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March 17, 2009

Just The 10 Of Us. And By "Us", I Mean "Viewers"

Jamie Luner, alumnus of such quality television programming as Melrose Place, the Lifetime movie Stranger in My Bed and Just the Ten Of Us--and I am not at all being sarcastic when I say that. I hold a deep and abiding love for all of those programs! Just the Ten of Us is delightfully cheesy and Melrose is brilliant. Perhaps even brilliant squared--is coming to Pine Valley as a recast Liza Colby.

She’s 200 kinds o’ crazy, and she’s heading back to Pine Valley! Former Melrose Placesensation Jamie Luner has been cast as the new Liza Colby on All My Childrenand will hit the air by late April/early May. The notorious man-snatching trouble-maker — played for many years by suds icon Marcy Walker — has “reinvented herself as an attorney and will come back to town to reclaim her daughter Colby [Brianne Moncreif],” exec producer Julie Hanan Carruthers tells TV Guide Magazine. “We also find out Liza is secretly working for someone in Pine Valley.” Look for more scoop from Carruthers and an exclusive interview with Luner in an upcoming issue of TV Guide Magazine.

I would be looking forward to this if she were anything remotely like Liza (can you buy Jamie Luner as Brianne Moncrief's mother? Or as Michael E. Knight, Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan's classmate?). 

I would also probably be more excited if we had a writing staff remotely capable of handling Liza and Liza's history. Or capable of continuity. Or originality. Or writing dialogue that sounds like sentences humans would actually use....


When I read that, my first thought isn't she too young to play Liza? I think that Liza might be the secret person that David is talking to.

Jamie Luner is 37 years old. With all due respect to Marcy Waker, Liza looked around that age or even a bit older the last time she was on the show, which was in 2005.

Unless Liza has a curious case of Benjamin Button "aging," I ain't buying it.

This casting makes about as much sense as the rest of this show right now so i can't say I'm surprised. It's a shame they're wasting Beth Ehlers right now the useless Taylor because she would have been a great recast for Liza.

Do you think we might get to see Thomas Calabro one day on AMC because that might be the only thing that would be worth having Pratt "write" this drivel.

Though I don't watch AMC I will forever love Marcy Walker's portrayal of Eden on Santa Barbara, so please know this comes from a place of affection: Marcy Walker could play the mother of a 37-year-old on a soap and nobody would bat an eyelash.

This is like when they cast Jed Allan as Edward Quartermaine. The idea that he was Jane Elliot's father was so ridiculous that I couldn't focus on anything else in the scene. Must be something weird associated with former Capwells.

Can these people do anything right?! I know preserving the shows history isn't top priority for the writing staff but at least do your homework on the age of a well known character when you cast an actress to play her. I'm sure Jamie Luner will do a fine a job, even though they'll give her a crappy storyline with even crappier scripts, but seriously what are these people thinking.

Thank you Becca! The Jed Alan as Edward Quartermaine recast was the capital of crazy town. He is younger than Stuart Damonfor the love of all things logical. I mean who the fuck thought that would work on any level? Uchhh, I know who. It was during Lila's death, and they did it so Edward could hook up with Robin Mattson as cuckoo returned Heather Weber right? Sick. Nice way to honor Lila and Anna Lee. Guza is the Madoff of GH.

Now this reinvented Liza? Ouch. A word of advice to Marcy Walker, just say no. Ask your old ex Billy Warlock what they did to him a la AJ on GH and then reconsider this move. Unless you are like Deidre Hall and need the money, then by all means bleed ABC DAYTIME dry. Then we all can be put out of our mysery.

Hmmmm. How about recasting Vicki/Ericka Slezak with Tamra Braun. Oh right, that could never happen on OLTL because that show doesn't suck toxic balls.

Hopefully they won't get any ideas and bring back Brooke English played by Charity Rahmer...

It will be great to see Jamie Luner again, altho I do miss Marcy ... But I have no hope that it will end up as anything good. Soaps have already become "what to watch on mute and see some pretty ppl"

Pratt loves Luner. I bet you she'll be slap-happy in no time.

Yeah, this was a total WTF moment when I heard it.

Luner's fun and all, but Liza?

Considering that Beth Ehlers is taking up space and collecting dust as Taylor, it makes me wish even more that AMC had stuck with Plan A and had her be Liza. She actually looked a bit like Marcy Walker, and despite being a few years younger would have pulled the role off.

Beth Ehlers would have been a great Liza. Jamie Luner? I like her, but I'm not seeing her as Colby's mom - or Adam's ex! lol. But on the other hand, I have had such a problem picturing RPG's Jake as Colby's dad, the addition of Jamie Luner as Colby's mom might even it all out now.

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