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February 16, 2009

Daddies and Daughters and Drama, Oh My

So little of the circumstances leading up to the delivery of Chloe's baby made sense. Like, why, exactly, did Chloe go up to the cabin in the first place? And why is Sharon stealing things? That may not have anything to do with the question I asked, but it is weighing heavily on my mind.

But I got over the myriad plot contrivances that got Chloe to the cabin really quickly because everything that happened thereafter was really good soap.

  • Billy unburdening himself and telling Lily the truth about his past with Chloe? Good soap.

Lily: (Sighs) Oh, gosh, I knew it. I knew it. You guys don't act like people who just met. You had this weird funny way of how you treat each other. I mean, is that what this is about? Because yeah, you should've told me, but I mean, it's not earth-shattering news.

Billy: It is, Lily. It is, actually.

Lily: Okay, how?

Billy: You know that baby that Chloe's carrying? It's not Cane's, it's mine.

I am biased, because I could watch Billy Miller...there is no way for me to end that sentence without seeming incredibly dirty, so I will just move on.

  • Chloe showing up bizarrely for no reason and her water breaking almost immediately? Stupid, but good soap!

I did not, however, have to see a closeup of said water breaking.


There are some things that I am fine just imagining and that is one of them...

  • Lily not having one moment of comprehension or dumbfounded shock, but immediately going on the warpath? ...not good soap, actually. There should have at least been a few scenes of this information sinking him and the enormity of the entire scenario hitting her before she started to yell. I never thought I'd miss the days when soaps took eight months to move stories forward, but I am so over this rushed pacing.

Lily: Shut up! God, your voice! Your lies! You are disgusting! And Cane married you! He loved me, but he gave me up so that he could be a father! That is why my ring is on your finger! And you are living in my house! And it's not even Cane's baby! It never was. And he was so scared that you would take the baby away that he gave up everything! And I saw his eyes-- how much he was hurting. Watching me pull away! Oh, my God! I told him I was moving on. Oh, my God! For you! For you! As if you are anything compared to him! You destroyed his life and he doesn't even know! You two make me sick and you deserve each other!

It was so over-the-top and hysterical, and it sounded like it was written by a very emotional teenage girl. Having been a very emotional teenage girl, I recognize my kind, the kind who liberally uses the phrase "Oh my God" and screeches. I also did the angry Lily hands during most of my teenage years.


  • Cane's flashbacks of Lily leading to an epiphany about how he needs her? Absurdly cheesy, but good soap!
  • Chloe being a snarky bitch even during childbirth? Hilariously good soap.

Chloe: Stop making goo-goo eyes at her and go already! I'm about to have a baby!

Chloe: Do you think that we could talk about this later? I'm about to drop a bowling ball here.

Billy: Women in labor suck on ice chips in movies.

Chloe: You suck on it.

  • Lily getting her bitch on in a massive, amazing way? Good soap.

Lily: Oh, God. Desperate? You wanna see desperation? Try looking in the mirror, Kate Valentine. Housekeeper's daughter scheming to get knocked up by a Chancellor. And then you decide you want my Chancellor because Billy won't marry you. You know what? It all makes sense now. The reason why Cane could never remember having sex with you was because it never happened! You just stormed into our lives and destroyed everything! We were supposed to get married and you just ruined that for no reason!

I LOVED it. It was below-the-belt and vicious in a lot of ways, but Chloe completely had it coming. And I have to say, Lily with her claws out is the kind of Lily that I could get behind.

  • Lily having to talk Billy and Chloe through the labor over the phone? Awesomely ridiculous and good soap!
  • Cane showing up and meeting the girl he thinks is his daughter? Good soap.
  • Chloe going into distress? It would be morbid to say good soap, wouldn't it?

What strikes me the most is that none of this is ground-breaking material; it's all been done before, numerous times, from labor in a cabin in bad weather, to the father assisting in childbirth. It's downright formulaic, actually, but I loved it, with hardly any reservations based, I think, mostly on the strength of these particular characters and these particular actors. I normally despise quads and rail against stories that have been overdone to the point of predictability, but I love watching Billy, Lily, Chloe and Cane play off of one another. Either I am really hard up for entertainment and am finding quality in things that don't deserve it OR this story is actually good, for real.


I loved these scenes too, the only bad part of it was having to simultaneously suffer through Kay's kidnapping. Kay should be Kay by now, this is excruciating!

Mallory, I am with you all the way on this. It's not different or ground-breaking, and getting everyone there was totally contrived, but I loved the hell out of it anyway.

And yes, there is no way to end that sentence about Billy Miller in a clean way.

I must agree! It was just...good for real. I think it might partly (mostly) be Billy Miller though... your un-ended sentence said it all.
I have to second what David said too..the 'Kay-Marge-Kidnapping'fiasco needs to be over, now.

I'm with you, but if Billy and Sharon's upcoming one night stand ends up in another "who's the daddy" scenario, I'll spit.

Also, Lily needs to be recast. Two men fawning over walking eyeliner is getting less and less believable.

This story is actually good for real. I love the Cane, Lily, Chloe, Billy quad. Finally some good soap!

So agree. See I love Billy and Chloe b/c although I shouldn't even like them I do b/c EH and BM are just amazing and I love to watch them together. Also I'm not a big Lily, or Cane for that matter, fan but I must admit she was pretty great going off on Chloe who TOTALLY deserved it. I don't agree though that Chloe stole anything from her. So to speak anyway, Chloe was beyond WRONG but Lily told Cane to marry her and Cane did. Still don't get why he had to marry her to be in is not-daughter's life. JMO but Lily needs to stop whining about Chloe having HER life(truthfully all Chloe would have [not] is Cane's kid... Lily would have had his love, his ring, his home, etc.) when she gave it up.

You know what, I know Chloe is like the devil incarnated but I can't help but adore her and see her side. I'm not saying she wasn't wrong, but the combination of EH, awesomeness, and being plain ol' entertaining is just root-worthy to me. But me liking her doesn't change the fact she has a lot coming to her which, believe it or not, I'm kinda looking forward to seeing.

On a side note my heart kinda goes out to Cane just cause he's SO gonna get his heartbroken finding out that (CUTE!!) little girl isn't his. Funny enough I also feel for Billy b/c although he's knowingly letting Cane have is little girl I can just see it on his face that its killing him. He loves his little boog. I'm in love with that scene where Billy is holding baby girl and says "my little girl". BM made me swoon <3

I'm excited for this s/l. After a while I do hope Billy and Chloe end up together b/c that would be epic. As usual great post :D

Soaps, IMHO, don't have to be GROUNDBREAKING! and SHOCKING! to be good. Writers who rely on stories being GROUNDBREAKING! and SHOCKING! to draw in an audience are, IMHO, lazy. People will watch just about any story as long as it's well-done - good characterization, decent acting, clever lines, effective plotting. I'd like to ban all GROUNDBREAKING! and SHOCKING! storylines on soaps for at least a year, to force the writers to be creative in positive ways. (Which could include gay couples - just with classic, well-done storylines.)

I don't see any chemistry between EH and BM. Or BM and CK. EH is better at nasty facial expressions than at chemistry. All the restraint she had at All My Children is gone. The only two who have chemistry are CK and DG, and I don't even like that couple. I left this overwrought episode wondering if the story was being sped up because someone realized the actors just weren't making this mess work.

I can't see the pool o' water under Chloe, thank goodness, but those heels! Is that what you'd be wearing in a snow storm, nine months pregnant?

The Mother watches Y&R religiously, and couldn't wait to tell me all about this. Why, why, why does anyone go to the that Abbott cabin, she wailed! It's an instant labor inducement!

I'm glad someone mentioned the heels! There is no way her back would not be killing her.

pretty awesome that it only took 45 minutes to deliver that baby. i love chloe and billy.

i really dont get the attraction to lily. i think she is BORRRRRRRRRRING. lily and cane together?! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... i really hope they don't reunite them!

i'm excited about the idea of billy and sharon hooking up - and how jack will react when he finds out!

It was great. When Lily was getting her bitch on, I was cheering. When she said the line about the engagement ring I was yelling to the tv for Lily to reach over and snatch that sucker back! What can I say, I like a little physical violence with my bitch on scenes. Heee, also at some point in the smack down I wanted Lily to tell Chole that in 6-7 weeks time she was gonna kick her ass! I know Lily is too civil and compassionate for the writers to let this happen. But I'm a viewer. I can wish. And when Cane finds out the truth...who is gonna get shot first?!!!

Geez, I really hate lily she is boring and I don't get why cane or billy find her attractive and I don't feel sorry for her because she pratically handed cane over to chloe and sharon who is even more vile in my book god help billy if they do sleep together. I hate what Y&R has become( everyone has a twin in geneoa city!) Its about to lose a long time viewer if they don't stop with the stupid storylines.

I have to agree with Carl. I see NO chemistry with Billy and Lily (GAWD, they sound like that sounds like two first graders. Can we start calling the MAN 'Bill' now?!) and I see no chemistry between Chloe and Billy.

It seemed totally out of character for Billy to suddenly blurt out that Chloe was carrying his baby. Made no sense at all.

Oops. I meant Billy and Lily sounds like names for two first graders.

I loved it as well. Lily digging into Chloe. Cane running through the woods with a spot light looking like the prize idiot he is. Billy being a smarta$$ in the midst of watching his child be born. It was soapy goodness at its best. Oh, and I love Chloe admitting that she and Cane are like watching paint dry.

I like the Lily/Billy pairing, but to each his own.

SO good! I recently switched to Y&R from GH and it is truly inspired by comparison. Even if things are a bit of a stretch, at least they make some sense and more importantly, at least they're entertaining!

I love you all again. I think of you two bloggers as the Simon Cowell (sans plain black tee-shirts) of soaps critics. And when you dissect my favorite soap it's so wonderful to read.

P.S - I never sent you all stupid emails about covering Y&R, I have a life! :)

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