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February 18, 2009

Geek Chic

The fact that somebody thought to themselves, "You know what would be awesome? GIRL SPINELLI. High five!" and not only made that happen, but collected a paycheck for it, fills me with sadness at the state of our world. It also makes me a little jealous, to be honest. Why don't I get paid for having terrible ideas? I am so in the wrong line of work.

It's like, I look back on the weeks that I spent complaining about Nadine and her plow patent, and I want to smack my former self for not realizing how good she had it! I would gladly take Nadine's hammy facial expressions and limitless social awkwardness over Winifred.  


Winifred: Well, Mr. Jackal will be most distressedd if something happened to you.

Winifred: While i would not object to you facing a fiery doom, Mr. Jackal would mind very much. So, on his behalf, I am going to remind you that the Jackal canbe resourceful, and keeping that in mind, I'm advising you to stay here where it will be safe.

Because I was unwilling to accept the notion that more than one person in the GH universe uses Spinelli-speak--which, may I remind you, is one of the most irritating, overdone and RIDICULOUS things on General Hospital and when something stands out on General Hospital for being irritating, overdone and ridiculous, that says a lot, and none of it good--I assumed that Winifred adopted it solely for the purpose of getting close to him and then hand him over to the FBI? Why is she still using it now? Why are two human beings on this show using it at all? Is it just to drive the audience crazy? Because I feel like it's unwise to purposely drive the three dozen people still watching to quit in a fit of anger.

And we are expected to believe that this woman spends her workday amongst law enforcement agents carrying weapons and not one of them has felt compelled to shoot her? Not buying it, sorry.

Speaking of Spinelli...I'd like to call for an end to soliloquies describing how he's the greatest person to ever walk the earth:

Maxie: I don't get it either, but Spinelli is the sweetest, most generous person I've ever met and he's really, really smart.

Winifred: He's a genius.

Maxie: You think? It's not just all the cyber stuff, though. Spinelli knows everything about everything. He knows about music and art and opera. I bet he's read every book that's ever been written. And he's not just a genius with numbers. He would give anything to anybody.

I mean, really, that sort of praise should be reserved for Jason and Jason only.


With every passing day I swear Winnie and Spinelli are Guza's way of giving the finger to any reasonably intelligent, computer literate fans out there. You know that's what he thinks we all look like and sound like. Which totally explains why she was given a contract before she ever aired on the show.

As always, wonderful post. Even though I don't watch GH anymore, the bits I've seen with Spinelli have convinced me to stay away, even if I do understand if some do find it charming in limited doses. But there's no way double the "pleasure" could be double the "fun" and I'm certain that no one else could make the stilted dialogue work.

In other words, it seems like a better title for this post would be:

Geek Sh!t

OMG seriously someone ELSE who despises Spaznelli... YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

he's not the friggin second coming he doesn't ISH gold - he's a caricature and damned horrible one at that

but believe or not Winnifred doesn't bother me in fact I like her for several reasons

1. she has a Quarter of Spin's air time
2. she is more apt to break into normal speech
3. while she is socially awkward she doesn't seem to have the detrimental low self-esteem and does seem to desperately want to change herself
4. Senta Moses is awesome actress

"And we are expected to believe that this woman spends her workday amongst law enforcement agents carrying weapons and not one of them has felt compelled to shoot her? Not buying it, sorry."

Thank you! I commend everyone in the FBI for not shooting her, especially all those who endured the FBI academy with her. I can only imagine the horrors of sitting through courses on interrogation techniques with that.

What I can't believe is that this woman is only FOUR YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME!!?? That's right, she is 36!!! I would have thought she was no more than 22. Jesus, can someone please tell me what skin care line she uses? PLEASE?

I despite Spinelli and his female twin. They both get on my last nerve.

I don't mind having Winifred around if it frees up Maxie romantically for someone else, such as Matt or even Johnny (their scenes a few weeks back in the garage were really great; nice chemistry).

I used to like Maxie and Spinelli but she's been idolizing him for weeks now and he really doesn't deserve all that adulation. At least with Wini in the picture, I could forward those 2 together and let Maxie be with someone who speaks English.

See normally I would be all about a Spin-Win pairing for the fast forward fun alone but I shudder to think what a love scene between the two of them would sound like.

My grandmother actually called me yesterday (before GH) to say "Y'know, I know you like Spinelli, but I really hope he doesn't make it out of the fire!"

Never have I been so glad I stopped watching.

If I took over writing duties at GH tomorrow by some miracle, I'd write off Spinelli and Winifred by having them accidentally caught in a nuclear blast off-screen. Elizabeth can deliver the news and mention that the blast was videorecorded so, in her words, "There's absolutely no way either of them could have survived and no way they can come back. Ever." After that three-minute (tops) scene neither Spinelli or Winifred will be mentioned again except by a psychologist examining Maxie who concludes that Georgie's death caused her to suffer an undetected breakdown that seriously impaired her judgment, especially when it came to men.

Oh come one everyone knows that Spinelli is Jasam's adopted son.

I think Winnie is a crazy stalker. what ever she is she needs to go and most Spinelli fans agree... Winnie please go

She diminishes what us Spinelli fans find so dear but more then that she is an insult to hard working career women. Are we really suppose to believe SHE is an FBI agent? Did you see that pouty face at the ends of yesterdays show? Almost ruined a wonderful Spixie moment.

I *love* Spinelli, and Winifred's fun with him because at last someone gets him. However I want Spinelli/Maxie.

I'll never understand what is so difficult about understanding Spinelli's dialogue. I find it SO refreshing and funny, especially when stupid Sonny can't comprehend it.

I like Spinelli .. not too fond of his speak, but he is funny, and Spixie are cuteness gold. I want Winnifred D-E-A-D! When Maxie bit her head off for calling her "Maximista" .. FLOVED it!

Count me in as one of the apparent few Spinelli fans (I have a thing for geeks). Winifred, however, stinks and they really missed the boat on having her DIAF.

i was hoping you would post a screen still of the ridiculous, hilarious face Winifred made while watching Maxie and Spinelli embrace---it was atrocious!!

(and i normally like the actress--she was too cute on "Greek")

Well...with a tip of my hat to the serial drama writers here....yesterday, I found Patrick hotly concerned about Robin and hotly chatting with her on the couch and hotly picking up Emma, out shone the rest of the GH junk.

Great post! I could not have said it any better myself!! I do often find quite Winifred annoying!!

Oh, i thought you guys you like to know that Senta Moses may be well-known for her role in both of the "Home Alone" movies where she played Kevin McCallister's cousin Tracy McCallister

My grandmother actually called me yesterday (before GH) to say "Y'know, I know you like Spinelli, but I really hope he doesn't make it out of the fire!"

Claire, your Gram and I need to hang out.

It's not that I find Spinelli-speak confusing, it's that I find it intensely annoying. If it were just something he did when he got really nervous or was around Maxie or something, I could deal. But he's just a full-time cartoon character at this point.

And the fact the writers are so enamored by their own bullshit that they thought adding boobs to Spinelli would be comedy gold? Makes me weep, rather angrily.

I like Spin, although you would think when he was dying that he would abandon his lengthy way of talking..sheesh.., and I like Win, but I don't like how they are making her talk like him.

Why can't she "get" him without talking just like him. And what would the writers do if they couldn't use the words Fair or Most?

They are so repetitive in their Spin talk. It makes it much more annoying. And, like I mentioned before, it is stupid that at certain times he wouldn't just talk normal.

Does anyone here watch Bones? I was watching some Youtube videos and realized that she played Sweets' girlfriend on Bones,the one who was making pottery with him and dumped him. So now I feel even more justified in disliking Winnie!

All kidding aside, I really like Spinelli and I love him with Maxie, but Bradford Anderson is the reason Spin can be ridiculous and still charming. This character lacks any charm, though the actress seems good enough. Still, we're truly supposed to believe Winnie can act normal enough to be accepted into the FBI? Hey, if that's the case, maybe Spin could become an agent too!

Thank you for bringing this up. I have friends in law enforcement and even know people on the federal level and when this girl kept up that horrendous verbal offense to my ears and had the audacity to say something about being on a field assignment I almost choked. If that freak of nature could manage to get a job at the bureau with those verbal skills, she would be chained to a desk in the basement monitoring the internet chatter, NO way in hell would they EVER put her in the field. She's completely inept as a normal human being.

One more way Guza spits on law enforcement I guess.

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