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January 16, 2009

Oh, Sweeps Stunts, How I Hate You.

It's that time again when, in its quest to provide us with quality entertainment, General Hospital brings out the big guns. By "big guns", I mean "the exact same stories they have done before". And by "provide us with quality entertainment", I mean "try their best to goad the few remaining viewers into quitting".

Yes, it's sweeps time, which means that , in the grand tradition of GH sweeps, we are in for the following:

  • A story unfolding backwards
  • Clumsy attempts at integrating the mob and non-mob portions of the canvas for the event that we will never forget

  • Plots directly lifted from successful primetime shows

  • A dead Quartermaine or two

I was all set to be annoyed by how repetitive and lame this latest sweeps stunt looks, but I have decided that, at the very least, it will be something to break up the monotony of seeing people have the EXACT SAME CONVERSATION every single day. Seriously, have Sonny and Claudia even had new dialogue in the last few weeks or is it literally just the same script over and over? If I have to put up with CGI in order to hear about something else besides docks, Zaccharas and trampy daughters, so be it.


You forgot "shamelessly repeating event stories they already did not long ago"!

I haven't seen anything but the ads, but I'm guessing this time they're going to recycle the "Luke's monkey virus" story?

sweeps is french for "guza sucks"

Ah, I was going to mention the "Luke monkey virus" story as well.

Seriously though, I'm just hoping they won't kill off anymore Quartermaines. I mean there's what? 3 left?

Hi Guys,
It's a biotoxin storyline, and I'm loving every minute, there are some really good stories going on, except they can get rid of Nadine now. I don't mind repeats, because the setting is different, more cast members, lots of stories, and it's a count down from the 9 hour, before the catastrophe hits at the hospital then we will be seeing GH in real time by the 29th. A 33 year fan until the end.

I've been saying "I couldn't conTAIN it!" for the past week or so. I think the emphasis is really important.

Is Casey The Alien going to pop out of the patience's chest? Is that what they couldn't conTAIN?

It really hurts to watch old clips of this show and then realize what it's become. It hurts.

LMAO@Casey the alien.

I've been on a hiatus from GH. Once I saw this post I figured sweeps = more violence and a Quartermaine dies.

Well technically, while this may be a stunt, it isn't a sweeps stunt as sweeps has been moved to March due to the February switch to digital. The aftermath of this biotoxin crisis will probably play out during sweeps. And surprisingly enough I'm actually looking forward to seeing these scenes unfold. :-)

just an fyi.. its not sweep. Sweeps is not till March.. I guess this would be called pre-sweeps? They hope to raise the ratings for before sweeps. I don't know what the sweeps story is going to be how its related to this.

I think the storyline could be ok, and at least it would be something different but I don't understand they would use the "tell the story backwards" thing AGAIN...

I live in Canada, and we don't get the same promos. Maddening. If they kill another Quartermaine, I am done. DONE. Hell, if they kill anyone besides an extraneous mobster or two and a certain blonde dingbat, I am done.

... "the exact same stories they have done before." Bwahhh! So true.

At least it is the hospital and Patrick is narrating the story, but like all GH stunts it promises to fizzle out quickly. The mob stuff is just tiring.

Forgot to add: I'm enjoying Robin's PPD story. Kim and Jason are doing a great job. There is denial, tension, fear, frustration and most of love in all Robin and Patrick's conversations. I melted when Patrick looked at the picture of Robin and Emma and said, "my two girls, my life." I am in love with the Scorpio-Drakes. I look forward to their roles in the sweep stunt if nothing else.

It may seem to be about Patrick and the Hospitial but I'm guessing it will somehow end up being about Jason saving the day. The biotoxin is reminding me of something Grey's Anatomy did a few years ago down to someone rushing to stop a surgery then those in the OR fainting.

Well at least the hospital staff will be of some significance this time (we assume). Looking forward to Patrick and Matt "hero" efforts, but we know Jason will not be outdone! Agree that Kimberly is rocking the PPD storyline so far.

Yes, Grey's had a similar biotoxin storyline just this season I think. But Grey's is doing a story similar to the Nik/dead Emily/tumor story and Private Practice just this week did a story similar to the cystic fibrosis one on NightShift 2 - complete with hand on the glass window scene. :-)

I guess since I haven't watched this show for so long (over a year) I might not see this promo the same way. To me it looks like:

Patrick is at fault.
Jason will save the day, because he's not at fault.
Sonny will console poor, incompetent Patrick; and then Patrick will make him the godfather of Emma.
A Quartermaine will surely die.
They might get rid of Matt, or he will go insane and kill everyone at the hospital - since he's had no story line since being introduced.

I guess I'm tainted and cynical.

I'm keeping an eye on SD reporting this play-by-play because you guys are the best part of GH.

The Grey's storyline I'm thinking of isn't from this season since I'm not watching it was like a season or two ago.

Actually I think its more a "rating's stunt". Still- same result & same repetition of story.


No longer watch since fall a year or so ago. (Did watch for scrubs wedding though).

So if Guza's stunt doesn't improve the ratings....then what? Hmmmm....

Yes when using "We couldn't contain it." proper emphasis is IMPORTANT. Think Shatner.

And this will prove to be another example of the promo people screwing us in the end..as it was with Luke's monkey virus...ALLEGEDLY the doctors were front and center...ALLEGEDLY it was about the hospital....but it was JASON AND EFFING CARLY who saved the day then...and it will be JASON and SAM who save it now.

I am keeping positive with this storyline. Already I am seeing Matt, Patrick, Robin more often. I am all for it! (I may be disappointed in the end, but I am going to enjoy it while I can.)

You all woke me for THIS?!?! Ratings ploy or early-sweeps attempt, either way, General Hospital is a suckage-snoozefest.

"Sweeps is French for 'Guza sucks'". Bwahaha! 'Lest we forget, Frons sucks BIG TIME, too.

General Hospital is festival of crap that is so terrible it deserves special recognition for sucking so badly.

I am a sucker because they put Johnny in the promo with Maxie. That scene got me all kinds of happy. I want them as couple so I have some enjoyment from the show. I just hope they are finally realizing the potential of them. I can hope, right?

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