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November 16, 2008

This Show Is On At Lunch Time! Show Some Consideration, Producers!

I am on a mission for a dress (one may think this would be a simple mission to complete, and a fun one at that, but one would be wrong! Dresses are notoriously difficult for me to find, on account of the"being nine feet tall" thing that I struggle with) and I have taken to asking friends, family and random passersby for advice.

So, the other day, I was asking someone for guidance and referred to the object of my search as a party dress. Big mistake! While that description is apt, the phrase invariably gets the line, "Oh my my, oh hell yes, you've got to put on that party dress" from "Mary Jane's Last Dance" in my head, which made me get the whole song in my head, which made me think of that song's disturbing video, which I then got confused with the OTHER disturbing Tom Petty video for "Don't Come Around Here No More", and then I spent an embarrassing amount of time all freaked out about dead Kim Basinger and Alice in Wonderland cake.

Until I saw something EVEN MORE DISTURBING.


And suddenly creepy Tom Petty videos didn't seem so bad. Congratulations, Y&R! You managed to out-gross necrophilia and cannibalism. You should be proud.

Victor and Ashley's Paris hookup was quite obviously the nadir of the week, for reasons that I don't even need to expound upon and quite honestly CAN'T expound upon. The letters E and W do quite enough. 

The thing about this is that I can almost understand it; people, especially on soaps have a habit of reconnecting with exes after they suffer a loss. I kind of want to figure out exactly how many soap babies were conceived during grief sex, but that is an experiment for another time. My point is that it makes sense for Victor to gravitate towards one of his many exes, and since he wished Nikki dead, it makes sense that it would be Ashley, but it happened over the course of, like, two episodes. That's so not how a soap is supposed to go. On Classic Y&R, this would play out over the course of three years, which is problematic in its own way, but STILL! I miss those days.


I will concede that the rest of the show isn't half bad.

The much publicized Paris location shoot was pretty and, to be honest, a nice change of pace. I hadn't realized how sick I was of seeing the Athletic Club!

But Y&R did that thing with Paris that television shows do and went a little overboard with the sights and the berets and the "SEE! THIS IS WHY WE ARE #1! PARIS!!!!11!" I know that the trip to Paris probably cost them a pretty penny, but still! It was especially silly how wide-eyed and starstruck everybody was. Reader Kate astutely pointed out that, hello, these people are fabulously wealthy heirs/heiresses who work in the fashion/beauty industry. Paris should be part of their job description!


There is something about big lavish funerals for characters who aren't actually dead that makes me happy, I guess because they involve lots of returning cast members and flashbacks without the downside of a talented legacy character being killed off for real.

I am impressed with the assortment of characters the powers-that-be managed to lure back. Dina! Her imperious bitchiness amuses me to no end. Can you imagine her taking on Gloria? PLEASE let there be a scene where she takes on Gloria. The fur would fly! And by fur, I literally mean the tacky crap that Gloria has owned since 1987 and continues to wear as though she's high fashion. And Brock! Traci and Danny make pretty routine appearances, but still!

I am super disappointed that Mac didn't come, though...I LOVED her relationship with Katherine. And what's with Cricket not showing?! I don't even like Cricket, but come on! She was "in Europe"? So were half the people who went to the funeral. Please tell me what Lauralee Bell was doing with her time that she couldn't film a guest spot. I think it starts with "n" and rhymes with "othing".

Hands down, the best part of the proceedings so far has been the return of NINA. I adore Nina! She is responsible for some of my very favorite Y&R moments. It's way unfair that we don't have Nina anymore but we have Tyra. It's just not right.

Esther: That's Cane.

Nina: The one that was switched with--

Esther: Mm-hmm.

Nina: Well, he's no Phillip.

I'm with you, Nina, Cane is NO Philip. How annoying, incidentally, has Cane been lately? I found myself getting irritated whenever he was onscreen, acting like he knows Jill and Katherine better than Billy does. He's basically known them for ten minutes, so the super devoted son thing really bugs.

Loved the shoutout to Larry!

Jill: "Sorry I couldn't be there. I'm at a biker rally in Ba-- you were one cool old broad. Party on in the afterlife."

And I especially loved the bitchfit Jill threw about Nikki. On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is Jess Walton? Previous estimates had her hovering at 13, but I am convinced that she rates at least a 17...

Jill: Nikki, Brock has asked that everybody take their seat.

Nikki: Okay, let me just have one more minute with her.

Jill: You're laying it on just a little thick.

Nikki: What?

Jill: You have upstaged me with my mother for years. And now you're doing it again. Just because I'm not as demonstrative with my feelings as you are, doesn't mean I'm not gonna miss her just as much.

Nikki: I don't know where this onslaught is coming from, but I don't appreciate it. Not today. And I let you handle everything. And I tried not to intrude.

Jill: Not intrude? That's all you've done is intrude. Mother's gone now and those days are over.

Nikki: You're upset. You don't know what you're saying.

Jill: Just wring out your hankie and sit down.


And I have to give the old man credit, Victor's dramatic entrance was seriously entertaining. I sort of can't wait for tomorrow's episode! That is quite the change of pace from normally being so bored that it pains me to watch.


lol..I so agree!
TGVN's entrance was hott!

And also the Cane thing... it could be because I'm extremly partial to Billy Miller's 'Billy' (i heart him) but he's seriously acting like he's been in the family forever and Billy is the one who has just been introduced to everyone. I usually like Cane but his smugness has annoyed me lately and I too roll my eyes when he comes on screen.

For the past few months I've considered Y&R the best soap on television. That's not saying much, but lately... hee! This show is killing me. Marge! Brilliant. Dina! Catty. NINA! There are no words. I'm glad they acknowledge that someone decided to contact her and let her know that, well, her baby daddy wasn't actually Phillip. Here's hoping we can see another classic Nina and Victoria throw down... and by throw down I mean Nina wiping the floor with milquetoast Victoria 2.0.

As an aside, I understand why the Baldwins didn't show up, since they're... Baldwins. Still, it seems like Lauren would have come, if just to throw shade at Traci.

I FREAKING LOVE NINA!!!!!! I miss her big time, so does this show.

I wish Victor would just drop dead. Wisconsin, Mexico, Paris..... just die already!!!!!! Damn stupid Ashley for banging him back to life.

Jill giving Nikki the smackdown was great too. I miss Jill's 80's/90's wardrobe when all she wore were those silk cocktail suits with the peplums, huge puffy shoulders, and wild colorful prints. She was Y&R's Joan Collins to me.

Nina should be on that "Soap Legend" float that seems to go to all these other folks that usually were popular before I was alive. She still looks like the same character on the show from before! I know that may be a weird compliment but contexully it makes a lot of sense. And I won't even be mean and give a whole bunch of examples of what I'm talking about. I'll just give a few: Taylor (BandB), Tina (OLTL), and that Monica (GH).

So, I watch Y&R rarely but I just wanted to say...I so feel you on the hardships of "being nine feet tall" thing...if you ever figure out where to find cute dresses that don't fall on awkward places on your legs, let me know.

Yup, that Victor/Ashley Paris hook-up was pretty gag inducing...I FF'd through most of it. But I think I'm going to love all the angst it's going to cause for the Newman family. Let the fun begin.

The one stand out person not at the funeral, for me, was Gloria since she kept proclaiming she was Katherine's "great friend." And was Kevin there? That seems odd too, or did I just miss them? In fact, I would have thought that everyone on the canvas would have reason to be at the funeral. Oh well, maybe more will show up today.

Way back when, during the two weeks I watched the show religiously, I was just waiting for a Victor/Ashley hookup. It seemed inevitable. I'm sorry to hear it was disappointingly done.

Jill snappin' on Nikki was the BEST.SH*T.EVER.

its really creepy trying to watch people who have had wayyy too many surgical procedures, chemical peels and botox injections try to cry and express emotion at the funeral. it's seriously freaking me out.

Ok- you! You need to NOT put that picture on the lead page of the website. My eyes- MY EYES!

I watched the Victor/Ashley thing on youtube, or most of it anyway. I stopped when it got too boring. There was absolutely no angst, which I consider to be a prerequisite for this kind of reunion. I guess that kiss scene was supposed to show angst, but I didn't buy it.

TPTB need to stop pandering to Eric Braeden and fire him. He can't act his way out of a paper bag. His only "emotion" these days is boredom. And TYPICAL for him to be thinking of himself during "Katherine's" funeral.

"I'm with you, Nina, Cane is NO Philip. How annoying, incidentally, has Cane been lately? I found myself getting irritated whenever he was onscreen, acting like he knows Jill and Katherine better than Billy does. He's basically known them for ten minutes, so the super devoted son thing really bugs."

I'm not exactly a Cane fan, but since Billy spent most of his formative years in boarding school, then treated Jill like trash from the minute he came back with the David Tom face, I can't say he knows them less well than Billy. Billy has always hated Jill and barely bothered to get to know her.

This story is so poorly written and so one-sided, which, along with the rampant misogyny, macho man asshole propping, and boring teen characters, is typical Hogan Sheffer. We're supposed to find Billy shocking and witty and hilarious. All I can say is zzzzzzzzzzz. I don't know what Billy Miller was like on AMC, but on here he looks like Lance Bass, with about as much entertainment value.

Best part: when Billy suggests that Abbotts take on the other families at the funeral and Dina says, "Is that appropriate, young man?" And Billy says, "No...it's not." GOD i heart him!

Y&R seems to be coming back! Nina--hello?! what's next, an apperance from Joanie? Cuz, BTW, Phyllis is gettin' all crazy again. I was getting REAL bored with this show but it is has obviously put on its Good Show pants again cuz I'm thoroughly entertained!

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