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February 07, 2009

A Tree Grows In Port Charles

And this tree grows up to save babies in snowstorms.


Christian Bale goes all shouty crackers at a DP because he was distracting him while filming a robot movie. Um, Christian, call me back when you play a smart, well-educated doctor and daughter of superspies who puts her kid in a tree for safe keeping. A fidgety DP doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

Seriously, if anybody doubted the professionalism of Kimberly McCullough, Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash, this scene proves that they are gems! Their performances are far, far better than the material deserves. I wouldn't have blamed any of them for a profanity-laced tirade or refusing to perform the scene and opting instead to solemnly intone "Fight the real enemy", whilst tearing a photo of Bob Guza in half.

Sometimes, you're left with nothing to say but ???!!!???!???!?!?!???


She put her infant baby in a freaking tree. I had to rewind it on my dvr a second time to make sure i wasnt hallucinating maxie pulling baby emma out of a tree in a blizzard. i think guza is just giving the fans the middle finger when he writes this stuff at this point. serioulsy poor emma may never live this down. she is getting called the keebler elf on some baords lol. thank god maxie came alone or she would have been raised by a squirrel family!!!

Robin putting Emma in a tree is incredulous. I don't know how the actors didn't break down with laughter, I did. The whole toxic ball episode yesterday was nonsensical. There can be no GH fan left who does not realize that Guza thinks that we are all buffoons. He doesn't even try any more.

I was thinking that maybe Robin had come across a cave or something. I am betting that this idea is going to come down to something out of one of Robin's guidebooks, suvival books or some obscure piece of trivia that people come across. Remember the Maarkam Islands adventure. Girlfriend seems like she could have made it out there for a while with just her trusty machete. I am liking how they had Robin sacrifice herself when she wrapped the baby in her own coat. That is a total SuperMother move.

So she gets lost in the town she grew up in but she found a tree with a hole big enough to fit her baby in...yeah cause that makes any sense.

Once again the only good thing about GH is the actors, imagine my surprise.

I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. seriously what does that thing Guza have to do to get is ass fired? A tree? really? As much as I am thankful that sweet beautiful Emma is safe and sound, there was no need to have robin get out of the car and into the woods in the first place. They could have had her stay with Emma in the car, or had her end up back in the car with Emma but a tree? You lady's are right, the KMc, Kristen, and Brandon delivered perfectly despite the crazy lazy writing that this idiot in charge decided to write. Despite this latest lazy writing, the acting once again was done great and despite that I still believe that the PPD story and KMc acting is the best part of this latest GH stunt I mean sweeps.

Anyone else think enormous amounts of weed get smoked in the GH writer's room?

My only rational is that some mothers will go to extremes to save their child. I have to agree that the actors totally saved this scene. Kimberly is still rocking it!

The tree may have been silly, but Sonny running around a hospital with a gun in his hand is worst.

The tree may just be Emma's Casey the Alien! That is going on the HUGE assumption that GH doesn't die before Emma grows up and that Emma lives longer than most kids, especially legacy kids, on this shiite show.

"Fight the real enemy!"

OMG, Mallory, you totally cracked my shit up with that. I remember the whole Sinead episode clearly.

If only our hot mess/train wrecks were that entertaining nowadays.

Or if only our prayers were heard, and Guza was fired and forced to write product descriptions for QVC instead.

"It's even more amazing that we found Emma in that tree."

I don't know how Kristen Storms didn't die laughing while saying that. WTF?!

i have no words...

The last soap I watched that put a baby in a tree was Another World and it got cancelled a few months later after years of bad writing and bad producer decisions had sucked the life out of it and I remember thinking - thank god for these awesome actors because they're the only reason I'm still watching. Now 10 years later, here I am thinking the same thing about my other favourite soap - this is so depressing! I guess it's only fitting since Jill Farren Phelps helped kill Another World and now she's helping kill GH too!

there was no need to have robin get out of the car and into the woods.

there was no need to have robin get out of the car and into the woods.

"Anyone else think enormous amounts of weed get smoked in the GH writer's room?"

OMG...Hilarious! Probably only during sweeps seasons. :)

OMG, I have not watched the show yet.... I will have to fast forward to the scene of the tree and see the shiite that is Guza...I wish his mama had left him in a tree.

They are good actors, but this is horrible. Please, make the stupid stop.

Putting a baby in a tree, is Kimberly McCullough even tall enough to reach the hole to put the "baby" in the tree? That is just as farfetched...as putting a baby in a tree to begin with.

I think EvilGuza et al smoke weed and write this stuff with their feet.
It would explain why this show has all the appeal of toe jam.

I miss my show. :(

From the column a few weeks ago ...."4.) Robin and Patrick's post partum depression story has, thus far, not been a complete disaster, which, honestly, is kind of surprising, considering the talent level of the writing staff and their interest in this couple as a whole. It's been handled pretty sensitively and realistically, which, obviously, makes it stand out against the rest of the GH landscape. At least 85% of the non-suckiness of this story is the great performances Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson have been giving. I know that I gush over them a lot, but I keep picturing what this story would be like in the hands of lesser actors and I give a full Sideshow Bob shudder at the very thought. They are reliably excellent, and it's nice to have such consistency in these turbulent times." --

Guess that's kinda out the window now with the baby in the tree? Double U Tee Eff, a small glimmer of hope, dashed violently by extremely bad writing. Again kudos to the actors for keeping a straight face acting this garbage out.

it hurts to watch, but i can't stop. i'm clinging to false hope, here. what do we have to do to get that guy canned?

i think sri and bob should switch places. bob writes this show as it's some sort of night adventure show, 24 or something, but it's a GD soap opera. sri does it so much better.

You know I always was confused as to why GH didn't do a single PA while Lucky had his pill addiction...and i was confused and enraged as everyone else by the PA they did against youth violence...but Robin putting Emma in a tree just explained it all....

Clearly you can't do a PA regarding the dangers of drug abuse when your headwriter, executive producers and everyone at ABC who heard about that plot twist and went "OMG! SO AWESOME!! BEST SHOW BACK TO BACK HERE WE COME!!!" smoke not only TONS...but metric butt-tons of chemicals that only Columbian drug lords have.

And yes I completely agree this was Guza giving the middle finger to the fans. Then again I also suspect Spinelli and Winifred are exactly what Guza thinks the computer literate fans of this show look and sound like as well.

What planet is Guza on....I finally watched last week show and I just could not believe the Shiite that Robin had to go through. Great acting from Maxi....I was half expecting her to start laughing when she found baby Emma, and what was that Sam shooting Jason Morgan.....if that was an attempt at humor...I just did not get it.

On the bright side, there's one hell of a product placement deal going with Keebler if they're looking for their Elves to grow as actors here. Frons must be salivating already!

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