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December 11, 2008

Oh, This Poor Child

Young Emma Lavery has not had an easy life.

The man she thought was her father turned out to be a deranged sexual predator, who was eventually murdered by Jonathan Lavery.

The man who is her biological father is an epic douchebag.

Her mother has been slowly driven insane by the fact that she is in love with the aforementioned epic douchebag and, after a downward spiral including scheming to get pregnant, murdering her brother, framing kids for the murder, attempting to murder Greenlee, faking the kidnapping of Emma, shooting Di, stabbing Erica and strangling Aidan, is currently being held against her will in a mental hospital.

Her family life is tragic enough, but what about the fact that she is the loneliest human being to ever live?!

Emma: Can we get whipped cream on our hot chocolate?

Greenlee: Gobs of it.

Emma: You're the best friend I ever had.

That is literally the saddest statement I have ever heard. What must your life be like if Greenlee is your best friend? She is fabulous in many ways, but being a good friend is not one of those ways. I guess it is possible that Emma is sucking up for whipped cream, but I doubt it...

I can't imagine liking Greenlee and Ryan as a couple in any way, shape or form, unless I suffered a head trauma, so I am biased, but...are they in any way root-worthy? I am asking sincerely. I mean, Annie is in a mental institution because of them and Greenleeis already bonding with Emma? At least wait a couple of weeks before you start flaunting your soulmateness, you know? It just comes down to basic manners.


Epic douchebag is way too nice a phrase to be used for Ryan Lavery. And since when do we expect Ryan and/or Greenlee to have basic manners, that's asking an awful lot of those two.

My heart broke for Emma. It started with her mommy not knowing who she was. :( Then we find out that Greenlee is her best friend? Poor Emma. No child deserves that. I hate Ryan even more for putting his sweet little girl in such a horrible position in the first.

Ryass' douchebaggery is legen...wait for it...dary! ;)

Epic douchebag is a fun way to describe him but I'm also not sure it accurately portrays just how much he sucks. Then again I am not sure that the words that would properly quantify his sucky jackassy douchebaggery exist in any language.

oops. Sorry for posting so many times. The site was slow and I didn't think it was working. My bad.

I was a big Greens and Leo fan from way back when.....to see this travesty repeated over and over again on AMC is just WRONG!!!

Worse now because Emma and Annie get caught in the middle.....why oh why can't Ryan just investigate himself off a cliff?

As much as I love having this Greens back, the fact that hot-ness Aidan is once more deprived of ever really getting the girl has turned me off her entirely.....

I'd rather watch Y&R....atleast that show still has some mystery left to it....

Oh, and to whoever's been pimping OLTL non-stop, kudos.....it has all the hot boys and Todd too!!! :D

I'd say epic douchebag is being polite! Come on Mallory, tell us what you really think! ITA with every word & poor little Emma asking for whipped cream sure had me in tears- it was the line of the day. Sometimes this show sinks to new levels.

Can I get some sympathy for my guy Aidan - PLEASE? I mean come on! Annie and Emma aren't the only ones suffering here. All three are being blatantly thrown under the Rylee bus. I'd love to see Annie/Aidan and Emma become a united happy family and watch Rylee burn to the ground. All three are vastly superior to Ryan/Greenlee in every way...

Well, let's see what Webster says, hmmm?

Epic: Extending beyond the usual or ordinary, esp., in size or scope.

Douchebag: See definition under Lavery, Ryan.

Extremely apt description, Mallory! It could even be further amended with any of a number of colorful adjectives. How's about epic, despicable, scum-sucking, weaselly douchebag?

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