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October 07, 2008

Our Column in the 10/14 Issue of Soap Opera Digest

The newest issue of Soap Opera Digest is on newsstands now, and it features our latest My Take/My Take, Too column. This month, Mallory tries optimism on for size and praises The Young and the Restless for bringing the Abbotts and Chancellors back to her TV screen, while Becca details several of the many, many ways in which General Hospital invents new ways to be stupid.  Somehow Becca had more trouble than Mallory did limiting her word count to 500.  Imagine that!

This issue also features an adorable set of castmates interviewing each other. Carolyn Hennesy and Bradford Anderson's interview is brilliant, and we wonder why they aren't the show's head writers.  (Um, GH writers, if you're reading this, do not interpret this as encouragement for a Diane/Spinelli pairing.  We know you're drawn to wrongness, but please try to control yourselves.  Also, PS: Please stop sucking.)


Imagine that indeed!

And sadly disclaimer or no...you have sent that idea out in the internet and sooner or later someone at SoapDish is totally making up a rumor about that exact thing happening. I give it a week. And if it gets attention...then I give another two months before its reality.

I heart you girls, i really do. You manage to sum up everything in a witty and charming way. I love this blog.

Most disturbing GH coupling a la Guza, please vote.

Sonny and Emily

Diane and Spinelli (just in case)

Alexis and Mr. Craig (Jerry my ass!)

Leyla and Anyone

Nadine and her Wrist Puppet

Spinelli and Nadine's evil sister NS1

Sonny and Hookers

Sonny and Claudia

Ric and Claudia

Claudia and Trevor (old school backstory eww)

Claudia and Johnny (in her dreams)

Johnny and Lulu

Sam and Ric

Sam and Sonny

Sam and Jax

Sam and Mr. Craig

Jason and Liz (sorry JMO as a long time viewer)

Jason and Sonny

Sonny and Jason

Sonny and Anyone

BBQ chips and Orange Soda

Replacement Edward and Heather after Lila's death (GUZA=SATAN)

This is a much more difficult choice than the Presidential Election!!!

Love the blog and love your columns. I vote for Soily then Sonny and Anyone at All.

i love your blogs! you ladies are too funny! As for voting for the "Most disturbing GH coupling a la Guza", there are just too many to choose from, but here are the disturbing couples I chose:

1)Johnny and Lulu
2)Sonny and Emily
3)Sonny and Anyone
4)Sam and Mr. Craig
5)Replacement Edward and Heather after Lila's death

Top three:

Sonny and Anyone
Alexis and Mr. Craig

and a write in: Spinelli and Anyone. Because I cannot believe that any sane woman would find his retardedness cute, attractive, or romantic at all.

Alexis and Mr. Craig! And, obvs, Sonny and Anyone.

The Bradford Anderson and Carolyn Hennessy interview was adorable! And I love the idea of Diane being Spinelli's... if anyone could teach that boy some sense, it would be Diane Miller!

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