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November 04, 2008

Our Column In the 11/11 Issue of Soap Opera Digest

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, which is on newsstands today, for our newest My Take/My Take, Too column. This month, Mallory praises the glorious romances on General Hospital and All My Children, while Becca expresses delight over the pacing of Days of Our Lives and the exciting, original storylines on General Hospital.

...well, maybe we would do those things if romance, fast-paced stories and originality existed on these shows, but they most emphatically do not. So instead, we lament the sorry state of soaps today.


You know I usually agree with you on GH, but this week my hormones are out of wack. I think I spontaneously became pregnant watching Jason Thompson hold an infant.

So, I love you guys. I think you're hilarious and talented and for a while I continued to watch GH only so that I could be up-to-date when I read your site. Then the rape of Jax happened and GH was dead to me (minus a couple of relapses when y'all say there's something worth reading), and I found that cutting myself off didn't diminish my love for Serial Drama. All of that is to say - your site = love. However, every time I read your summary of your articles in soap opera digest I kind of giggle because, well, every time it's like "and this is the week that we talk about how GH ruined soap operas." And not that there isn't a million different angles to that story, but it's just a kind of funny observation. I'm sure each article is witty and incisive just like your blog (I live in the UK so I can't get SOD to confirm that). Anyway, keep on keepin' on!

NYCExPat, that is actually probably a fair summary! Mostly the problem is that I only watch two shows, GH (which, as you've gathered, sucks) and DAYS (which if I write about I start to nod off). But as to your last point, fear not, we post our columns in full once they're off the newsstands here, so feel free to click on the "Soap Opera Digest Columns" icon in the navigation bar across the top of the blog to read through any that you're interested in. Thanks for reading!

Kat, there is a post forthcoming about that special brand of hotness that GH unleashed on us last week. My oh my. (We write our columns almost a month in advance, so how was I to know that GH would momentarily not be horrible?!)

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