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February 20, 2009

I Think This Google Search Says It All...

Part of the fun of having a blog is being able to see what search terms send people your way, especially when the person doing a the search is obviously a kindred spirit! Witness this Google search that someone used today:

hate HATE ryan all my children

YES, Anonymous Googler, I am with you! You are among friends!

I had been so focused on my burning, irrational loathing of Reese and all that she does that my hate HATE for Ryan Lavery had dwindled to irritation rather that outright hostility. And while Reese continues to be just...the worst, today's episode reminded me of just how terrible Ryan is, because today was a whole lot of Ryan being wronged, a whole lot of Ryan being angry, a whole lot of Ryan being smug and a whole lot of Ryan being loud.


He's all angsty about Greenlee being dead, to which I say, first of all, her body wasn't found and even if it had been, everyone in Pine Valley should know that means it's just a matter of time before she strolls back to town regardless because Pine Valley death is shorter than some vacations and also, we all know that he would have gotten sick of her after three weeks, so her "death" is making him move on to the next love of his life a little sooner than he had anticipated. Maybe that's what this is about, he's inconvenienced that he has to seek a new soulmate out already...

But even if I give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he's grieving and heartbroken...the man is a moron.

Ryan:Great, great, big hero. Greenlee is still dead, ok? Zach is responsible, and I want to press charges.

Can you imagine going to the police and saying, "Hello, I'd like to press charges against this man for the murder of my fiancee. Granted, we have no body and the incident that drove her off of a cliff was clearly accidental, but he made out with a lesbian, which made my fiancee super angry. You see where I'm going with this, right? So what kind of charge can you make stick, first degree, second degree...? Is the death penalty on the table?"

Ryan: Yeah? Well, I wanted my marriage to work, too. But Zach killed Greenlee before I had a chance. And what are his consequences? How -- how does that affect his life? It doesn't. Not yet.

Before you had a chance to kill her?!?! 

Ryan: She ran off the road because the car was on the wrong side. The car was on the wrong side because they were arguing about Zach and Reese. Greenlee wouldn't have been on the road if it wasn't for Zach and Reese. Zach and Reese are behind all of this, Erica. So, please, don't tell me it was an accident. Zach's arrogance killed Greenlee.

The logic there is too effed up for me to even comprehend, but I am trying to decide which is better: the idea of Killer Arrogance, or the notion that Ryan is angrily denouncing someone for being arrogant. The hate HATE, it burns!



Nightmares for weeks!

I believe one of the common traits many AMC fans share is their hate for All Things Ryan.

I have nothing but contempt for Ryan. His blaming Zach for Greenlee's accident is ludicrous. He is not heroic. He is not sympathetic or empathetic. What Lavery is is an abusive, manipulative, selfish bully who is incapable of taking responsibility for his own actions.

I wonder...can we purchase a pair of Oak Haven grey sweats for Ryan? Can we just lock " I am that monster" up now and toss away the key?

Ryan is an absolutely useless character and needs to go.

And to fuel the growing flames of our hatred, he had to go telling Greenlee's picture that he's gonna take EVERYthing away from Zach, including Spike. Nuh-uh!

Ryan is one loathsome, despicable, spit-yelling crazy person. Yes, the hate BURNS!

[cue more arrgggghhh's]

I am so scared that our girl Kendall is one of the things that Ryan is going to "take from Zach." If this happens I am going to be so pissed. Kendall punishing Zach so far has been fun, but if she ends up with Ryan again, I am going to be done for real this time

let me start by saying that Ryan is THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE. he never owns up to any of the crap he's done, even though Greenlee's "death" was clearly an accident he still has it in his stupid pee brain head to go after Zack, who by the way wasn't even driving. I think he will use any excuse to go after Zack. I am not really all that happy with Zack latlely, but even he shouldn't get blamed for something he didn't do, specially by the towns "hero".

Ryan Lavery is the reason fast forward was created.And I swear if his next "love" is Kendall, again, someone's going to get hurt. Just give the boy a mirror, that will keep his interest much longer than any woman every has.

I don't like Ryan, but at the same time, I feel like Zach is winning the Biggest Douche Award right now. "Yeah, I kissed another woman. If you're upset about it, that's YOUR PROBLEM." Ugh.

Yeah, that "Zach's arrogance" line was the tip of the hypocrite iceberg. Ryan is the king of arrogance (among other things).

Seriously, who can regard Ryan as a hero? More than ever he looked like a raving lunatic today, so much so that Kendall and Erica looked visibly afraid of him and I thought Jesse was going to whip out his gun and tell Ryan to keep his hands up and visible. AMC, seriously, we hate Ryan. And Reese. Eliminate anyone with a name beginning with "R": Reese, Ryan, Randi.

Ryan Lavery is the very embodiment of a four-letter "c" word that's usually (wrongly) reserved for women.

It's not laughable anymore- it's absurd- it's beyond beyond! IDK if taic ever watch this show, or specifically watch Ryan but if any of them saw that act yest, & somehow still approved it being shown, well no wonder AMC is going down the tubes!
This guy ought to be hidden away or something- he is a disgrace to all the other actors on AMC & particularly Thorsten Kaye, who is so superior with his sublime, understated responses to this joke in front of him! All I can say is Kudos TK for not clocking him or at least not laughing in his face during that scene! How does he keep from breaking up- he should get an award for that! I never wanted to throw something at my tv so badly as I did during every single one of Ryan's scenes! Am I supposed to like this?
Is this supposed to be good? Bwaahhh!!

Ryan is the biggest joke who never takes responsibility for anything. He said on Friday that he loved Kendall? Is that how is shows his love...blurting out in a fit of rage that he KNOWS her husband is having an affair when he knows nothing of the kind and he is going to destroy him? DId you think a private more sensitive conversation would be in order for a heart transplant patient..one that you cared about?

Greenlee ran out the door because of Ryan period. If Ryan did not make a false accusation, Greenlee would never have left on her motorcycle.

Add that to the fact that CM can't act his way out of a paperbag and we have a disaster. It boggles the mind with its stupidity.

I can't see how Zach is coming off worse. Zach at least is taking responsibility for what he has done..and frankly, Ryan also kissed (and slept)with another woman when he was married to someone else..so who's the hypocrit. It's only ok when Ryan does it? Pleaasseee..

OH Mallory, I love you so, your Ryass hate is a shining thing of unparalled beauty! God I hate that arm-waving whisper-shouting, spray-spitting, hypocritical sanctimonious monkey SO.MUCH! And I'll go one further than KathyNYC, he can't act his way out of a WET paperbag! It's absolutely painful to watch him in a scene with someone of Thorsten Kaye's caliber, the contrast is just ridiculous!

But yet that idiot Frons and his idiot minions (Pratt & Carruthers et.al.) continue to flush AMC into the vortex of suck that is CM/Ryan Lavery. Disgusting.

wow how anyone can think that zach deserves the crap he has to put up with from this loser nutjob has been up in zach business since day one, and why kendall LET'S him is also beyond me , ,,,on his worst day zach would never be worst that HYPOCRITE, and IF kendall falls for his crap and hurts zach IAM DONE WITH HER, and will never watch her again, i will FF any part she has. and i hope zach takes IAN,and leaves her.

well..... I'll post and run since I am against the majority here, lol

i hate ryan more than I can say, BUT... I sorta kinda see where he is coming from. Greenlee is presumed dead as a result of a car accident - I can pretty much guarantee you that the police and DA's Office WOULD be looking at prosecution in a case like this. The presumed driver admitted to being distracted while driving and this resulted in an accident. I know that Zach is a God among mere mortals but come on now...

As for Zach himself sorry, I find his attitude during all of this maddening. I'll have to agree with Dia who said: "I don't like Ryan, but at the same time, I feel like Zach is winning the Biggest Douche Award right now. "Yeah, I kissed another woman. If you're upset about it, that's YOUR PROBLEM." Ugh." Zach's arrogance - YES, his arrogance! - is disgusting. Hate him.

Then again I hate Zach, Ryan, Kendall AND Greenlee, so I have no sympathy for ANY of the fools involved in this mess.....

Your hatred of Ryass is truly a beautiful thing. He deserves every last bit of what you said about him. However, I feel the need to add a bit of a different perspective.

While Ryass certainly is no stranger to arrogance, he's not wrong about Zach being extremely arrogant either. If I had to apply the term "arrogant" to either Ryan or Zach, I'd actually apply it to Zach first. Zach's overwhelming arrogance has been on full display with Ryan (not that I care), Erica, Bianca, Reese (again--not that i care), and even Kendall.

His whole "woe-is-me, I kissed a lesbian & made a baby with my wife's sister (& said lesbian) and now my mean nasty wife who just woke up from a coma is punishing me" bit is enough to drive me mental. Factoring in a similar attitude with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law just makes him look like more a douchebag. Combine all that with him ordering Kendall not to admit that she was driving...it's just too much.

I really wish that this feud between Ryass & Zachass would end with them killing each other. Both Kendall & Greenlee (wherever she might be) would be better off.

Dia, mac and Kels, have no fear, a discussion of The Curious Case of Zach Slater is coming up in the near future...

Am I the only one who doesn't think reese is so bad? I mean yeah her kissing zach was wrong but she's not the worst character in daytime. I actually just started watching All My Children because of tamuarn braun( loved her on GH) I hope she sticks around in pine valley.

How anyone can blame Zach is beyond me. Zach wasn't driving, Kendall was Ryan knows this. Greenpornoslut was out on the road because Ryape lied to ber about Zeese having sex. SEcond Zach implored Kendall time and time again to pull over. She didn't. Third. Ryan is right now having sex with Kendall who is Zach wife, before he was having sex with Greenporno queen while she was married to Aiden and he was married to Annie whom he drove insane with his musical love of life game.
Yet he is asked to take no responibility for his own actions and wants to put all this mess on one stupid kiss. Was it wrong yes but not nearly as wrong as the way Ryan lied, had an affair on Annie, Had an affair with a married woman in Greenporno queen and currently having an affair with Kendall but his misdeeds are ok.
But the most telling thing is the fact that he is willing to hurt his own son to hurt Zach. But then again Ryan's kids mean nothing to him. Or else he wouldn't have left Spike with Zach with no contact from Ryape. He would not have spent the last six month "unable to wait for Emma to go to sleep". Or better yet he would be out looking for the thousands of Lavery spawns that Greg Madman made with his Sperm since Madman only used one donor. We know he used Ryan's sperm for Emman and SPike thus all the Madman children must be biologically Ryan's.

Ryan is a joke and the sooner the TIIC realize this and get that loser off my screen the happier I will be.

There are no words for how much I hate Ryan. I stopped becoming a regular viewer when the tornado happened because I knew Rylee was coming and had no interest in watching another woman have to be dumbed down for his bug-eyed ass. Ryan needs to go pronto. Now if only Greenlee's in event of my death video was, "don't worry about me. If I dead that means I'm happy with Leo - the only man who ever really loved me."

Ryan Lavery, as a character is a waste. He is a loser who drags every woman involved with him down. There is no redeeming value to his character and I don't understand why AMC gives him such a prominent position in the show. His plot lines are boring, and it is the same thing over and over, and over. I really don't like watching the show because of him. I'm thinking of stopping, altogether. When will they wake up at AMC. Plus, with the economy, people could use a litte good news. Everyone on AMC is unhappy. They don't even give Tad any humor, which he used to be so wonderful at. It is all gloom and doom. Yes, I'm going to stop watching. I need a little joy in my life, not constant, unrelieved sorrow.

Ha! This is hysterical! I don't watch AMC, but on the soap boards that I visit, I read a lot about people hating Ryan Lavery, and I just had to find out why! I guess your hate for Ryan = my hate for Victor Newman! Love how you're the first search result when you Google hate ryan lavery.

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