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January 19, 2009

The One Where Ric Lansing Preaches To The Choir

Ric Lansing and I have long had a tortured history, or at least the kind of tortured history one can have with a fictional character. He's often a vile human being who does terrible things to people. But he's hilarious! But he's obsessed with Sonny. But he's smart! But he was responsible for the months of Marianna-related boredom. But Rick Hearst is so wonderful! But Rick Hearst deserves to leave the show and gain work in a non-sucky environment playing a character who is, like, well-written.

(Also, I kept typing "Hearst" as "Hearts", for some reason. Freudian slip?)

But today's Ric Lansing was my favorite kind of Ric Lansing, in that he was kind of a dick in a hilarious way and said things that the audience is totally thinking.

Ric: Mr. Zacchara would like for you to understand that just because Sonny has a new position with the Zacchara organization, that does not guarantee your safety. If you'd like for me to dumb it down for you, whatever loyalty Sonny once had for you -- that's officially over. See, we're not obliged to keep the peace because you and Sonny were -- what did you call it once? Oh, yes -- close as brothers. Not so much anymore, huh?

I love when people call Jason dumb! And his facial expression did little to bolster an argument.


"Not so much any more, I know the answer to this...."

And then Ric was similarly mean to Sam.

Sam: I'm looking for work.

Ric: Oh, television show didn't work out? Everybody figure out you're not anyone's hero?

I am a sucker for anybody who mocks Everyday Heroes! Remember the days when that was the implausible storyline that I was obsessed with? Those were like glory days compared to the effing plow patent.

Granted, then Ric started to ruin the good will by talking about how many men Sam has slept with, which was a whole slut calling the tramp whorish situation, but overall, he was kind of the highlight of today. Which wasn't exactly hard, since a lot of it was about Lulu and Johnny and Johnny's endless search for a job, and Nikolas and Jax being pissy, but, hey, damning with faint praise is better than no praise, right?


Mocking Ric Fan Forever!! Could they just run an endless loop of him calling Jason dumb in the corner of the show all the time? Especially during "WILL JASON SAVE US THIS TIME?" Sweeps stories? I'd totally watch then.

Ric was hilarious. Sorry, I couldn't blame him for taunting Sam after he was filleted for that debacle.

Can't believe you didn't mention the great Robin/Patrick and Matt/Maxie scenes. They were stellar, very soapy.

i really do like Ric a lot and i love Rick Hearst playing him too! I do wish they showed more of his character and give him a much better storyline! Rick Hearst is such a great actor!!

What's sad is that Rick is a lead actor playing a supporting role to a couple of characters that are long past their prime.

I love asshole Ric. I just wish they could actually give him a storyline, but apparently he and Alexis are no longer viable characters. Loved the Everyday Heroes jab, but it made me sad because it reminded me of my beloved five-head Amelia Joffe. True, girl couldn't plan revenge to save her life and had the gross sex with the gross Sonny, but she constantly ripped on Sam and looked amazing after her makeover. She would've been great with Ric and would've played well against Alexis, but she now has to save the world with Jack Bauer. Well, at least it's not Jason.

Ric was hilarious yesterday until he went all "you're a whore" on Sam. After that, I was kind of perturbed, because although Sam has done her share of bad things, Ric is no paragon of virtue either. And Danny, I completely share your love for Amelia Joffe and all things Annie Wersching. I loved the way she played Sam, and I love seeing her on 24 as well.

Also, just because it pisses me off, but can Nikolas and Jax seriously stop feuding already? I don't even know where this whole Spoon Island stuff came from, but it's really annoying. Jax is a pain in the ass, and Nik isn't doing himself any favors by antagonizing him. I get why Nik wants to keep Spoon Island, but threatening Jax may not be the best way to go about doing it. Also, I laughed out loud when Jax went all self-righteous on Nikolas about "helping himself to the Metro Court and Courtney" because I basically wanted Nikolas to look him right in the face and say, "Oh, you mean like how you helped yourself to my son and claimed him as your own when you knew he wasn't?" Jax has absolutely no moral high ground when it comes to Nikolas, so he seriously just needs to STFU.

Oh how I love Rick Hearst. As crazy as the Carly-in-the-Panic-Room fiasco was, he did such great acting--hope, anguish, torment, craziness, etc. He hasn't really had a heck of a lot to do in years. I sometimes wish Rick would put Sonny and Jason in a panic room, then everyone wins!

I did enjoy Ric, but my comment is more on Sam. Why don't they find something interesting for her to do that isn't mob-related or ridiculous-tv-show-plot-contrivance-related.

Her arguments as to why she is perfect to infiltrate the Zaccharas are ridiculous. I don't understand her need to go undercover to bust things up...why would she need to be mistreated and shot at when she could have a story with pretty-but-dim Lucky, and how to integrate into a close-knit family? Or how her inability to have children may play out with someone who has never had a kid of his own, though he loves his adoptive sons as if they were his own?

I was just starting to enjoy having Sam on my screen, when this whole Sam and Jason redux thing started to build up. And since then, I've started to find her annoying again. I hated her when she was with Jason. I can't believe this show is going down that road again. (I'm not actually spoiled, but it seems to be where they are heading).

Just ugh. And why I forgive Ric Lansing any nastiness toward Sam.

Love, love Ric! And can't stand Sam - which is why I now love Ric even more after he roasted her so thoroughly. :)

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