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January 14, 2009

Now They're Just Screwing With Me

Seriously, General Hospital, you can't follow through on a storyline to save your life and yet you cling with all of your might to Robin's hideous plaid coat? Double you tee eff?


THIS is what you decide to try that new fangled "continuity" thing with? An ill-fitting, ugly coat?

And then you accessorize it with a dead Muppet?!


Seriously, they murdered and skinned Grover and then paired him with a coat whose pattern was last seen on the set of Maude.

It's not enough that your stories are terrible and anger-inducing and turn our brains to mush, but you also have to sear our retinas as well? I hate you.


It is super ugly, but every time I see it I am at least grateful that they did retire the even more hideous orange version that Elizabeth had.

I look forward to seeing it now because I know there will be a post about it afterwards! I agree...the coat is ugly, the coat plus scarf is traumatizing...

Confession -- I kind of love the coat. Just not on Robin.

Grover is beautiful and in no way would his muppet pelt be as hideous as that scarf :-)

And I would wear one of Maude's polyester pantsuits before this heinous coat any day of the week, seriously!

As evil and cruel as this ensemble is, when Liz showed up as the welcome wagon to "kidnap my baby a ville" I was desperately hoping she would be wearing her hideous version of this coat in orange. That noxious plaid wooly twosome would be as horrifically offensive as any Jason & Sonny scene. And those two need some competition for worst scene on GH ever.

ALSO, anyone else find it creepy cheap and lazy that Scrubs new insta house is Liz and Ric's old place? Another retarded Guzarific coupling from the past, ewww. Is there still the panic room/cage where he hid Carly hostage to kidnap her then still gestating baby Morgan?

Can Scrubs not get anything of their own? When any other character needs a new place or wardrobe they get it. But not Scrubs, and it just plain sucks IMO. However if Carly drops by I kinda hope Robin throws her back in the panic room for shits and giggles.

That coat is not hideous. A little ill-fitting? Yeah. Take up the sleeves for Robin and cinch a belt at the waist...but the colors are good on KMc's tone and I like vintage. If you're a mall shopper and like it off the rack, then yeah, it's not gonna match with everything. But matchy-matchy is also not my thing.

I laughed out loud when I saw that coat today. Serial Drama was the first thing I thought of when I saw it again (maybe I'm spending too much time reading your blog while I'm working!)

As soon as I saw the coat I thought of you!! Lol. Yeah, ughhhhhhhh!

Maybe you would feel better if you went back and recapped Robin's wedding (the one where she didn't go into labor), where she looked stunning and had interaction with her family and there were flashbacks.... Just trying to help out in consideration of all you do for us.

Or did I miss that post somehow?

Lauren, The OG, taken on their own, the elements of the coat work (the color, the plaid, the vintage), but together...I just find it to be a cacophany of fug.

Sam, a Scrubs wedding post will come eventually, so hang tight! Behind the scenes stuff has been hectic lately, hence the delay...

Maybe its a Chloe original?

I like the coat. I think they were going with it because isn't this the coat she wore when she found Patrick's apt.? I'm hoping after she gets over the PPD impulse buy of this out of the way plot point house that she will buy a more fitted coat for another house hunting run. I have been wanting Scrubs for some reason to live next door to Uncle Mac or next to the Q's. Not only for history or legacy sake but just for a scene of Edward stopping buy for a Drake family meal because Cook will not feed him at times! And hopefully it would up the chances of ScrubsEmma and Uncle Mac scenes! I can dream and pray. Move Scrubs, move Scrubs, move Scrubs...

I like the coat, if you want to criticize, how about Jax and Carly's hair? His hairdo looked fine on Dillon, but on a grown handsome man?? Carly's hair cannot be described- so much and at times it looks like a curly mop.

Like many others here, when I saw that coat, I thought immediately of Serial Drama comments..too funny! But I also noted, on Thursday Jan 15 (next day)...Robin had different coat on. Perhaps the plaid has been retired?

My eyes just can't take it! Of all the horrific things I've been forced to watch over the past year - children being shot in the head, Georgie's murder, ghost Emily, ghost LOGAN, this coat might be the thing that finally convinces me to switch off. If its brother makes a reappearance I'm gone for good! Wardrobe department, you have been warned.

Noooooooooooooo!!!!!! Not that fugly ass coap again. Ugh!!!!!!!!!

Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Not that fugly ass coat again. Ugh!!!!!!!

I believe you awarded this coat with a "FAIL!" in a previous post... I'd like to upgrade it, if you don't mind, to an EPIC FAIL. Thanks.

the coat not as ugly.

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