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« Whatever Happened to "Writing to a Person's Strengths"? | Main | General Hospital: By The Numbers »

October 14, 2008

Well, Since It Worked So Well The Last Time...

When Lily and Colleen were giggling like...well, "braindead airheads" is kind of implied, but when they were laughing like loons about Lily's foray into online dating, did anybody else yell at the TV "Remember what happened LAST TIME you online dated, you MORON? You hooked up with a PERVERT and got CHLAMYDIA and then the pervert tried to set your best friend on FIRE and FAILED, more's the pity, and you're sitting here all 'Tee hee! I'm Fallout Girl!' as if that's remotely clever and as if you're a middle school girl all excited about her first school dance and not a grown ADULT who, by the way, has a very tortured history with meeting people on the internet? And for that matter, why can't you be single for a couple of weeks? And also, why are you still friends with Colleen? WHAT THE HELL?"

Just me? Oh. Okay.


I keep waiting for this show to get better with a change in writers, and it still stinks horribly.

Surprised you didn't also mention the complete hypocracy of Nikki flashing back to repeated scenes of Victor telling her that he'll love her forever. I was busy screaming at the screen, "Big Fat Liar!" so why wasn't she tossing his shit out the door?

For relief from this crap, all I can do is fixate on this big patch of grey hair on the back of Lauren's hair, and her horrible bangs.

Oh Lisa, Lauren is one of the few bearable characters on this show. Actually, that isn't true. This show has an amazing pool of history and talented actors able to make us care and remember that history. It's really telling when Amber is the most bearable character in the under thirty set. I am of course not counting Billy Abbot because A) He's an Abbot that doesn't occasionally lapse into an Australian accent and B) His casting is perfection.

"And also, why are you still friends with aw-hellz-no-that-bitch-is-NOT-Colleen?"

Fixed that for you. ;)


Fall Out Girl is such a clever sn!!! OMG, what are you guys talking about???!!!!

The whole situation is incredibly creepy, and that message from Billy didn't help... Love him to death, but Lily needs to swear off the online dating forever. How stupid can you get? If this were GH she'd be dead by now, and the sad thing is, that's starting to look like a good thing...

And just why does Amber feel the need to call and drag the whole world into her problems on that freaking radio show???!!!!

I heart Y&R but something has got to give!! BOOOORING. I think the last time I got really excited was when Dru fell off a cliff and that was a LONG time ago. Seriously...I still pull that up on YouTube now and then...HILARIOUS.

This is a SOAP OPERA. Make something Soapy happen. And for reals...the whole Devon, Ana, Tyra things is LAME. Nobody cares.

Lily and Colleen suck, but when Ana showed up on my screen again today, I wanted to hurl.

Is that what they were saying? Really? I automatically fast forward whenever I see Lily or ersatz Colleen.

DVR is the best thing that ever happened to Y&R! I haven't liked Colleen since Lyndsy Fonseca played her. But she is so pathetic chasing after squinty eyed, bed-head haired Daniel two seconds after he broke up with Amber. How many guys are going to turn you down when you show up and undress in their apartment?! AND, PLEASE, forget about Lauren's hair....CAN WE PLEASE REMEMBER TO FOCUS ON HOW BAD SHARON'S HAIR IS?!!!!

I agree with you Dee!

Pod colleen and clueless lily are bad enough to watch, without having to endure boring Tyra and Ana.

Is there a bet on Y&R, how many talentless people can we shove down our viewers throat without them reacting!?!

hooray !!

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