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March 22, 2009

Why Couldn't the ABC Soaps Be Pre-Empted Instead?

We live in a completely unjust world! The CBS soap week is cut short by the NCAA Tournament, meaning only three days of The Young and the Restless while All My Children and General Hospital get to ruin the soap genre without interruption. I call shenanigans!

The Young and the Restless continues to be the best soap that I watch, and probably one of the best shows that I watch, period. Yes, when you consider the other shows that I watch, that is the most backhanded of backhanded compliments, but whatever: almost all of the show is good or bordering on good.


Perhaps it is because I am dealing with a particularly creepy Easter Bunny setup at my mall this year (he is flanked by robotic gnomes, and they look around and they are horrific. I go well out of my way to avoid having to walk by them) and PTSD from the furries episode of CSI, but I got inordinately creeped out by Kevin taking his chipmunk head off.



Creepy costume aside, Kevin's recent Stockholm Syndrome story has been good based almost completely on Greg Rikaart's acting. The story is not without its faults (Amber running to save the day? Lauren not being involved? Meh.) but the acting has more than salvaged it. I haven't been a huge fan of Kevin in recent years, due to how smug he gets when he's in Gloria's orbit, but when Rikaart has decent material, he brings it, and it has been broughten these days. He's been completely fantastic, and I hope the writers continue to write to his strengths.

He even managed to stay in character and not burst out laughing when Clint suffered the hammiest heart attack caught on film since Luke Spencer at the Black and White Ball!



Hello, Supporting Actor 2010 Emmy Reel!


Speaking of great work...I think Sharon Case and Michelle Stafford work even better with each other than they do Peter Bergman and Josh Morrow. I love when Sharon and Phyllis have scenes together, because the angry, bitchy chemistry is palpable.

Phyllis: You know what? I did that because I wanted Nick to find out who you really are. Poor innocent, delicate flower Sharon, always falling apart. And Nick is too good a man not to come when you call. It--it makes me sick how you behave. It makes me sick!

Sharon: You are in absolutely no position to be criticizing, Phyllis. You seduced my husband-- my husband away from me, away from his wife and his child!

Phyllis: Oh, please. You didn't even fight for him. You didn't even do anything! And you know what? You know what? I've sat back and I've said nothing. All the while, you've been trying every trick in the book to seduce my husband away from me, and I've had to listen to my husband say how much he still has feelings for his ex-wife. You know what? No more, Sharon! No more! It's done for you.

It's amusing how unwilling both of them are to put any blame on Nick. It's also amusing that they both used the phrase "seduce[d] my husband away", as if that's the kind of statement you routinely make in everyday conversation!

Michelle Stafford gives Jess Walton a run for her money in terms of being awesome at yelling


And Sharon Case more than held her own. She's not as flashy as some of her co-stars, but I think she's a fantastic actress. I loved how stricken Sharon was at the thought that Phyllis would tell Jack the truth about Shar and Billy. Well, not loved it, because that's mean, but I appreciated that someone is looking out for the dreamy Mr. Abbott*.

*He's even dreamy in the Y&R bumpers!



And wow, how much has Sharon lost it?

Sharon: Phyllis... please... please, I am begging you, don't hurt Jack like this. Please, don't tell him about Brad.

Her insanity prompted one of the best WTF? faces on broadcast television.


And Phyllis is the one to connect the dots about Sharon's kleptomania. Delicious! I laughed out loud at the slow, panning closeup for the See No Evil knicknack Sharon stole at Phyllis's, because I am a sucker for random closeups of objects. I don't know why.



I never want to hear anyone say "DNA Test" ever again. I don't care what I need to do. Bribe the writers? So be it. Just make it stop. And put an end to this Kay is Kay, but people think she's not Kay story. What started off with promise has been dragged out too long and too illogically and I need it to stop just for my own sanity. Selfish? Yes. I don't care.


So being Victor Newman's son earns you a pretty heinous beatdown in jail.


I figure that inmates must hate Old Vic as much as we do and are acting out at his closest relative.

Ashley: What do they want from you, Adam?

Adam: Uh, money. To take it out of me, I don't know. Maybe they just do it because they can. Oh, uh, by the way, Victor, I was told that if I don't pony up some protection money, I'm a dead man, so... your coming here makes things a lot worse.

Victor: You accused me of murder. You tried to bring down your own father. I do not feel guilty about your present condition.

Even if he is right, which I grudgingly admit that he is, he is still such a dick about it!

And don't try to use flashbacks of Victor and Hope to get me to be sympathetic towards him! I'm not that easy.


Chris Engen has been doing a great job with the going blind story, and I liked the scenes of Ashley and Adam tentatively bonding. There is potential to be had with Adam being under house arrest at the Newman Ranch, and I hope that they don't completely squander it (although the massive amounts of Victor don't give me too much hope)...

BTW, from here on out, I am not going to refer to Ashley being pregnant. I may use code words, but typing those words out makes me heartsick.


So what about the whole Tyra, Karen, Neil drama? It's crazy how in all of those scenes, with all of those actors, they never once, even accidentally, managed to be entertaining.


Cane trying to get custody of Cordelia--Cordelia is such a pretty name and Delia isn't terrible, but it makes me think of the store--is all sorts of ooky.

Jill: All right. I'll do whatever I can to help you, because that sweet little baby needs stability more than anything else. And it's not Billy, and God knows, it's not Chloe.

Sigh. Oh, Jill. Why?

I don't know why people are so afraid that Chloe is going to up and leave town. She is a pretty terrible human being in a lot of ways, but she seems like a good mom. And hello, if Cane and Lily and the rest of Genoa City had half a brain between them, they'd have noticed something fishy about the paternity test results in the first place and not blindly accepted Cane being the father as a fact.  Also, Chloe is adorable! That ought to count for something.


If Jill and Katherine are not mother/daughter, I am warning all of you now: if it turns out that Gloria is Katherine's daughter, I will go on a shooting rampage. I will kill adorable puppies. Don't let it come to puppy murder, Y&R! Do the right thing!


Welcome to Y&R, Stacy Haiduk! You will almost certainly get better writing here than you did on AMC as the token crazy person who came out of nowhere to try to break up Kendall and Zach.


Rumors are swirling that Mary Jane Benton is actually Mari Jo Mason  which is kind of shameless, if true. Mary Jane and Mari Jo? Really, writers? I don't look forward to the inevitable ruination of Jack's life, but I liked her a lot on AMC and am willing to at least halfheartedly try to be optimistic.


Lastly...is there a hairstylists strike going on that I don't know about? Because the state of hair on this show right now is absolutely shocking.

Sharon Case's follicular monstrosity goes without saying. The cut is terrible, it's flat and damaged looking, and it makes me sad, because Sharon Case is so gorgeous. She can do better!



Since when does Jess Walton have such limp, boring hair?


And Liz Hendrickson, too!


Do they not have volumizer and/or dry shampoo in Los Angeles?

Judith Chapman's hair coordinating with her fur is all sorts of wrong.


Dear Melody Thomas Scott,

Burn this outfit and kick the person who gave it to you. In the throat. Hard. Because holy hell.


Also, deep condition! And perhaps go back to that adorable bob you had a couple of years ago. Thank you in advance.


The World


ITA, March Madness is not being able to watch Y&R! The women do need a new hairdresser or something, how can they make such attractive women look so frumpy. For such a stellar show the horrible writing for Neil sticks out like a sore thumb. It doesn't have to be "The Young and The Rest of Us" Come on Black characters can do the soap thing too.

Mari Jo? Really. Stacy Haiduk can certainly bring the crazy, but if she's Mari Jo its unoriginal and wasteful. Even if Jack gets an actual romance, which I have no doubt they will cock up because every writing/producing team with Y&R doesn't recognize Peter Bergman's hotness, the return of Mari Jo would only be redeeming if they finally remembered and recast Keemo--that's it. Bitch crazy and gross. Ewww.

And MST needs a better bra. Shouldn't the boobies be up about a foot?

Sharon Case has been on Bad Hair Day for about a decade. I would say, sadly, at this point, it means she likes her hair that way.

As always,I agree with everything except this alleged "dreaminess" of Jack Abbott!
Ew! He's about as dreamy as Victor!

"Kick the person who gave it to you. In the throat. Hard."

I almost peed my pants that was so funny. AND true! Oy, she has never looked worse.

Mallory, I see you are a student of the Sonny Corinthos school of anger management via your advice to MTS. You've graduated from throwing bar ware to hard kicks to the throat for fashion offenses. I too find myself having more violent thoughts after years of Sonny exposure. We might be in trouble. On the other hand, this Sonny related brain damage we have will certainly get us out of jury duty.

And I was thinking, is it really stealing when you take something (someone) back from the person who stole it from you? Doesn't Sharon have squatter's rights or first right of refusal to Nick? And why is Phyllis so disgusted by Sharon's behavior, she is guilty of the same thing. Gotta love the bitchy battles. Even if Nik isn't much of a prize.

I'm with you on this being the best show I'm watching. A soap opera that dedicates storylines to the best actors instead of just the most popular ones - who would have thunk that would work, GH/AMC?

Sharon Case is amazing - forget about holding her own. I liked her better than MSt in their scenes and that's saying a lot because I love MSt. I also like the downward slutty spiral storyline for Sharon because it means shirtless Billy and Jack. Maybe she will encounter Cane and Adam too? One can only hope. Anyway, good stuff for her meltdown. Better than playing overprotective mom to Noah and the useless Eden.

Another amazing actor - Greg Rikaart. You're right - it's all in his acting. Add on Jeanne Thompson in a sustained main role and I'm sold. Good work, Y&R writers!

Is it possible that Mari Jo is Katherine's daughter? I don't watch y&r, but if Kay has a daughter and some newbie is introduced is it possible? I don't really know the history.

GH could not have been pre-emted this because Johnny and Maxie were to be the one bright spot on this dull, mob-centric show.

"I figure that inmates must hate Old Vic as much as we do and are acting out at his closest relative."

I think the idea was Adam wasn't a real man, like Victor is when he's in prison.

This show is so dark and ugly now, and so skewed in favor of the more nasty characters.

LMAO...Sarah. I too go into various moments of rage due to years of Sonny exposure.

I'm so pleased to see a place where all women aren't tearing into Sharon for being a slut... It so seems to be what everyone else is doing. Yay empowered and non-judgmental women!

I didn't see every scene in which Victor talked to the bandaged lady, but if it is Mari Jo, isn't that a little off -- what with her trying to kill him and all?

That said, I'm glad to be reminded of her. Anybody else remember when Y&R had the awesome prime time episode around Who Shot Victor? Good times. And Mari Jo was an awesome psycho, in a way that only Y&R seems to get consistently right.

But in reviewing her character history from the link you provided, I didn't remember one point (well there was also stuff with Rick and Blade which got very confusing even if you watched every day), and it was this:

Mari Jo turned her affections to Jack's son, Keemo, but he dumped her after she hired a hooker to impersonate her in bed with him.

What?!? Why did she do this?

I didn't pay much attention to Judith Chapman's fur... but I am digging her new haircolor and I LOVED that cute jacket she had on yesterday (the 23rd). They've glammed her up a bit. Now if only they'd do that with Gloria's character.

"Welcome to Y&R, Stacy Haiduk! You will almost certainly get better writing here than you did on AMC..."

She got better writing as a vampire on The Kindred! At this point, I'd rather watch that than AMC.

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