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December 02, 2008

I Think I'm Thankful. Yes, I'm Thankful. Wait, Am I Thankful? Help.

You're probably wondering why -- with all of our incessant bitching about how General Hospital has nothing to do with the hospital, how the writers have little concept of family or friends, and how a Very Special GH Episode can't happen without a body count -- we haven't yet posted about last Wednesday's lil' retro hour disguised as a Thanksgiving episode, which bore a remarkable resemblance to a soap opera.  Mostly that's because it took us a while to figure out if we hallucinated it.  But also, there's the very real consideration of . . .

. . . no really, did we hallucinate it?

So the question is, how thankful were you for that holiday episode?  Thankful enough to sit through one of our painstakingly detailed recaps which occasionally include a [hopefully] funny aside?  Or are you already so embittered by the last two days of crap episodes that you can't bear to be reminded of those few decent minutes last week?  Or do you hate everything including the episode and even the idea of a stupid recap and you're headed off to kick Bob Cratchit in the shins?

You are the deciders.


YES!! Its what I've been waiting for! The amazingness that was Wed. episode of GH still lingers. A whole day of Robin and Patrick... I mean WHAT did I do to deserve this great gift?!

Scrubs are the best thing about GH for me already so how excited did you think I was when I found that it was a WHOLE episode for Scrubs. WITH NO MOB!!

It should be rejoiced, relived and the done again and again and again. I mean the way I see it every OTHER episode of GH is dedicated to the all-holy mob and has little to no Scrubs(and anything enjoyable really) so why not give people(those that want it at least like ME!!) one, ONE, episode that has no mob at all.

It wasn't perfect, it wasn't the best thing ever written but I loved it and it sure as heck was one of the best things GH has done in a while. :D

It's recaps of episodes like this that help me get through the bad times. I definitely want a recap. That being said I had such high hopes and they were only partially met. I was disappointed there was no Jax. I wanted to see how different the Carly and Spencer situation would have ended, and how Patrick and Elizabeth would affect Jason and Jake. Plus the editing was so off. The transitioning between scenes was so sloppy, but Patrick was hot, Robin was adorable, Alan was alive not wearing a track suit, we have a scrubs wedding with Tristan Rogers coming up, and I appreciated they car back firing dig at the mob.

Please please recap! Your recaps are the reason I keep watching, and I've been waiting since last week for you to recap this episode, in detail, with a fine toothed comb!

I vote recap....Love Patrick, Robin, and Emma......

Ok. I got tears in my eyes when I saw Alan walk in the hospital, as a doctor again.

I'm not sure if it's kosher to copy and paste a segment from another site, but this sums up my opinion exactly. It's from Eye on Soaps:

Did Soaps Make the Grade This Sweeps? by Trish Fodor

"The latest travesty was the show solely devoted to Robin Scorpio’s dream. I loathed the days when she and Patrick were constantly sniping at one another and to bring it back for an entire episode was sheer torture. Don’t get me wrong, I love good banter. Look at Luke and Tracy, Maxie and just about anybody, or Ric and Alexis when he first set his sights on her. All are (were) witty and entertaining exchanges. However, Robin and Patrick at odds portray her as just bitchy and him, a self-absorbed bore. I was thrilled when the writers finally took them beyond that. Why bring it back? And for a whole show? If anything, the show opened my eyes to Scrub’s chemistry with other characters. I actually liked Robin with Matt and Elizabeth with Patrick. Perhaps they will try out these pairings for real someday."



To each his own, but I love Scrubs. They are the only reason I watch this wretched show. And the banter just served to show how far they have come. I have fast-forwarded through both new episodes since Wednesday, looking for some hint of humanity, some reason to linger, and have found none. No, the episode was not perfect, it was too disjointed, the editing was off, but it had Jason Thompson shirtless twice(!) and had people interacting with each other without the mob being the subject. Bravo for GH, and let's see more of that.

I voted for the recap because I just love your guys' recaps.

LOVED it! Please recap!

A recap would be awesome!! As far as the pairings with others, they sucked!! I know they had to do it for the episode story line but I hated seeing them with the other characters. I am just waiting for the show to screw up Scrubs so I can stop watching the show and have one less hour of TV to watch everyday.

I would love you to recap it, but I HATED the episode. I found it insulting that they would have brought Robin and Patrick this far and spent an hour reliving what Guza apparently thinks were their "glory days" of Patrick whoring around and Robin getting shat on.

Also, Carly was in it, which automatically makes it suck.

Also, our news broke in with Mumbai coverage during the second and third segments, so I never found out why Carly and Patrick broke up. I hope it was awful and involved her getting eaten by sharks.

recap please! i just stopped watching GH in favor sopranos reruns.

I liked the show--NO MOB WARS for a whole day!
I didn't like the Shower scene--was a ripoff of
P/R Night Shift season 1-Didn't care for the Matt/Robin or Elizabeth/Patrick scenes (these couple had Zero chemistry IMO)- It truly showed how far P/R have come in the years. Editing was terrible but Loved seeing JT shirtless, as Kelly mentioned once or twice in the show--HE IS HOT, also like seeing more of Kelly and Lainey.

Honestly, there were parts of this episode I did NOT love at all but I'm willing to just straight up lie and say I did if it'll get me a Serial Drama recap.

I loved the episode. And as far as people hating the fact that they paired Scrubs up with other people.. You're all missing the point. They had them ending up together by the end of the show. The whole point was to prove that they would have ended up together anyway.

It looks like the pro-recap forces are prevailing.

So, hypothetically, if someone's version of this episode contained the news interruptions mentioned above, is there a place where someone could download a full version of the episode? Hypothetically? If so, please hypothetically email me (EvilButTwinless [at] gmail [dot] com). Thanks!

Reasons to watch:

- Alan was there

- Maxie and Matt eye-sexed each other

- Rebecca Herbst had a great storyline that did not involve Borgan...it was the best episode on GH like EVER!!!

- Carly was a viable character

- Scrubs did not mention couches or blogs

Since I have given up on GH, that episode gave me a slightly bruised sliver of hope....but now that its back to The Desperate Mob-Moll Redemption Hour.....I think I'm done....

I'll just go back to re-reading the Twilight series now and sighing over perfection...its a sad day when I can read more about honest romance and drama and action and adventure in a teenaged/young-adult book series than I can watch on GH....

I gave up on GH months ago, but I still keep up via the interwebs. Usually it's just to remind myself why I stopped watching and don't ever intend to re-start, but now I'm dying to know what I missed. One of your recaps would be most excellent right about now.

In all honesty, I didn't think it was as good as the episodes covering the Scrubs wedding, Emma's birth and Robin's near fatal case of FallbackGHPregnantWomanDisease-itis. But it was still better by LEAGUES than the rest of the mobmobmob crap we got, and continue to get and will probably get for the rest of our livespleasegodsaveus.

Plus, even if I didn't want to "reward" the stupid writers, I will always choose the option that gets us a Serial Drama writeup. Always.

I think any episode that does not have the mob in it and DOES have Alive Alan should be rewarded with a recap.

please recap, I love them

Scrubs are literally the ONLY reason I watch GH so seeing an entire episode devoted to them and showing that they were meant to be together.........WOW a GH worth watching.

Scrubs bantering, flirting, constantly thinking about each other.......LOVE IT !

That final image of the three of them, our little Scorpio Drake family cuddled together on the couch exchanging looks of pure love...........PERFECT !!!!

It also proved to me once again that J.T. and K.Mc. have the most amazingly incredible chemistry with each other and absolutely NO ONE even comes close to that magic they share together.

Even more reason to watch......no Sonny, no Jason, no mob crap....time to celebrate !!

I especially loved the whole message of the show........that no matter what different twist or turns their lives would have taken Scrubs would have ended up together because they're meant to be together.

I loved the first and last Scrubs scenes. That stuff in between could have been a great space for Emma's first Thanksgiving at Uncle Mac's house with Scrubs, Mac, Anna, Maxie and Matt. Maybe even some phone calls from Grandpa Robert & Grandpa Noah. Recap away!

PLEASE keep the recaps coming.

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