eric back in bed, and hope they aren't interrupting. He fills them in that Eric is showing signs of improvement, but Eric interrupts with "...yes, I still need a new liver. We know, Doogie". Ha! I love a good Doogie Howser reference. Kyle thanks Eric's mother for lunch, and she says it was her pleasure, as she has always hoped that Eric would settle down with a doctor. The men are all shocked  silent. Kyle excuses himself to go back to work, and Eric's dad follows him out to get the real deal on his son's illness. Kyle tells him that, without the liver transplant, Eric isn't likely to recover. His father beseeches Kyle to find a way to save his son.


"Leo" examines a woman who he introduces to Saira as Valerie Murphy when she comes in to answer his page. Valerie came in with a hot sensation in her arm, and "Leo" recommends that she have surgery and a stent, but that she doesn't want invasive surgery. "Leo" said that since Saira is a super awesome alternative medicine specialist that she could review some non-surgical options with Valerie. Saira pretty much says no, and starts to leave, which is really unfathomably bratty of her. Valerie asks her if her health problems are caused by stress, and Saira relents for a second and says that she would recommend a holistic problem, and "Leo" says that coupled with the angioplasty, Valerie should be good to go. Saira snottily says that they don't need to resort to surgery and that she bets "Leo" hasn't even reviewed a list of complications with her yet, a list that she goes on to rattle off in a really obnoxious way before she steels herself and tells Valerie, "These cardiac surgeons are a little too eager to cut into you. They just love holding your heart in their hands". Oh, ha! That was funny! Get it! "Leo" is holding SAIRA'S heart in his hands! Ha...ha?

In Robert's room, Anna greets her daughter with a kiss, and tells Robin that Robert, who starts to nod off, is in fighting shape. Robin doesn't look pleased, and they walk away from Robert's bed to discuss. Robin tells her mom that the fluid in Robert's lungs hasn't subsided and they're looking at pneumonia, which he's having a hard time fighting off, and his fever is still dangerously high. Robert requests that they not discuss him like he's a piece of furniture. He asks Robin how much time he has left. Robin tells him that the next 48 hours are critical, and starts crying as she tells him "I'm so sorry, Daddy, there's nothing else I can do". Anna hugs her.

The thing about scenes with Robin, Robert and Anna is that all three actors bring it in such an amazing way. Tristan Rogers, especially, is just brilliant. Robert's agony is almost palpable.

(Oh, and also, I cried there, too)

Billy Dee does that thing he does where he tells Epiphany something that on the surface is a compliment but comes out kind of douchily, and tells her that it pains him to see her so upset over the skinhead. She says that he was her patient, regardless of how evil he was. Billy Dee asks her, "Do you realize what a horrible person this was?" I hate when people say things like that. There is no way to interpret it as anything but condescending. Epiphany then says, and brace yourselves because it's freaking hilarious, "It's not my place to judge". SINCE WHEN, EPIPHANY? SINCE WHEN?! I am loving her this season but come on, judging is what she does best! She's a kindred spirit that way. Billy Dee snaps that he's glad the skinhead is dead and Epiphany is flabbergasted. Billy Dee tells her that she can beat herself up over what happened, but he won't watch and he won't shed a tear.

Part of me spent that whole exchange really irritated, because the writing for Billy Dee has been so jackassy. Another part of me spent that whole exchange laughing at how little Billy Dee cares. And the other part of me was too bored to exert any more mental energy on BDW and Pip.

In the locker room, "Leo" asks Saira if she wants to go get breakfast, which is a Night Shift kiss of death. Remember Andy and his quest to take a girl out for breakfast? Remember Andy at all? Bad times. "Leo" disrobes as he suggests that Saira go back to his place, and she asks if there is anything he wants to say to her. He is baffled, and she continues that she is giving him one chance. He says he has no clue what she's talking about, and asks if she's talked to Kyle recently. Comprehension dawns on his face and he says he's not sure what she wants him to say. She says that "sorry" would have been a good start and he takes that and runs with it, and talks about the sorry way that he's sorry. She can't believe that she was stupid enough to give him a chance, and he says that he was the stupid one, and he was scared, and she rails at him that he shouldn't be scared because he's a grown man, and that he pushes away people who love him and hurts them, and deserves to be alone. He cries.

I...do not care about this couple at all. It seems like everything with them happened at warp speed, with the hatred turning into sexual tension turning into love turning into heartbreak. I know that the show is only 14 episodes, but still, it was way too rushed. And also, Azita Ghanizada is a HORRIBLE actress. Just horrible. Like, "could take acting lessons from Antonio Sabato Jr." horrible. Yeah, I went there. She seems like she's reading cue cards half the time, and the other half, she uses these bizarre inflections and overacts, and is just...terrible.

Jagger is observing as people walk through a metal detector. Kyle sets the detector off, so he needs to go get frisked. And wouldn't luck have it, Claire is getting frisked, too! What are the chances? They make awkward small talk and he tells her that he hasn't been home lately because he's been staying at his friend Maggie's. She lives at the mob-adjacent docks, FYI. He then tells Claire that Maggie offered to let him move in, so he'll be over to pick his stuff up. Claire looks as gobsmacked as I feel: what the hell? This conflict between the two of them is beyond contrived and makes Kyle look like a supreme douchebag. She scurries after him and tells him that she told Saira the truth, and that the other interns are eating up the gossip. She says she thought that it would make Kyle feel better. He says it doesn't, and walks away.

In Robert's room, Robert asks Robin how bad it is, and she says it's okay. He tells her not to lie to her father and she admits that his temperature isn't coming down. He figured as much, as it's hard for him to tell anymore. She says that she'll have a nurse come in to change his bag and keep him hydrated, but then says she'll do it herself. He tells her that if she's going to cry, to do it here. Through tears, she tells him that she's not crying, and when she realizes that he's not buying that, she blames it on the hormones. He tells her that this is bad for her, and bad for the baby and he tells her he'll be fine. Full on crying, she asks him to promise her that, but he can't. He tells her he'll do his best. Anna watches all of this sadly from the hallway. I pretty much wept throughout.

Jagger approaches Anna and asks after Robert. He tells her that he's heard a lot about her from Robin, and Robert, "not to mention the stories I've heard from the bureau". Hee! He correctly notes that Anna loves Robert a lot, and she launches into a very, very sad monologue about how there are some days when she's doing her superspy thing and she can't get out of bed in the morning and then she thinks that somewhere in the world, Robert is doing the same thing and fighting and surviving, and that's what keeps her going. She's completely choked up at this point, and Jagger notes that Robert gives her strength. Anna tells him that Robert is the only person in the world who understood how much they sacrificed. Jagger assumes that she means Robin, and she did, but she adds that they also sacrificed each other.

I'm not exactly sure why Anna opened up to Jagger that way as, for all intents and purposes, he's a stranger, but it was a nice scene nonetheless. Finola Hughes is so good, and Antonio Sabato Jr. wasn't half bad. Probably because it was mostly wordless on his part and he just had to convey "sadness", which isn't that hard.

(And, obviously, I cried at that scene)

Patrick and a blonde woman are pedeconferencing and she looks familiar. But it couldn't be right? A Quartermaine on a show that takes place in Port Charles? What?! It's confirmed when Patrick calls her Dr. Quartermaine, though. Eeee!!! Monica!!! She's telling Patrick that the hospital board is really concerned about the whole "imminent threat by a violent, hate-filled mob" thing, since people don't want to come to a hospital that they might get shot in. Fair point, Dr. Q. Patrick defends his position, saying that the skinhead said some terrible things, but Monica points out that the press doesn't care, and his lawyers don't care. She sits him down and says that Patrick is a great surgeon, but appointing him Chief of Staff was a big risk, which HELLO, yes, it was, and hits him with some knowledge: there are board members who think they made a huge mistake by making him COS. Again, HELLO, yes, it was a huge mistake. He mulls this over. I am impressed that Monica was so mature and rational and didn't hit him over the head with something and scream "I should have been the Chief of Staff, pretty boy! This wouldn't have happened on my watch!!!"

Anna is running a damp washcloth over Robert's face, and he asks her to stop. She says that he's seen her at her worst, and never turned away, and if there is anyone in the world he doesn't need to hide from, it's her. After a beat, he says, "Cards on the table?" and she immediately looks concerned.

Robert: I can't do this. I can't win this one...every hero has his moment, and I think my time has run out.

He starts to cry, and Anna climbs into his bed and holds his as he cries.

(I...started to cry big heaving sobs at this point)

Kyle is examining Eric, who wakes up. Kyle tells him he just wanted to check on him before he went home for the night. Eric asks how Kyle is doing, what with the whole "moving out of his apartment because he's an oversensitive lunatic" thing and Kyle says he's trying to be the star of his own drama. Eric flirtatiously says that's a show he'd like to watch, which leads Kyle to deem him the "Master of inappropriate innuendo". Eric says that a dying man needs to have some fun and confirms with Kyle that he is dying.

Back at Robin's, Patrick is sitting on their couch/bed looking absolutely devastated. Robin, in pajamas and a cute pink bathrobe, comes over and greets him. He doesn't respond, and she rubs his back as he asks what the hell has happened to his life and how he turned into a guy who kicks patients out of the hospital. Robin tells him that part of being a doctor is making hard decisions, but he says he doesn't feel like a doctor and can't remember the last patient he treated. She points out that it was Robert. Ouch! Patrick asks how Robert is, and she reports that there are no changes. Patrick starts crying and tells her he thought he was doing the right thing taking the COS job, because he wanted to grow up and provide for Robin and their baby. She tells him that if she has to, she can provide for them, but he tells her he wanted to be better than Noah, and if he can't run a hospital, how can he manage his family? Robin tells him that he's already better than Noah ever was, because he's there with her right now, just like he will be for his patients. She tells him she needs him, especially if something happens to Robert, and Patrick tells her "I'll be right here". She wipes on of his tears away with her thumb and tells him again that she needs him. They kiss, and he says, "Robin, I let a man die", through tears, and she grabs his head and literally forces him to look her in the eye she she tells him that it's okay.

Just...seriously. The two of them are so great, which makes it even worse that GH uses and abuses them so. Jason Thompson was really fantastic in that scene; everything about Patrick conveyed utter devastation.

Anna and Robert are hugging in Robert's bed, and he starts to apologize for the past, but she warns him not to go soft. He then starts to talk about her hair, which he compares to a mane. She assumes he means like a lioness, but he was thinking more along the lines of a horse. Heh. She threatens to pull one of his tubes out. Then, he breaks my freaking heart by outlining a dream he had about how, after their final mission, they'd find their way back to each other and wind up old and gray, drinking mai tais on the beach. Anna wipes her eyes and says she never doubted that would happen. He is dismayed that they ran out of time. She says that they may not have mai tais, but this could be their beach chair and, together, they do the meditation Robert tried (and failed at) a couple of episodes back and as Anna talks about the ocean, Robert says, "I love you, Anna Devane" and his voice breaks. She starts to cry as she replies, "I love you, Robert Scorpio. I love you so much".

(I...just...imagine Robert and Anna's ocean and triple its size and that is how many tears I shed by this part of the show)

"Leo" runs over to Robin, and she yells that he is the last person she wants to talk to. He presses on, admitting that he assed everything up and apologizes to her, and she notes that he's telling the wrong girl that he's sorry. He's tried apologizing to Saira, though, and she won't talk to him. He pleads with Robn that he wants to make it better because he loves her. She scoffs and pretty much tells him to talk to the hand, saying that she would have never been dumb enough to get involved with him, but Saira is too nice. She says something about Saira giving stray puppies her hearts that doesn't make much sense but is, I think, supposed to remind the audience that Saira is a great girl, a reminder that I am thankful for because I forget ever actually seeing evidence of that onscreen. She concludes by telling "Leo" that he can't make this right. Again, I would care far more about this story if their relationship hadn't lasted eighteen minutes.

Claire walks in to treat an older man who requested to see her; it turns out that he was the music teacher of that recovered addict who auditioned for Ryan's kidney. He wanted to thank her in person, and is sad when he hears that Ryan passed away, and feels guilty for a minute, wondering if he'd still be alive if he hadn't donated his kidney. She says that Ryan was the type to live with no regrets, and he says he won't waste the gift Ryan gave him. That...was boring.

Patrick is watching Robert as he sleeps, and Anna begs him to say that there's been a change. Patrick says that his temperature went up, and Anna pretty much pounces, saying that she thought they were giving him the strongest antibiotics possible. Patrick suggests that Anna go home, and get some rest, telling her that he and Robin will sit with Robert tonight. He adds that Robert is lucky to have her.

Anna: Once you love a Scorpio...
Patrick: Ain't that the truth


A patient is rushed in on a gurney, and it turns out that it's Valerie, who collapsed during dinner. "Leo" rushes over to treat her and yells to get Valerie's husband out, since he's screaming "Why didn't you help her?" repeatedly.

Later, Saira is in the stairwell, looking sad. A very over-the-top kind of sad. "Leo" joins her and says that they almost lost the patient. She apologizes for steering her away from surgery and for being such a horrid brat that she'd risk a patient's life in order to stick it to "Leo". He apologizes for hurting her, and tells her he loves her, but she says that what's done can't be undone. Since day one, they've been volatile with each other and that's what she found attractive, but love isn't supposed to be so horrible, andzzzzz.....

In Eric's room, Kyle wonders when his parents are coming back, and Eric wants to know why, theorizing that either Kyle is asking for his hand in marriage, or he has bad news. Kyle tells him that they aren't making any headway in clinical trials, or the donor list, and tells Eric that he's sorry. Eric mulls it over for a minute and asks Kyle if he's ever had a perfect moment. Eric tells the story of his perfect moment, when he was in New York to see a show and everything was wonderful and he was so happy, and he asks if Kyle has ever had a moment like that. Kyle has. Right that second, actually. They stare at each other for a beat, and lean in and kiss. It's hot and romantic all at once.

Elsewhere, Patrick greets Jagger and asks if there has been any suspicious activity. Jagger says there hasn't been, but they aren't in the clear yet. Patrick says that he will cooperate fully with Jagger, who sighs heavily, and tells Patrick he knows something he's not sure he should tell Patrick. Pattycake assumes that it's about GH's safety, but Jagger says it's actually about Dr. Drake himself: there will be a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of the white supremacists, alleging that Patrick perpetrated a hate crime, killing their leader because of his beliefs. Sucks to be Patrick.

In Robert's room, Robin is studying her dad and Anna wonders if he's in pain. Robin said he shouldn't be, and Anna fiercely tells him not to let go, because she still needs him. Robin, crying, looks at his eyes and starts crying harder. Sensing that something is up, Anna sharply asks what happened and Robin says that Robert has fallen into a coma and I dissolve into a puddle on my couch, surrounded by tissues, mascara running down my face and making unattractive gasping noises.


That was an incredibly emotional experience. I think my eyes are still a little puffy, to be honest.

Because I am me, I do have some quibbles, but they are minor.

First, how can a show that produces such epic, amazing, soapy drama for the Scorpios and Patrick, drop the ball so completely on the minor storylines? Because Pip and Billy Dee are boring, "Leo" and Saira's relationship had zero point, Claire is obnoxious most of the time and boring the rest, and Kyle is only tolerable with Eric. Weird. I know that Robin, Patrick and Robert are the show's centerpieces and that most of the creative attention will be paid to them, but it's just so obvious that the writers can't be bothered with the rest of the show.

On the Kyle and Eric tip, I really like them together, but I wish we hadn't just sat through a doctor falls for a patient story. It kind of takes a little bit out of this one for me, but only a little, because overall, this one is SO much better written than Claire's.

And it's nice that we're seeing some of the stress Patrick is under as a result of becoming Chief of Staff, but I would have loved to see more of that throughout the show. I know people will assume that I am just saying that because I love Jason Thompson, but seriously, that's a huge change for the character and I'd have like to see the stress and the pressure dealt with a little more explicitly.

Overall, though, it's a pretty fantastic way to spend an hour.


Yeah... see, I think I would have found the whole thing more moving if I hadn't been watching the show since 1981 and knew that the love of Robert's life was Holly, not Anna, and no matter how many times this show tries to tell me differently, I know its not the case.

But that's the thing about soaps, I guess, where you came in depends on how you react to everything that came later.

Just like the fact that no matter how many times I'm told that Sonny is the moral center of GH, all I can think of is: Underage girl stripper/drugs/kills people for a living. Not so much with the moral center.

I agree. Where is Holly? I hear Robert will be dreaming of Robert and HOLLY's townhouse and Holly won't be there?!? No matter how NS tries to spin it, Holly should at LEAST be mentioned.

Awesome recap. I've only seen the last two episodes, but I was an absolute wreck by the end of this one. And, let's be honest, my eyes aren't exactly dry after reading this recap.

I respect people's opinions on Robert/Holly. But I will be loyal to the belief that Anna and Robert are 'it' for each other to the end. I remember faking sick to stay home from school and watch Anna and Robert. (Mom: if you're reading this, just kidding. I never did that.)

Seeing them together on the same screen is such a gift. The story and the actors' performances are breaking my heart (and making me dehydrated), but it's a gift nonetheless.

I'm pretty much hyperventilating right now. I'm so excited for Sean and Tiffany next week that I'm actually tearing up. This quite possibly might be the most exciting thing to happen on a GH related program in 5 years, maybe more!!

Well, it's pretty obvious the writers aren't capable of creating interesting new characters and that the established characters are just easy to write for since they have so many years of history (and are portrayed by such great performers). I wouldn't be surprised if the Scorpios wrote or at last re-wrote their own stuff anyway since they know their characters better than anyone. Or maybe the GH writers write for them and the NS writers write the new people??

I mean it might just be the nature of such a short season that forces the writers to rush the minor characters into "heavy" relationships in 5 minutes but I agree that you just don't care about any of them. They should either have NS focus only on GH characters OR make it an ongoing series so they aren't forced into such ridiculous lame situations so fast. Yes, Eric and Kyle are just like Claire and the kidney guy...ho-hum. Saira just walks around like she has ice water in her veins and is better than everybody and Leo lost ANY personality he had in season one...and I don't mean the actor, I mean the writing. Billy Dee and Epi are just roadkill and are given nothing to do.

But the glimmer of hope is the that the GH core people make this an enjoyable show so I get to watch them and then take bathroom breaks when Kyle and Claire are busy being Will and Grace...

My allergies must be kicking in because how else can I explain the sniffles while reading this recap? This is what a soap is supposed to be. Damn you Sri for making me remember and then leaving me with only two episodes left :(! It's not fair.

I don't know if I'm the minority, but I do care about Kyle and Eric (I LOVED that kiss and the dialogue that came before it)...and I was starting to like Claire until the fake cry. Toussaint and Epiphany I think would have stood a chance at being good if not for BDW and the fact that HE clearly doesn't care. They should have brought in a new character for Pip I think because I don't think BDW wants to be there. And I like Leo. I think he was much more interesting this season.

Jason is so talented, and this episode + this Dr. Drake centric webisode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bBm8SK_f0U
= perfection. The webisode was like a prosiac after this beautiful but truly sad episode. Plus it gives claire and kyke a purpose for being around .

Okay, I think I cried almost as much reading this as I did when I watched it -lol! I agree though about the uneven writing. I tend to just skip the other characters because they're boring and I find them merely an obstacle to my Scorpios and Patrick. I think the problem is that they introduced so many new characters at once and they are making them be the other sorylines so they're not connected to the characters we love as much - it's just not the way to introduce new characters and get people to care. It's too bad they couldn't have had Leslie Charleston on for the whole season and used Monica to help connect us to and help us care about the others. Ah, well, maybe next season...

There are no words for how fabulous the Night Shift version of the Scorpios has been; Anna, Robert and Robin (and Patrick and Mac) make me squee like a fan girl when we get to see them together like this.

For the record, I have never, ever been able to watch Bambi because of what happens in the beginning. I can't watch All Dogs Go To Heaven. And it took me until a few years ago (I'm in my 30's) to get to where I could watch Rudolph without bawling, though it's still difficult for me to watch.

I hear you. I had my own ocean of tears this week. Tristan, Finola, and Kimberly are just phenomenal together. JT has fit into that amazingly well. Take the 4 of them in any combo, on NS, and it's going to be good.

My only real frustration is that I want more of them. Especially Scrubs on their own. I did not first tune in nor do I continue to tune in for anyone but Robin, Patrick, and Robert (with a side of Anna & Mac thrown in). I tried to care about the other stories but they simply did not lure me in.

I do like Kyle and Eric but we haven't had enough time with them for me to be truly invested. And like you I'm a bit put off by this being the second time in 12 episodes that a doctor has fallen in love with a patient. This story is far better than what happened with Claire but it's coming second still weakens it some. Or at least weakens my opinion of the head writer's creativity.

And for the love of all that is holy & pure I just do NOT care about "Leo" or Saira. They are not good actors, their relationship never ever made sense to me and was totally underdeveloped, and they are totally devoid of chem. I resent the amount of airtime they have been given, especially in light of how they have done zilch with it.

I can't imagine anyone cried more than I did. Literally W-E-E-P-I-N-G, sobbing hysterics. I haven't cried like that during a soap since the Lila's funeral scenes!

This episode moved me so much, in fact, that I did something I NEVER do. I am not a "fan-atic" in that I attend fan events or call the soap lines or write to actors; however, I did go over to Tristan Rogers MySpace - where I subscribe to his uber-intelligent and awesome blog - and write him an email, telling him how much I hearted his outstanding performance. I know he'll get tons of those, and I don't expect or desire a response. I just felt compelled to tell him what it meant to me personally that he put his heart and soul into this performance as he so obviously did.

I felt compelled to do so because my mother died of metastatic liver cancer, and I can assure you - the scenes with Robin, Robert and Anna are all SPOT ON. Robin's desperate need to do something (compounded by the fact that she's a doctor!) but knowing she can't. Anna trying to stay strong but clearly on the verge of tears every second. Robert trying to make it okay for his family and be strong but fear and sadness finally overcoming him in the end...

All of these things do happen when a loved one is dying from cancer. Even though every fiber of my being wants Robert to live, there is a part of me that will almost feel it's a punch in the gut to put us through this only to have him survive with some "miracle cure" in the end. I'm torn on how I want this to play out...

As for the rest of the show, the only thing I could get on board with was the Kyle/Eric kiss. Now given that neither of these actors are actually gay, that was some HOT STUFF! They really brought it for the scene, and I give them props for that. I was waiting for the "I don't really want to do this lip peck," but it was truly outstanding. I hope they give more attention to this gay storyline than the "Lucas is here, he's queer but now he's disappeared!" storyline on GH. Geez.

Touissant needs to have a tragic accident with a floor cleaner. Sorry. His skeeviness is rubbing off on my new plasma screen. Nasty.

MONICA!! OMG MONICA!!! Poor Leslie....one "mercy scene" on NS for all the years of great acting and storylines she's given to GH. I guess we should be grateful we saw her at all. No chance of a special token appearance by Ned somewhere in there, huh? Who, I have to insert here, didn't visit Monica while she was in REHAB? Great way to keep that history alive, Guza, ya' bastard!

I can hardly contain myself until the Sean and Tiffany scenes next week. I keep wondering if it's going to be one of those "you see everyone you love as you're dying" kind of scenes or if it's just going to be what he dreams while in the coma...it's probably out there in spoilers somewhere if I do a little net search, but I don't want to know.

P.S. - Anna and Robert forever. I loved him with Holly, but Anna was his first love and the mother of his daughter. They are the true couple.

There are no words to how touched I was watching this - I have watched Gh since I was 5, yes, FIVE. Robert and Anna will always be it for me - in fact, when I think of Legendary Soap Loves - I always think of Luke and Laura, Robert and Anna.

I think that this is a gift. For all the shit we have had to put up with - even if the outcome turns out to be "fatal". Thank GOD that we get left with THIS as our last memories of Robert Scorpio.

I cry just thinking about it!

Monica Q + the Scorpio family= GH perfection. If there is any justice, (which I doubt,) Emmys will be won based on this episode alone.

OMGosh, this epi was soo good (& by epi I mean only the Scorpio & Drake scenes).
I want Robert to LIVE!
This is a soap (i.e. not reality), and I want there to be a happy-ending. It doesn't have to be Miracle Hospital quick, but it needs to happen. (My grandmother died of cancer, so I too know that this battle sucks something fierce... but what I wouldn't do for a little soapy miracle...)

Oh and Rene, the guy that plays Eric, Chad Allen, is gay... he is like one of the only out gay soap actors.
...& I agree, those two are smokin' hot!

Tristan, JT, FH, and Kimberly deserve Emmy nominations for their work in NS. NS is not perfect but compared to "All Mob, All the time GH"--it is absolutely wonderful. Weeping, just weeping from the quality of acting in this episode.

hmm, the link didn't show before...I think it is too long, so I will post it on two lines (just copy one line, paste in url, then copy the other at the end of the 1st line).


This ep was awesome, and all of the Scorpio actors were spot on.

Re: Kyle and Eric - I don't know anything about Adam Grimes personally, but Chad Allen is gay. I do agree that they both inhabited their characters really well, and that scene was very romantic. Not Jack/Ianto hot, for those of you who know what I'm talking about, but extremely nice nonetheless.

It's already been said, but Tristan Rogers, Finola Hughes, and Kimberly McCullough continue to be the most outstanding talents the soap genre has to offer. And Jason Thompson is outstanding, as well.

I also don't care in the least about Saira and Leo's relationship. I dislike this Leo and find him to be whiny and childish. The whole Kyle/Claire thing just comes off to me as an attempt to copy some other more successful "gay man/straight woman as best friends trying to make it in the big, bad world" pairing, but without the chemistry or the talent.

Although the writing for the Scorpios and, to some extent, Scrubs, has shown some depth (not nearly enough, primarily due to the limited time available to dedicate to them), the stories that I consider secondary (and mostly an annoyance) seem to be painted in broad, stereotypical brushstrokes. The skinhead demanding a white doctor, the silliness of the Julian family squabbles, the ridiculous fight between Kyle and Claire - I could go on and on - are all so shallow and the stuff of fourth grade plays. There is no subtlety, no realism. These stories are cartoonish and a waste of valuable air time that could be put to much better use by a Scorpio.

How are the same writers writing both extremes? I don't know the answer, but I hope as they analyze the response to each episode, they see what is really working in such an outstanding way and what is just irritating because it isn't.

This episode has me bawling as well. Scorpios just rock.

I read an interview with Kimberly McCullough where she stated that Adam Grimes is straight and actually lives with his girlfriend. I really like him and Eric together but agree that it's been hard to invest in the second string characters because we don't really know them and their stories are so rushed. The viewers just don't have the ties to them so we can't dive head first into their stories like with the Scorpios.

I still think Sri Rao is heads and shoulders above Guza as far as the planning and execution of these stories goes. How many dropped storylines and plot contrivances can we take? If Guza was writing this show, no WAY would we have seen the end result of the white supremacy storyline or even a continuation of the fact that Saira and Robin are even friends. Guza just can't do it anymore. I know it's not perfection, but I actually look forward to the show and not in an ironic way.

I love reading these every week - they are funny and outrageous! But I have to disagree with you on some points, I think that the Claire/Kyle stories were sweet and gave all the seriousness of the soap some balance, plus there webisodes were cute, I don't think the actress that plays Saira (Azita Ghanizada) is bad at all, she seems to be gentle and low key, in line with her holistic ideals, the NuLeo seems to have good moments on camera as well. Also, the intimacy between Kyle and Eric was so touching.

I think the writing differs so greatly between scrubs/scorpios and the newbies because there's already so much history for them. But as far as writing goes way better than anything we are seeing on Daytime, way better than what's happening with the Mob on GH Day shift. I'll take Night Shift and get to know the newbies and watch Scrubs any day over GH.

I will admit that I have always thought while I could enjoy a good story / romance about gay men I'd be grossed out to see anything overtly sexual, and the few scenes I have come across in movies did kinda ick me out. But I completely believed the actors in the scene, nothing felt forced or weird or exploitative (or overly hyped Nuke fans!). Very romantic and hot and not at all ick. Bravo to both guys. And like gut / girl couples on shows I could care less about their real llife sexuality, what's important is onscreen chemistry and bringing it in scenes.

I was in tears reading your recap. I can't believe we only have 2 episodes left. I don't know what I'm going to do without being able to look forward to NS2 every tues night. Tristan, Finola, Kimberly and Jason were phenomenal in this episode. I haven't cried this much from a soap in who knows how long. I could have done without the Leo/Saira story and some of the other stories. I hate Guza for what he did to Robert and Anna. It took Sri for us to finally have our Scorpio's back. Let's hope if we get NS3 we get our Scorpio's back.

I loved this episode. I cried all over again readin this reacp. Jason and Kimberly were FANTASTIC in their scene together!!!!.

I'd have gladly sacrificed Pip and BDW, Leo and Saira's microwave relationship and angst, or any number of the shoplifted directly from Grey's to make Claire Izzy storylines for one scene of Monica with Robert and Anna. As I remember many many scenes of one or both in the hospital, with a Dr. Q looking after them (for instance Monica agreeing that Anna can play nurse because the rest of the nursing staff was ready to murder Robert). I think the solution for NS3 is clearly, to bring over some other characters that need refuge from Bob - like the Q's, rather than these newbies that aren't catching on, and add them to the Scorpio awesomeness. And then Bob can finally rename the other show Mob Men and be done with it.

The only thing I could add aside from the fact that I loved the Scrub and Scorpio scenes and all work so well together is that Kimberly McCullough is absolutely amazing.

She makes it look so easy. You watch a scene with her and she makes others look good. She gives so much to her fellow actors. A look, a touch, the way tears well up in her eyes. Just the subtle little things. Wonderful actress. She makes it real and very natural

Just the little scene with Siara and Robin made me like Siara in that scene.

Tearjerker doesn't describe what this brilliant episode did to me. I wept. There are not enough words to describe my love for the Scorpios and Drakes on NS2. The family dealing w/ Robert's cancer and Patrick's job issues and Robin's pregnancy etc... are all just brilliant and real but soapy at the same time. The acting is outstanding. These 4 all deserve Emmy's for this. And Sri too for writing it. All in the face of TIIC of GH. Bravo NS2!

A weird side note. I was very early to notice and mention the scenery sign boards honoring Steve Hardy and Tania Jones. Many of us were touched and thrilled to the nods of GH's great past. I personally gave a shout out to Sri and his team for the love and respect not only to OG GH but to us fans, long suffering fans. Here's the weird bit. I was watching a youtube Scrubs fan music video and got a decent size shock. In a NS1 scene where Patrick calls and leaves Noah a message thanking him for his HS graduation Porsche there is a GH signboard behind him.... and it shows the way to the Steve Hardy Memorial Library!*^#!**!%&#%#*# And nobody saw it or mentioned it anywhere online that I ever noticed. NS1 was so bad and offensive even in the earlier episodes that even a Steve Hardy reference was missed. Only on NS2 did we see it. I don't know who first created that silent background nod to Steve Hardy, but it only was seen and loved by NS2 fans. And I think that proves Guza is the kiss of death. He ruins even the tiniest good moments.

And on that note, Holly's return to GH in 05' was so vile and inexplicable that it must have had some effect on her not being a part of NS2. She was a terrorist for MONEY, willing to let even Robin, her stepdaughter, die for profit! She was even more unrecognizable than GH 05' Robert. So maybe even Sri could not get past that GUZASHIT on NS's slightly AU. Or maybe she wasn't available or maybe to Sri it's all about Robert's view of his life, and that while Holly was a love, maybe not his great love. The Anna Robert thing came first, during, and after Holly. And it involved Robin their child which bonded them eternally.

Holly was a huge part of Robert's life. And they were adorable together in their own special way. But when she was gone, he moved on. He was always tied to Anna. Even when she was w/ Duke and he w/ Katherine Delafield. Many fans see Duke as Anna's great love. And on GH/NS he is treated like a joke in passing. So don't be too offended about Holly's absence. What we are getting here so far surpasses Guza's GH it's like a a celebration every Tuesday night. One I will greatly miss in two weeks.

When Robin came into Robert's room and could barely get the words of his prognosis out I knew I was in trouble. With Anna/Robert admitting that they still loved the other and would have ended up together then both Robert and Patrick breaking down in their women's arms, the realness got me. Fat, hot tears started rolling and didn't stop til I had experienced all the Scorpio/Devane/Scrubs scenes. Not that there were that many! Those actors/characters can make you feel. What is wrong with the NS2 people in not showing more Scrubs/Scorpio/Devane? They are crazy on that note. The other stuff I barely pay attention to just to wonder why the scenes are so long and to wait for another Scrubs scene that doesn't appear. Oh and from Toussaint's expression in Epi 11 when Epiphany stormed out and from the things he said in epi 12, I get the vibe that he did something to the hate guy that died. After Patrick is cleared he should be named Head of the Neurology Department. Toussaint did it!

That's what I get for not doing my research! I knew Grimes wasn't gay, but I had no idea about Chad Allen. Either way, it was an excellent gay scene!

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