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October 06, 2008

Night Shift Episode 11: Love/Hate

My DVR missed the "previously"s!  However will I catch up?  Oh, right, we've chronicled practically every word these characters have said for nearly two seasons now.

I'll wing it:  Robert has cancer, Robin is pregnant, "Leo" is dating Saira but had a one night stand with his brother Kyle's BFF Claire, Kyle is totally falling for his patient Eric even though a similar situation really didn't work out well for Claire, and Billy Dee and Epiphany were booooring.


Robin is scurrying around her apartment, yelling out a variety of updates and directions to her dad as she heads out to work.  She realizes that Robert's not responding, though, and goes into her bedroom where she finds him collapsed and unresponsive on the floor. 

Claire is moping in the locker room when Kyle arrives.  She really wants Kyle to forgive her for sleeping with "Leo," an incident that Kyle describes as "a freaking tragedy."  I get that Kyle is upset, but that reaction is a bit OTT.  And his anger is a little puzzling; Claire is his roommate, not his girlfriend.  He can be disgusted, or whatever, but please, this is a little drama queen-ish. 

The ER is a mob scene, with Jagger in the middle of it.  There was a fight between a group of white supremecists and protestors, which had almost turned into a riot.  Patrick hotly barks orders for everyone to shut up and for Epiphany to set up triage.  Patrick is able to hotly bark orders, of course, because he is -- hee! -- the chief of staff of a major hospital.  Saira asks Jagger to arrest the racist jerks, but Jagger informs her that actually, he's there to protect them.  Ut-oh, sucks to be you, Jagger.  Now take off your shirt.

After the theme song-ette, we're back in the ER.  One of the racist assholes is taunting Saira to come take care of him, but when she focuses on the patient she is assigned to he gets pissed and asks why she isn't at home, "making curry for [her] husband and ten kids."  This sends Leo (no quotes -- real Leo would actually have done this too) into a rage, and Jagger has to pull him off of the racist guy.  That guy then says he's "surprised [Leo] know[s] how to throw a punch anyway; didn't think they taught that at terrorist camp."  Damn.  This episode took some risks with the racially themed material, and while I didn't think the effect overall was super moving, it was about 50 times better than any of last season's horrible attempts at similar themes.  Not that that's hard, of course.

Leo tells Jagger that the white supremacists hate Jagger too (what ethnicity is the Cates family supposed to be, BTW?  I guess I never thought about that), but Jagger says he doesn't agree with them, he's just assigned by the FBI to the rally.  Their conversation is interrupted by Robin screaming for Patrick as she accompanies her dad's stretcher into the ER.  She is obviously distraught as Patrick and Leo start doing their doctor stuff and bark out doctor terms.

Emily Valentine and her tragic haircut are telling her brother Eric that while she would love to help him by donating part of her liver, she's too worried about who would take care of her kids if something happened to her.  Eric understands and wouldn't let her take the risk anyway.  He says this was an excuse to get her back in his life.  Kyle watches, pained.

Emily Valentine from 90210 and David Witherspoon from Our HouseNight Shift:  Resusitating my adolescence, one guest star at a time.

Robert is getting wheeled off to the OR while Patrick hotly spouts off Robert's list of ailments.  These include fluid in his lungs, which Robin says means he might not even survive the surgery.  Billy Dee gets shoehorned into this scene by swooping in to say that of course Robert Scorpio will survive, and he would like to scrub in and "lend a hand in the OR."  WTF?  The man was fixing elevators and mopping floors a dozen episodes ago.  Patrick hotly tries to point that out, more diplomatically than I would, but Billy Dee says that since he and Robert "are cut from the same cloth," Billy Dee has to be in the OR to help.  Seriously:  WTF?

Anyway, Robin tells Patrick that her dad's life can't end this way, and Patrick hotly says "I know.  He's our baby's grandfather.  I'm not going to let him off that easy."  Patrick hotly dashes off to the OR.

"Leo" and Saira pedeconference.  Saira thanks "Leo" for being all "aggressive" and "macho" and standing up for her earlier.  She wants to know why he's been getting into so many fights, and specifically what the deal is between "Leo" and Kyle.  Shockingly, "Leo" does not reveal that he schtupped Claire and instead listens to Saira's speech about the importance of telling the truth with an "oh god, this routine again?" look on his face.  (That's not exactly fair.  Ethan Rains has actually really stepped up his game and I like him a lot in this role now.  Or maybe it's just because next to the woman who plays Saira he seems like a master thespian.  Whatever, I still wish they had brought him in as the brother of Dominic Rains' Leo.)

Claire tends to one of the non-white-supremacist participants in the brawl.  In fact, he admits he kind of started the melee.  Claire says he doesn't seem the type, and he says he isn't.  Jagger -- who is, still, lamentably fully clothed -- comes into the exam area to talk to the patient.  Turns out the patient was part of that support group for parents of autistic kids that Jagger went to a few weeks back.  The patient talks about how the asshole white supremacists were yelling out horrible things to Port Charles residents who were just going about their business, walking past the rally -- residents who included a couple of black guys and a woman who looked Muslim.  Um, I watch General Hospital, so I must call shenanigans on this story:  I don't think anyone who is black and/or Muslim lives in Port Charles!  Nor anyone who is Asian or Latino.  Lots of Russians though!  Ah, diversity on today's soaps.  Anyway, the patient says he just kind of lost it and threw the first punch.  Claire says it was brave of him.  And then in a clunky tie-in, the patient responds:  "I guess.  Once you've had a kid with autism, nothing else really seems brave anymore."  Jagger looks pensive.  Or confused.  Or like he's pondering whether Pluto is a star or a planet.  Okay, probably not that last thing.

In the OR, Robert's spleen disintegrates in the surgeon's hand.  Yikes.  Alarm thingies go off.  Outside the OR, Robin frets and dials her cell phone:  "Mom?"

Claire corners Kyle and forces him to talk to her.  She says this thing with Leo was not about Kyle.  Kyle ignores this truth --

Claire:  I didn't mean to hurt you, okay?  Kyle, this wasn't about you.
Kyle:  You threw yourself at the one person you know I can't stand; how is that not about me?
Claire:  I wasn't thinking, I...I was in shock.
Kyle:  Yeah, yeah I remember.  I was there for you, remember that?
Claire:  Yeah.  I didn't need a friend.  I needed someone to be lost in.  It could have been anyone sitting at that bar, and it just was really bad luck that it turned out to be your brother.
Kyle: You know Claire, we joke all the time about guys, about how screwed up we are, how we're always chasing the wrong person.  Whatever.  I just thought you had more self-respect than that.
Claire: Maybe I don't.
Kyle: I'll pack up my stuff and I'll be gone by the weekend.

If you didn't see the scene, no, Kyle didn't come off any less self-centered than he sounds in writing.  The writers appear to be involved in a continuing effort to make me want to strangle him.  Anyway, Saira comes up at the end of this and wants to make sure Claire is okay, which Claire assures Saira she is.  Saira is puzzled.  Or angry.  Or contemplative.  Or trying to figure out how open-toed boots can not only have been conceived of but also manufactured on a massive scale.  Er, that last one might be me.

Kyle and "Leo" run into each other in the stairwell, which they must always do, so that "Leo" can be on a higher step and they can actually have a face-to-face conversation.  Kyle wants to know if "Leo" has told Saira yet about his one night stand with Claire.  "Leo" correctly asserts that this really isn't Kyle's business, but Kyle says it became his business when "Leo" slept with Claire.  No, it didn't, but...moving on.  "Leo" says his life is complicated and he would really appreciate some space to figure things out.  Kyle says no, that this is what "Leo" always does with women, and Kyle won't let him do this to Saira and Claire.  Then Leo loses the quotes once again:

Leo:  You think I'm proud of this?  Don't you think I get it?  I have this incredible woman who I'm completely falling in love with.  Who might be the best thing that's ever happened to me in my entire life.  And that might potentially end.
Kyle:  Then tell her.
Leo: It's not that simple.
Kyle:  Tell Saira the truth about Claire, or I will.

Ugh.  Growing hatred continues unabated.

Robin is in tears when Anna (!) rushes up to her.  Robin explains Robert's condition to Anna, who is absolutely shocked and horrified by the news.  Which you can tell just from her expressions, because Finola Hughes is awesome.  Robert gets wheeled past and Patrick has to hotly but sadly report that he wishes the surgery had gone better.

Claire examines one of the white supremacists, who I am ashamed to admit I noticed has great abs.  Then he sleazily tries to get her to grab his package and I can no longer see the good abs.  He goes on a rant about how only people "who don't have our color skin" come into the hospital on drugs and with gunshot wounds.  Claire basically tells him that he reminds her of the losers from her hometown who do nothing with their lives.  Epiphany arrives and Claire leaves, at which point the patient assholes that Epiphany won't be putting her "grubby paws" on him.

Patrick hotly explains to Robin and Anna that Robert's colon cancer caused diverticulitis, which they were able to somewhat treat, but the infection had spread to Robert's spleen, which had to be removed.  While people can live without spleens, no having one will make it more difficult for Robert to fight infection.  The doctors did everything they could, now it's all in Robert's hands.  Anna wants to see Robert.  She goes into his room and is overcome with emotion.  She goes over to his bed and brushes her hand across his face, at which point Robert, without opening his eyes, whispers "Anna."  He opens his eyes to see her tearing up by his bedside and says "Aren't you a site for sore eyes?"  I adore these two together, and I wasn't even watching back when they were a big couple.

Anna says Robert looks like hell, but he says he's just lulling the doctors into a false sense of security and then he's busting out of there.  Ha.  They have a lovely chat about getting older, Robin, and his health.  I would transcribe it here, but I started to and realized that the fabulousness was really from Tristan Rogers' and Finola Hughes' great delivery, infused with a great respect for the characters' histories, and not the words, some of which were actually a bit clunky.  If you didn't see it, I highly recommend watching it

Robin watches her parents from outside Robert's room.  Patrick hotly approaches and says from across the hallway, "I miss you."  They are both sorry that they've been pulled apart.  Patrick hotly reassures her that he is there, they will get through this, and he loves her.  Robin loves him too.

Eric is trying to flirt with Kyle while Kyle examines Eric, but when Kyle doesn't respond, Eric wants to know what's wrong.  Kyle says Eric has bigger things to worry about, but Eric truly wants to know what's going on.  Kyle takes a seat and tells Eric about the "Leo"-Claire hookup and "Leo"'s attitude in general.  Kyle describes the situation as basically all about him, and Eric responds with a hilarious "bitch, please" expression.

Kyle: Well isn't that the most infuriating drama you've ever heard?
Eric:  Well, yeah, but I can't help but wonder where you are in all this.
Kyle:  I'm in the same place I'm always in.  Picking up the pieces of the girls my brother humpty-dumps.  [Okay, that last bit is kind of brill.]
Eric:  No, I mean, you spent all this time going off about your brother, and your best friend, and everybody else around you, but none of that really has anything to do with you.  [THANK you!]
Kyle:  Of course it does.  Were you not listening?
Eric:  Yes, I was listening, and all I heard was a guy who's so busy with everybody else's life, doesn't seem like he has time for one of his own.  Why are you hiding behind all of them?  What are you avoiding?

David Witherspoon, I think I teenage-crush you all over again.  Thank goodness Eric had this coversation with Kyle, because I was getting to the point where I was convinced I was going to have to, and that would have been really awkward, what with Kyle being in upstate New York.  And fictional.

The patient/dad who started the brawl confirms with Jagger that he is free to go, but that he should probably get a lawyer.  The dad asks after Stone, and Jagger tells him about the seizure, which the dad says his family has been dealing with for years.  The dad tells Jagger things will get easier -- not easy, but easier -- with time, and hopes they'll see Jagger at the next support group.

Asshole White Supremacist (I know that first word is redundant) from the encounter with Claire gripes to Jagger that he wants a nurse who didn't get her job through affirmative action.  (Well, he says doctor, but that's because he's an ignorant moron who probably doesn't know the difference.)  Epiphany knows this guy is a racist douche so she just lets his idiocy pass without comment.

I'm kidding.  Obvi!

Epiphany's all, "I held a man's spleen in my hand tonight, so I think I can handle putting a few Band-Aids on your racist ass."  Jagger tells Asshole to go back to the exam area and shut up, Asshole assholes about his freedom of speech, and Jagger flashes his badge and his desire to arrest someone.  Asshole threatens to report Jagger to his boss.  This somehow triggers Epiphany going all monologue on his ass, with a speech about dealing with jerks like him and ignorance and yadda yadda.  Asshole responds -- so surprisingly! -- with another racist slam, so Jagger 'cuffs him.  (I don't know what law he violated, but I don't really care.  I have long asserted that there should be a crime of "felony asshole," along with "felony stupid," and starting with guys like this who are guilty of both is fine by me.)  Epiphany is outraged, which she has a right to be, but she storms off and pushes several of the racist assholes physically out of the way as she goes.  Not the most ideal temperament under the circumstances, but then Epiphany is not famous for her restraint.

Back in Robert's room, Anna wants to know why Robert didn't tell her about his illness.  He says he didn't want her to see him like this.  She chastises him for his pride, he says she would have done the same thing, and she tries to get him to talk about the cancer.  Robert in turn switches the discussion to Robin, and how "She has horrible taste in men."  Anna says "she takes after her mother."  Ha!  Robert also finds this hilarious.  Then things turn serious:

Anna:  Everybody's really scared for you.
Robert: I'll tell you the truth:  I'm scared too.

Anna is silently crying.  I will not comment on whether I started to tear up too.

There are commercials almost constantly for these Claire and Kyle webisodes.  Has anyone watched them?  I pretty much avoid web-only content, plus I find those two run the gamut from boring to just barely tolerable, so I haven't checked them out. I am a little curious, though.

In the ER, the situation remains tense between the Assholes and the staff.  Patrick hotly arrives and wants Jagger to explain what's going on.

Asshole:  Finally, a real doctor.  Someone who got here the hard way.
Patrick: First of all, everyone here got here the hard way, because they're good at their job.
Asshole: Yeah, I'm sure they are.  But I have every right to be treated by a white doctor.
Patrick:  No you don't.  You have a right to be treated by anybody on my staff.  Or you have a right to get the hell out.
Asshole: You can't treat me like that.  You've got an oath.
Patrick:  Yeah, well that oath only applies to humans.
Asshole: The day we right the wrongs?  Race-traitors like you are gonna be the first ones swinging from trees.

Damn.  That is some uncomfortably heavy shit.  The group of assholes decides to take Patrick "get the fuck out" option and turn to leave.  Claire mentions to Patrick that Asshole may have internal injuries, but Patrick hotly does not give a flying rat's ass.  (Could someone please remind me of what stand-up comedian did a hilarious bit about the origin of the phrase "flying rat's ass"?  I thought of it the other day and it is killing me that I can't ID the comic.  Yes, my life is just that boring.)

"Leo" joins Saira in one of the waiting areas.  He's clearly nervous.  Saira tells "Leo" she is worried about Kyle, because it seems like maybe stress is getting to him.  "Leo" kisses her and says he loves that she cares for other people.  Yeah, lots of people do, "Leo."  Look into it.  Saira wants to talk to Kyle about what's bothering him but "Leo" says he'll handle it and he'll see her later for breakfast.  Saira looks troubled.  Or agitated.  Or like she has a leg cramp.

Eric continues to encourage Kyle to get a life and to generally cut through Kyle's self-indulgent bullshit. 

Kyle: Look, I know that in my head, being gay doesn't make me any different...any less worthy than having a life or being in love.  But my heart keeps saying that I'm just never going to be enough.
Eric: Enough for what?
Kyle:  ::crying -- or at least I think "crying" is what Grimes was going for here::  I don't know.  Enough for my parents maybe?  So that they'll accept me, or not be ashamed?  Or, maybe for the world so that people will think that I'm okay, that I'm just as good as everybody else.  I don't know.  I guess that I just never make it about because it's just easier to be about everybody else.  It's real professional to cry all over a patient.
Eric:  I like it.  It's honest.
Kyle:  Well, honestly, I'm a mess.
Eric:  Everybody is.  Kyle, you are enough.

Eric makes Kyle tolerable.

Epiphany is hanging out in a bar eating bar food, when Billy Dee asks if he can join her and starts off with condescension, as he often does, saying she "can't let people like that get to [her]."  Epiphany explains that she was scared by how much hate she had for Asshole, but she can't believe she walked out on her shift.  Epiphany makes a comment about how all women soothe their pain with food (um, no, but okay), but now she doesn't have to because she has Billy Dee.  He asks her to dance and she agrees.

Robin and her horrible fake pregnancy belly (you can actually see the outline of the pad through her shirt!) come to see Robert and she wants to know what she's missed.  Her parents claim to have been talking about the baby.  Robert wants Robin to name the baby Roberta Anna.  Patrick is apparently lobbying for Porsche, which Anna rightly shoots down.  Robert also scolds Robin for planning to keep the baby in a closet, and Anna quickly corrects him that it's a dressing area.  I love this running joke and that it includes continuity from OG GH.  Robert says the kid should have a window and Anna says they could expand the dressing area to include Robin's shoe closet, since her shoes are never going to fit after having a baby.  Robin, like me, is horrified at that prospect.  But back to the baby:

Robert:  Well, the important thing:  Will it be a Scorpio?  Or a Drake?
Anna:  Or a Devane?
Robert:  Why would it be a Devane?
Anna:  Because it has class.
Robert:  Ah, it'll be a classy bastard then.
Robin:  Daaaad!
Anna:  Oh, no, she might get married.
Robert:  To Pattycake?
Anna:  Yeah, you don't know.  Some men change after they get married.
Robert:  Didn't happen to me.
Anna:  No, no, you were always insufferable.  You just got more so.  Don't listen to your father, 'cause it just makes him --
Robert:  Don't listen to your mother.  She's addicted to marriage.
Anna:  Well I was trying to get it right.  Actually, I was more addicted to the honeymoons.  Remember that villa in Italy?
Robin: ::horrified at the idea of parental nookie::
Robert:  Ah, yeah, the hot springs.  Three weeks.  I was a...I was a different man.
Robin:  Okay, thank you!  Burning a hole in the eardrums here.  How are you?
Robert:  I'm going to be good.
Robin:  So dad, the infection is still in your bloodstream.  So the situation is still critical.
Anna:  ::grabs Robin's hand and Robert's::  Hey, you don't have to do this anymore.  I'm here now, and we are going to get through this.  All of us.

I love the Scorpios.  Curse Bob Guza and his Scorpiobia.

In the locker room, Claire sees Saira, who is quietly sitting on a bench.  Saira asks "Did you sleep with Julian?"  I totally wanted Claire to come back with "Which one?", because, seriously, who uses just a last name in that situation?  But she doesn't, she just says "Yeah...I did."  Saira looks calm but devastated.  Or cold.  Or drunk.


I liked this episode.  It wasn't fantastic, but the Scorpio family parts were, and I liked Kyle's storyline in that Eric called him on his bullshit. 

Regardless of my quibbles, the difference between this show at this late point in the second season versus where we were at this point last season -- when Mallory and my recaps were mostly just obscenities and plans for the writers' demises -- is remarkable.  I would say there's no way they can eff up the last few episodes enough to erase all the good stuff we've seen thus far, but I watch OG GH and Days and therefore know that you can eff up goodness really, really quickly.  And possibly irreparably.  So, fingers crossed that these last few installments don't suck.

Oh, and we better get to see Antonio Sabato Jr. shirtless at least one more time.  You can fight crime without all your clothes!  They are actually very restricting!


I have watched all of the Kyle and Clair webisodes (don't laugh) and for the most part I like them. They were pretty cute and showed them having more fun than they did on the actual show. That is, until the last 2. If you think Kyle is being on OTT drama queen/jerk on NS he is even WORSE in the most recent 2 webisodes.

***Becca for President***

I vote "hell yes" on felony asshole and felony stupid!!!!! On GH alone it would be worth it. Mac's jail would finally be full of PC's biggest criminals. And in real life Guza would also get thrown in jail, ahhh, you're a legislative genius Becca.

"Guza say hello to your new cell mates, Sarah Palin and George Bush. And that guy in the corner deep in shame is the wardrobe consultant for GH, he is responsible for most of the clothes Carly wears." A girl can dream.

Open toe boots, the agony.

If I were really sick in PC and in an ambulance in need of urgent care I would demand to be taken to Mercy Hosp. I feel so strongly about this that I'd have a medic alert bracelet made up stating my aversion to GH. Unless I were to be treated solely by shirtless Patrick and NS2 Robin and held close by a shirtless Jagger! My medic alert bracelet would state that would be acceptable.

Because at GH critical patients are set on fire, operated on by singing janitors, the waste of space aka Leyla, hitmen, and their high hackers! Guza even destroyed Monica so I say NO to GH. Healthcare in the real world is oddly about as good as it is at GH but for different reasons. In the real world getting shot can kill you and c-sections are done in OR's.

The Scorpio family moments were priceless. These actors work so beautifully together, it was beyond real. When I think about what Guza has done to these three on GH I can't stand it. In a few scenes on NS2 Sri has made everything right again. How tragic is it that I would rather have a dying and likely soon to be dead Robert on NS 2 than any version of that character in Guza's hack hands on GH? I loathe to paraphrase chick flick dialog but, "I would rather have a moment of something wonderful than a life time of nothing special". Sri has turned me into a freakin Steal Magnolia!

And the Scrubs scene was just right. I love their maturity and affection and passion and realistic relationship. Before Robert got sick they even had great humorous scenes to love. NS2 Scrubs is perfection. I cringe at what is to come on GH for this pair of great actors and their characters. May they live on in NS glory under Sri!

I don't know why, but I cried a lot during this episode. Every time Robin and Anna were on the screen mostly. I guess having lost my father and seeing her reaction to him on the floor triggered it. After that, it was just downhill. I think Kmc is pretty incredible and she played these scenes so honestly. Finola Hughes, when portaying RealAnna not Don'tCallMeGrandmaAnna, just knocks it out of the park with her scenes. I really liked this episode and can't wait for the next one.

I LOVED the Love/ stuff with the Scorpio/Drakes. Those were at times emotionally gripping and some scenes had deep undercurrents running beneath it. Good angsty stuff. Like were Patrick gave Robin that info on her Dad before the surgery and they kept like a yards length between them. This is where Robin would usually touch him, rub him and literally stroke his ego before such a big surgery. And when Robin did the universal starts crying as soon as one says "Mom" on the phone in a crisis. I knew I would need the tissues. Then when Anna arrives and Robin jumped, pregnant belly and all, into her mother's arms-I was just in awe that I was seeing the "real" Anna and the Robin/Anna relationship of old. (Anybody remember the Robin crying in Anna's arms when evil Olivia Jerome had one of Robin's Love Birds killed?) I cried from JOY that NS knew how to write Anna, well all the Scorpio's & Patrick, and I cried cause KMc pulls me in like that. Thanks for the link to the Scorpio scenes but I know by now to save anything Scorpio/Drake related! Both reunions as such were fantastic. Scrubs are back and Anna choking back that sob upon entering the room? Great TV.

As for the webisodes? No. I do want to see webisodes of Scrubs going house hunting or something like them grocery shopping. Can you imagine what they'd be saying? Oh, I would really really like to see a webisode of Scrubs with pregnant Robin trying to get in the car, out of a car or especially Robin trying to get behind the steering wheel of her car. And Patrick trying to help or just the look on their faces. That, I would pay money to see!

I learned to program my parents' old style VCR--and this was one of those oooold ones where programming it was akin to running a NASA launch--when I had to go back to school in 5th grade. Just for Robert and Anna. And the day I got my driver's license, I REFUSED to leave to take the test until after GH, because it was the day Anna and Robert got re-married. So having Real!Anna touch sleeping Real!Robert's cheek and him know it was her before he opened his eyes? LE SIGH! Favorite. Couple. Ever.

I'm really glad Kyle was intentionally written that was so that eventually Eric could give him a reality check. If this was OG GH (by the way, no idea what OG GH stands for!) Kyle's actions would have been totally justified, since Guza's a moron. Come to think of it, Kyle is like the gay man, Night Shift-version of Carly.

Where are my screencaps!?

I really enjoyed this episode. I love the Scorpios.

And this may not be popular with you guys(you can't always be right!), but I love Kyle and Claire. I think it's because of the webisodes. I think some of them are pretty good. I wish Robin's stupid blog would turn into webisodes. More Robin and Patrick footage? No complaints there!

Ha! I always wonder what OG GH stands for too!

Wait! Emily Valentine was a guest star on this episode?? I can't believe I missed that. Well, I can because I've never watched an episode of Night Shift and only know anything about it becuase I <3 your blogs. But, I floved Emily Valentine, even when she went crazy and tried to burn down the homecoming float. I still think she was Brandon's one true love.

::stops before starting on a 90210 homage::

Umm . . . yeah. So, Night Shift is good this season huh?

Much flove to anyone who uses "asshole" as a verb.

As to the flying rat's ass routine, I know exactly what you're talking about, but not who. *argh!* For some reason Richard Jeni keeps sticking in my head, but I don't think it was him.

Really loved the Scorpio bits. If only GH was a tenth this emotional and grounded in history. The racism subplot was "meh" for me. Maybe I'm overestimating humanity, but I would guess that most NS viewers know racism is bad and stupid, and their other point seemed to be that freedom of speech ain't all it's cracked up to be. Whole thing was like they went "OMG we forgot to use Sabato, quick, a subplot! No time for shirtlessness!"

Those scenes with Robert and Anna made me cry like a wee baby!!! They should have their own spin off. General Hospital: Scorpio Season, written by Gloria Monty's ghost.

I love your idea for criminalizing being an asshole. It reminds me of a line from "Pink Flamingos": "You are convicted of assholeism."

Anyway, I have to disagree a little and admit that I kind of like the character of Kyle, in spite of his (perhaps a bit too pronounced) character flaws, although I'll admit that it might just be because I'm starved of halfway decent depictions of gay people in my soaps. God knows if Kyle ever ended up in Guza's hands he'd only appear in a few scenes every month, and then only to gush over/talk fashion with Kate and Carly. He might get one storyline, but it would only involve him getting gaybashed and Jason heroically hunting down the perps and Tracy saying something homophobic even though it makes her character look like much more of an idiot than she's supposed to be (yeah, still haven't quite recovered from how Guza handled Lucas' coming-out...).

I floved this episode - yay, Scorpios! They are all so wonderful, so real! I will admit it, this one had my really tearful!

And, I also noticed white supremacist assholes abs - what can I say, I'm shallow?!?!

"Emily Valentine and her tragic haircut"

Chad I too have not yet recovered from how badly Guza effed that up....and yes I totally see how Kyle would be handled on OG GH..I'm also seeing him coming out...giving Jason a chance to look wonderful, open minded and heroic by being all accepting...and then locked in the same gay attic Lucas is in apparently.

Scorpios rule...and more importantly...SRI RULES!


I'm a Robert and Anna fan from way back when, so this episode was like Christmas, my birthday, and Halloween all rolled up into one! I watched the first scene of her steeling herself as she walked into the room and him knowing it was her touching his face before he opened eyes like 12 times. And I was still crying! They are just so good. And I love Robin and Patrick in scenes with them. They are all just completely and utterly awesome. If GH featured the four of them instead of Jason, Carly, Kate and Sonny.... I'd die from sheer joy!

Was it Sarah Silverman who did that rat's ass bit?

The writing and the acting are wonderful in NS---do you think they rescued Awesome Writer and put them on the team with Sri Rao?

The contrast between NS and OG GH are so stark right now. It's all mob all the time during the daytime show. Once again a mob war in in the offing and people are going around demanding that others be "offed."

On Night Shift, the real drama is also life and death, but in the real world. A family, long estranged, comes back together as the father/former husband fights for his life after a cancer diagnosis. A young couple, expecting a baby, finds it difficult to keep a relationship fresh with all the pressures of jobs, family and other responsibilities. People try to find love where they can, are disappointed in each other, but eventually forgive. All with the backdrop of the real world of saving lives.

Wait, isn't that what GH was supposed to be before Sonny? I like the nighttime version so much better.

Really, what does OG GH mean?

I don't think this is the offical meaning of OG GH but I always take it to mean "Orginal Gangsta" General Hospital.

Yep, that's right. I think Mallory came up with it as a joke early last season, and it stuck.

Finola and Tristan are magic together, add Kimberly and it's almost more than I can bear...I just can't get over the way these characters are being completely wasted over on OG GH. How does one go about nominating Sri for sainthood??

And Jason and Kimberly are just PERFECTION. Their acting is so effortless and genuine, it makes my SoapNet-less world of staying up late on Tuesday nights waiting for youtube clips to be posted completely worth it.

Oh and I haven't watched any of the webisodes but took a peek this week, because I heard Jason Thompson was making a guest appearance. It's definitely worth checking out...


I do wonder if there will be any mention of Holly at some point. I mean, weren't her and Robert kind of a big deal (I was about two when they were a couple, so I don't know)? Sri's so into history and all, and de-Pod!ing characters Guza messed up, such as Robert himself. I can understand if they couldn't get Emma Samms, but perhaps a simple, "I tried to find Holly, but no one knows where she is." from Robin or Anna would be kinda cool.

this is one of the most touching scene. I cried

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