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November 20, 2008

Primetime Suds: Sob!

Noooooo!  Dirty Sexy Money has been canceled!  This is a tragedy of epic proportions!

One Tree Hill and the new 90210 and 17 CSI shows are still on the air, but I am deprived of my fabulous 80s-style soap about gorgeous rich people in Manhattan?  There is no reason to go on living. 

Obviously, I'm keeping this in perspective.  You?


CLEARLY the idiots who run ABC daytime were asked for advice about this move....That type of thinking as Frons written all over it.

I am so pissed off...you're right.. 90210 is still on the air and that show is extremely painful to watch..ABC has no idea what they're doing..this blows!

I can't believe it. I'm so mad. DSM was the soapiest soap on TV these days. Damn ABC.

Eh, I'd be upset if this show hadn't taken a severe nose dive this season. Last night even Glenn Fitzgerald's Brian couldn't save the episode.

I refuse to believe this. DSM has not been canceled and no matter how many times people say it, it's not true.

**La, la, la can't hear you.**

Oh, I'm sorry for you! I've not seen this show. I'm too busy being a whore for CSI and CSI: Miami, but not for CSI: New York.

Nooooooooooo! Why do the shows I love (and invest in from day 1) tend to tank? Why don't you guys just take up a collection and pay me NOT to watch your favorite shows .... that way they'll be safe from cancellation!

And they're cancelling Pushing Daisies at the end of the season. Clearly it's not just the daytime folks that are total idiots.

Holy Crap! DSM and Pushing Daisies?!? Honestly, I thought DSM's quality went down a bit this year and I'm not quite so invested, but it's still highly enjoyable TV. But Pushing Daisies is just tragic. It's such a well-done, unique show and I really care about what happens to the characters. So sad!

Also, I live abroad and paid for season passes of both of these shows on i-tunes (free TV like hulu can't be accessed on this side of the pond). Sooo...am I going to get a refund or what?

DSM, Pushing Daisies and Eli STone? So basically ABC cancelled the only three creative, original, fun shows they have on their schedule. Way to go ABC! Don't know why I'm surprised, this is the network that can't find space for Genie Francis an GH!

DSM is one of the last shows on ABC Primetime that I enjoy. One less show
to watch on ABC. TPTB are idiots.

I am disconsolate. DSM is one of my favorite shows. What will I do without Seth Gabel on my screen, or Glenn Fitzgerald? Sniffle.

Just Shoot Me Now.

Pushing Daisies was a perfect quirky show that can easily get more audience if ABC would actually bother to promote it.

And DSM is the Dallas/Dynasty/Knots Landing of this generation, without the same level of campiness. Oh, there's some camp in DSM, but not same type - higher quality camp, higher quality soapiness. *sigh* I think I'll go be depressed and watch all 3 episodes of DSM that I haven't caught up to yet.

ABC just forced me to obycott them- they canceled all but one of the shows of theirs I even watched.

I freaking hate ABC.

"DSM, Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone? So basically ABC cancelled the only three creative, original, fun shows they have on their schedule."

I totally agree. This. Is. A. Travesty.
And CSI: Miami is still on air?
And so is 90210?
Seems like DSM is on the wrong network...maybe CBS or the CW will pick it up in the future?
A girl can dream....

I am livid/broken-hearted. I like all 3 of the shows they've canceled but I love DSM. Here's hoping another network has the sense to pick this one up.

WHAT?!?! FuuuuuuuuuuCK!

That is just...so upsetting. Stupid ABC.

Wait, I have more. SHIT! I am so pissed off about this--like, more than anything daytime TV gets me worked up about, even more than Alison Sweeney's embarrassing acting. Hell, Dirty, Sexy, Money was the only prime time T.V. worth watching. Everything that was once decent has turned to crap and this show has been consistently really good with the best ensemble cast, great producers and classically soap-operatic story development.

Gaaawd, whhhhhy?!

I officially hate ABC. Grey's Anatomy has taken a flying leap over the shark (which is probably the only noteworthy thing that's happened on that show since season 2), but shows like Men in Trees, Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, and Dirty Sexy Money get the boot? Is there no justice?!

I blame Lucy Lui. I stopped watching the moment I heard she joined that cast. She
has become the female Ted McGinley of
nighttime TV. Can't stand the woman

Can we write or call? I can't believe it I am so interested n that show!!!

*tipping bottle of wine* One for DSM, and one for my beloved PUshing Daisies.

Well, at least ABC is consistent. They're idiots both day AND night now.

I can't believe they canned Pushing Daisies and DSM and kept the tepid and uninteresting Grey's Anatomy-Lite, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy is sucking pond scum.

WTF are they thinking? If it weren't for LOST I'd no longer have a need for that channel.

I am so disturbed by this! DSM is the ONLY show that I actually go home to watch. It had renewed my faith in primetime programming. This season is not as good as the first, but it is still AWESOME compared to the rest of the stuff on TV. There has to be a way to save it!

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