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November 20, 2008

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

I know that it's sophomoric and lazy to base a majority of my All My Children related commentary on the fact that Babe was (was! Because she's DEAD!) a whore. I know! I'm better than that.

But the writers make it so easy for me!

J.R.: When you have Babe in your heart, you can't handle it. It handles you.

How can you POSSIBLY interpret that statement as anything other than an STD and/or Satanic possession allusion? You CAN'T.


Why are they propping the dead girl? And why are the writers allowed to hand in scripts that would be rejected by middle school English teachers? I know there are no answers, but I had to ask.

That is quite possible the grossest allusion to a true love ever to true ever aired. The letters E and W are appropriate here.

hehe heard that today and knew you all wouldn't let it fly but wow...you moved fast!

I don't even think I understand that...

What does that even *mean*?!?

If you replace "Babe" with "Hate," it totally becomes an anti-intolerance PSA.

Heh. Now I have a picture of JR strapped to the bed Marlena's-possession style, with like Jake Martin as the priest... I could totes write this soap better than the current writers!

What bothers me is that they've *FINALLY* killed Babe off, and yet they still somehow put her into as many scenes as possible.

Ugh, I hate AMC.


"If you replace "Babe" with "Hate," it totally becomes an anti-intolerance PSA."

You. are. brilliant.

I can't deal with all the "Babe praise" that's been going on since Babe died. Anyone who is just tuning into this show would think that Babe was the most sainted saint that ever graced the earth with her presence.

I especially can't take it from David, whom I LOVE, but please -- the Babe "shrine" in his house. And his conversation with Krystal about how they "created a miracle".

Please. Barf. Krystal spreads her legs for guy number 4,698, happens to get knocked up without even knowing his NAME, and it's a "miracle"????

I really, really, REALLY need you guys to do a full-blown RANT on all the Babe worship.

Too. Many. Dirty. Jokes. From. Stupid. Dialogue. Cannot. Compute.

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