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October 29, 2008

These People Must Be Stopped

Seriously, The CW, that's enough. Just stop. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, and do not, under any circumstances, move forward with your plans to remake Melrose Place. I am begging you.

It's heartbreaking enough that they took Beverly Hills 90210, which was like the perfect blend of cheesy, tawdry and fantastic, and remade it into an hour a week of television more boring and more poorly acted than your average afterschool special*, but I will not sit idly by** and let them screw with the legacy of Amanda Woodward, Michael Mancini*** & Co.

*I don't know how you manage to make something involving rich bitches, drug overdoses, secret children and Lucille Bluth boring, but the new 90210 has done it

**I don't know what I will do in lieu of sitting idly by; letter writing takes a lot of effort and will only confirm Becca's belief that I am a Melrose Crazy, so maybe I will just settle for angrily blogging about my misgivings

***Why doesn't Thomas Calabro get more work? Why is Kate Hudson as famous as she is and the relentlessly entertaining Thomas Calabro only shows up in random guest spots on crappy shows? Life is so not fair


I miss Sydney. Laura Leighton was amazing on that show, and she even garnered a Golden Globe nomination. The fact that Pia Zadora of all people actually won a Globe aside, that's pretty impressive. Instead of Melrose retread, perhaps they should make a kickass new show with some of the real standouts from the original cast. Andrew Shue and Kelly Rutherford need not apply.

Could not agree more, CW. You ruined 90210, do not, under any circumstances, ruin Melrose. Who the hell would they get to come back? Hi, I'm a loser and still living in my same apartment from the early 90's? Really? Jake still bartending down the street? Lame.

Sad thing is I would be more tempted to watch an entire night with Nu 90210 and possible nuMP instead of GH.

But that could just be me.

The legacy of Amanda Woodward and Michael Mancini ... sigh. Those were the days. And so much yumminess was on that show. I, too, miss Sydney, and that's where I came to love Lisa Rinna and her crazy lips, and Melrose was the place where Marcia Cross and Kristen Davis got their break ... hell, even GH's very own Nancy Lee Grahn was on for a few eps. And we got to see a gay character be one of the main characters--way to go, Melrose!!

Hear, Hear, Mallory!! Maybe the CW should do something novel like creating their own damn shows instead of ripping off Fox's entire 90s lineup!

They can never come up with anything as fabulous as this.


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