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December 29, 2008

I Think I Have Outrage Fatigue

So much of what goes on on All My Children these days is outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous, even, and not in the hilarious 80's Jem way, but instead in the "This show irritates me so much that I want to spork my eyes out except that's not even good enough because it doesn't cause amnesia and I'd just be blind, but with AMC's badness seared into my memory" way.

And yet today's episode, with its Ryan/Greenlee awfulness (hugging right in front of Crazy Annie? Who does that?) and the more disturbing by the day David/Krystal/Amanda/JR quagmire, both of which seem tailor made for me to get my rant on, led me to...roll my eyes. Granted, it was a fierce eyeroll and I think it may have caused spraining, but it was merely an eyeroll all the same. I'm spent!  My biggest emotional reaction was to Colby turning Petey down because...I love Petey, he is hilarious, I think he is adorability squared, if I wasn't morally opposed to the term "adorkable" I would use that as a descriptor, and I want to give him a hug and I feel sort of creepy saying so because Daniel Kennedy looks like he is 17 and as sad as that was, I don't think it was supposed to be the most interesting part of the episode for me...

But that's where we are at! This show has made me numb. I don't even have a long, angry, profane rant about it. I literally just want to say "...meh" and take a nap.


You get mad points for working a Jem reference into the AMC non-rant. I feel the same, this show has broken me and I can't be bothered to watch since Pratt and Co. can't be assed to write a halfway decent story.

OUTRAGE FATIGUE is a truly magnificent phrase and it fits my feelings about AMC and GH perfectly.

Thankfully, these soaps suck so tremendously that we overcome our outrage fatigue enough to come and read your blog when these shows don't just jump the shark, but jump it... eat it.... throw it up... and then serve it to us loyal outrage fatigued fans.

Happy New Year Ladies! Here's hoping the suckage eases up some this year on soaps. It's gonna take a lot of champagne to have faith in that possibility.

Hee. Petey sooooooo was the best part of today. The only other part of AMC I enjoyed at all was Adam. That is not because of his story but rather because David Canary is just that awesome.

Here is what I need explained to me. Why is it that on every freaking soap I watch the characters I like the best are either never on or just there to be crapped on while the ones I loathe rule the roost? I know I have a soft spot for the underdog but still.

Outrage fatigue is a good phrase. Honestly I would prefer to be at that point though. I'm close I think but not there yet. What is the point in caring when not one involved in writing/producing/executiving the shows gives two hoots? And yes I made that last verb up.

My only thoughts during AMC: 1)Petey looks supercute w/o his glasses; 2)That tornado should have taken about 12 more characters out.

you are so funny!
i love PETEY & i'm so glad there's at least that one bright spot on the show...which means FRONS will get rid of him soon.

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