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November 28, 2008

I Choose SOAPNet Marathons

It's rare that I am ever thankful for anything SOAPNet related, unless one counts the new and creative swearing that I get to do when confronted with one of their typically boneheaded programming moves, but this year I have two reasons to be grateful. The first, of course, is the fantastic second season of General Hospital: Night Shift and the other? Today's epic "Kelly's Leftovers" marathon of Beverly Hills 90210.

If you are not going to brave the Black Friday crowds, spend 10 hours with 90210's spoiled, daddy issue laden, boyfriend-stealing, drug-addicted, diet pill popping, rape victim, cult member, burn victim, shooting victim, stalking victim, temporary amnesiac, rapist shooting self-chooser!  The marathon starts at 11 AM with the Spring Dance episode and ends with the series finale at 8 PM and is guaranteed to be entertaining, sometimes even on purpose!


I am so excited to finally see the whole series finale after all these years. I stopped watching a few years before it ended so I missed the undoubtedly brilliant way they wrapped up all the realistic post-college storylines.

Mal, I hope this means you are finally switching from Team Brenda to Team Kelly.

after all these years i am still entertained by this show. i loved to hate and sometimes loved to love ms taylor. going to watch the marathon right now before its over.

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