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November 06, 2008

This Show Is Only An Hour Long? Really?!

The most awesome thing to happen on The Young and the Restless in, like, months happened on Monday.



I know that this technically did not happen on Y&R at all and that Robin Scherbatsky Sr. was pretty much Victor Newman, except intentionally hilarious (and also Canadian), but I figured I'd throw the show a bone and pretend that they received some of How I Met Your Mother's awesomeness by osmosis.

Because if there was ever a show in need of something entertaining, it's Y&R. Please don't interpret that as me saying that the other soaps on the air are quality programs because...um, no, but at least they are filled with storylines so awful that you can't help but stare at your television transfixed. The Young and the Restless, on the other hand, doesn't even feature anything hideously bad. It is just spectacularly boring. 

Take a look at the current storylines:

  • Lily's online dating and finding "Sonny", who is really Billy. Yes, you read that right: Y&R has made Billy Miller boring to me. I know. I know! I didn't think it was possible either, but it is.
  • Kevin's money problems. If I am ever going to care about Kevin and Jana, both separately and as a couple, I am going to need one of them (at least) to go back to their scheming, homicidal ways.

  • Gloria and Michael and River's drama. My soft spot for Steven Keaton only goes so far and, unfortunately, does not extend to Gloria-related things.

  •  Sharon, Nick and Phyllis. I seem to remember a time when their dynamic was entertaining, but that ship has sailed, people.

  • Neil, Karen and Tyra...existing.

  • Another endless storyline of someone wandering around another country looking for Victor because we haven't had one of those in, like, two whole months. And also, what the hell, Ashley? Who wanders around PARIS asking if people have seen someone?! I know that Victor's like a super famous mogul or whatever and that the mustache is recognizable, but STILL.

There is a glimmer of hope in the Kay/Marge story. It seems like it has the potential, at least, to be sort of worth watching, which places it eons ahead of the rest of the show. I am going to hold out hope that Jeanne Cooper will come through for me, as she has so many times before.


A Y&R post? On Serial Drama? WHA-HAAT?My eyes must be deceiving me surely.

I can't even put into words how bad the story about Victor is.

- Why did we need another story about the awesomeness of Victor, especially when he now spends all his time brooding and being a dick?

- Why are so many of the actors in this story so checked out? When Heather is carrying a story...

- The character assassination of Adam is ridiculously blatant as well as pointless. The Newmans are unsympathetic and boring with or without an "evil" brother.

- The sexism in this story is shocking. Nikki has never been so pathetic, and that's saying a lot.

This story combines all the worst flaws (and he has so many) of Hogan Sheffer. Excessive misogyny, boring, plot-driven storytelling, and unsympathetic characters run rampant.

He's one of the worst writers around.

I don't watch Y&R but I DO watch How I Met Your Mother. When I saw Victor Newman as Robin's dad, I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. And how I wish he HAD shown up so that she could've given him that verbal smackdown he so deserves. It won't ever happen on Y&R but I have more faith in HIMYM.

I thought it was just me that thought Y&R had gotten soooo boring. I'm hoping today's episode (Friday) gets better. It can't get any worse. How boring is it to see Lilly typing on a computer. Snooze! However, HIMYM was hysterical! Eric Braden was fabulous.

I don't know the history except that I have started to watch it recently bacause of Billy and I thought that Adam proposing to Heather was so sweet.And that scene of Gloria confessing to Michael was moving but those are the only times the show has bright spots.

I agree. The show is hella boring, right now.

How awesome was Victor Newman on How I Met Your Mother? Who knew that was even possible?! I especially loved the soapy music and acting involved in those Scherbatsky clan flashbacks. Way to write to an actor's strengths, writers. That was made of win.

What, this is actually a Y&R post? Oh. Well, in that case, I guess I could mention that one storyli...Zzzzzz.

The ONLY storyline that has me interested these days is the Sharon/Nick/Phyllis one. I am LOVING the idea of Phyllis seeing them kiss. What goes around comes around, and she knows it.

Y&R?? Oh no..

I agree, the show is on a upswing, but the bad writing and the boring over tones of this show needs to be addressed and needs to be fix. I think the weakest link is Maria Arena Bell. I think that she is not the best writer and they need to get back Ed Scott to fix the characters and the plots and the female counterparts. It is better than the other soaps, but it still needs so work done to be back to way it use to be.

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