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December 26, 2008

I Am in Love with Fictional Characters. Or Maybe That's the Eggnog.

No, it's not the booze:  Scorpio/Drakes are eminently lovable.  I just adore them.  I want at least an episode a week of this terrible show to be dedicated just to them, because then at least I could plan around the one night that won't involve fast-forwarding.

And this is all before The Wedding.  The day-after-Christmas, including-an-adorable-baby, canvas-uniting, legacy-character-involving, gorgeous-dress-featuring wedding!  And I am not one of those weepy girls who love weddings.  I don't even really like them.  I don't want one for myself.  But for Robin Scorpio?  And Patrick Drake?  Yes, I vote fabulous nuptials.  I might even recap them.  If they don't involve bloodshed.  Which, with this show, you never know.  Stay tuned.


Oh Becca! Please please pleeeease recap this. I'm so incredibly excited to watch this today and your recap will just make it all that much more awesome. Finally a wedding without bloodshed!! Whodathunkit?

I'm with you on devoting a day to just the Scorpio/Drakes. And for anyone who thinks it'd be boring, have you met Robin and her parents?? Never boring. LOL

I'm glad that I stopped by Serial Drama today. I didn't know that the wedding was today. I can't wait. The Scorpio/Drakes make me weepy. I adore Robin and Patrick. The wedding will be wonderful with Anna and Robert in attendance.

Becca - I am sooo with you on the Scorpio/Drakes. JT and KMcC are such fantastic actors and their portrayls of P&R is so amazing!

My friends get married? I don't even consider the fact they will make. Patrick and Robin getting married? I am PRAYING for them. Yes - it's that bad for me....

Oh, Becca - silly girl, it's not the Eggnog! It really is love - I'M IN LOVE TOO!!!! I am sooo excited for today and I know it will be wonderful. Everything Scorpio/Drake has been (and continues to be) truly fantastic and amazing, how could it not be?! You know, I like your idea of one who day dedicated to this bunch....who knows?! Maybe they could even call it... NightShift 3!

Enjoy today, have your tissues ready :-)

Half way through and I'm already tearing up. All these clips of young Robin are killing me.

I am soooooo much in love with this couple and this family. I totally 2nd your request to have one episode a week just about them. It would be the one episode I would not miss and would not need to FF through. Oh how refreshing that would be.

My love for Robert freakin' Scorpio and Tristan Rogers may be getting a little out of control. Both men are just totally made of awesome.

I, too, am in love with these fictional characters. I want Robin and Patrick to be happy and in love more than I want it for myself. lol How sick is that? ha

Yes, please recap. And post lots of pretty pictures. I am sure Patrick will say lots of things "hotly" during the ceremony. lol

The Scorpio/Drake extended families and Robin and Patrick's love story are the only things worth watching on GH anymore, IMO. I am so glad they are finally getting married!!

I'm in love with ficitional characters as well... its been 3 years too. I think its sad that I care more about what happens to them(the people in my tv who aren't real) than others, LOL. I mean I'm sure my aunt wished I would have shown the level of excitement I have shown to Patrick&Robin's wedding at hers.

But please, please, PLEASE recap this! Robin+Patrick=a GH worth watching. I love you girls recaps of people/things on GH I can't stand(and sometimes really just don't care about) b/c it so funny and witty but how much more so would I love a recap about characters I LOVE!

I loved Robin since she was 7 years old, and when she returned to GH in 2005, there was something to look forward to again. The new hot doctor followed and I was on cloud9. This is the best couple ever and I cried before the wedding got started, I just melt with these 2 and throw the family in and it's soaps at its best. I hope TPTB make this a couple who will truly live up to their vowels and be happy. Please recap on this wonderful couple and their family. Love your site. Scrubs forever.

There is only one explanation for today's episode. Awesome Writer must have kidnapped Guza and stuck him in the Spencer's attic or the Q's boathouse - places that no longer exist on the GH canvas. We had flashbacks for a legacy character who mostly remains on backburner status, even during her supposed HIV+ pregnancy storyline! It's a holiday miracle! And in a gesture of thanks, you MUST recap!

I watched GH's Scrubs wedding stuff in awe. That was some goooood TV.

i LOVED the scenes from Scrubs wedding!! aww!! i got choked up and cried at the moments when robin, robert, and mac had those flashbacks!! LOVE Patrick and Robin!!
They are the only couple on GH that deserve to be together and be happy!!!

Robin and Patrick are the best most realistic couple on GH. I waited a long time for them to marry and I want to see them go against odds and make this marriage work.

They are NOT your typical soup couple and therefore should work together to keep their marriage and love alive. Besides I love KMc and JT together in scenes and love Little Emma with them.

Now add in Mac, Robert, Anna, Matt, Maxie and the Scorpio/Drakes rule and make GH the soap it should be.

I loved the scrubs wedding. I lost it after the first flashback of Robin telling Mac she was HIV positive. Then we had flashbacks of the Mantilla scene with Stone and the first time Robert met Robin. Somebody must have locked Guza in the closet because the whole show was centered around scrubs and we even had some awesome dialogue. It would be a shame for GH not to bring back the Scorpio's for good.

You must recap the awesomness of Friday's show.

I only have ONE complaint about the AWESOMENESS that has been the Scorpio/Drake wedding and associated family goodness.

Sonny had to make an appearance. Proves that Guza had at least one mangled, Athlete's-foot laden toe in the waters to murk it up, because we all know there can't be a scene on GH that doesn't involve Sonny. If there was a story about an avalanche in the Swiss Alps involving Jimmy Lee Holt, we'd STILL be subjected to Sonny riding in with a whiskey barrel around his neck. So says Guza.

I suppose on some warped level, they needed to do it for the Stone tie in, but if that man could possibly get out ONE LINE, just ONE LINE without 74 ums, ahs and drags between words, MAYBE it could pass for mediocre acting.

Other than that, soap goodness at its' finest!

The Scrubs wedding was precious. I will never be convinced that Guza had anything to do with it. Awesome Writer must have knocked him out and tied him up in a closet, and then sedated Farren Phelps in order to let his Awesomeness have free reign.

^ What Rene said. :D

The one thing about Friday's episode that saddened me was how few of the cast were included in this wedding-for the wedding of PC's #1 girl, one would have expected a bit more of a turnout. For example, where was Monica?? Edward attends w/3 nobody hospital staff? Granted, Guza has killed off so many, but still-to have to resort to seat fillers for a wedding of this magnitude?? I agree, though, that Guza couldn't have possibly been anywhere in the vicinity when this was written or filmed for there to be so many flashbacks & so little Sonny!!

I like Sonny when he's with Robin! I know, I am easy.

Anyway, I am recapping this shindig. But real life (people expect me to, like, work over the holidays, can you imagine?) may prevent me from getting it up until later this week. The awesomeness of the wedding will not have dimmed by then, though.

While waiting for your recap I decided to rewatch the 12/26 and 12/29 episodes tonight and once again you are correct in that the awesomeness of the wedding has not dimmed over the course of time. I smiled through the 2 hours and am looking forward to your spin on the shindig.

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