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November 03, 2008

I'm an Irate Blogger, and I Endorse this Message

You knew it was coming; I'm about to get all political up in here.

I know that reasonable minds can disagree about many, many issues.  I respect differences.  I fully appreciate that one's background determines how one feels about the myriad issues around which our politics rotate.  I understand that nobody wants some soap opera blogger to preach at them about how they should feel about certain critically important social and moral issues.  But on the eve of this historic election, I must implore everyone to do as I do:  Take an unwavering, steadfast, heartfelt, deep-rooted, ideological stance in favor of good-looking Days of Our Lives actors CUTTING THEIR EFFING HAIR.

For the love of all that's good in this world (aka hotness), what is going on with this show's leading men?!


We can work together for change to get them to stop looking like homeless people and/or 1980s Euro-hipsters.  Yes we can. 

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


Jason Thompson needs to hold a seminar on how to hotly tousle.

I'd like to vote for this hair issue but really...there are so many other things going wrong on DAYS that I think perhaps this is the least of their worries. Which is sad because really how do you mess up the hotness that is James Scott?

We've been complaining about the hair for weeks now, where you guys been? Can't we talk about pill poppin Nick? How about smug Bope? Ridiculous witness protection stories? Come on gals, we need you!

I'm not sure who the "we" is, but my apologies to whomever, I guess, that my regular job has kept me from posting as much lately. A regular Days post is on its way, as soon as I can catch up on all the episodes.

Kat, Jason Thompson even pulled off a fauxhawk. He is a national treasure.

BD's hair doesn't look all that bad..No comment on James Scott's greasy looking do. He needs to keep the hair short, end of story! Too bad I only see his hair in screencaps because I still refuse to watch the crapfest that is Days.

They must of cut haircuts out of the budget.

It's a follicular epidemic! Holy Unhotness.

If elected, Obama will send Jason Thompson as an Ambassador of Good Hair Styling. He can fix it. Have hope.

Vote Hope!!!!!

I tuned in yesterday and had to tune out again when I saw Dr. Dan's hair. They all need haircuts desperately.

Gotta concur with Nolebucgrl. Smug Bope is more disturbing than all the awful men's hair... though the smugness could possibly be overshadowed by another hellish Chelsea 'do.

The only good thing I can say about JKJ's hair is that it was bad enough to actually distract me from the awfulness of his "nightmare" involving Melanie (the 17 year old). So, that was kind of a mixed blessing, I guess.

Have you seen Dusty from A.T.W.T.! He needs a shave & a hair cut!!!!

"I'm not sure who the "we" is, but my apologies to whomever, I guess, that my regular job has kept me from posting as much lately. A regular Days post is on its way, as soon as I can catch up on all the episodes."

Hee, just the internet boards, but TWoP in general. Tripp actually did a blog on the men's hair recently as well. It's an epidemic.

I will look forward to the next Days post!

I completely agree! Yesterday I was so distracted by Philip's floppy hair. And the rest of them need a good barber as well.

This, Becca, is a push for change that I can support 100%! The show itself pretty much sucks, why are we now also being denied hotness? Isn't that largely the point of leading men? To look hot?

I love you! You're hilarious!

Thanks for pointing this out, Becca! I think we can safely say at this point that the Days Hair Department has decided that one Emmy for Hair is enough for them, thank you very much.

Dr. Dan's hair has always been bad. Lucas needs to stick a big plastic comb in his back pocket so that he can keep those 80s feathered 'wings' nicely in place. I'm waiting for Philip to go nuts and shave all of the shorter hair underneath the longer stuff on top, then pull that into a ponytail. Or maybe he can keep the long stuff back with bobby pins. It's a mystery.

And as for EJ/JS...how in the holy hell is it possible to mess with the Pretty to this degree? I loathe his hair like this; it seriouly detracts from his hotness. Is it character driven? Is this what happens when EJ's love life goes to sh*t? I just don't get what is going on with his hair at all, and it makes me sad. EJ is my guiltiest pleasure, and when I can't enjoy seeing him on my screen, it makes me very sad...

I don't mind the longer hair, I think it's sexy as hell, but CUT BACK ON THE FREAKING PRODUCT! It makes it look as if it hasn't been washed in a month.

Long hair is sexy.

Grungy hair is not.

*hugs Christi* I feel your pain. Bad hair = crappy EJ. Short, sexy hair(think the wedding and the EJami lovemaking in May) = awesome EJ. Right now it looks like we will be stuck with stupid, crappy EJ for a while now.

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